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Petra the Lesbian Virgin


Disclaimer: I do not own Jane The Virgin. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This story takes place after Episode 15 of Series 3 of Jane The Virgin, a.k.a. after the time jump.


Petra Solano was not in love with Jane Gloriana Villanueva! She wasn't! Because that would be weird, and awkward, and totally in character for her. Petra had never really been good with people. She'd had a few working and/or romantic relationships with men which were alright for a while, but inevitably something went wrong and it was normally her fault.

She sabotaged herself and the people around her, which was why even if she did have a teeny, tiny crush on Jane, which she absolutely didn't, it could never go anywhere. Things were awkward enough between them without adding a break up into the equation. And whatever Petra had done to deserve it.

Also, did she mention she wasn't good with people? Or more accurately, she was bad with men, and terrible with women. Sure, she knew how to network with them, but she never really had a friendship with one before. Until Jane, which was another reason she couldn't screw this up. But Jane didn't exactly make it easy, being so sweet, nice, and perfect.

And effortlessly sexy. Seriously, Petra put so much time and energy into her appearance, and half the time Jane looked like she just rolled out of bed looking gorgeous. Sometimes it got so bad that Petra literally had to remind herself over and over again she wasn't in love with Jane Villanueva, and more importantly couldn't be, whenever Jane was in a room with her.

Which was a real problem whenever Jane was talking to her, "Petra?"

"What?" Petra mumbled, quickly forcing herself back to consciousness.

"Are you okay?" Jane asked, being perfect as always.

"Yes." Petra snapped a little too quickly, "I'm fine."

Jane raised an eyebrow, "Really, because you don't seem-"

"Do we have to do this every time? You know I get distracted with work a lot." Petra grumbled, which was true, but never when Jane was around, "When I say I'm fine, I'm fine. Now, what were you saying?"

"Just that..." Jane began cautiously, obviously debating whether she should push the issue, before revealing, "I, I think I'm finally ready to start dating."

If Petra Solano had been in love with Jane Villanueva her heart would have probably skipped a beat. But she wasn't, so it didn't. For a few long seconds a very familiar delusion crossed Petra's mind. One where she was on a date with Jane, and Jane was laughing, and smiling at her, and looking at her the same way that she used to look at Michael.

It would have been funny if it wasn't so sad. Or it would have been if Petra Solano had been in love with Jane Villanueva, but luckily she wasn't, so Petra just glued on the fake smile that she had perfected throughout the years and told her sometimes friend, and sometimes rival, what she obviously wanted to hear.

"That's great Jane. I'm happy for you. Truly." Petra effortlessly lied, "What changed?"

"I don't know." Jane smiled softly, before admitting, "I just... I finally got through the whole story about what happened with Michael without crying."

"Wow. Jane that's, wow." Petra murmured, totally getting what a big deal this was, and then truthfully telling her, "That's great. I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks." Jane smiled softly, and then after a pause admitted with a smile, "So of course my Ma immediately set me up on a date once I told her."

If Petra Solano had been in love with Jane Villanueva her heart would have probably broken into a million pieces. But she wasn't, so it didn't.


For the rest of the week Petra had to fight the urge to asked Jane about her blind date, because doing so would give the wrong idea. Besides, she'd have to go out of her way. Also she had a lot of practice with self-control, which wasn't easy as all her dreams, and nearly all her day dreams, for that week involved Jane hitting it off with a faceless stranger, and gushing to Petra about it.

And then those dreams got more ridiculous, skipping to the part where Jane would marry her blind date and Petra would be forced to sit in the aisle and glue on another fake smile as the woman she WASN'T in love with slowly walked down the aisle and shared her vows again with a man. Not that Petra would care.

The fact that Jane didn't start any gushing when they next saw each other, during their weekly talking session/their kids play date, was probably a good sign things didn't go well. Or a bad sign. Whatever. If that was the case obviously Petra would be sad for Jane, but... Xiomara always meant well, but Petra couldn't imagine knowing anyone nearly good enough for Jane.

Not that anyone was good enough for Jane, but surely there must be another Michael in the world, who as far as Petra could tell was the closest anyone came to deserving her. But whatever, the point was Petra didn't want to pry if Jane didn't want to talk about it. Then again, would a good friend force it her out of it anyway? Or at least ask about it? God, Petra's head hurt.

Thankfully after 20 minutes of idle chat Jane bought it up, "So, my blind date was a disaster."

Good, Petra thought, just about avoiding the urge to say that out loud, instead going with, "Oh no, that's too bad."

Jane smiled softly, "You don't sound that surprised."

"Well..." Petra began, searching for the right words, "You, you just, you know... I... blind dates are total gambles. You never know what you're going to get. And your picky."

"I am not..." Jane began defensively but then Petra gave her a look and she was forced to admit, "Okay, maybe a little. Or a lot. But this is a big deal, you know? I don't want to just jump the first guy I see."

"Huh." Petra murmured, trying to force her next words down, but ultimately deciding to let them out for Jane's sake, "Maybe you should. You know, just get it over with. Oh don't give me that look. It's called a rebound Jane, it helps. Trust me, I know."

"Do I really look like a rebound girl to you?" Jane asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No." Petra said softly, "But you could probably do with one."

"Well I don't want one. I don't want to be set up on a blind date, or meet someone in a bar. That's not me." Jane confessed, before moving closer, "What I want is to just meet someone and then for feelings to develop. None of this forced meeting nonsense, just an intense spark and then natural development. It doesn't have to even be romantic in the beginning, you know? Maybe I don't even like them in the beginning, and they don't like me. But then, over time, things change. Maybe I noticed them looking at me, which makes me question how I feel about that. How I feel about them. And then I start asking questions, and suddenly I find out that everyone else around me knows that they're crazy about me, and I've just been slow to catch on. But now I know, and it feels right... and maybe... just maybe... I want to do something about it."

From the beginning of her speech Petra was taken aback by the way Jane was looking at her, and her words blew her away. She desperately tried to tell herself that she was delusional. That there was no possible way Jane was talking about her. It just wasn't possible. And yet, Petra had never wanted anything so badly in her entire life.

And towards the end of her speech Jane started leaning in to the point where their lips were inches apart, Petra closing her eyes and praying that Jane would close the distance. But of course it was too good to be true, and suddenly they were forced apart as Jane's son came rushing in, his father right behind him.

"Mommy, Mommy, look what I did!" Mateo squealed with delight, holding up a picture to his mother.

"Wow Mr Sweet-Face, this is awesome!" Jane replied enthusiastically, reaching down to pick him up and kissing the side of his head enthusiastically.

"He just got away from me. I'm sorry." Rafael apologised to both women, although he was specifically glancing at Petra.

"It's fine." Jane said dismissively.

"Yeah, fine." Petra murmured, not sounding too convincing.


Rafael took out his phone as he heard it ring, looked at it, smiled and then answered it, "Hey Petra, what's up."

"Hey, I... I, I just..." Petra stammered, taking a few long moments to collect her thoughts before continuing, "I just need you to talk me down."

"About what?" Rafael frowned, although he thought he had a good idea what it might be.

"Jane, she..." Petra hesitated again, before finally revealing, "I just got some weird vibes from her today. Like she was hitting on me, or... oh God, like she knows! Does she know? Did you tell her? God Rafael, if you told her I swear I'll-"

"Relax! I didn't tell her?" Rafael reassured, adding after a brief hesitation, "Not exactly."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Petra snapped.

"Well... don't be mad, but..." Rafael protested, knowing it was no use as he could feel his ex-wife's anger through the phone, "But she already knew."

"What do you mean she already knew?" Petra snapped loudly, no longer able to keep her temper under control.

"It seems she finally noticed the way you stare at her longingly. And how flustered you get when she gets too close. Or her name is mentioned." Rafael listed.

"So you confirmed her suspicions?" Petra practically whimpered knowingly.

"So what if I did?" Rafael asked, "God Petra, you've been pining for her for like five years now and-"

"Four years!" Petra protested, "And it's just a tiny crush."

"So why does it matter if Jane finally knows?" Rafael asked, "After all this time aren't you glad that it's finally out in the open?"

"NO!" Petra exclaimed, "Because she's obviously using it to torture me."

"Petra..." Rafael said in disbelief, "Do you honestly think Jane would do that?"

"I would." Petra grumbled.

"The old you, maybe... but not this you. And not her. Never her." Rafael said confidently.

"Well how else do you explain her pretending to hit on me?" Petra huffed.

Just then there was a knock at the door and a very familiar voice called out, "Petra, it's me... we need to talk."

"Why don't you ask her yourself?" Rafael said smugly.

"I'll deal with you later." Petra softly growled into the phone, before hanging up, putting it away and then strolling over to open the door to see Jane who looked even more stunning than usual, "Jane, hey... listen, I'm really busy, so-"

"This will just take a minute." Jane insisted, "Please Petra? It's important."

Petra tried, but she could never really say no to Jane Villanueva, so she sighed, moved aside so Jane could walk into her room and then the second she close the door Petra told the brunette, "Seriously though, this has to be quick. I have like a thousand things I need to do today."

Jane just stared at the blonde for a few long seconds, and then bluntly asked, "Are you in love with me?"

"What?" Petra stammered.

"It's just..." Jane took a deep breath, stepped forward and then began explaining, "You've been acting a little weird around me, and I don't know when it started, because I've been pretty consumed by everything that's been going on in my life, but it seems everyone around me think it's been going on for a while. Years even. And now I know I can't stop thinking about it. Which is why I pretended to have a date to see how you would react, and... well... you weren't exactly subtle about the whole being jealous thing, and..."

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Petra snapped.

"Petra." Jane said knowingly.

"Seriously..." Petra began, struggling to hold it together, "Jane, don't push this. Please?"

"How can I not?" Jane asked softly.

"Because of the children." Petra pointed out, "Things are good now. Settled. Why rock the boat?"

"Because we can't just leave things unsaid." Jane protested, "It's not healthy, and it certainly not good."

"Fine!" Petra sighed, "It's just a stupid crush! It doesn't matter. I know you don't feel the same way, I just can't seem to get it through my stupid head. I think it's just because I've never really had a female friend before, and I got confused. I'm not even bi, let alone gay, so I don't even know how this happened, but..."

"It just feels right." Jane interrupted softly, cautiously stepping into Petra's personal space, "Like, maybe you're into the person so much, that gender doesn't matter. And maybe that's kind of, you know, overwhelming. Because you didn't know it was possible for you to feel that way, and maybe it makes what you're feeling now more intense than anything else. Or in my case, just as much as something else."

"Yes..." Petra admitted breathlessly.

"So..." Jane smiled softly, pressing her forehead against Petra's, "Does it sound like I don't feel the same way to you?"

For a few long seconds, which each felt like an eternity, Petra was left utterly speechless and then Jane very slowly closed her eyes and pressed her lips against hers. They were then press there for a few long seconds, before Petra whimpered, closed her eyes and allowed herself to believe the beautiful lie for another few long seconds which felt like an eternity.

Those seconds were the happiest of her life, because even though she was convinced that this had to be some kind of prank or way to get back at her for the awful things she had done in the past Petra allowed herself to pretend Jane could mean those words. That she could possibly deserve Jane. That there could be any universe where this could be real. And this was it.

Even if it was only going to be for this one perfect moment it felt worth it, because the kiss was everything Jane had described kisses should be, and beautifully written about in her book. Soft and sweet, and yet somehow passionate and intense all at the same time, the whole world feeling like it fell away and it was just the two of them, lost in what they felt for each other.

Then even when it was over there was no instant panic, no Jane laughing in her face, no obnoxious celebrity running in to tell her that she had been punked. Just their foreheads resting against the other again and then staring at each other with Jane softly smiling at her like she actually meant it.

"Jane..." Petra murmured, although she struggled to recognise the sound of her own voice as it sounded too soft and pathetically needy.

"I, I still don't know how this happened..." Jane smiled softly, "But I'd really like to see if we can make this work."

There was a brief silence and then all Petra could do was ask in disbelief, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Jane smiled softly again, before quickly clarifying, "But I expect to be wooed. I'm not the kind of girl who just jumps into bed with someone on the first date, or before it, just because I knew them before."

"Yeah, I know." Petra softly murmured.

"So..." Jane asked cautiously, "Pick me up at seven?"

"It's a date." Petra smiled softly, still not believing this was happening.

"Great." Jane beamed, also still not believing this was happening, but happily kissing Petra again anyway.


"Hi, I'm Jane, and I'm... bi? A lesbian? Not straight? Hi I'm Jane, and I'm a not straight. No, that sounds weird. Hi, I'm Jane and I'm a lesbian. Hey? Hey, I'm Jane, and I'm a lesbian?" Jane Villanueva tried out these words in front of a mirror a few dozen times before being interrupted at the end.

"Hi Jane." Xiomara mocked.

"Ma!" Jane whined.

"What? I couldn't resist." Xiomara grinned, "Besides, you're not going to a meeting. You don't have to announce it. You're just-"

"Dating a girl?" Jane offered.

"Date! As in one. As in no big deal, so don't freak out. Okay?" Xiomara advised, "Besides, who hasn't dated a girl once in a while."

"You know, sometimes I think we over share." Jane grumbled.

"Relax, I'm just teasing." Xiomara reassured, "Seriously though, it's one date. And it might only be one."

"But what if it's not?" Jane questioned, "What if it actually works out? Huh? Am I supposed to clarify I'm not gay to anyone who sees me on a date with Petra? People would think I'm weird. Or ashamed. And worse, Petra would think I'm ashamed. So I should get comfortable with the L-word, because people are definitely going to call me that. And it's not totally inaccurate."

"It IS totally inaccurate!" Xiomara protested, "It's just one freaking date. It doesn't mean anything."

"It means something to me." Jane said softly, before pointing out, "How could it not? It's Petra."

"Please don't remind me." Xiomara grumbled, and then when her daughter gave her a look Xiomara held up her hands and protested, "I know, I know... but, seriously Jane, think about everything she's done over the years."

"I have." Jane said flatly, "I know about all the bad, and all the good, and deep down I know Petra is a good person. We've talked about this. Over, and over, and over again. Do we really need to do this again?"

"Yes!" Xiomara insisted, "And then as many times as it takes to make you see reason."

"Can't you just be happy for me?" Jane sighed, "I'm finally moving on from Michael, and I'm happy. Isn't that enough?"

Xiomara hesitated, then softly said, "I just don't want you to get hurt."

"I've been hurt." Jane said softly, "Worse than I could ever imagine. I couldn't imagine feeling that way again, but it could happen. But I don't believe Petra would intentionally do that to me."

"That makes one of us " Xiomara grumbled.

"Which is why you didn't tell me she loved me." Jane said knowingly.

"No, I didn't tell you because it was obvious and everybody knew." Xiomara grumbled.

"Well apparently not." Jane grumbled back, then the doorbell went, and she warned her mother, "Now you be nice."

There was a brief pause and then Xiomara again protested, "Are you sure I just can't give you the number of that nice girl from my dancing class?"

"Bye Ma." Jane said, before opening the door to find Petra in a beautiful white dress, "Wow... I mean, hey."

"Wow, you too. I mean, hey." Petra mumbled almost at the exact same time as she admired Jane's green dress, both girls briefly pausing to smile at each other before the blonde offered, "Shall we?"

"We shall." Jane grinned.


To the casual observer the journey to the restaurant was very uneventful, but as a writer Jane knew a little something about seemingly little details which were actually really important. It was why she was so ashamed that it had taken her this long to realise that Petra had feelings for her.

Now it seemed like such an obvious oversight, because after all who buys someone a house because of platonic feelings? Anyway, Rafael's heart was always in the right place, but he made the mistake of flaunting his wealth whenever they were together to try and impress her. Petra still did that, but she managed to find the perfect balance.

Instead of a limousine picking them up like Jane had kind of been dreading Petra simply took them in her car. It was still stylish and expensive, but it wasn't too fancy. Which was the same for the restaurant that Petra took them too. In fact she remembered mentioning to Petra that she talked Rafael down to this, which was just a little sign that Petra listened to her.

Further proving that Petra opened the car door for her and later pulled out her chair, which was nice. Although understandably things were a little awkward, and they only exchanged small talk until they sat down, at which point Petra obviously second-guessed herself.

"Is this okay?" Petra asked nervously, unable to stop herself from blurting out, "Because you said you liked it, and yeah, Rafael took you here, but it's kind of difficult to take you anywhere remotely nice in Miami without his presence lingering over it. Besides, I've had plenty of business dinners here, so no one will give us a second look."

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