tagLesbian SexPetite Woman Seeks Same Ch. 3

Petite Woman Seeks Same Ch. 3


I rolled over to one side, mind-blown and feeling dizzy. I looked at the TV, and saw two women "spooning", embraced in some heavy, lip-smacking sixty-nine action. A bleach blonde and a bad dye job brunette, who had a equally bad pair of breast implants. Never mind their imperfections, they were enjoying themselves.

Lynn slid on the bed right next to me and gently kissed my ear.

"It had been a long time since I had tasted some pussy," she whispered, rubbing my nipple.

"Oh, really? You could have fooled me."

"Yeah, I know. But before this time, it had been.....months, maybe years. I was starting to crave it."

By this time, the women were enjoying a dildo, in the double-header position. The blonde was on one end, while the brunette kept the other end occupied. They moved the rubber dick in and out while rubbing their clits simultaneously. I was so mesmerized, I had briefly stopped talking to Lynn and became engrossed in the love-fest that was playing out in the movie.

We both were completely silent for a minute.

"I have never done that before," Lynn remarked.

"What? A double-header?"

"Well, that too. But I meant the sixty-nine thingie."

"You mean the scene they were showing earlier?"


"Wanna give it a go?" I said, with a smirk.

"Of course," she replied, revealing a ever-moistening slit.

Lynn crawled on top of me, and I felt her very hard stomach in center of my chest. I felt her pubic hair tickling my lips and chin. I placed my hands over her asscheeks, gently spreading them apart. I pulled her sticky labial lips apart and slid my hot muscle in.

"Oooh," she whimpered, as I methodically licked her hole. I tongue-fucked her with a slow rhythm, my fingers working their way to her bunghole.

"Yes.." she whispered.

My finger disappeared inside her asshole. I licked and pumped while she squirmed in delight.

"Mmmmm.." she moaned.

I placed light kisses on her inner lips, and plunged two more fingers in her rectum.

"Ahhhhh....mmmm..."she cried, burying her moans in my muff.

I felt her tongue dancing on my clit and then dipping in my throbbing gash.

"Yes...like that," I instructed.

"More?"she inquired.

"Oh, yes."

She tickled my G-spot and I felt myself ready to climax.

"I coming..."

"Come for me, baby."

My moans and groans could no longer be held back.

"Yes, yes, yes..YES! YES!," I yelled.

Lynn kept sucking on my snatch until she felt my hot nectar fill her mouth.

"Damn! What was that? Niagara Falls?" she asked, her mouth reminiscent of a glazed donut.

I just winked at her and pretended not to hear her.

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