tagLesbian SexPetite Woman Seeks Same Ch. 4

Petite Woman Seeks Same Ch. 4


The clock on the long-abandoned VCR read two thirty-six. I had been here all day, I thought. It was definitely time to go. I had no idea when her husband was coming back, nor did I care. The room reeked of sex. I opened a window, hoping the wind would carry the scent away. I search for any sign of air fresheners, to find that there was none.

I began getting dressed, discreetly. My panties had been discarded underneath the bed somewhere between the dirty magazines and other clothes that decorated the floor. I decided to temporarily abandon the panty search, and finish getting dressed. I spotted my bra, and other articles of clothing that looked familiar. I finger combed my mangled mess of hair into a presentable style. I slid on another coat of lipstick and re-applied any eyeliner that had been smudged. I looked almost like I had been doing nothing at all, minus the silly grin that lined my face.

"You leavin?" Lynn's voice asked, catching me off guard.

"Yeah, I need to head home. I'm tired."

"You did do a lot of work."

"We both did."

We both stopped talking. All of a sudden, Lynn grabbed me and gave me a long, wet kiss. I could taste myself on her tongue. I felt my nipples harden and my snatch moisten, reminding me thay my panties were still AWOL.

"Excited, are we?" Lynn mentioned, touching my nipples.

"A little. Did you see my panties anywhere?"

"Underneath the blue pillowcase."

I retrieved them and proceeded to pull my keys from my purse.

She stood there in a long, silk robe, that was open in the front, revealing her nakedness. She walked me to the door.

"Call me, whenever."

"Of course."

I cranked the engine, blew her a kiss, and that was the last time I ever saw her in the flesh.

It never occurred to me if this was going to be a one-time thing, or an on-going thing. Lynn and I never discussed it. If it had been important to either one of us, someone would have mentioned it somewhere down the line. Nevertheless, we both enjoyed each other sexually. When I got home there was a message on my answering machine from Lynn with a simple, "Thanks for everything." Phone calls became few and far between on either end. I soon started school full-time as well as working full-time. The last time I had heard from Lynn, she had given birth to twin girls. After that, I never heard from her again. Though she may have forgotten my number, I know she'll never forget me. That's all that counts.

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