tagReviews & EssaysPhat Ass White Booty 7: Review

Phat Ass White Booty 7: Review

bySean Renaud©

Expectations: Alexander Devoe is one of the finest purveyors of pornography currently working the circuit. It's hard to imagine anything that's subpar coming out of him or his studios so I'm heading into this with high expectations, especially considering the cast has two of my favorite harlots, Phoenix Marie who can do no wrong (well she does things that are wrong, oh so deliciously wrong) and Ashli Orion with that flawless onion booty (cuz it brings a tear to your eye). With the two of them on call it's difficult to imagine that a DVD with both of them on it wouldn't be worth the price of admission.


Scene by Scene:

Scene 1: Phoenix Marie

If you don't know who Ms. Marie is then you've been missing out in a bad way and I feel sorry for you. I'll be honest I prefer her as a blond (like most gentlemen) but that doesn't distract from the fact that she's a big tittie, big ole bootie shakin' porn star who clearly loves her job. That's what makes all of her scenes such a blast to watch. Phoenix starts us off with a nice tease in her purple mini-dress and ridiculously sexy heels. The tease goes on for almost ten minutes before our stunt cock shows up which is a little long for my tastes but once he shows up he goes to work on Phoenix. The girl is a cock sucking goddess alternating between deep throat, face fuck and outright cock worship. From there we get what's fairly by the numbers fuck out of Pheonix. Nothing wrong with it at all but nothing that stands out at all other than Pheonix is always great to watch. And a cream pie which to me is pretty much a waste of cum if there isn't another woman waiting to eat it.

Scene 2: Sheena Ryder

The lovely Sheena Ryder wows with her leopard print lingerie with black stockings and heels that match her dark hair. The bejeweled belt, collar and cuffs are all extremely nice touches that remind me a bit of those old Betty Page pin ups. She's definitely a sexy lil' thing but just like the first scene ten minutes of her showing off her ass simply starts to drag fortunately when our stud shows up he shows up with a vengeance. He can't even be bothered taking her thong off before he started grinding his cock against her and inside her breaking from porn norm by skipping the pre-fuck blowjob. She's quite the squealer which is always a plus. The girl looks great in the side saddle fuck which ultimately earns her one helluva facial. I cannot stress enough those cuffs are hot as fuck.

Scene 3: Ashli Orion

Ashli starts our in a pink top and blue thong crawling around like the hungry little animal that she is. What can I say? A woman on her knees is instant erection for me, especially one with a plump ripe apple bottom like Ashli. After a shorter tease than the first two Ashli briefly dances up on her stud (who really shouldn't be there. He just looks bored and if you aren't doing something on the set you shouldn't be on it) before leaving him to warm up her ass with a glass dildo. Nasty little slut sucks it clean before her stud comes over and helps her warm up that booty some more. This is a pornstar's pornstar, she's not afraid to gape that ass, she's enthusiastic about going ass to mouth. She allows herself to be pinned down and pounded and even choked a little during the scene. It's nothing too rough but if you're the squeamish type this might be a scene to skip. The flying anal cowgirl and standing sixty nine are both definite high lights. She never takes her top off either which is unusual but nice and by the time the scene ends she looks like she's been fucked half out of her mind and made to swallow a load.

Scene 4: Julie Cash

Julie Cash, I think PHAT ass white booty might have been all about her and they just kinda worked their way back from there cus hot damn does she rock in her pink and black bikini with the micro-dress. I'm not sure it's fair to call it a skirt and not an eye magnet of some sort I mean it's not wide, thick, long, whatever enough to cover the top and bottom of her ass at the same time. The tease is another ten minute drag (fortunately there is a perfectly placed chapter break this time around) to get you past a girl basically walking around the house for and a bit of work on a stair machine. Once she gets started though. . .well I can't think of a way I'd rather wake up than with a busty blonde sucking my cock. (I know I'm not supposed to notice male talent and certainly not their clothing but seriously, dude sleeps nude except for socks and boots? That's just distractingly retarded. While I'm on costumes her black gloves are kinda annoying too.) After a blow job she gets that glorious ass of hers worshipped before a nice fuck, lots of ass worship throughout and another damn good facial.

Scene 5: Cami Smalls

Cami Smalls, a fitting name for a petite beauty with curly brown hair. She gets a full nineteen minute tease. Look Alexander, that's too fucking long for porn pretty much period. I'll cut the rant short here though since this is just the worst offender. After that she gets her luscious rump kissed and licked for several minutes (which felt like another forever after a nineteen minute tease!) Cami moves straight into the sex from there another of those rare scenes that doesn't start with a good bit of cock sucking. She does get around to that though in all her deep throating, light gagging, face fucked glory.

Summary: Phat Ass White Booty 7 is quality porn and if you're into white girls with nice asses this would probably be a good addition to your collection. It's all interracial which I know is a big enough deal to some people that they go out of their way to get or avoid them so just have that in mind. Phoenix and Ashli steal the show and are worth the price of purchase all by themselves but that's not to take anything away from Sheena or Julie and the only thing wrong with Cami's performance is she was unlucky enough to be on a DVD with two amazing performers and two outstanding performers and she's only really good. The focus on asses is nice but in several places it detracts from the tits which I guess is to be expected on a title called Phat Ass White Booty but it didn't need to be nearly as extreme as it was. Still this is a good DVD.

Heading out: I have to start by making a point about the teases. Teases are almost always annoying in porn. Brazzers has done a great job mostly by eliminating the tease and replacing them with little skits but unless a girl can dance, and dance well I'm not interested in watching her shake her ass for ten fucking minutes. At least have the courtesy to set a skip marker right after it. It's simply unacceptable even with girls as lovely and sensual as Phoenix Marie and Ashli Orion. That said once the scenes got going these were all quality scenes with sexy high energy girls. I personally would have liked one more anal scene or maybe a threesome to break up the sameness but I like it.

It's got everything you've come to expect from the extras, photo gallery, pick your pleasure, trailers, fairly good chapter markers for skipping around. All around it's good product.

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