tagRomancePhil and Heather

Phil and Heather


Phil had first met Heather almost a year earlier. He had been asked to come over to the company headquarters to participate in the new sales rep orientation. The company was involved in a major push to hire more female reps. Most were bright, extremely cute, right out of college and totally clueless. Heather stood out in that gathering; she had gone on for an MBA and worked for another company for several years. While she had no outside sales experience she understood the products, having worked inside for a large manufacturer. She had maturity; she asked intelligent questions. She showed definite leadership potential and was respected by her peers which led to his second contact with the attractive young blond. Heather seemed very serious, worked hard in her sales territory and showed every indication of becoming a rising star. When it came time to choose which of the new hires would participate in the President's Advisory Council, management, the senior reps and her peers all agreed unanimously.

The President's Advisory Council met quarterly or semi-annually to discuss new trends and customer issues. The last day involved several hours of dialogue with the President and his senior management team. Heather had appointed herself extremely well and had caught the eye of management; if she continued on track she would have an excellent future within the company.

At the six month mark the new hires came back to HQ for a refresher course. Several of the young college hires had already quit or been terminated. Heather again appeared to be head and shoulders above her contemporaries. Her mock sales presentations were exceptional; she took the time to help those who were struggling. She and Phil became, "business friends".

At the time, Phil was going through a nasty divorce; all of the negotiating had been completed shortly after the sales training refresher. The decree was filed, the property had pretty much been divvied up and he and his soon to be ex were not even living in the same town. All that remained was for a judge to bless the final degree, an event which would take a few minutes and one which he was not even required to attend. Due to the busy court docket, that final step would not occur for a few months.

Since the divorce was all but a done deal and his ex had already invited the first of what would become her next three husbands to move in with her, Phil had no qualms about seeing other women. As cute as the new college hires were, Phil had an iron clad rule when it came to messing around within the company, particularly with young females less than year off the college campus. Nor would he even think about fooling around in the non-exempt ranks; it just wasn't right in his book. In a moment of weakness he had engaged in one meeting tryst with one of the operations managers. They were roughly the same age, both recently divorced and good friends and remained so after spending a couple of nights together in the sack. They were both lonely and wrote it off as a comfort screw.

Heather had impressed him; she was bright, articulate and interesting. He had never acted inappropriate toward her...never made a pass or a suggestive comment. He had traveled up to Charlotte to spend a day traveling with her as part of the new rep evaluation protocol. He had been very pleased with her progress and had given her a glowing review. They had chatted easily during the day together in her car. He had had a single glass of wine with her at the end of the day prior to driving back to Atlanta. They had exchanged a business hug as he was departing.

It was during that hug and after as he made the four hour drive home that he first began to think about Heather as other than a bright young woman with a good future. They were friends; they seemed to like and respect each other. He was a few years older than she was but not unrealistically so. She was a very attractive young woman. She kept her well appointed young body well hidden under demure business attire. Until that hug he had not realized how well appointed. He had to admit that he was attracted to her. He was absolutely sure he wanted to fuck her. It was with that lascivious thought at the forefront that he engaged Steve, the resident hunk in the organization.

"So Steve, what's the story on Heather? I mean, she's certainly one of the two or three most attractive women at this meeting...she's single, isn't she?" Phil knew the answer to that question; he also knew that Steve, a tall, well built and extremely handsome former college quarterback pretty much had had his way with Heather and most of the other attractive young women in the company.

Phil had expected Steve to give him a run down of her background or "story". Heather had shared little of her background with Phil in their previous meetings, keeping the conversation strictly on business and the here and now. Instead he received a startlingly candid evaluation of her physical attributes and sexual proclivities.

"She's got an astounding little body which she tends to hide in work clothes...perfect little tits and an ass to die for. She doesn't talk much in the sack but fucks with a sense of urgency. She's quite possibly the best little cock sucker in the company---and I should know I've had every decent looking woman in this outfit. She likes cock...likes it anywhere and anytime but she's very discreet. She's looking for something meaningful---aren't they all---so I broke it off pretty quickly, much to my---and her---regret. She's not into pain, per se, but likes it a little rough and hard...likes to be treated like a slut...dominated...I tried to do her in the ass a couple of times...I'm sure it wasn't exactly comfortable and don't think she got off on it. Look, Phil, Heather may act like a slut in the sack, which makes her my perfect woman but she's really a pretty neat girl...she's just got some issues...some sadness...loneliness. If I was interested in anything serious...well, she'd be at the top of the list. She asked me about you so I know she's interested...wanted to know about your divorce and your ex. I told her your divorce was final. She doesn't fuck married guys or senior execs. Since you are neither she'd certainly fuck you."

"Ah, thanks, Steve. That was a lot more thorough than I expected but much appreciated."

Steve was cocky, even arrogant when it came to women but his stunning good looks made him easily the number one heartthrob in the company...success breeds confidence. Phil, on the other hand, while a handsome guy in his own right had not been part of the pickup scene in many years and knew that his approach was painfully tentative.

"Go for it tiger!" Steve exclaimed, moving off to work his magic on one of the newer members of the team, an attractive, pouting brunette with a delicious little butt and killer legs.

Phil scoped out the room; this was the first day post meeting cocktail hour and people were gathered in small groups chatting. Heather was talking to their respective boss, a good guy and a good boss who always drank too much at these meetings. Phil knew that Bud had a weakness for tight little athletic brunettes but at these meetings would move on anything not tied down. Heather was a dark hued blond with a truly pretty, if sad face. When she smiled, which was infrequent, she was quite stunning. He knew that she had never been married but suspected that someone had recently broken her heart.

Following a messy divorce, he was pretty sure he wasn't looking for anything long term...just a little comfort and a nice fuck. He liked her...respected her...enjoyed their time together. In spite of her seriousness there was an underlying sweetness which he found irresistible. She worked a couple of hundred miles away from where he did so that shouldn't be a problem. Several of the attractive young women who worked out of the same office he did had hit on him; that could get entangling and inconvenient.

Phil was glad he paid the extra $100 a night out of his own pocket for a private room; he and his boss were good friends and often roomed together as they had been scheduled to do so at this meeting. Now they both had a private room; since Phil had done his boss a favor, he knew Bud would find a way to make it up to him. Phil moved over to where Heather and Bud were chatting; Phil knew that the true object of Bud's affection was the little Asian girl, Connie, and he had been banging her for some time...married with two kids.

Phil knew well enough not to judge other men's taste in women. Most of his friends thought his ex was a dream and couldn't understand why they had parted. Hell, they hadn't had to live with her all of those years. Bud's wife of twenty plus years, Rebecca, was a stunning blond and one of the sweetest, nicest, most interesting women Phil had ever met...the kind you fall in love with. Just as with his former wife, Phil assumed that there must be something there that didn't work to explain Bud's frequent philandering and his tendency to fall in love with women other than his bride.

"Hey Phil, how's it hanging?" Bud said with his usual exuberance already heightened by his third Dewars and rocks. "You know Heather, don't you? Well of course you do!"

"Sure! Nice to see you again, Heather." Phil wished he had some seductive opening line as he was sure both Bud and Steve did, but he had never developed one.

"Nice to see you Phil; I really enjoyed your presentation on customer requirements." Heather replied, with that hint of a smile which made her, well, it made her adorable.

"Have fun kids, I need to make the rounds and kiss some ass before I get too fucked up." Bud said, moving off to do exactly that...and sniff a little Asian butt at his earliest opportunity.

Phil broke what might have become an awkward silence with the first thing that came into his head. "So, Heather, almost exactly one year ago you were just being introduced. How are things going after a year in this pressure cooker?" God that was lame, Phil thought to himself.

"It's been challenging; it took me most of the last year to get my feet on the ground---in spite of your help and guidance. Bud has been great and the other senior reps have been patient; it is sort of like a family. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it." She replied, then added, "How about you Phil, you've been in this line of work for, what, over ten years? But you're still relatively new to this company and this product line, even though you've been with the corporation for quite a while."

"Good and bad, I guess. Significantly fewer and less technical products to learn, a shorter list of decision makers but a lot more travel---more potential customers. There's less time to build strong friendships with customers but more potential sales opportunities. It's a smaller, friendlier organization. There's a lot less micromanagement. All in all, better, I think." Phil said, sensing that he was talking too much. They were talking about sales...business...bullshit.

She was treating him like a mentor not a man...keeping it on a business footing. Just being cautious...propriety... or is that the only way she could see him? "In spite of seeing you at various meetings and training programs I'm ashamed to admit I really don't know that much about you. I mean, the real you. So, Heather, tell me about Heather."

"Not much to tell, really. As you probably know, this is my second job out of college. I worked inside for a huge consumer products company for four years; I left when I realized that they were never going to let me get out in the field. My dad works---worked---for another huge company, telecommunications...he got forced into early retirement a year ago...it's been pretty rough on him...had to take an hourly job to make ends meet...my mother had to go to work."

Phil got the first glimpse of a possible cause of Heather's apparent sadness...concern over her parents' future. She had never mentioned it before. "Where'd you go to college again?" Phil asked, hoping to steer her away from things that apparently saddened her.

"Wake Forest, then an MBA at a small business school which you have never heard of. I grew up in the Southeast, just North of Atlanta, mostly. I really like where I'm working now...Charlotte."

Stuck for words, Phil was gratified when the President announced that it was time for dinner. Technically, Phil and Heather worked in the same region; he hoped the dinner didn't include assigned seating. He and Heather walked together the short distance to the hotel dining room. There were no name tags at the tables; they sat down next to each other at one of the large round tables. There had been dinners at other training meeting and such but the two of them had never been dinner partners.

The overcrowding, so common at these affairs, placed the two of them closer together than would normally have been comfortable. As was typical, each diner asked who was left handed or right handed to make the cramped eating arrangements a little less annoying. There would be little opportunity for intimate conversation during dinner and after there would be a few---hopefully short---speeches. Still, their thighs, feet and legs touched repeatedly during dinner.

Heather touched his arm on several occasions...friendly...not seductive...they were "business friends". Phil found himself hoping desperately that the evening would end with the two of them in the same bed together but he was beginning to have his doubts. How to change from being a mentor and business friend to a lover? He was pretty sure he didn't have a clue.

"So, Phil." Heather asked, lowering her voice and moving her lips very close to his right ear. Her warm breath excited him...her delicate hand rested on his bare arm...it was electric...his cock responded accordingly. "Who are you rooming with?"

"It's not that I'm antisocial, but frankly, no one. Bud and I usually room together, we're old friends, but he snores when he drinks too much, leaves the TV on half the night and passes out from too much Scotch so I did us both a favor and kicked in out of my pocket for a private room."

"That's convenient." Heather said, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Phil was suddenly feeling better about his prospects. How to tell her that you're the only woman in this room I really want to share that king size bed with? Had she hinted at that? Did she assume that he was on the prowl and expected to bed down someone tonight...someone else? He was frustrated at his inability to pursue the object of his affections with some sort of witty and seductive repartee. He was still being so damn formal.

Fortunately the speeches were short and within half an hour of the dinner dishes being cleared away, the evening meeting was over. This was the difficult part, Phil thought to himself. I need to make a move, but what move? He could steer her to one of the many resort bars...maybe ask her to dance...

"So, Phil, what are your plans for the rest of the night?" Heather asked, almost coyly.

"Well, I'm not much into the after dinner hotel bar scene...plus I'm an inveterate wine drinker and the stuff they have at the bars..."

"Red or white?"

"Either, but always red after dinner."

"Am I to assume you brought your own as opposed to the Sutter Home in the mini bar?"


"And you also brought your own glass---or do you have more than one glass?"

"Always an extra glass for a special friend."

"Are you the kind of guy who likes to drink alone?"

"I hate to drink alone."

"Am I a special friend?" Heather asked, taking his arm in hers.

"I thought you'd never ask." Phil replied, thankful that Heather had elected to do all of the work as it applied to the early stages of his anticipated seduction.

"Do you mind if I change first? 'Business casual' isn't very casual and I've been in this outfit since I left the house this morning."

"I was having the same exact thought. Is half an hour adequate?"

"I'm very speedy...let's make it fifteen."

"I can work with that schedule."

"Room number?"

Phil removed one of the two electronic keys from his wallet and wrote the room number on it. "Will this work?"

"Should I knock?"

"Special friends never need to knock." Phil said. Out of some warped sense of propriety they separated as they approached the bank of elevators, each taken a different one.

Phil raced down the hall to his room, jumped in the shower, deftly removed his five o'clock shadow, brushed his teeth and slipped into a tee shirt and a well worn but comfortable pair of shorts. He worked out; during the divorce he had done so obsessively. The outfit worked on his lean, muscular frame. Just as he was opening a favorite cab and wiping off two pieces of stemware, he heard the electronic lock on his door. And there she was, her hair still slightly damp and hanging free, not a spec of makeup and pretty much the same type of comfortable tee shirt and favorite shorts that he had chosen for himself. She was smiling; she was absolutely adorable. He felt his heart skip. He was staring...speechless. She grinned.

"Cat got your tongue old man?" Heather said. He wasn't that old, only five or six years her senior.

Phil struggled to come up with something smooth and witty. In then end he just spoke his mind.


"Phil, you've seen me in several hundred dollars worth of designer resort wear, hair perfectly coiffed, my better than average legs ensconced in twenty dollar nylons with over priced makeup expertly supplied and this gets a wow?"

"That wasn't the first word that came into my head...the first word was...adorable...you are absolutely adorable...breath taking...I'm babbling..."

Heather moved in close and kissed Phil on the lips, mashing her firm young breasts against his chest. "Thank you, Phil, that's very sweet...it doesn't sound like a line when you say it. It isn't a line, is it?"

"I haven't been doing this long enough to come up with any good lines....since my divorce. It's been a few years since I dated...I'm still learning the ropes."

"Don't try to learn the ropes; just be you...be real...that in and of itself is pretty adorable." Heather paused. "Phil, let me take all of the pressure off. I'm eying that bottle of California's best you just opened and looking forward to sharing it with you...just two normal people, two friends, getting to know each other...no work talk...no angst. And then when the time is right...when we're all talked out...I'd like to spend the night with you. Are you okay with that?"

"Uh, huh."

"Great! Get pouring."

It took less than half an hour to finish the excellent cab. The conversation was very relaxed and comfortable...hobbies...music...art...favorite foods...favorite cities. She was incredibly bright, witty and absolutely charming. She was beyond adorable, if that was possible. As he hung on her every word and watched her smile he was completely smitten. At the perfect moment Heather was in his arms; both of them were consumed by the sense of urgency. They kissed and touched for some time, ultimately moving to the king sized bed, holding on to each other for dear life, not wanting to let go of the comfort and security which the other provided. Very quickly their sexual yearning got the best of them. Heather made her intensions perfectly clear as she moved her warm, soft lips down his body...nibbling around and under the object of her desire. She stared at him for a moment, smiled and then engulfed his hard prick in her warm, wet mouth.

Steve had been right on target; Heather proceeded to give Phil the blow job of his life. Her own sounds left no doubt that she was enjoying the activity every bit as much as Phil was. She teased him...ran her finger nails gently under his balls...brought him so close so many times. When she had tired of the play, her pace accelerated and he came quickly in her mouth...growling her name in response to the exquisite pleasure she gave him.

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