tagSci-Fi & FantasyPhera Moans Ch. 02

Phera Moans Ch. 02


The sensation of the steaming water on her skin was one of the reasons their scout had chosen to book the group in this particular inn. Not the baths, specifically, but because it was comfortable without being outrageously expensive. It was wealthy enough to be able to provide good food, fully furnished rooms, and its own bath house.

It was not, however, overly lavish. It was meant for travelers and woodsmen who had some money and who needed somewhere to relax. The food was still local meats and vegetables, served in a common room on the main floor. Room service, no matter what it was, still cost extra and was only on request, though if the room was being rented for more than a week, the house absorbed basic cleaning bills every few days. The men's and women's baths were still just separated by a wood and plaster wall and were supplied with common cakes of soap and large, if slightly rough, towels and cloths. There was no gilding, no silks or furs, no exotic dishes, and the dividing wall still had a few peepholes in it.

Which was what had Phera interested at the moment. As soon as she had entered the bathing area, she could sense the men staring at her, a few of the women as well, and she did love to give a good show. Since her last form would be hunted down for the death of the head of the gate guards, she had morphed into a new one before she had arrived at her appointed room. Not that she felt guilty. The man had been doing things and planning to do things that would have earned him a hanging should he ever have been discovered, but getting arrested and interrogated was always such an inconvenience.

Admittedly, she was never held longer than she wanted to be. Seducing the guards, no matter their preference, was in her nature. If they decided to abuse their position and her body, she would simply kill them and loot their corpses. If they were especially repugnant, she would kill them slowly. Once in a while they would honestly try to get her to exchange sex for better treatment, with no intentions more malicious than simply getting some action from a willing woman. These she just left unconscious and minus anything highly valuable on their persons. Phera could also think of at least a half dozen times that they had either just ignored her or had spent so much time arguing amongst themselves that she had become bored and left.

On this occasion, she did not have time to be tied up, with the legal system or otherwise. They needed to pick up their latest assignment and get out of there before the seasons changed, so the busty blonde with the nearly unhingable jaw would never been seen in this town again. She was replaced with a vaguely androgynous redhead with tight curls, a smattering of freckles, and a look about her that made people wonder just how old she was.

And people were wondering right now. The women in the bath wanted to know how she managed to keep her skin so young while possessing a grace beyond her apparent years. The voyeuristic men were just wondering if she was old enough to fuck. After tiring of their surface thoughts, Phera grabbed some soap and a cleansing cloth, sat on the edge of the bath, and began slowly washing herself, making sure to show herself off as much as possible, all the while releasing waves of sex hormones into the air.

Starting at one shoulder, she washed down the length of one arm, then the other, before moving to her torso. Rubbing at her upper chest and down her ribs, she intentionally avoided her smallish breasts while cleaning everywhere around them. Once she had covered all of the flesh there, and once her nipples were so swollen in anticipation some of her audience wondered if they were going to pop, she circled them with the warm, wet cloth, squeezing gently with every pass. Having determined her breasts were clean enough after having played with them for almost a minute, Phera pulled one of her tiny feet even with her face and started washing between her toes. A she worked her way up her own leg, she extended it vertically until it was stretched out above her head while she washed her hip and upper thigh. Once she had finished her ministration of her other leg in the same manner, all of the peepholes in the wall were occupied, and some of the women were blatantly staring.

Sensing an opportunity in the pause, an obviously curious, matronly woman slid up to her.

"Would like some help washing the rest, dear? I know how difficult it can be to clean all those places on your back."

Having been fully aware of the woman's arousal and curiosity for some time, Phera smiled demurely and handed her the cloth.

"Yes, thank you. And maybe after you do me, I can do you..."

There was just a hint of a mischievous glint in her eye as she stood in the water and faced the dividing wall. By the sound of it, some of the men on the other side had gone to get their friends for the show. With a wink, Phera linked her hands behind her head as her new "friend" began trying to rub the kinks out of her neck and shoulders.

"Ooh, that feels so good. I have been so tense for so long. You can rub me like this any time you want."

The woman's only response was a moaning sigh which was mimicked from the men as more of a groan. Taking the hint, she tentatively ran her hands lower, now caressing Phera's tight little butt, though she was slightly thrown off as Phera spread her legs to give her more access. Suddenly feeling much more courageous, the woman slid the cloth deep between her cheeks and down to her waiting pussy, though trying to make it appear as if she was washing her upper thighs.

"Oh, my, I am so glad we are in this nice, hot water. If we had been doing this on the floor, I would have collapsed by now. Do you enjoy getting so hot and wet?"

With nothing but a grunt and a nod, the woman nearly whimpered when Phera gripped the sides of the bath, bent over and presented herself. After one expectant and encouraging look, the woman overcame her shock and started rubbing the cloth over Phera's pussy, occasionally sliding between the lips to earn a gasp or a moan from the lithe redhead.

A short time later she discarded the cloth entirely, running her fingers over the wet slit, plunging them in from time to time, and tweaking her clit. Phera started moaning louder, getting sympathy grunts from the audience, all of whom were either passively or quite intently stroking themselves. With one very vocal wail, her muscles clenched and the woman felt her hand become covered with the sweet juices.

"Oh, now she has gone and made you dirty again. Sit up on this ledge here and I will make sure you get nice and clean."

Another of the women had decided to take her chances, and once Phera was propped up, she planted her face in that still twitching pussy. Signaling for the first woman to kneel over her face, Phera reminded her that she had promised to reciprocate before shoving her tongue in the warm hole. Holding the woman's hips down, she extended her supernaturally long tongue and began probing her g-spot, causing the long-neglected matron to buck and gasp in pleasure.

'Must be new at this.' Phera directed her thoughts towards the young woman between her legs. Young, long, and well-muscled, she took the girl to be a dancer. Old enough to be with men at maybe twenty-three, she was still too young to be famous and too dedicated to waste her time on them. Phera caught a flash of fear, an image of a busy-fingered instructor, and the desire to prove herself before concentrating on what the girl was doing, not what she was thinking. She faked a few appreciative moans into the matron's pussy, combining the vibrations with her expert tongue and being rewarded with a scream and a flood of juices as the woman erupted in a series of orgasms intense enough for her to lose consciousness.

Sensing the temporary loss of mental capacity and the younger woman's tiring mouth, she pushed the matron off of her before letting out a few yelps, a light trickle of wetness, and a long sigh to let the audience know she was finished. Phera sat up and gently stroked the young woman's cheek, smiling sweetly.

"You have the potential to become very good at that, girl. Maybe the rest of you can help clean her up, too? I need to meet someone in a few minutes."

Quickly rinsing the mess from her face and thighs, Phera dried off and pulled on her robe, watching as a few women roused the matron, a few began relieving the dancer's new tensions, and the remaining had wandered over to the dividing wall to "converse" with their significant others who no doubt were busy adding to the gooey mess on their side. She ducked out of the bathing area and went up to her room to dress.

******************** *****************************

An hour later, Phera frowned at the new assignment that had arrived by messenger while she had been bathing. They had worked for this man before, and he was not one to hire mercenaries for a light romp; he paid very well for what he wanted done, which helped with the cost of frequently resurrecting companions while they were on the job. While most of the group was expendable, Phera, Eron, and a couple others were noticeably powerful in battle, enough to draw a majority of the fire and be killed more often than they preferred.

The man was a fairly high- ranking official and had a hobby of collecting the rare and dangerous. That particular combination had made him a lot of enemies over the course of his life, so the work he hired them for ranged from capturing and/or killing said enemies or any other threats to his collection, to actually increasing his collection. This job was to be the latter of the two.

That which had caught his most recent attention was a semi-mythical set of jewels, complete with matching amulet, headband, rings, bracers, etc. Rumored to have been a wedding present from a notoriously womanizing king to his new trophy wife, they were supposed to be worth several thousand gold for just one small piece, and worth the price of a decent-sized kingdom as a set. Having conquered an area containing rich dwarven mines as his last wife lay on her deathbed, he used the materials and the skills of those he had just conquered to construct the gift for his mistress. Indestructible as well as covered in wards, it was believed that the king often showed less concern for his new wife than for her jewels, which he had her prominently display at all times, almost never removing them.

The maids often whispered that the king meant to be compensating for the lack of more important things that he brought to the marriage. They did more than whisper when the queen was caught wearing naught but her jewels and a smile in the bed of the king's only son, who, at nearly thirty, resembled his lovely mother far more than the king had hoped. Under threat of a monastery for the prince and far worse for the queen and any maids who were found going public with the information, the pair claimed that a local sorceress had charmed them for her own amusement, citing jealousy of the queen's jewels.

In reality, the queen was jealous of the sorceress's power and lack of need for any man. Knowing this full well, the king had her arrested and publicly executed for "treachery against the crown", but not before she had places a series of curses upon the queen and her jewels. When she announced this in her cell, the king did not believe that she could do so while not in sight of either, but he cut out her tongue so she could not cast while his wife watched the execution alongside him.

The court soon discovered that the sorceress had been more powerful than they had ever known, as the effects of the curses began to show. The queen became insatiable, as well as every man who was in her immediate presence, and it increased every time she was sexually active. The king's initial punishment was to ensure that she would never turn to another for sex; if she ever had the time, she would be too sore to perform. He had her dress in sluttish, revealing clothing so he could have immediate access to her whenever he wanted. After less than a month, this included forcing her to give him oral sex while he was in the throne room, having her strip and play with herself for the viewing pleasure of the male nobles, and using her as a reward for anything he deemed worthy. With all of this, she became more and more aroused and her inhibitions dropped to nothing.

Nobody noticed that there might be something that the king would constitute a problem until after he had held a peculiar competition. The objective was to see which of his knights could make her orgasm the most times in ten minutes without having intercourse with her. Seizing the opportunity to play with the queen any which way they wanted and possibly take the prize of a small pile of gold and no-holds-barred sex with her, almost all of his knights showed up, the rest preferring each others' company.

By the end of night, only the official keeping score knew how many times she had come, and even those records were a bit off from when he had taken his own turn. The victor showed incredible dexterity in his hands and tongue while making her come a dozen times in the given time frame, and had promptly flipped her onto her stomach, spanked her until she was bright red, and took her as hard as he could up the ass when the final call was made. Turning her back over onto her rather sore butt, the king declared the competition officially over and had her carried to the baths to get all of the sweat off of her and the jewels.

The problem came when the jewels were removed for cleaning. As soon as the first piece was removed, the lust was broken and the realization of just what they had done came pouring into every person who had had sexual contact with the queen since the time of the sorceress's death. Unfortunately for the queen, she had just put her body through hell for several months without her brain receiving most of the input, and promptly went into shock and died. Guilt and remorse swept throughout the country in an instant, leading to full coffers and confessionals for the next several years. The king himself was so tortured by his actions that he became celibate and spent the end of his reign in a monastery while his son ruled the land.

Seeing what they had done to his step-mother and knowing that they were indestructible, the prince had each piece shipped to different far-off portions of existence, using every magic at his disposal to make sure the jewels would never be joined as a set again.

******************** *****************************

"So is this like a story parents tell their kids to show them the perils of greed or lust or something?"

Phera came out of her narrative trance with just enough patience to throw a chair at the man who had made the inquiry. The dozen or so men in the group had gathered in the room at the inn while she had been recalling the folklore behind their new assignment, but they had enough sense to bolt when one of them tumbled off his chair, unconscious.

"It is not just a story. There are records of some of the pieces apparently showing up, screwing up some people's lives, and disappearing again. One surfaced around here about six months ago, and our guy got ahold of it before a lot of damage was done. He keeps it in his vault with the rest of the stuff he does not want to display quite yet. What he wants us to do is trace it through the merchants who carried it, finding its kingdom of origin. From there he wants us to track down the rest of the pieces and get them back to him. He is pretty much paying by the piece, with bonuses for getting the entire set, getting it done quickly, not getting killed too many times, the usual."

Phera set the parchment down, sat back, and waited for her formerly silent companions to comment. Eron gazed back with a slight challenge and a glint in his eye. Dru just went back to cracking his knuckles while staring blankly off into space. They were the only two in the group that she had known for an appreciable length of time, that did not run screaming every time she was in a bad mood, and that could kill her before she could blink. They respected each other enough to get the work done, but had no emotional attachment to deal with if something went wrong, and they had always seemed compatible during a battle.

Dru was generally quiet, training his mind and his body for the close combat he did best, incapacitating the target while knocking him around a bit, though he did carry a crossbow just in case. Eron could get in tight or from a distance, whichever happened to be most useful at the time, and could do incredible damage doing either, often without taking a scratch. Phera herself was kept at a range, able to hit best between thirty and three hundred feet, but her morningstar was for anyone who wanted to get personal.

"You just want us to sit around for a few days while you go screw with the merchant's guild? We can take care of all the other stuff."

"Not a problem, Eron. I can go hit the taverns tonight and see if I cannot find who got it into town in the first place. Should be back in less than a week."

With a brief nod, the three stood and Dru headed off to his room.

"Where did you learn all of that from anyway? The message just came with the assignment and a picture of what he already has."

"Simple enough. That was my favorite bedtime story as a child."

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