Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 03

byParis Waterman©

"Mmmm yes," She murmured, frigging the finger more rapidly as she spoke.

"Why not bring the thumb and forefinger of your hand up until you reach your burning little clitoris?"

"Like so, Mr. Fogg?" Annabelle Lee's finger was deftly rubbing over her fully exposed clitoris. Her breathing had become decidedly labored as her hips continued their small circular movements upon the chair.

I turned back to her sister, saying, "I will provide you more instructions in just a minute Katherine Ann. But for now why not squeeze those delightful nipples until it becomes too painful to continue?"

She was grimacing with pain before I turned away to address her sister.

"Annabelle Lee, you can't wait a second longer, your little love button must be so hard by this time that it actually hurts, doesn't it?"

"It does, it does," she whined. Please sir, give me some cock?"

Ignoring her bequest, I turned back to Katherine Ann. "Do they hurt badly now?"

Tears fell from her eyes, rolling slowly down her rosy cheeks. "Oh, yes sir, they are quite sore, may I stop?"

"Of course you may, my sweet. Please rub them so that the nasty pain is relieved and fades away." Katherine Ann gave me a wane smile and did as I had suggested.

"Annabelle Lee, please take that small button between your slick thumb and forefinger and squeeze it . . . hard!"

Annabelle Lee squealed suddenly, as if some stranger had, at that very instant latched onto the trembling bud of her clitoris and squeezed it. I gasped in surprise when I saw a small gush of pussy juice emerge spontaneously from in between the parted lips of Annabelle Lee's sex. In reality, of course, Annabelle Lee had only rubbed her clitoris, not seized it at all.

"Frig yourself Annabelle Lee." I suggested quietly. She did so, sending the finger of one hand burrowing into her slit while the thumb of the other hand strummed repeatedly over her exposed clitoris.

I glanced over at Katherine Ann and found her emulating her sister. She was masturbating exactly the same way as her older sister.

A moment later, Annabelle Lee was going absolutely wild. Her arse was writhing round and round over the juice slicked seat of the wooden chair. Both sisters were gasping frantically as they approached their respective orgasms. Then for the first time I realized they were staring at each other! So a great deal of their stimulus stemmed from feeding off the other's arousal. I was fascinated by this activity and began to masturbate myself.

Then Katherine Ann cried out, plaintively, as if she were experiencing some kind of intense pain --- pumping her hips into her hand so hard that she was in danger of falling from the chair.

Annabelle Lee emitted a long moan and I noted that she was pummeling her cunt with her fist. She had two fingers deep inside her cunt and had stirred her juices to the point that they had turned to frothy foam. However, she was maintaining her balance on the chair and appeared in no danger of falling.

Suddenly Katherine Ann tottered on the chair and half-fell, half-sat on the floor, softly murmuring, "I'm going to . . . I'm going to . . ."

"JESUS!" Annabelle Lee whimpered incredulously, breaking the ascending rhythm that both had been enjoying only a second before. "I CANNOT BELIEVE . . .!

Both sisters came at precisely the same time!

Annabelle Lee still frantically frigging her fingers between her legs was spewing a translucent fluid every which way as her fingers impeded its desired course, sending it onto her thighs and down to her arse as well as her feet and of course, the floor."

Katherine Ann seemed confused with the strength of the orgasm ravaging her young body. Her body twisting and writhing on the floor as she struggled to hold back the incredible orgasm that was crashing over her like a tidal wave.

Annabelle Lee's breath was slow in coming and when it did it was with harsh, shocking gasps as she brought her furious frigging to a halt. Katherine Ann's confusion seemed more pronounced than it had been only seconds ago.

I caught Annabelle Lee's eye and shrugged.

She nodded dumbly in reply and carefully got off the chair and went to her sister and dropped to her knees before Katherine Ann's widely parted thighs. I could see the pink gash of her wet, pulsating sex open inches from her sister's face.

"I love you!" Annabelle Lee sobbed and plunged her face between the parted thighs of a thoroughly confused Katherine Ann.

There was no resistance offered and Annabelle Lee quickly sent her tongue to lick the hard nub of Katherine Ann's tortured, trembling clit.

Katherine Ann exploded! One second her hands were moving as if to cover her eyes as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Then she gurgled breathlessly for a moment -- then shrieked, as Annabelle Lee plied her tongue over and around her sisters clitoris summoning up yet another crashing orgasm that completely overwhelmed the younger sister, Annabelle Lee had to grab her bottom cheeks with both hands to keep Katherine Ann from leaping to very ceiling, as orgasmic explosion after explosion erupted in the young girl's belly, blinding her with the glare of the finest orgasm of Katherine Ann's young life. She could not see. She could not hear. She could not think. All she could do was roll with waves of unendurable pleasure that were coursing again and again throughout her uncontrollably bucking young body until she swooned, knocking her head on the floor as she passed out.

Well," said I to Annabelle Lee, "you've done it. You've gamahuched Katherine Ann. How was it?" Annabelle Lee's emerald eyes were open now, but apparently unseeing as they darted wildly, a vacant, beseeching look in them. This was I assumed, the price she was paying for taking her pleasure from her sister.

"What?" She asked dumbly as her black curls whipped about her delicate shoulders while her head tossed mindlessly from side to side. She remained at her sister's side waiting for her to revive.

Katherine Ann came too a short time later. She sat slumped on the floor and the first thing she saw as her consciousness returned was Annabelle Lee. But I was ready too, and handed her a glass of water, which she greedily consumed, thanking me on finishing it.

"I thought you both did extremely well."

Katherine Ann blinked, confusedly, at me, looking for some type verification that what she had dreamt was a dream and had not actually happened.

"Especially you, Katherine Ann," said I.

She blushed as she recalled that final image before she had swooned. The image of her sister, Annabelle Lee, plunging her face into her juice filled pussy. Even now, Katherine Ann could swear she felt a tongue nudging against her still vibrating clitoris, drawing out thrill after thrill from her cunt.

She wiped her hand across her face as if to erase the image. Then with the same puzzled expression still locked on her face, she spoke for the first time since announcing that her orgasm was upon her.

"I . . . umm, what did I . . .?"

"You had a sensational climax," I offered. "It seemed you couldn't stop coming. Then you swooned from the almighty force of it all. It being more than a young girl such as you could stand." I told the truth, but left a few things out. I thought to let the sisters sort things out at their leisure.

"Yes, I did, didn't I? But what . . . was I dreaming or . . ." she looked at her sister.

Annabelle Lee looked down at her feet, unable to meet her sister's eyes.

Memories of herself, climaxing hotly from a seductive tune played by her sister's lascivious mouth upon her sex, swept through Katherine Ann's mind. Katherine Ann glanced toward her sister, who quickly looked away.

"Is it true then?" She asked.

It was obvious either of us could provide her the answer. I gave Annabelle Lee a stern look and shedding the first of many tears she made her reply to Katherine Ann.

"Tis true. I was so overcome with your beauty as you entered the rapture that . . . oh, Katherine Ann, you must believe me, I could not help myself. Your beauty, sister mine, a beauty that I'd never really seen before that moment, captivated me and it seemed I had no choice but to worship at your cunt."

Katherine Ann husked her sister's last few words. "You . . . had no choice but to worship at my cunt?"

Annabelle Lee, still crying, nodded vigorously. "Yes, yes, tis true."

"You had not planned to do this, this thing as Mr. Fogg suggested earlier?"

"I don't know. I did not think of it. All I know is that suddenly I was unable to resist your charms and wanted nothing more than to kiss you there and help you reach the pinnacle of ardor. I promise you Katherine Ann, I will die before I ever do it again."

"I don't want you making a promise you don't intend to keep."

"But I swear on my soul I mean to keep this promise to you." The tears were streaming down Annabelle Lee's face and of her sincerity at this point there was no doubt.

Katherine Ann took a deep breath and said, "I will not hold you to that promise, Annabelle Lee. Nay, I cannot hold you to it. For I want to feel your divine mouth and soothing tongue upon my person again and again. And I shall do the same to you for as long and often as you might want me too."

Now Katherine Ann was also crying.

I reached out and brought the sisters together and they embraced and later shared a light kiss. The kiss soon heated up and before long the two girls were tonguing one another and it was Katherine Ann whose hand first went to the other's cunt to probe with an anxious finger. Annabelle Lee was quick to imitate her sister's move and in no time at all they were frigging each other to yet another series of orgasms.

As they lay there entwined and panting heavily from their exertions I held my prick in front of Katherine Ann and watched as her eyes grew huge in taking it in. I saw her blink in astonishment as Annabelle Lee reached in front of her face and took me in hand, bringing my manhood to her lips; and than opening her mouth she swallowed as much of my prick as was possible at the time.

"You greedy bitch!" cried Katherine Ann.

Taken aback, Annabelle Lee quickly removed me from her mouth and tendered my manhood to her sister. Katherine Ann happily gobbled my rod into her mouth, her tongue swirling round and round the cockhead. Then she gave me one long hard suck and handed me back to Annabelle Lee, saying with a smile, "I like this better than . . . you know."

Annabelle Lee sucked me for a moment or two, than removed me, but kept control of me as well and replied, "But you have tried this and liked it. How do you know that on trying the other you won't like it as well?"

Then she resumed sucking my prick with an energetic eagerness I had not thought possible. A split second later, Katherine Ann's right knee came up so that she was straddling her sister's left leg, then she adjusted her leg so that it was in a fixed position between her sisters thighs. Now Katherine Ann felt the slick wetness of Annabel Lee's juicy cunt and she slowly began to rub her thigh against the wet swollen lips.

Annabel Lee's tongue swirled round the head of my prick; and then she began to hum, adding an extremely pleasant sensation to those my prick and I were already enjoying.

"Oh! Oh!" Katherine Ann groaned in time with her rapidly accelerating hip-movement as the erotic actions of her thigh now rubbed directly against her sister's gaping sex, the folds having separated willingly so as to accommodate something within.

Taking me from her mouth, Annabelle Lee gave me a good squeeze and turned half way round to kiss Katherine Ann once more. As the kiss went on I heard Katherine Ann moan. I couldn't have been more pleased with the way things were progressing. The sisters obviously cared about each other and I had been the catalyst to bring it out into the open. Annabelle Lee broke the kiss by pulling Katherine Ann's hair to turn her face. Then she began kissing her way down her sister's body.

Katherine Ann looked lost for a moment and I moved nearer to her face and offered her my prick. With an appreciative smile she opened wide and took several inches into her mouth and throat. Annabelle Lee was paying homage to her sister's tiny breasts, caressing them in turn and after waiting patiently for some hidden sign from her sister, she went after the little nipples with a fervor that amazed me.

Katherine Ann was sucking on me almost as hard as her sister was on her nipples and kept up the sucking after working me part way out of her mouth so that now only the head remained inside and her tongue came into play, circling round the tip and bringing me untold pleasures one after the other. I was growing close and hadn't decided if I would come now or end her cocksucking to finish elsewhere.

I had the decision made for me when Katherine Ann's teeth got rambunctious and scraped the tender underside of my prick. I moaned and carefully pried my meat from between her lips. She had a strange look on her face, something between an honest regret and yet a suggestion that she could care less as she was somewhere else.

It took but one glance downward to determine what had caused both the expression and the scraping teeth. Annabelle Lee's face was directly between Katherine Ann's thighs. I could clearly hear the sound of her slurping and sucking on her sister's cunt.

Katherine Ann moaned, then twisted her body to the side, lifting her leg and thereby giving Annabelle Lee greater access to her slippery slit. I saw Annabelle Lee's mouth close over her sister's medium sized folds; she had already used her fingers to pry them apart. From Katherine Ann's reaction I knew her sister's tongue was far inside her cunt, licking and sucking passionately.

"I . . . I," Katherine Ann huffed, obviously filled with gratification at her sisters loving gamahuching. "I'm so dizzy! She huffed again and lay flat on her back. The only part of her anatomy now off the floor was her arse, for it was cupped in Annabelle Lee's hands so that she could keep her face burrowed in her sister's quim.

I could only watch as Katherine Ann, with nary a breath in her lungs, emitted a high pitched whistling shriek that I took for a climax hitting home. She was twisting, thrashing and humping her pelvis at her sister's mouth; her back arched involuntarily and thousands of deliciously tingly goose-humps erupted over the skin of her chest, stomach, arms and legs. Suddenly, and as quickly as it began, her orgasm vented itself and left leaving poor Katherine Ann a limp, nearly lifeless pile of feminine flesh.

"Come taste how sweet she is, my darling sister," Annabelle Lee gasped, beckoning me to her sister's loins. I knelt beside her and leaned in close. The pungent aroma assailed my nostrils. Not that I found it repugnant, on the contrary I thought it fruity and quickly began to lave my tongue into the juices as they oozed from out her slit.

It was as Annabelle Lee said; sweet as syrup. My licking caused Katherine Ann to moan and plead that I desist for she cried, "I can stand no more. I shall die if this continues!"

Of course I halted and turned to Annabelle Lee. "Shall I gamahuch you, my sweet?"

"Why not a nice fuck?" said she.

"That we could, but I was thinking that perhaps I should give Katherine Ann the first fuck and while I do, perhaps she'll be inclined to gamahuch you in turn."

"You mean while your prick is in her hole she'd be gamahuching me?"

"Precisely, my dear," said I.

"Oh, I'd never had thought of such a thing." She said and I could see she was pondering the possibilities.

I poured us some more drink and when Katherine Ann stirred offered her some as well, and she readily accepted and finished hers in two gulps, then asked for more.

After filling her glass again I inquired as to her well being.

"I feel extraordinarily good, Sir," said she. Tis a wondrous thing to have a mouth so deft as to provide such a . . . such an abundance of pleasure. It seemed that they . . . the pleasures, I mean --- came in waves, one right after the other, never ending it seemed until I fainted away. Yet still they came. That's called spending isn't it?"

"It is," said I, "spending. And you spent a great deal."

"This gamahuching . . . it's everything you said it would be and far more," Katherine Ann said still panting.

"When you felt like continuing I'd like to give you a nice fuck."

"Oh," she said, flustered. "I don't know about . . ."

"Not this moment, Katherine Ann. Wait a few minutes and then if you're up for it, we'll have at it, all right?"

"Maybe," she said, not wanting to commit to anything right then. Still, her eyes were fixed on my erection which was jerking in the air a few scant feet from her face.

"I'd let you have a suck on it," I said, "but fear that I'd spend immediately and I'd rather let it cool off a little before slipping it into your cunt. A cunt that's ready for a stiff prick right about now, I'd guess."

"You know, Mr. Fogg, I think your suggestion might be a good idea."

"Which suggestion was that, Katherine Ann?"

"A nice fuck. I think I'd really like one if you'd want to," she cast a look at her sister to make sure Annabelle Lee wasn't put out by her boldness.

"I think it's all right with Annabelle Lee, "I said.

Katherine Ann looked to her sister for guidance in the matter and Annabelle Lee readily agreed.

"So let's have at it, shall we?" Said I. "Come to the mattress and . . . let's see, why not get on hands and knees?"

"Not on me back?" Katherine Ann asked.

"I think not. Tis a different position and my prick will be touching different parts of your cunt this way."

"Really?" She said, "I thought a hole's a hole and a prick's a prick?"

"They are my dear, but different things happen when you use . . . um, different angles."

"Oh," said she, and as complacent as a lamb, got on all fours and turned to look at me as I spat on my prick to lubricate it although I doubted she needed any.

"Dear Lord above, she was tight. Not as tight perhaps as when I took her maidenhood, but still very snug, providing me with a heavenly feeling as my rod plunged in and out, until I was finally mostly in her.

"Mr. Fogg," Katherine Ann said between pants. "It is different! I can feel . . . OH MY GOD!"

I felt her shaking and quivering and knew what was about before the young thing I was poking did. Katherine Ann was thrilling to each and every thrust --- pushing her arse back into me with a force that almost dislodged my cock on a back stroke. Her hands were made into fists and clenched the pillow beneath her chin. Suddenly she was pounding the mattress with those same fists and I was relieved that they were not striking me, so forceful were they.

Unable to help myself, I sank the entire length of rigid prick into the very depths of Katherine Ann's sex. I know that I and Annabelle Lee heard the long, slow squish it made, but doubt Katherine Ann was capable of hearing anything at that moment.

As I learned later, the sight and sounds of our fucking was too much for Annabelle Lee to bear and recalling my earlier suggestion, she slithered her lower half under the kneeling Katherine Ann and presented her cunt for her sister's mouth.

Katherine Ann was confused at first. She was regaling in our fuck and probably close to spending again. I had not come and that meant our fuck would be going on for a time --- yet there directly in front of her was her sister's quim, begging to be licked and sucked as her sister had done to her only a short while before.

I discovered I was grunting louder with each successive thrust and the force of that pounding was making Katherine Ann's small breasts jiggle and bounce with a delightfully regular rhythm that I found adorable. Suddenly my rhythm faltered and I shivered, my eyes went wide, but saw nothing. Then I heard myself screaming a cry of pure, unendurable pleasure, as a mighty convulsion shook me like a tiger might shake a small animal caught in its jaws in the jungles of India. And with my shaft buried to its root in Katherine Ann's cunt, I spent!

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