Pet Training: A Journey 2 Submission


"Did I give you permission to quit? Get back to licking, you dumb fucking slut," Zandi's ordered, her tone hinting at her obvious disdain for such disobedience.

As more of her juices leaked out of her, Breanne quickly returned to licking Zandi's foot which was now raised higher so she could lick the bottom of the younger girl's foot.

Seconds later, Breanne felt fingers playing with her pussy and a voice say, "Holy shit, I have never seen someone so fucking wet."

Breanne moaned involuntarily as a stranger touched her pussy. Although mortified by the thought of a stranger playing with her cunt, the desperate need to come intensified as did her moans when a finger slipped inside her.

Zandi reminded her puppy. "Don't you dare come without permission, is that clear?"

Breanne's tongue still licking the sole of Zandi's foot, nodded in agreement, unsure if she could resist the growing temptation to explode.

"My turn," another voice said and Breanne felt the finger leave her fiery box to only seconds later be replaced by some other stranger's fingers.

Zandi asked, spoke to the woman who had just fingering Breanne, "Where do you think you are going?"

"Excuse me?" the voice asked.

"Get under this table now and eat one of my friends here," Zandi ordered.

The girl stammered, "P-p-pardon?"

"You heard me. Crawl under the table now," Zandi demanded, her tone threatening.

To Breanne's surprise she saw out of the corner of her eye, someone lowering herself to the ground and crawl under the table, but she could not make out who it was Ironically, Breanne was jealous, as she desperately wanted to taste the forbidden fruit she had been curious about for so long.

"Good slut," Zandi approved, before returning her gaze to Breanne. "Awe, is my little puppy, jealous," she said in the cutest voice ever.

"Woof," Breanne replied.

"You want to eat my cunt, Dr. Waters?" Zandi asked, using Breanne's professional name for the first time in a while.

"Woof, woof," Breanne replied, her mouth literally watering with hopeful anticipation.

"Fuck, I can't believe it," a voice at the table responded.

Zandi asked, "Do you understand, Dr.Waters? That once you crawl under the table and pleasure me, I will expect your total obedience at all times afterwards."

Alarm bells went off inside Breanne's head, suddenly petrified at the risk to her career because of her sexual hunger and weakness.

Seeing Breanne's apprehension and sheer panic, Zandi comforted, knowing the fine line between utter submission and temporary sexual insanity, "Dr. Waters, I will not jeopardize your career. You are an amazing doctor, but you obviously need someone to guide you to the sexual euphoria you crave, you need a Mistress."

Breanne hearing the soothing words and promise of protection was relieved and again relaxed in time to feel a gush of juice from her cunt from the word Mistress.

Zandi confident she had alleviated any anxiety from her doctor sub said, "Crawl, Dr. Waters. Crawl under the table and do what you have been dying to do for a long time. Eat your Mistresses' cunt."

The order was the last piece of the complicated submission puzzle that Breanne had been putting together. Giving in entirely to her need for submission, her lust for the beautiful young nurse and her desire to taste the forbidden fruit she officially crossed the submission threshold. Breanne crawled under the table, feeling naughty, desirable and excited; she moved between the legs of the beautiful redhead feeling anticipation, trepidation and hunger. Lastly, Breanne leaned forward, extended her tongue towards her Mistresses' open legs, yes her Mistress!!! Breanne's cunt feeling complete euphoria, she felt utter clarity that she had made the right choice.

The taste was a mixture of heavenly sensations: a mixture of tangy sweetness that was addicting on first lick. Like a woman dying of thirst lost in the desert who has just found water, Breanne eagerly lapped and lapped the sweet juices before her. It was very dark under the table, she wished she could see better so she could please Zandi easier; on occasion Breanne was bumped by the other stranger under the table.

"That's it, my pet, lick my cunt, you are such a natural little cunt-licker," Zandi moaned.

A jolt of pleasure pulsed through Breanne at the knowledge that she was pleasing her Mistress. Breanne swirled her tongue around Zandi's clit knowing that was what got her off when her former boyfriends used to get her off down below.

As Breanne's tongue touched Zandi's clit, her legs began to twitch vigorously; '"Hmmmm is puppy going for the kill shot" she moaned.

Breanne desperately wanted to make Zandi come, to taste the young girl's cum, and gain the approval of the beautiful redhead again.

Suddenly Breanne felt hands on her head pulling her deeper inside Zandi's cunt and Breanne took the silent guidance as instruction. She took Zandi's clit in her mouth and used her tongue and lips frantically.

In seconds Zandi's legs tightened and she exploded her cum all over her doctor pet. Breanne opened her mouth wide, eagerly drowning in her Mistresses' cum. Gush after gush of sweet cum flooded out of the redhead and into Breanne's mouth. Although in an awkward position, she continued savoring every remnant of Zandi's was the champagne of lesbians.

Finally, Zandi let go of Breanne's head and complimented, "Fuck, my pet, you are a natural. You sure you haven't done this before."

From under the table, Breanne answered, "No, you are the first, although I have imagined it so many times."

Zandi tugged the chain and Breanne backed out from underneath the table, noticing the other girl was still between one of the other two girl's legs. Looking down at her pet's cum covered face, she asked, "Was it all you imagined, Dr. Waters?"

Breanne winced slightly at the reminder of who she really was but answered honestly, "Even better, Mistress Zandi."

Zandi smiled. "You are such a good girl."

"Thank you," Breanne replied, again basking in the glory of the young girl's approval.

Suddenly a scream of pleasure was heard as Carissa came from the licking of the stranger. After a few seconds, Zandi, shifting back to authoritative, said, "Slut, do my other friend now."

Breanne, watched as the stranger she still had not seen moved to her left, only her red heels, black stockings in view for Breanne.

It's a long way to the ladies room, so I will allow you stand until we get there " Zandi said as she gave the leash a tug pulling my head up.

Breanne was grateful to get off her knees, even if just for a few minutes, "Thank you Mistress Zandi".

Breanne followed like a good puppy again feeling the eyes of others watching. As they made their way to the bathroom, Breanne saw a chubby woman in her fifties, on all fours, licking the inside soul of a black shoe. Oddly, this made Breanne feel better knowing she was not the only one.

In the bathroom, as she got back on all fours, Breanne noticed a line for one closed stall even though two other stalls were wide open which she thought was peculiar. As she looked closer from her submission position, she saw that there were two women in the stall. One on her knees was clearly pleasuring a larger black woman who was apparently sitting on the toilet.

Zandi, seeing her submissive's attention at the stall, explained, "That is big Rosie. She has the most addicting, best tasting cunt of any woman ever."

Breanne really couldn't imagine a better taste than she had just savored, but was intrigued by the increased moaning.

"Do you have to pee, my pet?" Zandi asked.

The question asked, the thought registered, suddenly Breanne really did need to pee and nodded in the affirmative.

"Use the stall beside Big Rosie and take a peak," Zandi suggested.

Breanne crawled to the open stall, the leash still on, and once inside stood up and stretched. Her knees screamed thank you once again as she stretched, and her ass twitched as she forgot about the whip handle lodged inside her. She pulled it out and winced a bit before quickly, hiking up her costume and sitting down on the toilet. As a stream of pee left her, she noticed a peephole. Curious, she waited until she was done peeing and leaned forward to take a quick peek. Even after all she had been through and done today, this shocked her. A black woman with the biggest tits she had ever seen had her legs spread open, with a skinny white woman, easily in her late fifties moving her face up and down furiously, the gleam of the black woman's juices coating the older woman's face.

Breanne was startled when she heard the black woman say, "My, my, we have an audience."

Breanne quickly moved away mortified she had been caught like some peeping Tom, but the woman demanded, "Get back and watch, slut."

Breanne paused for a second, before obeying and returning to watch the naughty act.

"Like my tits, slut?" the black woman asked, holding them up.

Breanne's mouth watered, imagining having them in her mouth.

"Answer me," the black woman snapped.

"Y-y-yes," Breanne stammered, unable to take her eyes off the biggest tits she had ever seen

"You a cunt-licker?" the black woman moaned, as her left hand moved to pull the elderly white woman's face deeper inside her cunt.

An hour ago that question would have been replied with maybe, but after tasting Zandi she was hooked and there was no doubt she wanted to do it again and again and again. "Yes, ma'am," Breanne answered.

"Ma'am! What a hoot," the big woman laughed, her tits bouncing every which way as if they had a mind of their own. "Shit, keep watching slut, this cunt-licker between my legs is going to get the best present in the world."

Breanne knew she should move away, but she was a statue, frozen in place and unable to turn away from the crazy scene before her.

A moment later the pretty black woman screamed, "I'm cooooooooooming slut!"

The black woman's legs tightened around the woman's head and Breanne watched as the woman shook like crazy. Strangely, Breanne wished it was her on all fours being used so roughly, but instead felt her hand going to her wanton cunt.

A minute later, the black woman smiled and said, "Let"s see that cum covered face cunt-licker."

The woman between her legs lifted her head up and her face was indeed coated with sticky sweetness. Instinctively, Breanne wanted to clean the woman's face, to retrieve every single drop of cum.

The black woman looked directly at the peephole and ordered, "Now get in line slut so you can taste pussy champagne directly from the source."

Breanne moved away and heard Zandi ask, "You done in there slut. You better not be fucking getting yourself off."

Breanne instantly moved her hand from her desperate cunt and stammered, "I-I-I will b-b-be right out." She quickly collected herself and opened the stall door.

"Enjoy the show?" Zandi asked.

"Yes, Mistress," Breanne admitted.

"Want to taste Big Rosie's cunt, my pet?" she asked, a wicked grin on her face.

"I think so," Breanne again admitted, well others in the line watched curiously.

"Well, we will see how good you are," Zandi said, snapping her fingers at me her.

Immediately, Breanne lowered herself back onto all fours as others watched.

"Good puppy," she said, clearly attempting to show her power over me.

Breanne didn't know why, but wanting to show her complete obedience, woofed.

Zandi smiled and said, "Speaking of that, where is your tail?"

Breanne had forgot about it and turned around to see it on the floor where she had left it.

"Pick it up with your mouth like a good doggy," Zandi ordered, adding another layer of humiliation to those Breanne had already endured.

Shame burned through Breanne as others watched, even as her cunt literally leaked. She turned around, crawled back into the stall and bent her elbows down to pick up the whip like it was a bone. She dropped it twice trying to use only her lips before taking grip using her teeth. She backed out of the stall and kept the whip in-between her teeth as others watched amused.

Zandi asked, "Does anyone want to put my doggies' tale back in her ass?"

Instantly, an older woman with a mask and wearing a sexy gothic gown, said, "I'd love to," it was the same voice from earlier; the same woman who had offered to trade her daughter for Breanne. She reached down and opened her hand in front of Breanne's mouth.

Breanne dropped the whip handle in the woman's hand like a dog would a ball or stick. The woman whose face looked so familiar, patted her on the head and purred, "Good girl."

Breanne woofed, she was loving the attention, no matter how humiliating.

Comments echoed in the small bathroom ranging from, "What a slut?" to "Where do I get my own puppy?"

Breanne felt hands on her ass and soon the handle was lodged back in her backdoor. She let out a yelp like a poodle would if its tail was pulled.

The woman turned the handle in Breanne's ass, bringing a new burning sensation to overtake her submissive body. "Can I fuck her ass?" the woman asked.

Zandi looked down at her pet and asked talking to her like the doctor was a puppy, "Does my doggy-woggy want her ass fucked?"

Others watching made the question even more humiliating and somehow made Breanne want it that much more. She wanted to look like the most eager, biggest slut, obedient sub there ever was, so she again barked.

Instantly Breanne felt her ass burning, as the woman thrust the whip handle in and out of her ass. Breanne howled as she tried to control her breathing while she was being aggressively sodomized.

Breanne closed her eyes to control the pain. Yet, even as she was humiliated and used like a two bit whore, her cunt again began leaking down her leg, her orgasm pleading to be released.

"Slut, come lick the doggies' cunt," Breanne heard someone say and she opened her eyes hoping to see who it was.

A chubby redhead, on all fours as well, smiled briefly at Breanne before rolling onto her back, slithering under Breanne and going directly to her heated inferno.

On contact, Breanne screamed like a bitch in heat, "Ooooooooooooh."

"Zandi asked, "Does puppy need to come?"

"Woof, woof, woof," Breanne replied, as her breathing increased as the tongue licking her clit had dissipated the pain in her ass; which was now shifting into a double sensation of pleasure and pain.

Zandi asked, to the fifteen or so onlookers, "Should puppy be allowed to come?"

All responded in a hurricane of approval or disapproval as Breanne's orgasm began to boil, her control to hold it back fading.

Breanne's whimpers got louder as the girl's mouth did amazing things to her cunt and the hard thrusts in her ass now enhanced the pleasure. She began bouncing back on the whip wishing it was longer to fill me deeper.

Breanne heard a smattering of vulgar comments, but she ignored them desperate to come. "On three, puppy, come." She heard Zandi command, the tone of her voice near that of a laugh.

Music to her ears, Breanne woofed now eagerly pushing back even harder onto the whip.

"One," Zandi announced.

Time seemed to stand still as Breanne's orgasm rose and even holding back for a couple more seconds seemed impossible.

"Two?" Zandi said, as the girl underneath sucked Breanne's whole clit into her mouth, making Breanne's body tremble and the orgasm began to explode just as Zandi announced three.

The redhead at the count of three slipped a finger into Breanne's cunt and tugged on her clit as she screamed, "Aaaaaaaaah-oooooooooooooooh," remembering she was a pet doggy. Her whole body became mush. Breanne felt the continual gush of juice flooding out of herself and onto the unknown redhead's face.

As the orgasm continued coursing through her pet, Zandi talked with the woman still slowly fucking her pet's ass.

"So she is yours for the rest of the night, Daphne," Zandi said.

"And Brittany is yours for the whole upcoming weekend," the woman replied, completing the bizarre transaction.

"Delicious," Zandi replied, before lowering herself to her pet's ear. She whispered, "Dr. Waters, I hope you enjoyed your evening."

"I did," the submissive doctor whispered back, convulsions still causing flinches in her body.

"Daphne here will be taking you home tonight," Zandi explained. "She is a very good Mistress and will take good care of you."

"Yes, Mistress," Breanne replied, nervous at being at the hands of a complete stranger.

Zandi leaned in and kissed her pet tenderly. Such tenderness after all the humiliation was a pleasant change and Breanne's body warmed. Breaking the kiss, Zandi finished, "At work, nothing changes, but next time I plan to fuck you hard, so fucking hard."

"I can't wait," Breanne replied, and she meant it.

Zandi stood back up and said to Breanne's new Mistress for the evening, "Don't push her too far, she is still just a puppy."

The woman laughed, "Yes, and all puppies need consistent training."

Pulling the leash, the woman ordered, "Come along, my pet."

Breanne's head was spinning with how good submission felt, how naturally she had fallen into the role of sub and how great she felt in the role. As she crawled along, she realized how there is no turning back now. She was a submissive and had unleashed a monster; a monster that didn't ever want to be caged up ever again.

Breanne followed the woman out of the club and into a limo that was waiting. A man opened the door as she crawled in and remained on the floor of the lavish limousine. The woman followed her pet in and the door was closed.

The older woman slipped out of her heels and instantly put her slightly sweaty stocking feet on her new pet's face. Instinctively, Breanne began licking the soles of the woman's stocking feet.

A moment later, the man in the driver's seat asked, "Senator, do you wish to go home or will we be making another stop tonight?"

Breanne gasped into the woman's feet. Her voice had sounded vaguely familiar before, but the costume, a masquerade mask in a gothic white gown had completely hid her real identity. She was licking the stocking-clad soles of our state Senator, Daphne Green, a woman many political analysts predicted would make a serious run at the Presidency one day.

"Yes, James, take us home," she instructed, her voice now so obviously that of our Senator, a woman Breanne admired as a role model for feminists everywhere. Her cunt was already tingling with anticipation for what lie ahead tonight.

"Does my kitty need some cream?" she asked, sipping some wine that had obviously already been poured.

Apparently Breanne was changing from a puppy to a kitty, so she meowed.

Daphne purred in return, as she opened her beautiful legs, "Go ahead Kitty, lick Mommy's milk."

Breanne's mind giving in completely, she became a kitty and crawled between Daphne's legs diving into her Mistress's sex, licking her much like a cat would a bowl of milk.

Breanne would become whatever she needed to be; a puppy for Zandi or a kitty for Senator Green; Breanne would be a sexual chameleon ready to adapt to the needs of those she served. As she licked the Senator's sweet, yet different tasting nectar, she let out a soft purr, this was home.


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by Anonymous

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by Sissywithabeard07/17/17

Love it

I would love to see how it turns out for her at work and such

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by Anonymous06/11/17

Female doctor humiliation

Love this story! I would love to see you develop the humiliation aspect at work - specifically, there's something so degrading and erotic about a female doctor being forced to dress and act as a nurse.more...

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