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Phantom Menace Between the Scenes 3


Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by George Lucas and Lucasfilm, Ltd. No money is being made and no infringement is intended.

The Senator’s Help

The Queen’s spacecraft made it to Coruscant and landed on a platform high above street level. Supreme Chancellor Valorum, several guards, and Senator Palpatine greeted them as they descended from the ramp. Palpatine was surprised to see how the Queen had matured since he had last met her. Communicating to her by holoprojection had not prepared him for the beautiful young lady now standing before him.

“It is great to see you alive, Your Majesty. May I present Supreme Chancellor Valorum.” Palpatine stated.

“Welcome, Your Highness. It is an honor to finally meet you…” Valorum said.

As Valorum droned on with his greeting, Palpatine cast an appreciative eye over the queen. He would have to get to know her better.

Padme noted the Senator’s interest in who he thought was the queen. Perhaps she could turn this to her advantage. The Senator invited them to come to his quarters right away, but Padme motioned to the “Queen” to delay so that she would have time to prepare. The Queen and her staff were shown to their quarters. There, Amidala resumed her role as queen and dressed in a lime green outfit with a white headdress topped with a black fan like appendage. She carefully applied the white makeup and the red highlights on her lips and cheeks. Amidala sent Captain Panaka on a mission to obtain some information she needed. The Queen accompanied by Eirtae and Rabe then went to Senator Palpatine’s place.

The Senator greeted the Queen and her party. He noted the there was something different about the Queen, but he attributed it to her changed wardrobe. The Senator went on about the state of affairs within the Senate.

“…the Republic is not what it once was. The Senate is full of greedy, squabbling delegates who are only looking out for themselves and their home sytems. There is no interest in the common good...no civility, only politics...its disgusting. I must be frank, Your Majesty, there is little chance the Senate will act on the invasion.”

“Chancellor Valorum seems to think there is hope,” Amidala replied.

“If I may say so, Your Majesty, the Chancellor has little real power...he is mired down by baseless accusations of corruption. A manufactured scandal surrounds him. The bureaucrats are in charge now. “

“What options do we have?” asked Amidala.

“Our best choice would be to push for the election of a stronger Supreme Chancellor. One who will take control of the bureaucrats, enforces the laws, and give us justice. You could call for a vote of no confidence in Chancellor Valorum.”

“He has been our strongest supporter. Is there any other way?”

“Our only other choice would to be to submit a plea to the courts...”

“There's no time for that. The courts take even longer to decide things than the Senate. Our people are dying, Senator...more and more each day. We must do something quickly to stop the Federation.”

“To be realistic, Your Highness, I'd say we're going to have to accept Federation control for the time being.”

“That is something I cannot do.”

Captain Panaka approached Queen Amidala and whispered something in her ear.

“Senator, could we continue this discussion in private?”

“Certainly.” He escorted the Queen into his private study and closed the door.

“What did you wish to discuss?”

“Senator Palpatine, even though you say the Senate may not act, I know you wield significant influence and could do much to promote our cause especially if you were to take a more active role in presenting our case.”

“I’m doing as much as possible as it is.”

“What about the help you gave to the Horanian system with their conflict. You managed to push a resolution to that conflict through the Senate relatively quickly.”

“That was a totally different situation…”

“Was it because of the special arrangement you had made with the Grand Empress of that system?”

Palpatine started to become suspicious of this line of questioning. How could Amidala know about the sexual favors he received from the Empress?

“Understand Senator,” Amidala continued, “I will do anything to help my people. Anything.”

“I see, but…”

“You seem hesitant. Perhaps it is because of my age. Let me assure you Senator that I am completely mature and a legal adult in the Republic.”

“Yes, I understand, but…”

“Perhaps you are unsure if I can meet your needs. Let me demonstrate.”

The Queen knelt in front of the surprised Senator and reached in and pulled his flaccid penis out from his pants. She took it into her mouth and sucked on it while running her tongue over its soft surface. The Senator recovered from his initial shock and his penis started to twitch and grow under the queen’s efforts. He had underestimated the Queen. He had not expected the Queen to take this approach. Soon he was fully erect. The Queen bobbed her head up and down his shaft.

Amidala enjoyed feeling the Senator become erect in her mouth. She was afraid that he wasn’t going to let her do this, that he was going to think that she was too young. But once he was erect in her mouth, she knew she had him. Fully erect, his penis was smaller than Jar Jar or Darth Maul, but it was still sizeable, about seven inches long fully erect. She was eager to explore her first human penis. It was smoother than the others yet just as hard. Starting at the head, she ran her tongue down the shaft to the wrinkled sac at its base. She nuzzled his pubic hair, inhaling his male scent. She licked up and down his erection and then blew.

Palpatine was amazed at the young Queen’s abilities. The coolness caused by her blowing on his moistened penis was a sensuous contrast to her hot tongue. He wanted to grab her head and force himself into her mouth, but could not find a way around her elaborate headdress, so he leaned back and enjoyed the sensations of the young mouth on his erection.

Amidala took pleasure in the effect she was having on the Senator. She took the now cooler head in her warm mouth and sucked while twirling her tongue around it. Slowly, she worked his stiff rod deeper and deeper into her mouth until she was deep throating him, nuzzling his pubic hair.

The feeling of her warm mouth and throat was incredible and the Senator leaned over and grabbed Amidala’s shoulders and held her so he could force himself deeper down her throat. The sight of his erect member disappearing into the white faced queen’s adolescent mouth spurred him on and he shoved harder and harder. The Queen took his whole length without gagging and used her hand to cup and massage his balls. He continued to thrust relishing the feeling of her warm wet mouth until he felt the pressure building inside his balls. He erupted, spurting his semen deep down her throat. He squirted and squirted emptying his load.

Amidala eagerly swallowed it all without missing a drop. The Senator’s penis stayed erect. Some men must have more stamina than others she thought. She stood.

“Did I help you adequately with your needs, Senator?”

“Well, yes, that was quite adequate.”

“Then Senator, do we have an agreement? You help me with my needs and I will help you with yours.”

“I think we can work something out.”

“I also believe that it would benefit us greatly if you were to personally present our case before the Senate tomorrow.”

“Well,…” the Senator hesitated.

“I understand. We have an agreement. If I want you to do something for me, I must do something for you.”

Amidala walked to the desk and pulled her skirt forward. The split in the back of her skirt opened and she pulled until the split revealed her bare bottom. She had not worn any panties. She had not planned to go this far with the Senator this first time, but she was so aroused from sucking him that she had to have a man inside of her to satisfy her needs. And she was also curious to see what sex with a human would be like. She bent over and put her hands on the desk and waited.

Palpatine could not believe this. His hesitation, which the Queen had obviously misinterpreted to be doubt, had been purely by accident. He approached the Queen from behind, admiring the view of the two smooth white mounds that beckoned him. He placed his still erect penis at the opening of her wet vagina and ran its head up and down her glistening slit, lubricating the bulbous head with her juices.

The Queen delighted in feeling his jutting maleness rub against her clitoris, run up the lips wet from arousal to her anus, up and down, spreading her sexual lubrication. He would pause at the entrance to her vagina, parting the lips and pushing just to the opening, and then back away to rub up and down the outer parts again. This teasing began to frustrate her as she felt the urge to be filled. Amidala pushed back against the Senator, hoping he would get the hint.

“Eager to fulfill your part of the bargain, I see,” said the Senator. “I’ll give you what you want and much, much more.”

He placed his stiff rod at the opening and lunged forward, burying it deep inside of Amidala in one motion. He marveled at the tight wet warmth that surrounded his erect flesh. He pulled out then pushed back in, slowly picking up the rhythm until he was pounding deep inside of the young Queen with each thrust.

Amidala felt the delicious sensation of the Senator entering her, filling her void with his hard male member. As he continued to thrust, she felt the pleasure building up inside her vagina as he stimulated the sensitive nerve endings inside of her. How she craved this feeling!

Palpitine tried to fondle her breasts, but the sash of cloth wrapped around her chest prevented any access. But from what he could feel under the thick cloth, he knew that they hid something that he would definitely want to explore at a later time when he could spend some quality time with his new sex toy. He grasped the Queen’s pale hips and enjoyed the sight of his penis plunging into her royal vaginal opening.

The pistoning hardness inside of Amidala continued to increase the electrical waves of sensual pleasure that radiated out from her pelvis lifting her higher and higher until she reached a peak and had a thunderous orgasm.

“Oh, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she screamed as she writhed with the pleasure of her orgasm.

Seeing the young Queen in the throes of sexual rapture pushed the Senator over the edge and he hammered his throbbing shaft inside of her until he sprayed his seed deep inside of her hot wet canal. He grunted as he thrust and felt the semen spurt out again and again. There was so much that it mixed with Amidala’s juices and oozed out of her opening. Completely spent after emptying his entire load, Palpatine pulled his shrinking penis out of the Queen’s sopping vagina.

The Queen stood and straightened her skirt. She turned and faced the Senator as she smoothed out the wrinkles in her clothing caused by their frenzied encounter.

“So Senator, we will see you tomorrow at the Senate chamber.”

“I will be there.”

“Then we are in agreement with the terms of our arrangement?”

“It will be a pleasure for me to serve you, Your Highness,” said Palpatine as he bowed to the Queen.

Queen Amidala nodded to the Senator, “The pleasure is all mine, Senator.” She walked out with his sperm running down her thigh. Diplomacy was much more interesting than she had ever realized.

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