tagErotic CouplingsPhileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 10

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 10

byParis Waterman©

On arriving the following day, I was greeted by Abigail Courtney Baring who provided me with a tour of their sumptuous home and grounds as a pretext in meeting her eldest daughter, Nicole. We found her in the music room. It was a high-ceilinged room containing a grand piano and decorated with wall paintings of satyrs and nymphs romping through a garden, very much like the one around the house, and accompanied by fawns playing pan pipes. The windows, which the paintings surrounded, looked out on the garden, giving the appearance that these wood creatures were actually in the Baring's garden.

Nicole was practicing and I noted that her left hand, the chord hand, was flawless. She made the structure of the music so clear I thought it Frantz Joseph Liszt himself practicing.

"Ah, Nicole, please excuse us," Mrs. Baring said blithely, "But do let me introduce Mr. Phileas Fogg, a friend of Father's.

Nicole stopped playing and rose up to greet me by offering her hand. As customary, I took her hand and pressed a light kiss an inch above the knuckles. The 18 year old flushed at this, and not wishing to cause her any embarrassment, I quickly released her hand. Mrs. Baring made an excuse and left us alone.

Nicole was pleased to learn that I too played the piano, and we set out to try our hands at a four-handed piece by Chopin. It went rather well, and our relationship was off to a good start.

I expect that Nicole suspected that I had an ulterior motive for being there with her. However, she readily accepted the excuse that I was a guest for the next few days and that it was her duty to entertain me while her parents were not available. The day passed uneventfully and once again that evening I hastened to Abigail's bed.

Abigail was waiting for me, sprawled across her bed, totally nude, her yellow gown carelessly discarded on the floor. I leaned over her breasts that glowed golden in the faint light given off by the bedside candle and kissed her. Abigail's lips parted, and I ran the tip of my tongue against her lips. When my tongue brushed against her sparkling white teeth she shuddered and opened her mouth, permitting me inside. Abigail began breathing through her nose as I filled her mouth with my love muscle, then lifted an arm, placing it around my neck, drawing me closer to her.

Presently we were delighting one another in the sucking of tongues. I added to the foreplay by rubbing the back of her head as lovingly as was possible. She then moaned for the first time that evening and for some reason I pulled away from the kiss. Abigail would have none of it, and after taking a deep breath, pulled my mouth back upon hers. Her mouth was open wide and she promptly thrust her serpentine tongue into my mouth. Her eagerness and zest almost brought me off then and there.

We continued kissing like young lovers for another ten minutes before I moved to her neck evoking a purr from her throat like that from a kitten just finishing off a saucer of milk. Thence to her ear and additional licks produced a similar response. I wondered briefly how my dearest Abigail would react were I to really pay homage to her exceptional body; and so after one last kiss in which we swiped our wet tongues over one another's, she capturing some of my saliva and toying with it, make it seem like a long, drawn out string, before sucking the entire strand into her mouth, swallowing it while she giggled in amusement at my consternation.

I quickly repaid her by lifting her right foot to my mouth and sucking each toe in turn while my hand ran up and down her shapely legs with a light touch. She liked that. She really liked that. Her moans increased and I had to hush her twice for fear she might wake someone else in the house.

Her husband had certainly never thought to pleasure her this way. And so I took my time and Abigail moaned that I was the best lover in the world. Remarkable words to hear from a beautiful woman, believe me.

"Phileas?" I couldn't believe how tiny her voice sounded to my ear.

"Yes, my love?"

"I should tell you that I . . . I am most tender back there."

"Your arse?"

"Yes. I'd rather you not go there this evening. Anything else is possible, but . . . it is so tender . . ."

"Your wish is my command my dearest," I told her and meant it. I felt the complete cad for having taken her arse and causing her so much discomfort.

"Phileas, tis not the fact we did it there. I truly loved it and do so want to repeat it as often as possible. But just that right now tis awfully hurtful back there."

"I understand, and thank you for allowing me that privilege dearest Abigail."

"Please, do continue what you were about. I truly adore the touch of your hands . . . and of course your lovely mouth."

Never one to disappoint a lady, I returned to her calves and licked upward and thence along her sensitive inner thigh, making sure to bypass her vulva.

She was panting with excitement and moaned quietly as I kissed and licked my way over her lower abdomen, teasing her by nuzzling my nose in her patch of soft pubic hair before descending back down her left leg to her other five toes.

When my hand ran up her leg to the crease between her thigh and her vulva she began to writhe under my touch. She commenced moaning and never stopped as I nibbled my way back up her legs, edging past her now juice leaking pussy, up over her navel, past her magnificent teats, up her neck and to her lips.

She kissed me back with a fury that I had never before encountered in a woman, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. I forced myself to remain somewhat passive, allowing Abigail to take charge and contented myself mauling the firm globes of her lovely teats while she tongue-fucked my mouth.

When Abigail ended the kiss with a huge gasp for air, I managed to give her departing tongue a farewell flick with my own, then moved to her jawbone, kissing and sucking my way until I was nibbling at her fleshy earlobe.

Abigail was gasping for breath. Her hand had drifted downward and was rubbing frantically at her cunt.

I found myself admitting that taking one's time in a seduction had certain advantages that I had not anticipated. Foremost being that I now had a woman that I cared about going crazy with lust from my adroit touches and kisses alone; for I had yet to kiss or touch her cunt or teats.

Moving my lips from the nape of the throbbing veins of her neck to the puffy, rich chocolate brown areole of her right breast, elicited as provocative a moan as I'd ever heard. I had to wonder if she had spent then and there.

I took one and then the other sensitive nipples between my teeth and worried them.

Her legs scissored around my thigh and she commenced humping me as would a dog; moaning all the while.

Her nipples seemed to sparkle with sheer carnal electricity as I suckled and chewed upon them. This night it seemed my timing was in tune with the exact needs of Abigail's body. Just when her nipples became too sensitive for any additional oral play, I abandoned them to kiss my way down her belly to the prize waiting between her legs.

As my tongue crept toward her dark vulva, she found her voice.

"Fuuuuuck ME!" she moaned. Only it wasn't her normal voice, but I attributed it to the throbbing carnal desire within her blood stream.

Anyway, my mouth complied; teasing her sopping, steamy slit as she wantonly bucked her hips into my face. I sensed rather than actually felt the wave of salacious sensations rippling throughout her body as my tongue parted her folds and licked at the silky moisture of her intensely heated entryway.

Abigail came.

And came.

And came.

I placed my lips upon her clit and she came again.

As my tongue swirled around and over her swollen clit, I tried to envision the pure pleasure my talented tongue was sending to her fevered brain. For there was no question but that my beloved Abigail was floundering in a vortex of sexual delirium, the jolts merging as climatic wave after wave crashed over her, sweeping her away in total orgasmic bliss.

It was with some reluctance that I withdrew my juice soaked face from the delightful folds of her cunt and gazed upon her face. Her eyes were closed and the look on her face told me I had brought her to a place of enormous satisfaction. I would wait almost ten minutes before Abigail returned to Earth and opened her eyes to look upon me.

She smiled lovingly at me and reached out to touch my face with a loving caress.

"That was exquisitely lovely," she whispered. "I must have spent a thousand times or more." Then she giggled as would a little girl who had been ordered to remain silent at Sunday Mass.

"But, Phileas . . ." she stammered. "You, you haven't . . ."

I silenced her by placing a finger on her lips.

"My turn will come, will it not?"

"Oh, most assuredly, my love; as soon as you want. I'm more than ready. You can even return to my arse should you desire it. The pain seems to have vanished."

In this I knew she was not being truthful, but merely wished to please me in any way possible. And so, gently grasping her legs, I lifted, then pushed them forward until her feet were behind her head, raising both her cunt and arse off the mattress. I gazed down at the pinkish orifice hiding between her folds, then holding my prick in my right hand, slowly sank into her until my balls were resting against her arsehole.

"My God!" Abigail grunted. "Are you . . .?"

"I am, all the way. Uncanny isn't it? I mean, right off like that?"

"It's never happened before,' she said, then giggled again.

"Perhaps I hastened in the opening of your flowery cunt with my tonguing."

"I'm sure that must be the reason. It was certainly . . . titillating, and that's putting it mildly."

"How many times did you spend? Do you recall? I asked, feeling my prick throbbing within her.

"I really don't. But, twas a great number of times, you know. I kept swooning only to revive to find I was about to spend again and then I'd swoon again. This happened several times. Phileas, I am most confused, for a woman simply isn't used to pleasures such as these."

"Why wouldn't this woman," I flicked a nipple with my thumb, "this especially beautiful woman, have not experienced so many orgasms before?"

"I cannot say, unless my husband is the cause."

"Is he, pardon my French, too fast in his spending?"

"I am forced to admit . . . mind you only because of your sensual abilities do I say this, but yes, he is on me and off me in three minutes. I sometimes think of myself as an egg when he enters me. Three minutes and he's done. Not me. The other day while we were riding was the first time I actually . . . I actually felt the true pleasures of making love."

I kissed her and she kissed me back, then I lay upon her, fully immersed in her cunt while our tongues dueled a delicious duel and only when were thusly sated did I begin to fuck my Abigail with gusto.

She was, without a doubt, the best, most responsive fuck out of all the women I had bedded thus far. I went slowly at first, relishing the sensation of her tight sheath pressing upon my prick. Gradually I picked up the tempo and deep fucking her, slammed my prick in as far as it would go and then withdrew until only the very tip remained inside her. Indeed, I flopped out of her several times during this stage, eliciting gruff moans of distress from my beloved's lips each time it occurred.

Abigail was spending profusely once again, moaning out, "Oh, sweet fucking mercy!"

"Yes, Phileas, my love, OH, YES!"

We rolled over, still joined in coitus. Presently she was astride my lap, grinding her cunt and clit into my pubic mound. A minute went by and with a rising moan in her throat, Abigail's intensity increased ten-fold as she rose and fell upon my turgid shaft. The only audible sounds being her constant moaning and the squish-squish-squish from the generous amounts of lubrication issuing forth from her cunt due to my prick's driving it out of her.

Her body began to tremble, rippling with the first stages of a massive climax. Gasping for air, I thought at first Abigail was making little squeaking noises, but only after concentrating harder did I realize the sounds were coming from my throat and not hers.

I looked up at her face and found it twisted in pleasure. Her voice was ragged, hoarse, cracked, and her moans came in choking, broken gasps and whimpering, sobbing moans.

I rolled her over once more so that I was on top and pumped furiously into her clasping, clutching furnace of a cunt. Her body heaved and writhed in return. I continued the pace, not knowing I had long ago passed my limits of endurance and that I was now plunging greedily into her flesh using nothing more than sustained willpower.

Abigail shocked me back to reality by sputtering out a litany of gutter-like obscenities. The combination of hearing this filth pouring forth from her innocent mouth and the spasmodic squeezing of her velvety, slick cunt on my member caused me to spend in a most prodigious manner.

After emptying my balls deep within her cunt I collapsed upon her. Abigail was all over me then, covering my face and chest with wet kisses. It wasn't long before I felt the warm wetness of her mouth closing over my flaccid prick and sucking, licking and nibbling away at me, devouring any remaining semen; fondling my testicles as if that would encourage my wilted prick to spring back to life.

And in less than five minutes it did. My prick ballooned swiftly in her mouth. Soon we were once again enjoying the pleasures of an unhurried fuck which began with my gamahuching Abigail using both tongue and fingers. I brought her rather quickly to the edge of another orgasm but just as quickly ceased my lovemaking to pay attention to her wondrous breasts.

I had to ignore her ardent pleas to continue with my licking her twat, and stalled her by telling Abigail it was now her turn to suck me.

"Go on! Suck my cock!" I whispered in her ear. The bedclothes now lay in a heap on the floor at the foot of the bed. Should anyone open the door to her bedroom there would be no alternative but to admit to our committing adultery; a punishable offense for each of us, if it were to become public.

My words served to inflame her even more and she motioned for me to rise and I left the bed and stood at its side. Abigail dropped to her knees beside me and took my prick into her hot, wet mouth.

"Yummy," she moaned, her doe eyes looking up at me as she squeezed my prick in her fist, jerking it up and down.

"It's so hot. It's so hard," she groaned and licked the underside of my shaft with long, languorous swipes of her tongue.

"I can smell the both of us on it and taste the both of us too." She husked as her little pink tongue darted out, and sampled the liquid emanating from the apex of my tool. Then Abigail lowered her hot mouth onto my rock-hard manhood, and began to exert a highly skilled suction upon it. It ballooned in her mouth, growing hot and hard. Abigail groaned and then gasped as she jerked and sucked harder upon me.

I couldn't fathom how cunning and clever her mouth was upon me and I began to fuck her mouth with jerky motions of my hips. Abigail looked up and smiled knowingly as she licked my purple cock-head. I was stunned at how my prick had swelled in size, for it was certainly larger than normal and I attributed it to an increased blood flow to its head.

Abigail sucked it hungrily, her head rocking rapidly back and forth between my legs. Her fingers and lips grew sticky with his precum and her saliva. My prick began to throb ominously in her mouth. I groaned.

"Will you be spending in my mouth?" she asked holding me fast with her right hand and then licking the length of my entire shaft.

"That would be all right. You can always lick me too."

"Mmmm, no, I'd rather give you a rousing fuck to end our night of pleasure."

"Somehow I knew you'd want that," she murmured and, rising on her toes, kissed me wantonly, arching her tongue into my mouth, her fingers still jerking my prick.

"Come on, then," she sighed, "Stuff my hole with your fat cock, kind sir!"

A surprisingly wanton Abigail squeezed a breast with one hand and opened her cunt-lips with the other.

With a groan, I moved between her legs and, bending over my lovely maiden, squeezed my thick prick into her cunt. She moaned softly and arched, her hands now holding and kneading her swollen breasts.

I humped her fast, knowing I had little time to bring her to a spend before I too would succumb to the vigor's of my sexual prowess and come for the last time that evening.

And when Abigail's fingertips lightly stroked my scrotum I sensed I might not make it quite that far. Regrettably I extracted my shaft from between her swollen folds, and not wanting to hurt my beloved's feelings, lightly slapped her swollen labia with my stiff appendage.

"My cunny!" she whimpered.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"Put it in my cunny!"

I complied, ramming my prick into her . . . cunny, as it were.

I know that my buttocks flexed as I speared into her, for Abigail gasped then shuddered as I tunneled into her deepest sector. Suddenly Abigail groaned loudly, her back bowed as my tool undoubtedly generated all sorts of delightful feelings within that sleeve of molten sex she called a cunny.

"YES! YES! That's it . . . Feels sooo good!" "Now fuck me, fuck me hard!"

I literally pummeled her cunt after that, as her body jerked and jounced. Her head was lolling from side to side and I was no longer certain that she was conscious. I raised her legs, placed my hands under her knees and went deeper into her than ever before.

She moaned with pleasure.

Her face contorted with ecstasy.

I savaged her cunny, reaming and ramming into what was . . . what had to be . . . a convulsing hot vortex one second and a contracting, squeezing muscle the next.

The pressure within my loins was intolerable. I began to ejaculate.

With the first burst of semen scalding the walls of her cunt, Abigail hissed out her satisfaction and hurled her hips up to meet my thrust. It was a collision of some magnitude.

"OHHHH, YES! OHHHH, GOD YES!" She wailed.

I think I was screaming as well, but didn't hear myself as my testicles emptied their store of seed into my darling Abigail.

I feveredly kissed her face and breasts as she lay panting beneath me. I started to suckle at her left nipple and she joined in, caressing her right breast; plucking occasionally at the nipple while her other hand plied away at the sticky gunk oozing out onto her crotch.

Some time elapsed before either of us spoke. Abigail was first.

"That was wonderful," she murmured. "Can we do it again? This time I want you in my arse."

"Twas wonderful, my dearest," I replied. "But I'm afraid I'm done for the night. Perhaps in the morning if we have the opportunity. If not then, well certainly sometime in the afternoon.

"A nooner, then," she cried gaily. "A nooner it tis!"

We woke early the next morning and managed another fuck. This time I took her while we stood. Neither of us feared her husband might discover us, for Abigail was certain he was still abed with the maid-servant, a young girl, perhaps eighteen or nineteen years who Abigail had seen him courting with sly touches to her arse and teats in recent weeks. The girl herself had as much as told Abigail her husband was after her. And when Abigail took no action, the girl evidently capitulated to Baring's advances in return for some form of financial remuneration.

Reluctantly, we left Abigail's bedroom and went down to breakfast where I became aroused once more just watching her butter a croissant; from her delicate nibble to the sensual manner in which her tongue darted about to capture a loose crumb, or a dab of jelly; and I pressed my hand to her thigh under the table.

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