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Phera Moans


The sweet sounds of battle still rang in her ears, reverberating through her body even though the final blows had fallen hours ago. It may have been because the ground she was standing on was thick with the blood of the devils they had slaughtered. The heavy aroma of death was just as exhilarating as the first time she had taken a life, sucking the energy from the rapist scum who had thought she was just a common whore.

It may have been the shearing sound of her companions cleaning and sharpening their weapons, grimy and dulled from piercing armor, rending flesh, and shattering bones.

It also may have been because that sadist Eron was busy burning alive the only survivor.

"Finish killing that thing. We are packing up and I am not going to wait for you while you play around."

Phera cocked an eyebrow at him as she oiled the chain on her morningstar, snapping it back into her palm as Eron proceeded to boil the creature's brain in its skull. She shrugged, running a final check on her gear before absorbing it into her supple skin. She then donned a simple peasant's dress that had been cut to exhibit her full curves and the fact that she was nude beneath it. Her large nipples hardening as she drank in her last breath of sweat and gore, she cast an alluring smile at Eron and headed off down the path to the next town.



While admittedly neither the picture of blood-drenched heathenism nor pious radiance, the companions were known to stand out, whether or not it was their intention. Either way, the gate guards for this mid-sized town decided it was time for a "random" inspection for contraband, untaxed goods, or anything else that would show badly on them if smuggled past.

"And what is a young lady like you doing with this band of ruffians?" The head of the guards tried to eye Phera suspiciously. All he managed to do was stare at the cloth that was stretched tight over her breasts with half-hidden lust and slight curiosity.

Linking her hands in front of her, setting up an image of naïve innocence while in actuality just improving her cleavage, she smiled sweetly at the pudgy, middle aged man before her.

"I was coming here from a neighboring village to visit some relatives, and my father decided it was too dangerous for me to walk the deep, dark forest all alone. So he hired these nice gentlemen to accompany me, since they were coming here anyway. They have been ever so kind."

A few batted eyelashes later, the rest of they group was waved through the gates.

"Not so fast, little lady. While your father may have trusted them, it is my job to be cautious. I am going to have to check to see if those men planted anything on you in your sleep, thinking that you would not be searched. Just come into my office and we can look things over there."

One or two coughs covered snickers from his subordinates as he led her into a small room built into the wall. Phera thanked her "escort" for protecting her, letting her hips fall into a sensual, seemingly unconscious sway as she followed him inside. She even pretended to start as the man locked the door behind him.

"Would not want anyone barging in here, now would we?"

She shook her head softly as he started patting her down, getting in the occasional cheap grope. By the time he had finished searching her dress, she was blushing crimson and the smell of her arousal was filling the room. Breathing as heavy as he was to begin with, the guard's mind was beginning to haze as images of her naked body started flitting across his imagination.

"Now open your mouth real wide. I need to see if they put anything in your gums or down your throat."

With a small nod, she slowly opened her mouth, shyly at first, then showing her perfect little teeth, wet tongue, and perfectly functioning tonsils.

Phera could easily accommodate a fully grown man's fist, with room to avoid the teeth.

The guard was close to grinning as he poked around, even "accidentally" checking her gag reflex a few times.

"Hmm. I cannot reach very far back there with my hands. Kneel, and I will search it with something else. Do not be alarmed, this is standard procedure."

Missing the woman's smirk a she dropped to her knees, he hastily unbuttoned his trousers before shoving his member into her mouth and twisting his fingers in her thick blonde strands. Thrusting as deep into her as he could, he reveled in the sensation of her breath in his pubic hair as he roughly poked her uvula. Muttering something about her sucking to dislodge anything he may have missed, the guard nearly collapsed as she expertly wrapped her tongue around him while creating an impressive vacuum in her mouth. He continued to pound into her until deciding he wanted to try out the rest. She had poured so much lust into him it was unlikely he could remember his own name.

"Alright now, stand up and remove the dress. I need to check the other holes."

Phera chose to hesitate slightly, just enough for the man to decide she was taking too long, pulling the cloth over her head with enough force to tear it a bit where the bodice had been stretching. There was no pretense as he gaped, looking over the heavy, firm breasts on her petite frame, the smooth stomach and the flared hips. Once he got to the barely blonde furred, engorged, dripping pussy lips, all though was lost. He picked her up and unceremoniously plopped her down on the edge of a table and slammed his cock into her.

Unendowed as the man was, he was just long enough to rip through her maidenhead and just thick enough to be able to appreciate her virgin tightness. He was also just aware enough to catch the small scream as she took in the pain, though not enough to care. He took her as roughly as he could with what he was given; cursing that he did not have enough to really give it to her like he wanted. All the same, her quiet moans as pleasure overrode the pain was urging him to cum, to make her hot little body drip with his seed.

Feeling his balls tighten up, he threw her back and started viciously groping her breasts, suckling one nipple as if he expected it would be his last. Their groans matched, Phera holding his mouth tight to her as he spurted his few drops. His continued much longer than hers as he felt his orgasm hold out longer than he was used to.

It transformed into a muffled yell as he felt her pussy suck the energy out of him through his cock. The more he was drained, the more he tried to struggle, and the less he was able to. Less than a minute later she felt him collapse.

Rolling her eyes, she pushed his motionless body off of her. Not finding anything else clean enough, she wiped the blood and semen from her thighs before pulling her torn dress back over her head. Humming a local tune, she removed his coinpurse and anything else of sufficient value, stepped over his corpse and out the back door.


"Took you long enough. This one actually bother searching you?"

Eron gave Phera a slightly irritated look as she wandered through the door of their previously appointed room, before ripping off her dress and throwing it in the fire.

"Yes, to the same degree as all the rest. He did not even bother trying to seduce me like the last man. Damned inconsiderate rapists. Never even hold off long enough to let me cum."

"It looks as though he was trying to give you a beating while he was busy. Those bruises look like they would be permanent on anyone else. And nice touch with the blood. I take it he had a thing for blonde virgins?"

"His mind was broadcasting it loud enough. You should have seen what he was intending for his daughter once she came of age."

"Maybe later. You also might want to clean yourself up. You smell like him and they are going to find his body soon."

"I am well aware of that, and now I go to the bathing room."

Slipping on one of the bathrobes the house provided, Phera grinned at him as she ran her fingers through her now curly red hair. Making sure she was mostly revealed, she walked out the door, shutting it quietly behind her with her long, scaled tail.

Eron rolled his eyes at the spectacle and returned to his studies.

"Damned succubus."

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