Pete and Denise


"Pete! Over here!"

Walking through the crowded mall food court, Pete looked over his shoulder and spotted his childhood friend Chelsea, a short woman with deep black hair, standing on a chair at a table she shared with two others and waving her arms in the air.

"There you are," he said as he walked over to her table and greeted her with a friendly embrace, "I couldn't find you guys. Thanks for waving me down; I could have been wandering around this place for hours."

"Aw, you would have found us eventually, Pete." Mike said with a smile as he extended one arm for a handshake and put his other around Chelsea's shoulders as she sat back down.

Pete had known Chelsea since childhood, and he had certainly thought of taking her to bed on more than one occasion; the combination of her petite frame and gorgeous figure had enraptured every boy at their high school at one point or another. But those were bygone years, and Chelsea and Mike had been together since the end of college. Pete knew he had long ago missed his shot at her; hell, he had even been the best man at their wedding! He allowed himself the briefest moment of envy watching Mike casually caress her through her red woven sweater, but just as quickly he allowed the feeling to pass.

"So how's work?" Mike asked, as the two friends shook hands.

"Oh, same as always." Pete answered with a smile as he took a seat across from Mike. Mike had worked at the same bookstore since high school, and sometimes he seemed to assume that Pete's job as an office accountant was filled with a truly unrealistic amount of intrigue and adventure. "But expense reports and financial projections don't really make for exciting table-talk. Why don't you introduce me to your friend, I don't believe we've met."

Next to Pete and across from Chelsea sat a tall woman with brown hair tied in a simple ponytail running straight down to the small of her back. She smiled and waved as she let Mike introduce her.

"Oh yeah," Mike responded, "I forgot you hadn't met Denise yet. She's a friend from work, we invited her along, too -- the more the merrier, right?"

"Well, you know I never object to being introduced to a beautiful woman." Pete said with a grin.

Taking a closer look at the woman by his side, he noticed that she was tall, quite a bit taller than Chelsea at any rate. Though her breasts were fairly small, her floral dress opened to a wide neckline that exposed generous amounts of smooth, silky skin over her chest and shoulders. With her height, long arms, and thin body, an unkind man might easily have describer her as lanky; but Pete had never been one to fuss over physical imperfections. Her dress ended halfway down her thighs, but her long legs were covered by a pair of blue jeans, a simple style but tight enough to leave little to the imagination. On her feet were a pair of simple white sneakers, perfect for a casual day at the mall. Pete allowed himself a moment to admire her shape from head to toe and back up again. Looking up to her face, Pete could tell he had been caught staring -- Denise meet Pete's gaze as soon as his head was raised. She seemed a little bit sheepish about being looked at, but she didn't seem to be objecting.

Once all the necessary handshaking and how-do-you-dos were out of the way, Pete turned to Denise and asked "So, are you actually interested in the movie we're going to see, or is it just an excuse to come out and have some fun?"

"Well, being out and about with friends is always the best way to spend a weekend," Denise replied, "but honestly I've been wanting to see this movie for a while now, but since I'm new in town I didn't really know anybody to go with and I'd feel silly going to a movie alone."

"Yeah, being new in town can be rough," Pete nodded sympathetically, "but it looks like you're making some new friends, I know I'm certainly looking forward to getting to know you better."

"I can tell." Denise responded with a grin, as Mike and Chelsea both burst out laughing.

"You've been caught again Pete!" Mike exclaimed with glee, "It's like I'm always telling you, you gotta be a little less obvious next time."

"Don't take it personally," Chelsea said to Denise on the side, "wandering-eyes-Pete here has never been much for subtlety."

"Oh, don't worry about it." Denise reassured the group, smiling sweetly, "I don't mind, in all honesty" she said, turning her attention back to Pete, "you seem nice and I'm looking forward to getting to know you, too."

As the four friends were chatting and finishing their meal, Mike's phone began to ring and he stood up and excused himself from the group. He returned a few minutes later with an annoyed expression on his face.

"Well, that was the sitter," he explained, "seems that Johnny's started throwing up again and she doesn't know what to do."

"Oh my God!" Denise exclaimed, "Is he alright?"

"Don't worry, he's probably fine." Mike reassured her, "He probably just ate too many crayons again ... well, in any case Chelsea and I had better get home and look after him -- should we drop you off at home on our way back, Denise?"

"If you'd like," Pete interjected before she could answer, "I'll drive you home after the movie. I know we just met, but it seems a shame to miss out on the afternoon."

"Subtle, Pete." Chelsea groaned at him with a raised eyebrow.

Denise just laughed and said "Actually, that sounds lovely. Besides, we both said we wanted to get to know each other better; and I already know you as a friend of a friend." Turning to Mike and Chelsea, she continued "I'll be fine here, I hope your son feels better soon!"

"Thanks Denise," Mike replied while hurriedly finishing the last few bites of his meal and gathering up his garbage on its tray, "you two have fun."

With their trash and possessions all appropriately collected, Mike and Chelsea waved goodbye and walked away.

"Man, having kids seems like it must be rough," Pete remarked.

"I wouldn't know," Denise replied, "I don't have any myself."

"Well," Pete remarked as he finished his meal, "shall we get ourselves to the movie?" He stood up and offered Denise his hand. She accepted it with a smile, and hand in hand they made their way across the mall and to the theater.


Once they had taken their seats in the dark theater, Pete and Denise chatted and laughed through the pre-show advertisements. Soon enough, though, the lights dimmed further and the previews began.

As much as his friends made fun of him for it, Pete knew that one of the benefits of being so straightforward with his intentions was that by this point there was no ambiguity about why Denise and he were in this theater together. As his fingers began slowly caressing hers, she responded by resting her head gently on his shoulder with a contented smile.

As the movie progressed, Pete and Denise inched ever closer to each other; becoming more and more comfortable with the increasing intimacy. By an hour into the film, they had raised the arm-rest that separated them, pressing their thighs against one another while Pete wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Pete rested his head on top of Denise's as she nuzzled hers into his neck and shoulder. This gave Pete a beautiful view down the front of her shirt, from this angle her wide neckline exposed a black bra covering a pair of gorgeous pert breasts. When she caught him staring down at her chest, Denise only smiled and squeezed her shoulders together, enticing him with her cleavage. As their clasped hands rested on Pete's leg, Denise's fingers began to slowly stroke his thigh through his jeans. Even though her hand was up near his knee, Pete couldn't help but imagine those fingers working their way up his leg all the way to his slowly hardening penis. The closeness of her body and her obvious receptiveness to his advances had Pete's heart racing with anticipation by the time the film ended.

Pete sighed with disappointment as the credits rolled and the lights came back on, forcing him and Denise to separate and exit the theater. The couple snaked their way through the crowd of noisy movie-goers exiting the theater, and Pete led his date to where he had parked his car.

"So what did you think of the movie?" Pete asked once they were both buckled-in and had successfully gotten out of the parking lot and onto the road. Though the physical closeness they had enjoyed in the theater was impractical while Pete was driving, Denise continued to stroke his leg while giving him directions to her house, and Pete hoped this was a sign that she shared his desire to keep this date going. By now, his whole body was aching to see more of her beautiful skin, to touch her, to hold her, to get into bed with her.

"It was alright," Denise responded, "but I liked the book better."

"Oh?" Pete replied, "I didn't even know it was based on one."

"Yeah, it was. You'd probably like it. If you want, I can lend you my copy when we get to my apartment."

"I'd like that." Pete replied with a smile, hoping that Denise saw this as a pretense for bringing him into her home.

Within a few minutes, they had arrived at an undistinguished apartment complex. Denise directed Pete to a guest parking space, and led him up to a door on the second floor of one of the buildings. She fished some keys out of her purse, unlocked the door, and invited him to follow her inside.

The apartment was dimly lit by sunlight peeking in from around the curtains of a large window. The door opened into a modest living room featuring a couch, a TV, and a coffee table. But what Pete noticed most of all were the bookshelves lining every wall, filled with a diverse array of hardback and softback books -- he recognized some as fiction titles, some as reference books, encyclopedias, atlases, books of all varieties. Knowing that Denise worked at a bookstore, Pete imagined that she made very good use of her employee discount there.

Denise slipped her shoes off and hung her keys off a hook on the wall while Pete shut the door. She put her purse down on a chair and walked over to one of the bookshelves.

"You'll have to give me a moment to find it," she said, "I'm not really sure where it is. Do you want a drink or something?"

"No thanks, I'm not thirsty." Pete told her, as he slowly walked over beside her and began petting her back with his hand.

Feeling his hand on her, Denise turned to face Pete. Though she was only a few inches shorter than he was, the fact that he still had his shoes on and she didn't made him seem quite a bit taller. For a moment they were both a little surprised by the sudden closeness. Denise gazed up into Pete's gorgeous green eyes with a contented smile and they both stood there for a moment as though frozen, staring deep into each other's eyes; neither one quite daring to make the first move to take things further. That moment of uncertainty passed quickly as Pete felt Denise's arms wrapping around his sides, and took his cue to move in for a kiss.

In unison, they both let out satisfied sighs as their lips locked together and began exploring each other in with a thousand tiny movements, shortly followed by their tongues doing the same. Pete inhaled deeply, taking in her sweet smell as he wrapped his arms around her back and held her close until he could feel her heart beating against his chest. Without parting, the couple slowly shuffled over towards the couch as their kiss continued, and when Denise reached the couch and sat down, Pete came down almost on top of her as their lips finally parted. He supported himself with one hand and caressed Denise's back and shoulder wit he other as he began kissing her cheeks and neck, eager to explore as much of her body as she would allow.

Pete stopped and pulled away slowly when he felt Denise's hand on his shoulder, gently pushing him off of her.

"Pete, wait." She said, sounding a bit nervous, "there's something I have to tell you before we go any further."

"Alright, what is it?" Pete asked, not sounding quite as sincere as he had hoped to. Though his mind was curious and knew that Denise probably would not have stopped him unless it was something important, his body ached to return to hers and was frustrated by the interruption.

"I'm trans." Denise declared gravely.

"What?" Pete asked in confusion.

"I'm trans. I'm a transsexual." Denise explained, a definite air of nervousness now pervasive in her tone. "I know I should have told you sooner, but it didn't come up and ... well, I didn't expect it to be relevant so soon."

Pete smiled at the implications of this last sentence. "Are you saying that it's about to be relevant?" he asked with a grin.

Denise blushed and stammered in response "Well that is ... I mean ... do you still want it to be?"

Pete smiled sweetly and locked eyes with Denise again.

"Denise," he said "I think you are beautiful and I've been wanting you all afternoon, and I know you've been wanting me too. A little thing like that doesn't change how I feel about you."

With that, Pete leaned in and kissed her again, first on the lips, then on the cheeks, the chin, the neck. Meanwhile his hands began exploring the soft curves of her shoulder and bare collarbones. It wasn't long before he felt her hands tugging at the base of his shirt, and he was happy to oblige their request; separating briefly to pull his shirt off over his head. Denise moaned softly as her hands caressed Pete's handsome chest and stomach while he continued to kiss and touch her body.

Pete brushed away the side of Denise's dress with his hand, pushing the left shoulder and bra-strap over her shoulder and onto her bicep. The top of her bra was now clearly visible above the bottom of her neckline, and Pete worked his hand over her soft exposed skin, taking in her beauty and pleasure with every motion, moving slowly downwards towards her breasts, millimeter by beautifully agonizing millimeter. Before long, he had reached to top of her left bra cup, and he had just pushed his pinky under the lip of the garment to explore her soft body within when Denise stopped him again.

This time, without a word, she stood up and stepped away, her back to Pete. For a moment, he was afraid that she was going to tell him this was too much too fast, and ask him to stop. He was pleasantly surprised when she reached down, grabbed the edges of her dress, and pulled it up and off over her head. Pete took the opportunity to admire Denise from behind; his eyes traced over her smooth shoulder blades, past her bra, and over her trim waistline down to a gorgeous firm ass barely hidden by her tight jeans. Pete reflected that he was very glad Denise had told him about being transsexual when she did; everything about her body, her composure, the way she fit into her clothing, all seemed perfectly natural and even with her shirt off Pete never would have been able to guess. Even though it wasn't a turn-off for him, Pete imagined that discovering only by pulling down her pants would still have been quite an awkward surprise.

Before Denise could turn around or sit back down, Pete stood up behind her and wrapped his hands around her sides, slowly moving them around to her stomach and then sliding them up her smooth torso until he cupped one of her small, perky breasts in each hand. He pulled her close and she rolled her head back onto his shoulder while he kissed her face and neck, allowing his hands to massage and caress her chest and shoulders. He pulled down her other bra strap and began massaging her bare shoulders with both hands, eliciting sighs of pleasure from Denise.

He pulled away from her only briefly as he unhooked the back of her bra, allowing it to fall to floor. Slowly rolling his hands around her body again, Pete held one of Denise's naked breasts in each hand. She gasped each time his fingers played over her firm round nipples, and moaned with pleasure as he squeezed, kneaded, and massaged her soft breasts in his hands. It wasn't long before Denise's body began to rock back and forth from the intensity of sensation, and Pete found his penis nestled between her two beautiful buttocks, slowly stroking him up and down. Feeling Pete's hardening dick in her backside only encouraged Denise, who thrust her butt backwards into her partner eagerly, stroking him sensually with each motion of her hips. Even with two pairs of jeans between them, this was more than enough to complete Pete's erection within a few short moments, and soon he found himself throbbing with pleasure and anticipation. His hips thrust on their own now, as if begging to be set free from the confines of his pants and enter into the confines of hers.

"Denise," he whispered into her ear between heavy breaths, "I want you; I want more."

He let one of his hands drop from her breast, his finger tips caressing her belly as he slid his hand into place above her waistband, and slowly pushed his fingers beneath it. For an exhilarating moment, he allowed his fingers to explore the shape of her hips and abdomen. As his fingers drifted from her hips towards her center, the tips of his fingers began to feel out her silky public hairs. He stroked his fingers in gentle circles, delicately caressing this sensitive part of her body. The knowledge that his fingers were now mere inches away from the most intimate parts of her body sent shudders through his arm as his anticipation and longing grew even stronger.

Denise turned around to face Pete, and it was with a twinge of disappointment that he was forced to remove his hand from her pants for lack of a convenient angle. She kissed him gently on the lips, then took his hand and led him into her bedroom. Pete barely noticed the size of the room or any of the furnishings in it, his mind was completely focused on the woman in front of him and the throbbing desire in his pants. Denise sat down on the bed while Pete eagerly assisted her in removing his pants, underwear, shoes and socks. He now stood in front of her completely naked, her head at the level of his stomach as she sat on her bed.

Pete sighed with both pleasure and relief as Denise took his swollen penis in her hand and began to stroke up and down the length of his shaft. He was already completely erect from the rubbing they had done earlier, and he knew it would not take long for him to orgasm at this rate. He gasped in pleasure an surprise as Denise leaned forward and began gingerly kissing the very tip of his penis, her hand never slowing in its firm yet tender strokes.

"Oh my God Denise," Pete moaned, "I'm so close, just keep going like that."

Denise grinned and pulled her face away to sit upright again. Pete was pleasantly surprised when she drew his body closer to her, hugging his thrusting penis against her left breast. Pete moaned with pleasure as he buried the front of his penis deep in her soft and pliant flesh. Denise gasped each time his penis plowed its way past her sensitive, erect nipple. Pete's thrusts had taken on a life of their own, and between the sight of Denise's naked breasts, the sound of her gasps as he pleasured her nipples, and the amazing sensation of his penis rubbing against her body, it wasn't long before he had had all he could take. With a great thrust and a low groan, Pete's semen shot upwards, across Denise's nipple, over her chest and shoulder, with a final little splatter landing on her left cheek. Denise grinned up at Pete while she continued to play with his still pulsing cock, allowing his orgasm to fully play itself out, then letting him back down gently as his erection receded.

With the full glow and satisfaction of a successful orgasm, Pete took a moment to catch his breath and admire the beautiful woman in front of him. Denise was breathing heavily, and her cheeks had turned a deep red. Her eyes watched him hungrily, and Pete could easily tell from her face just how turned on she was. Glancing down at her waist, the visible tent of an erection confirmed Denise's excitement. Without a word, Pete dropped to his knees and began pulling down Denise's jeans. Denise lay on her back and put her knees together to allow her pants to slide off more easily. At first, Pete avoided looking at her crotch; he wasn't quite sure what to expect or how it would affect him. Instead, he allowed himself to take in every inch of her long, smooth legs as more and more of first her beautiful thighs, then her shins became naked and visible. Once Denise's pants and socks had been completely removed and set aside, Pete cast his gaze over her one remaining piece of clothing. It was a pair of simple white panties and, much to Pete's surprise, they were completely soaked through all down the middle.

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