tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPhileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 05

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 05

byParis Waterman©

Dolly, using her dainty left hand, gently stroked the length of my prick and on reaching it's zenith, spied a droplet of my seed appear at the tip. I pursed my lips and waited tensely to see what would transpire. I say this because women tend to react differently to the actions of a man's prick. While almost all but the most jaded are somewhat fascinated by this wondrous instrument, they each go about handling one differently.

That Dolly was no stranger to a man's pride and joy was evident from the manner in which she welded my bat at this moment. As I said, she spied a drop of moisture oozing from my cockhead and dipped her head down just a little so that her red tresses fell over my manhood. Then, turning her head slowly from side to side, she dragged her hair back and forth across my prick. This "hair bob" felt as if she were caressing my prick with a feather. It didn't take long for my prick to be buoyantly bobbing almost straight up, with much more precum oozing from its tip.

My breathing started to catch again. Dolly then flipped her head back so the hair no longer blocked the view, and just stared at my prick for a least a full minute. The admiration in her eyes, however, seemed more than was required. Was she merely admiring it? Did she have an ulterior motive? I must admit I had not the faintest clue, but I was mesmerized by her actions, or lack of any action, waiting for whatever was to happen next. So transfixed was I that I had stopped caressing Dolly's luxurious form, a pleasure in and of itself. And so when Dolly took a quick lick or'e the head of my prick, I closed my eyes and gave myself up to her wanton, lascivious mouth. She repeated her action three or four times.

I opened my eyes to watch, knowing it would add to the overall excitement. Her emerald green eyes seemed to be laughing at me. I was about to say something when Dolly ran her tongue the length of my prick, from my balls back up to the knobby top.

Once again I made to speak, but stopped as Dolly's mouth engulfed the entire knob of my prick, her tongue swirling around licking off the oozing precum that continued to seep out. I gasped aloud as Dolly commenced to take even more of me in and her tongue circled around the base of my knob and as I reveled in the sensations she was bringing about, I felt that strange urge issuing forth from my balls and I had to resist a strong urge to ram my shaft into the deepest recesses of Dolly's throat.

I had to do something other than remain passive as good as that felt. And so I urged my hips into action, thrusting forward in rhythm with Dolly's intake of my prick trying to wriggle ever deeper in her mouth.

Ah, but it seemed Dolly was a girl knew her business. She promptly placed her hand on my hip and held it in place and I did not fight it, but lay still once more. Dolly rewarded me quickly, increasing the pace of her bobbing, gradually accepting more of my member and causing me to groan with a lust I had not known before.

Mayhap my hips were stilled, but my hands were ever active, kneading her ample teats and yanking on her stiffened nipples, and Dolly could not suppress a loud moan of her own.

Our eyes met, but only fleetingly, and I beheld a licentious mirth therein. Suddenly her eyes closed and Dolly's head began to move more rapidly up and down my shaft. I could not believe the amount of my length she was absorbing without choking, for she was taking in most of my manhood with each downward lunge of her neck. I do recall . . . nay, I shall never forget, that each time her head rose up she swirled her tongue round my knob-head before taking in some much needed air and plunging down upon me like a circus sword swallower.

We both felt the increasing pulse within my prick. I tightened my buttocks wanting to make this delicious moment last as long as was possible. Dolly, obviously enjoying herself as well, slowed her bobbing and contented herself with a gentle sucking of just the knob and the ridge below it.

I was reading myself to come when Dolly rid herself of my prick, spitting it from her mouth and covered my eyes with her pendulous breasts. Before I could manage a faint protest, Dolly had gripped my prick in her hand and, mounting me, inserted it in her slit.

It can be believed; I truly thought this felt even better than her mouth had. Just as warm, perhaps warmer by a few degrees, but the snugness of her sheath around my cock was paradise itself, and I near swooned so blissful it was.

But Dolly was not being playful any longer. She was grinding her pubic bone into mine, and as she rose upward changing the angle of her descent, something I was to learn drove women wild as one's prick ravaged all sides of their cunnies, adding untold delight to the fucking.

I secured a nipple and started sucking on it, while Dolly bounced and jounced upon my rigid shaft, her face shiny with sweat from her exertions. As Dolly sank downward I felt the activation of her cunt muscles clutching, grabbing, and seizing my prick causing me to jut upward and into her farthest crannies. I glanced down and noted that my entire manhood had disappeared inside her. It was as wonderful a sight as I have ever beheld.

It seemed the room was filled with the sound of fucking. My senses were reeling --- Dolly's thighs slapping against mine; the slobbering sucks of my lips on her teat; and our mutual moans extolling our passion for one another.

Oh, the exquisiteness of it all!

Suddenly chaos reigned. Dolly let out an inarticulate scream followed by a series of what can only be spelled out as "Ugh's."

Eyes shut tight, Dolly's head whipped from side to side while her flaming red mane flew across her shoulders and then over her face as she pounded up and down on my pole. Then, with a grimace that revealed most of her teeth, a series of convulsion-like tremors shook her entire being.

"~OH~ ~OH~ ~OH~" She cried out as a lament, for her orgasm was now ravaging her torso.

I too, was close to spending. I thrust my whole body upward --- beginning with my toes, arching my pelvis as I attempted to send my prick into her womb.

I had my arms around her, trying to comfort her as well as buy a better purchase for my prick when I exploded inside her. Wave after wave roared from my balls up the tubes of my prick and pumped a tremendous amount of seed into her quim, which quickly overflowed with our mutual juices. I never heard myself, but somehow I knew that I was screaming as loudly as is possible.

Then, as suddenly as it started, it ended. All was silent as we lay entwined, not daring to move, save the occasional pant from each of us in turn. After a time I opened my eyes and took us in; our bodies reeked of the commingling of sweat and juices --- revealed to me from the flickering logs in the fire.

I began to stroke her firm bottom and Dolly purred contentedly. After a time, my manhood stirred slightly and I moved my hand between her legs. Dolly let out a course laugh and opened then wide for me and at the same time took me in hand and masturbated me to full size. My hand urged her to shift so that she drew her legs up under her, thereby presenting her cunt to my waiting fingers which promptly pried open her slit and entered her.

She moaned gratuitously.

Her hand covered mine, and then led me to her sentinel.

"Just brush over it, my love," said she. "It does make me feel as I'm in heaven above when done just right."

I did as requested and elicited another fevered moan from her lips.

"Just so . . ." Dolly purred with satisfaction. "Just so . . ."

Dolly, while enjoying my fingers' pleasuring was not about to forget me. Her hand moved faster, jerking me up and down and it felt wonderfully good.

I made to kiss her and she was upon my mouth with a vengeance --- tongue swirling round my gums and teeth; pulling back --- surging forward as though we were dueling. I moaned and she bit my lower lip. I tasted blood. Dolly's tongue licked the cut and she let loose with that lewd, coarse laugh that made me want to fuck her until she begged for mercy.

But I soon realized that it was not me that was in control, but Dolly --- for she had no sooner left my lips than her dainty lips were on my prick --- using them to simulate her cunt. This time Dolly did it differently, concentrating her efforts on that part of my prick known as the Gates of Consciousness --- that area where the uncircumcised flesh meets around the base of the head of the prick and the foreskin hangs around the prick beneath the knob. I would soon learn this was truly a most erogenous zone.

Taking me from her mouth, she looked at it from close range and then said, "You're a lovely fellow. Tasty, in fact you're almost sweet as candy, you are."

Shaking it violently, Dolly cooed to it as I marveled at her words.

"I could break your neck I could," said she. "But then I'd have lost the thing most precious to me in me whole life. Aye you've a nice cock; a sweet cock; and a hard, hard cock it is too!"

She spat on it, then using her tongue to apply a slurping suction over the corona before stopping to inhale a lungful of oxygen. Then she rasped, "My, oh my, how I love this shaft!"

And my heart soared, filled with expectant elation.

Dolly gave it another slurping lick and purred, "I adore zis preeek!" mimicking a French whore. I had to laugh at her antics which were not all that funny, but wildly erotic.

Sucking in her breath, Dolly looked me in the eye as she squeezed my prick tightly in her dainty fist. "I really and truly crave this prick of yours," then devoured some four inches swirling her tongue over and under before wickedly popping it from between her taut lips.

"YES! Sucking it sets me on fire! Can you feel my juices? Eh? Feel how slippery and slimy I am down there in my hole of holes?"

I was getting frantic with my need to ejaculate once more and I knew intuitively that Dolly knew exactly how I felt. Of course my fingers surged in and out of her sopping wet quim, for if anything she was urging me on in that direction.

"Yes, Phileas, oh yes! I'm going to devour your manhood. Does this frighten you?"

"No," I managed to rasp hoarsely.

"Good, for I won't hurt it. I love this big worm of yours . . ." She nibbled on my knob, then sent her tongue to delve into my little slit and came out with some ejaculate, whether twas new or old I knew not.

"Ahhh," Dolly sighed lewdly. "You taste so good. Unbelievably good . . ." and stroking my shaft rapidly for ten seconds or so, Dolly brought me to near spending, then with yet another vulgar snorting laugh, slid her hand to the root of my prick and pressing firmly caused my spend to back off.

I was amazed at this trickery and wanted to applaud her effort, but did not as she was already telling me how hard she was about to suck me. "Gonna draw every ounce of spunk from these jewels . . ." she said, as she delicately handled my testicles. "Oh yes," she smiled and smacked her lips, and said, "these lovely pearls of yours. I'm gonna suck until your sac's run dry; you won't get it up for a week when I'm finished with you, I swear it Duckie!"

This last spat out with a vehement emphasis deriding my earlier complaint she desist from using the term as an endearment. I found that I loved her for being so rude, vulgar and nasty. God knows I wanted her to be as nasty as was possible.

Then her mouth was running up and down the side of my instrument, nibbling, kissing, fluttering and licking.

"There!" She said as though gloating, "I'm playing you like a harmonica, ain't I?"

All I could manage in return was to tease her clitoris and finger her quim, but I don't think she even felt me doing so at this point and so I halted my attentions and lay back to let Dolly do the work.

She wasted little time in finishing me off. Giving me a hard lick and deftly sending a thin finger up my arse, catching me totally unawares. She turned her finger just so and I was unable to prevent myself from coming. Jet after jet of spunk discharged from my cannon and into her mouth and then her face. She filled her lungs with air and took me back into her mouth, swallowing my stuff as fast as I let it fly. I couldn't lay still, I had to reciprocate and sent my fumbling fingers in search of her swampy quim and finding it, pumped two of them in and out of her --- then she quivered a bit and a moment later she was humping my hand and spending even faster than I --- flooding my hand and fingers with her syrup.

I think twas a minute or two elapsed before either of us spoke. Dolly did so first, lifting her head and gazing at my shriveled prick with wry amusement in her eye. Carefully she cleaned me off, using her tongue, then she rested her head on my belly and looked at me, seeking approval.

"Did yer like it?" She inquired, knowing the answer.

"Twas wonderful for me. I trust you fared as well as I," said I, as gallantly as possible.

I reached down and took her under her arms and pulled her up beside me. It was pleasing that she spooned her body to mine with her head on my shoulder. Dolly kissed me softly and I could taste my spunk on her lips and tongue. Her nipples, hardened again made small indentations as they swept over my chest. The kiss was a wonderful one, lasting forever, or so it seemed.

We rested quietly for a time then I resumed stroking her body. I took the time to examine her form quite carefully and found that it was essentially perfect. It was not that I had many women to compare her with. A couple saucy slatterns back during the Crimean, and of course the Mooring sisters, both of whom were much smaller in the bosom and thinner thighed.

In truth, Dolly was superior in most every manner, including good looks. All the sisters had over her was their innocence, and I had taken that away from them as quickly as possible hadn't I?

Rolling onto my side, I took up teasing the brownish circles upon her breasts. I smirked seeing the goose bumps rise thereon and flicked her stiffened nipple with a thumb. Glancing at her face I noted her eyes were closed, that she wore a soft smile on her face. It was my turn to ask Dolly what she had me earlier.

"Do you like it?"

"Scrumptious!" she replied, her eyes still closed. Moving her left hand over, she felt for my manhood which was now in a semi-flaccid state. We caressed one another, making contented sounds until my prick was again fully erect.

I sighed and sought out her warm slit and finding it sent my middle finger inside. Dolly kept her left leg close to mine, but moved the other opening herself to my questing finger, moaning with sexual excitement at its touch.

I shifted position until I was kneeling between her legs.

With her eyes still closed she seemed to sense what I was about and inquired, "Are yer up again?"

"Yes," I said tersely.

"God, I'll be washed away on this one," said she.

I smiled down at her and leaned forward. Her eyes opened and they were smiling back at me. With a regal motion, Dolly raised her hips and wrapped her beautiful legs round my waist. Using her right hand, she gently placed me at the mouth of her opening and I eased myself inside her, once again marveling at how tight she was. My eyes were riveted on her, monitoring her every expression; her every sound. My gradual penetration seemed to disappoint her.

"Are you all right?" I asked.

"I'm fine. Are yer gonna fuck me or no?"

"I'm going to fuck you, yes," I replied mimicking her sentence structure.

"Then do so!" She huffed and humped her pelvis up to meet my casual thrust. Next Dolly surprised me by clamping her thighs tightly round my hips, drawing me deeper into her.

"That's better," she panted. A moment later, still panting dolly asked quietly, "Kin I try something?"

"Certainly," I replied. A second later, Dolly's legs were moving out from around my hips and straight up into the air from whence she kicked them several time and issued forth a shrill scream.

"Tis like the dancer's in Paris!" she chortled wickedly, and then spread herself open for my viewing enjoyment.

"You're lovely," I said, thinking she would appreciate the compliment. But that was not what Dolly had in mind. Oh, no. For Dolly, careful not to kick me in the head, swung her legs one last time and then settled them down upon my shoulders for a second, then loosely linked her ankles around my neck.

"Oh, but you'll go deep this way," she laughed until she snorted like a pig, then seemed to compose herself, waiting for me to continue with her.

Churning my hips I drove into her depths, thrusting once, twice, thrice before stopping to rest a moment.

"Woof," she huffed. "That was great! It feels like you're kicked against me stomach. But don't rush. Take long slow thrusts, you'll enjoy me so much more."

I followed her instructions to the letter, and indeed found I was enjoying it more. But apparently not half as much as Dolly was enjoying my prick, as I took all but the very tip out of her juicy quim, then slammed it in as far as it would go.




It went, as her juicy cunny fairly gurgled with pleasure as I filled it with my pole. I kept this up for a time as it was as pleasant a pastime as I could conceive of and all the while Dolly was making these involuntary sounds from deep in her throat. Suddenly, her hips shook as she had a small orgasm. I stopped to wait for it to subside, but in a choked voice, Dolly suddenly urged me on.

"Fuck me hard . . . Fuck me hard, NOW!" she wailed.

I did. Increasing the tempo, then adding even more to it; after a time it seemed like I had been fucking away for hours. The sweat was rolling from my brow and into my eyes, causing me to squint those rare moments I dared open my eyes. Both our bodies were sleek with sweat and we slithered around on one another. I thought I might become disconnected from her, but Dolly wasn't about to allow that to happen.

I focused on several articles from that morning's Chronicle to keep from releasing to soon. I counted Dolly enjoying five orgasms as I pumped her; now alternating from fast to slower tempos. I was after all, not a machine that could pump frantically for an indeterminate time. Still, I had been fucking her steadily for a good while and finally felt the first vestiges of my own release approaching.

Knowing I would soon be finishing, I gave Dolly everything I had as we raced to the finale. Dolly spent again, that was six by my count, but who knew how accurate that was. Her head was flopping like that of a rag doll. Her muscles were taut with the strain of it all, and her movements were now totally involuntary. By this point, Dolly was part of me, her center impaled on my spear, and as another climax crashed into her, she screamed with the ecstasy of it all.

Grunting like a pig, I thrust into her with a speed that I had thought impossible of myself. My prick jounced against her cervix as my release began. Dolly, on the other hand shuddered and had a massive orgasm. She came with her pelvis moving by itself, taking me with her. I felt our combined fluids flowing around my prick and gushing out of her cunt, over my legs and onto the bed. Dolly shook violently, spasmed twice and lost conscious¬ness.

We sleep soundly the rest of the night. Dolly woke first and shook me awake as if to ask permission to still remain in my home. Perhaps she thought their was a Mrs. Fogg about to stir and cast her out naked into the street. I don't know, but I kissed her and pulled her close and any such fears were vaporized.

"Good morning, Dolly," said I.

"It was very nice last night, wasn't it?" she said as if seeking an affirmation of the previous night's delights. I said nothing, but gave her breast a light caress.

"I don't remember being that well fucked, I surely don't," said Dolly. "You were a marvel there, especially at the end. Though I can't recollect exactly when that was for some reason," she finished shyly.

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