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Philanthropist's Divine Harem


It started with a wish. Diego made a wish one day, standing on the balcony of his top floor suite and looking out at the world revolutionized by his clean energy technology, and feeling incredibly lonely. He wished for someone to share in his life, to live out his days with him and apparently the universe was feeling extra generous because the next day Diego received a delivery of a large box. Inside that box was a boy wearing a collar with a small remote dangling from his neck ring.

The boy had soft violet hair that fell to his nape in straight layers, with two extra long white forelocks at his temples. His soft golden eyes radiated gentleness and docile calm. The boy was small, slender, and moon pale, of a more oriental descent. From the collar it was obvious that he was a former god. When all the deities had been found years ago, the lack of believers left them weak and so they quickly fell to earthly military and enslaved, their powers sealed for their masters' use. With their powers sealed the gods remembered nothing of their former identities, making them perfect blank slates for any sort of training their masters wanted. Diego reached out a hand and petted the boy's smooth cheek, feeling the supple skin yield underneath his fingers. The tag on the slave's collar read "Tsukuyomi. Former god of the moon".

So he'd gotten a Japanese god. The Japanese deities were widely desired for their natural polite natures and submissive personalities. From the looks of it, Tsukiyomi had several other owners before him, but his body was in relatively good condition. Some light bruises here and there and a little on the thin side but otherwise still well kept. Diego could tell Tsukuyomi was meant to be a nurturer, his former position as moon god giving him a gentle motherly personality and likely a body build to match. He was right. Tsukuyomi possessed soft thighs and small boobs, with sunken nipples begging to be suckled from. With a little more food he would likely develop a small pooch of fat on his belly, perfect for squeezing.

Life with Tsukuyomi around was so much easier than without. The slave cleaned the entire house, which was a feat in of itself since Diego occupied the entire top floor of an apartment complex, and made sure Diego had perfectly coordinated outfits waiting for him whenever he woke up to go to work. Tsukuyomi had a healthy lunch packed on the kitchen table and did laundry as Diego left. He then knitted or wrote poetry or played songs on his koto as he waited for Diego to return. Tsukuyomi made Diego hearty but healthy food all the time and Diego found himself cutting the weight his doctor was always nagging him about in a flash, something to do with Japanese food being naturally fat free. Not to mention, it was a pleasure to watch Tsukuyomi gain weight as the months passed. His hips gained some padding of healthy fat and that delightful pooch did develop on his belly. Tsukuyomi's thighs and bottom jiggled when he walked, something that was completely visible when he wore his more slinky or tight robes.

Which was another thing. Tsukuyomi had a penchant for wearing the robes of his homeland around the penthouse and something about the modest silk printed with elegant patterns drove Diego insane. Maybe it was the way the kimono wrapped around his soft body, hiding all his delicious curves and making Diego want more. Maybe it was the way he was always barefoot, padding around the penthouse on delicately tiny feet with toenails painted a soft glittery silver. Diego loved watching Tsukuyomi do chores around the house, whether it was cooking dinner or scrubbing the floors by running with a cloth up and down. It was doubly enjoyable when the slave decided to play his koto in the evenings, gracefully plucking at the strings to make the most elegant music without ever getting his sleeves in the way. Tsukuyomi was just so graceful all the time, even when he was doing things like cleaning the bathroom or butchering meat for steaks, that it left Diego speechless if he stared too long.

The only issue was that Tsukuyomi never spoke and never lingered anywhere for too long unless he was there serving Diego, like he would wear out his welcome if he stayed too long. He glided around with the utmost elegance, but with his head down and eyes trained on the floor. Diego could count on one hand the times his slave met his eyes in the year they'd been together. He made some observations and found that Tsukuyomi stayed up late each night to watch the moon, his eyes always misting with yearning tears at the silver disk in the sky. As the full moon cast its light on Tsukuyomi one night, Diego was in the kitchen for a glass of water and immediately ducked behind a wall to watch, guilt creeping up his spine. The slave looked so sad as he stared at the moon from the balcony doors, his hands resting lightly on the pristine glass. Diego knew then, that he couldn't keep Tsukuyomi sealed like that forever.

The next morning he woke up to the scent of something that reminded him of home. Diego sprung out of bed to find his slave standing at the stove in a slinky silk kimono with a white apron over it, cooking mofongo. The scent of the rich chicken broth and the freshly mashed plantains made drool pool in Diego's mouth, but his appetite died when he saw the tears dripping into the soup. Did Tsukuyomi cry every morning? The slave seemed to notice Diego's presence and whirled around, wiping the tears streaming down his face with soft whimpers. Diego drew the boy into his arms and felt the slender shoulders shake as he wept. He withdrew the tiny remote that had been attached to the collar and pressed the single button on it, releasing the collar's sealing effect.

The change was instantaneous. Tsukuyomi gasped and collapsed onto the kitchen tiles as his magic flooded back into his veins like a tide. With a small gasp his hair returned to its pure white color and a healthy flush came back to his skin. He could feel the stars and the sky again and he suddenly felt alive. A heat developed in his belly and the only man he felt could sate it was his master.

Diego was surprised when Tsukuyomi shut off the stove and slunk towards him with a hungry expression on his face, panting lightly.

"Please, my lord. I feel so warm and I don't know how to feel better." Fuck. His accent. The soft lilt was too arousing.

Diego pulled the boy in for a searing kiss that left him weak kneed. He called in for PTO from work and dragged his slave back to the bedroom for some fun. It turned out that Tsukuyomi was a virgin, having only been used as a housekeeper and a nanny for his previous owners, and the sudden release of his powers awoke his sex drive. Diego peeled the kimono off to reveal the supple skin and those delectable thighs, and quivering and jiggling bottom. Tsukuyomi's boobs were soft and swollen, almost like he was lactating, which was probably why his previous owners used him as a nanny. He could feed their kids. Diego gently flicked a nipple and Tsukuyomi almost screamed.

"Do you like that, baby?"

"Aah! Nyyaa. When you touch my nipples I feel it in my hole, my lord!" Tsukuyomi was shaking from pleasure and all Diego did was touch his nipple.

"So what happens if I suckle from your boobs, Tsuki-chan?"

"Mmmph. If my lord does that, I think I would die. My boobs feel so good, my lord! Why?" Diego slid a finger into Tsukuyomi's already wet hole.

"What about here? Do you feel it here Tsuki-chan?"

"Yes! My hole feels good, My lord!" Diego suckled on the plump boobs as he slid three fingers into his slave's hole. Tsukuyomi's hands came to cradle Diego's head like a mother with her babe.

"How about now? Which do you like better, Tsuki-chan? Your pussy or your boobs?"

"Nnnggh~ Aaa!"

"Come on now. Say it correctly for me Tsuki-chan."

"Unngh! Both! My p-pussy and my boobs feel good!"

"There see? There's a good slave." Diego sucked particularly hard on a leaking nipple and was rewarded when Tsukuyomi gushed all over the sheets, his cum coming from his hole instead of his limp nub.

The slave was left panting on the bed, his chest heaving as he recovered from his first orgasm in years. He always came when his owners' kids suckled from him but that was years ago and the sensations were almost like new. Diego smoothed the white hair from his slave's sweaty forehead and gave him a chaste kiss.

"My good slave. Go to sleep and I'll see you when you wake up." Tsukuyomi fell asleep in his master's bed, smelling his scent and nuzzling his pillow.


With his powers back Tsukuyomi was considerably happier. He spoke more, but not enough to be considered normal by any means, and kept up a healthy relationship with his master. He still wore his modest robes even though Diego was intimately familiar with the curves underneath and he could choose to have his slave undress whenever he felt like it. Sometimes Diego had Tsukuyomi wear only his hakama and a sheer haori so that his perky boobs were seen through the thin fabric. Those days, Diego liked to pull back the haori and suckle lightly on his slave's boobs to feel the milk start to flow. He teased Tsukuyomi like that all day until the soreness was too much to bear and he needed to be milked. That was when Diego sat Tsukuyomi down on his lap and drank his fill, kneading the soft mounds of flesh to get every last drop of the rich milk. Tsukuyomi always held him like a child, cradling his head as he drank. On days when Diego had business trips, he offered Tsukuyomi's milk to his downstairs neighbors, a young working couple who couldn't always breastfeed their little girl. The slave would go down to the other apartment and bring the little baby up for the day as the parents got ready for work, knowing that the unsealed god would keep their child safe and healthy.

Tsukuyomi would feed the little girl three times a day, moaning through intense orgasms as she suckled and carrying the babe in a wrap on his back as he went about his slave duties. He put her down only for naps and feedings and it drove Diego wild whenever Tsukuyomi answered his video calls with the baby still sucking at his boobs, a soft motherly expression still lingering on his face. Tsukuyomi always got great sex when his master returned, something about him being such a good mommy.

The baby grew plump and healthy on Tsukuyomi's milk and grew into a charming toddler. Her parents were more than grateful which made the gentle slave flush prettily. When the little girl grew too old to suckle, Diego found another baby in the apartment complex for Tsukuyomi to breastfeed, this one a premature little boy. The father was single, his wife having passed away in childbirth, so having Tsukuyomi tend to the babe was a godsend while he worked. The boy child fed aggressively with rough pulls and Tsukuyomi was subjected to more than one orgasm per feeding this time. He took to feeding the child naked, with a towel beneath him to catch his juices as they gushed from his hole.

Of course, Diego was still a man, and he needed to be rough from time to time. But he could never do that to his sweet Tsukuyomi, who cared for him so well and looked so divine holding a babe to his breast. So, he went online and found another slave to slake those thirsts, because he knew he could never bring himself to harm Tsukuyomi like that. The new slave arrived in a box just like Tsukuyomi had, only this one was smaller and more dirty. Checking the receipt Diego found he'd bought a slave from the more shifty side of the market, where the former gods were used as objects more than anything else. Tsukuyomi took one look at the cruel crate before burying his face in Diego's chest and whimpering softly. After assuring his sweet slave he wasn't being replaced, Diego cracked open the box to reveal long wavy black hair and a single, dull red eye staring up at him. The new slave's face was full of artfully placed little beauty spots that drew attention to his fine cheekbones and long eyelashes. The slave's collar read "Hades. Former god of the underworld." and he also wore dampening bracers on his arms since he used to be a major god.

Unfortunately Hades was not without blemish. He was classified as a lower tier slave since he used to be so high up so his previous owners were reckless with his treatment. Once the former god climbed out of the crate, Diego could see faint scars littering his body. The biggest one was on his face, where a thick ropy scar ran right through the socket where his left eye would be. The words "slut" and "whore" were branded onto Hades' inner thighs and his genitals were mutilated. He'd been castrated and his little cock was pierced with a ladder of painful looking studs. Still, Diego could see that Hades was very beautiful. The slave had deathly pale skin and a voluptuous body, sensually curving unlike Tsukuyomi's more feminine s-line. And his ass. Oh his ass. Hades' ass was a work of art, large and firm without a single body hair in sight and paired with wide hips and naturally swaying gait, Diego was very turned on. He didn't make the same mistake of letting his slave suffer without his magic for months this time and released Hades from the seal right from the get go. The boy fell to the floor again, only this time he writhed and screamed as all his powers came flooding in, causing him immeasurable agony. In the end they had to reseal him, keeping only a third of his power free.

Since Tsukuyomi took care of most of the housework, Hades was left with the chore of keeping Diego's more passionate pursuits satisfied. That is, until they discovered his talent with coordination and business projections. Hades quickly became the company's secret to great PR campaigns and excellent investing moves, increasing company profits by 20 percent and making another billion for employees. Diego took to taking Hades along with him to business meetings, dressing the tall slave in slim fit dress pants and slinky silk shirts with sheer scarves and professional heels. Hades was something like a personal assistant at the company, following Diego around with a digital clipboard and copies of all the paperwork to be processed that day in hand. Of course, he helped with business deals when potential investors were visiting. Oftentimes they were too focused on his swaying hips and the velvet choker encircling his swan neck to ask any of their invasive questions. The fact that the CEO of the company had a former god as a slave was also a good indicator of the stability of the stocks.

Over time, as Hades recovered from his time with the abusers and gained more weight from Tsukuyomi's cooking, he took an interest in makeup. Diego, of course, couldn't say no to his precious slave and bought him all the brushes and palettes he needed. At first Hades meant to cover up the hideous scar on his face but when that didn't work he took to making the skin still untouched by abuse as beautiful as possible. With skincare routines and frequent healthy eating, Hades quickly became a beauty standard at the company and throughout the city, his dewy glowing skin the standard for skincare. Of course, he always wore his hair down, the thick black curtain serving as a shield to hide his scars from sight. No one wanted to see a half blind slave, he thought. He had to be beautiful before he could bring his master joy. Diego saw this, and was greatly saddened. He began looking for a way for his pet to really feel beautiful in his own skin again. It wasn't until Tsukuyomi mentioned something about his father's missing eye did Diego get the right idea. He swept the motherly moon god up into his arms as Tsukuyomi was in the middle of folding the laundry and spun him around. Tsukuyomi only gave his master an indulgent smile before returning to his work. He'd have to pick up the little boy soon and the child mentioned something about wanting to eat macaroni and cheese the day before. It was soft enough for his little tummy to digest so a pot of bubbling cheese sat on the stove, ready to be poured over elbow macaroni.

A few weeks later, as Tsukuyomi was taking the neighbor's boy to his first day of preschool, Diego crept up to where Hades was quietly going over presentation details with his hair drying in a towel and scars fully visible. The slave looked up.

"Do you have need of me, Master?" Hades' voice was soft and breathy, sultry and seductive. It was how he always spoke, unfortunately for Diego's libido.

Hades was wearing nothing but silk stockings and suede pumps, in preparation for the outfit Tsukuyomi set aside for him, a floor length black skirt paired with a crimson tunic sporting a massive slit up the sides. When Diego pulled the box from behind his back, Hades immediately became wary, staring at the small thing like it would leap out at him. Months later and he still wasn't completely over his fear of surprises.

Inside the box was a finely made eyepatch, formed to cup and mold comfortably to Hades' face in soft black leather.

"Master I-I. I don't understand. Do I shame you?"

"Shh. Not at all. This is a gift to help you feel beautiful again. Because you are so beautiful and the entire world sees it. You don't have to wear it, just know that you always can."

Hades teared up and ducked his head. Slowly, he reached out and touched the smooth leather, bringing it up to his face to find it fit perfectly.

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