tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPhileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 06

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 06

byParis Waterman©

And so it came to be that Dolly moved into Number 7 Saville Row with me. Neither the housekeeper, nor the manservant raised an eyebrow over it for which I was exceedingly grateful.

Now I had done some introspective thinking around this time and concluded that I was not a very outgoing personage. I had few, if any friends. I had but few acquaintances; and worse I was perfectly comfortable with the situation. With Dolly as my daily and evening companion, my sex life was more than enjoyable. For she was a sexual acrobat, capable of performing the most salacious acts upon either of us; for example, one evening out of boredom she had me watch as she twisted her torso so that she was able to perform cunnilingus on herself. I had witnessed women lick and suck their breasts before, but this . . . this was a spectacular sight. Admittedly, I allowed myself to be goaded into trying to take my prick into my mouth, but could not manage to do so. Dolly informed me that it was possible, but one was required to be extremely flexible to accomplish the deed.

Aside from our daily sexual excursions, I made a decision to teach Dolly a few things about the world of business. We began with my teaching her to make change for imaginary purchases, with my handing her a five pound note for an item said to cost 2 sovereigns. At first she was often quite wrong in making change and I realized she was guessing at the figure. But she caught on fast. From there, I taught her how to order product from large merchants and even manufacturers. The idea behind this instruction was so that some day in the future Dolly, with my backing, would open a business of her own. I had no idea what business it would be, but had under consideration dress shops, millinery shops, or other businesses that catered to women. This of course was not a unique concept on my part. Many men, on parting with their mistress, set them up in a business that allowed the woman to live well and prosper as she grew older. The mistresses were thusly able to find decent husbands and hold a respectable place in London's society.

I too, underwent a type of change during this same period, as I received a letter one day, from the father of a former classmate at Oxford full of jabber and balderdash, but for one item. There was a hidden question contained within the letter, or so I thought, that was a gentle query as to the possibility of my willingness to become a member of the House of Lords. I was flattered, of course but soon concluded it was my new found wealth that prompted the query. For I was no one of import; nor did I know anyone of import. What did I know of making law, or of ruling an Empire? However, I made it my business to visit Parliament and garner the vital functions of that institution the following day.

It is very difficult to gain access to the building during the session of the House, as no one is admitted without a written order from a peer. I had taken precautions and obtained the name of the Earl of Jersey upon a bit of foolscap, and therefore walked boldly through scores of policemen and guardsmen into the presence of this body of hereditary law-makers. For it was guarded as if from an infuriated mob. I was pleased to find that the British building of the House of Lords has one of the finest interiors in Europe. I remember the impression it made upon me the first time I took my seat in its Gallery. I fancied myself gazing at a scene from the Arabian Nights. One thing I found most interesting was that in contrasting the House of Lords with the Senate of the United States was that in the Senate a man must be possessed of some sort of talent or he cannot secure an election to that place, while in England the peers are born to their position as law-makers. Of course they are as likely to be men of moderate abilities as common people, and generally speaking rather more so.

What interested me the most was the really talented men of the House of Lords - with very few exceptions - are plebeian; men who have been bribed over from the ranks of the people in the House of Commons by the offer of titles. Here lies a great secret in regard to English Reform. The nobility know exceedingly well when and how to bribe. Harry Brougham becomes Lord Brougham when his talents have become a terror to the aristocracy, and from that moment he is an aristocrat. Men of talent cannot withstand the temptations of office and titles, except in a few instances, among which Richard Cobden is an illustrious instance. Known as the great Corn-Law opposer, the triumph that he achieved over the Corn Law was a heavy blow against the aristocracy, and they felt it to be such. He is one of the noblest of men, and is very democratic in his opinions and sympathies. No other man in England is so popular with the masses. There is little doubt he would have been given a title for the asking, if there had been any hope of winning him to the side of the aristocracy. But that would not be happening. So it should come as no surprise that there are few really great men in the House of Lords; that single fact convinced me that I wanted no part of Parliament whatsoever, even if it meant passing on a title of importance in the United Kingdom.

My visit to Parliament had an unexpected reward. I returned home late, and found Dolly agitated and perplexed. After questioning her for some thirty minutes I learned that Dolly had feared I was out consorting with other prostitutes and felt that I would be bringing them home and casting her out into the street.

I am ashamed to admit that I did not diminish her fears, but maintained a close lip as to my whereabouts that evening. This produced surprising results from my charming mistress.

"Ave you ever put it up a woman's arse?" Dolly simpered as she tickled my ear.

"Is that a pleasant variation?" I asked her.

"Indeed it is gov'nor, indeed it is. But not every woman can do it, yer know. It takes a bit o' talent, oh yeah. A girl's got to know how to let that big eel of yours slid into her or else she suffers greatly. Yes indeed, she'll suffer greatly."

Feeling sufficiently flattered for one day, I readily succumbed to her wishes and said, "Let's wash off a bit first shall we?" I've been among some vermin this night and I don't want to pass their smells off onto you."

Dolly's eyes sparkled with relief and happiness at that comment and she raced off to procure a basin with warm water from the kettle over the fire. Soon thereafter, I took the lovely redheaded vixen in my arms and kissed her passionately. She smelled of soft soap and lavender as her tongue entered my mouth and her dainty hand went to my crotch and encouraged my prick to rise up like a cobra from a basket on a Calcutta street corner.

I held her close so as to enhance the plush feel of her body and the rounded softness of her arse against me. Her hand continued its work on my shaft and when it was fully engorged Dolly dropped to her knees and unbuttoned my pants. Withdrawing my manhood, she gave it a hearty squeeze and lied, saying, "It is so huge; I'll never get it in me mouth."

In a husky voice, filled with lust and desire, I croaked, "I'll wager you cannot take it in that tiny orifice of a mouth my sweet."

"For 'ow much?" says she.

"Ten quid?" I offer.

"Yer on, duc . . . I mean gov'nor."

That said, her mouth promptly absorbed most of my knobby cockhead whilst stroking my shaft with her hand. I distinctly heard her purr like a kitten as she slathered her tongue over my prick, coating it with her saliva.

"I don't want to spend this way," I told her.

"I know gov'nor, yer wants to empty it in me arse and that's just ducky with me," and then she cackled with lewd laughter. I assumed it was the use of the word ducky that caused it, but I never bothered to ask her about it as I was too horny and not of a mind to put off a rousing arse fuck.

With Dolly still holding tightly to my rock hard prick, I led her so that she was facing the foot of the bed.

"Bend over, Dolly, my love."

"Take the iron framework in your hands."

As Dolly gripped the antique iron in her fists, I spread her legs further apart. I saw that we did not line up properly. That is my prick and her arse were not properly aligned, and I pushed a stool over to her and had her stand on it.

"Perfect," I said, breathing heavily. "That's it, very good."

I reached between her legs and dug in softly, spreading her flesh until her slit was clearly visible through her red bush. As I beheld her secret glory I was reminded that the gentlemen of the day often referred to the Ace of Spades not as the playing card, but as a reference to the triangular bush covering a black haired cunt. And so I began to think of Dolly as my own Ace of Hearts.

Unable to resist doing so, I reached out and pinched those fleshy folds, making Dolly cry out.

"Terribly sorry my love," I murmured, as I pulled them open, exposing her hot interior to my naked eye.

Dolly's tits were hanging a bit, but mostly pressing against the mattress, and her arse was wide and lush. After kissing each arse cheek, I sent one, then two fingers into her cunt. I had discovered she loved a good frigging as long as my thumb paid court to her clitoris. In return, she reached behind her, found my prick, and pulled on it until I was rock hard again.

Satisfied that I was ready for her, I gripped her arse, and hefted it up a bit so that her brown puckered orifice was directly aligned with my prick.

"Make it good and wet, now mind yer, good and wet, or it'll make your cock sorely," said she. And I listened to her advice, for I was the novice here and not she. I spat in my palm and rubbed the saliva over my shaft with care, then repeated the process as it was drying as fast as I applied it.

"Now you'll be putting a finger up there to open it some," Dolly said and I did so.

"Oh fuck, that feels good. Try a little more spittle in there, gov'nor."

I spat several times ensuring I had plenty of lubrication and returned my finger to her arsehole. This time I felt with certainty a thick, strong muscular ring, which I presumed to be the anus itself. Once past this ring, I encountered what had to be the soft sides of her rectum. I quickly found that I had to keep my finger in this far or risk losing my lodging as her muscles would contract and expel my finger. At any rate, I pushed on and listened as Dolly grunted contentedly and wriggled her arse demonstrating her acceptance of my intrusion thus far.

I curled the finger and flicked it back and forth and she began to moan in matching rhythm to the flicks.

"You've done this before 'aven't you?" Dolly groaned as I flicked her once again.

"No," I replied honestly.

"You kin add more of 'em, yer want too," said she.

I pulled my finger out, spat on another finger and wormed that in as well. Then for some reason I pulled them out with another soft pop and commenced rubbing my fingertips over her tiny winking pucker.

"Put 'em back, please!" Dolly crowed.

"Don't you fancy this?" I asked.

"Tis nice, but I'd rather the fingers in there!" she all but gasped.

I complied, sending one slimy finger up into her until I felt her anal sphincter neatly sucking it in; felt it flex hard after the first knuckle slipped in; then I wiggled it in to the hilt.

"That's good . . . very good," she gasped and wriggled her arse. "Now another, add another . . . no, put two more in there, I can take 'em, don't worry none, love."

I added them as she requested, stretching her willing arse further and further until I had all three fingers well up her throbbing arsehole.

"Oh, gov'nor," she sighed, obviously enjoying this as much as I. "You'll get a great ass fuck from me, I can tell it already. Now, I think we're ready. Get your prick ready and put it in me." That said, Dolly reached behind her and pulled her cheeks open to provide me with an even better target as I removed my shit speckled fingers and wiped them on the sheets.

I spat in my palm once more, lubed up my rod, and placed the knob at the middle of her anus. "On three," says she.

"One -- two - THREE!"

We pushed together, me toward her and she back to me and I popped past her tight ring. Dolly having had God knows how many pricks up her rear before, opened immediately and I sank easily into her bowels.

Ever the strumpet, Dolly went to flattery, whether this was to make me spend quickly or not, I never learned, but her words certainly made me feel ten foot tall.

"Phileas," said she, one of the rare times she used my name sincerely, "Phileas, this feels so good. You've got a great cock yer know, and it fills my ass wonderfully."

I accepted this as true, for I could feel her ass quivering around my prick.

Trying a little flattery of my own, I said, "You're so tight, Dolly. My prick just loves your little arse."

"You mean your prick loves my big arse. Gov'nor, I've got a nice big arse for fucking, don't I?"

I made not reply but kept humping her rump.


"Yes love?"

"Take hold of me hips."

I did so.

"Good, now push in really hard."

I did so.

"YES!" Dolly moaned, "YES!"

Backing almost all the way out, I suddenly slammed into her deepest parts and elicited a loud moan of pure, unadulterated pleasure.


"Oh, oh I loves me arse fucked hard like that. Do again, do again, Please sir, please!"

Her hands left her rear and returned to her cunt. One hand frigged away, the other teased her clit, and she moaned continuously.


"What is it, Dolly, my love?"

"I'm havin' such a pleasurin', it's one little heavenly time after the next I tell yer, one after the next!"

I slowed my pace, easing out and hammering in and Dolly loved it, telling me whether true or not, "Tis the best arse fuckin' I've ever 'ad!"

A moment later she shivered again. The shivering I took for her having one of her little pleasures.

Then she hissed back to me, "gov'nor, take a hold of me nipples there and give 'em a good pull 'eh?'

Her hand was pounding at her cunt as I reached around and began milking her udders while she moaned even louder.

"OH, I'M GONNA CUM!" Dolly screamed and I increased my fucking, slamming my manhood in and out as fast and as hard as I could.

I began to spend in her and that triggered a monumental spend by Dolly, who was polishing her clit and had at least three fingers friggin her twat and I felt them pushing against my prick as it surged into her a most unusual sensation, especially as I was spending inside her rectum. Dolly clenched her muscles and milked me as I was milking her pendulous teats until I collapsed on top of her back, pushing her face first into the mattress.

We lay there soaking wet from our perspiration and juices.

"Almost broke me wrist fallin' on me like that," she said. But there was joy in the lilt of her tone.

"Terribly sorry about that," said I. And I meant it.

"Still and all," said Dolly, "Twas a great fuck wasn't it?'

"That is was, Dolly my little lamb."

"Your little buggered lamb, you mean, don't cha?'

"Buggered lamb is right."

"You really know how to fuck a ladies arse, Gov'nor."

"You happen to be an excellent instructor, Dolly," matching her compliment for compliment.

"Shall we wash ourselves off, I suspect I've a few pieces of shit on my prick," I said, knowing full well that it was dappled with her feces.

"No need for that, Gov'nor," she replied and took my flaccid prick in hand and brought me to her mouth. She gave me a good cleansing suck and by the time she'd finished swallowing the shit from my prick I was getting hard again.

"Another go at it, love?" Dolly husked, obviously still highly aroused.

"Why not?' I replied. Then lay on my back as Dolly took me back in her mouth, while I searched for, found her hips and pull her over on top of me, her facing my feet and I find myself seized with a sudden compulsion to reciprocate and sent my face surging into her arse, my tongue licking her rosebud, tasting her shit and discovering that I didn't mind it at all so totally engrossed was I in plundering her arse as she had my shit-flaked prick.

"Oh! What are yer doin' back there?"

"Shut up and suck!" I growled tersely.

"Oh, yes, but I must tell you I love it what yer doin' there."

"Do you now?"

"Yes, yes. Tis called 'licking the stamp.' "

I continued this for a time, enjoying the fulfillment I was bringing to Dolly. Then wearying of this technique, I stabbed my tongue into the still gaping hole of her arse. Then I renewed my licking, although now I was licking the inner portions of her arse that my tongue could reach.

Dolly went bonkers, shaking her lush arse to beat the band.

"Are you coming?" I asked, truly hoping she was for although finding it enjoyable I was quickly tiring of this and stopped to wipe the saliva off my chin.

"Jesus, yes!" she crowed. "Every couple seconds it seems. I've not stopped since the first of your lovely licks and I . . . . Ugh, ugh . . . Ahhhh!"

Sorry, love just 'ad me self another . . . you've found me secret spot back there. I can't help but spend each and every time you're blessed tongue wipes over it."

"Well suck me too, at least some, or I'll grow soft on you," I warned her and she immediately took me between her lips and laved her tongue over my knobby tip.

I found her hips and pulled her snugly back on top of me, extended my tongue as far as it would go into her. Dolly moaned loudly; rocked her hips, and pressing her arse against my mouth while stroking my prick two or three times, bathed my cockhead with her tongue.

I eased off on my tonguing, sending two sturdy fingers in it's place, and she accepted this, continuing her feverous milking of my member with her lovely lips.

Pulling her arse up higher, to my eyebrows actually, I went after her clitoris with a tongue that had new found energies; pulling it between my lips and tapping at it with my tongue. Dolly shivered and I knew she'd had a mini spend once again.

She kept sucking on me, and I her through two more shivering times. Then I felt it was time to fuck her arse again and put a stop to all the cocksucking and cuntlicking.

As I positioned Dolly, she continued with a slow jacking of my prick.

Then before parting with it, she spat on it and rubbed the saliva into my flesh. I spit on her arsehole, dribbling a huge gob of expectorant directly on the target and pushed some in with a finger.

Dolly was giddy with anticipation, saying, "I just know I'm gonna pass out from this next spend. It's been some evening gov'nor, some evening." Then finished talking for a time, she swung a leg over me so that she was now facing me, and hefting herself up, she set my prick in her arse. My shaft easily spread her open and I looked on with extreme interest as Dolly slowly skewered her self upon my upright pole.

Finally, with my not having moved and inch as yet, Dolly's arse cheeks rested on my legs. Leaning forward she offered her lips to me and we kissed. As our tongues touched, Dolly slowly rocked her arse on my prick. Still kissing, I reached for her teats and gave them a good squeezing. Ending the kiss, I soon placed one in my hungry mouth and chewed on her bud as she moaned happily.

"Suck my tits. Bite my nipples. Oh, fuck, yeah! Bite them off!" She hollered, making such and outcry I hoped the servants would not enter the room to see if we needed assistance.

That sweet lithe Dolly was in control of this fine fucking there was little doubt. A moment or two later she picked up the pace, jouncing up and down as I bit one nipple and pinched the other.

She shook her fine red mane and told me to bite and squeeze, "Harder!"

I complied and she rose and fell even faster, my prick was in danger of flopping from her fine arse and did so twice as I recollect. But both times Dolly quickly reinserted it and resumed her bouncing on me.

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