tagErotic CouplingsPhileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 11

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 11

byParis Waterman©

Later that morning I took the first step in Nicole's seduction. Once again we sat at the piano, taking turns with various classical pieces. She sat down and said, "Here. This is what I do with the chords, on this waltz," and she started playing. Her performance was nearly flawless. If she kept practicing I was certain she could entertain royalty and told her so.

"Oh, Mr. Fogg, you do flatter me so," her blush was genuine and made the young girl seem even more desirable than ever.

We began to play together and I put my arm around her to play the chords on the high notes and she leaned across me to play the melody on the base notes. We blundered through the piece, laughing and giggling at our suddenly atrocious playing. Afterward, I made a feeble excuse, telling Nicole that I wanted to take a walk around the grounds as I had to relieve myself, of course I did not tell her the latter.

To my delight, Nicole offered to join me. I don't know all that much about young girls. However I do know they are possessed of an unquenchable curiosity with respect to a man's, or even a lad's prick, in all probability because they dream of having one inserted in them at some point in the future.

We strolled down a path that led away from the main house and into a wooded area. I had no idea how far the path went, but I imagined it continued a good way, perhaps ultimately wending its way back to the main house.

I waited until we had walked for several minutes, then halted and placed my hand gently upon her arm.

"Nicole, I'm terribly embarrassed, but I must answer nature's call. Please call to me should someone venture along. I'll just go behind that cottonwood tree over there."

I made certain to position myself so that Nicole could, if she wanted, watch me piss on the lilies next to the large tree. Taking my member out, I calculated the odds on whether adorable little Nicole would take a peek at me pissing away.

Those thoughts served only to arouse me to the extent that I encountered a problem in coaxing the usually reliable stream of piss from my pinched urethra in that I also had an erection of moderate proportions. The more I strained, the larger it grew.

I heard a branch crack. With half an eye I slowly dared myself to look in the direction where Nicole stood lookout. She was keeping watch all right --- on my hard prick.

When she realized I had caught her looking she gasped. I expected a scream that would draw a servant or two and that would be trouble indeed as her parents, although one of whom condoned my actions, would seek my head in order to protect themselves and their good name.

But she just sat there on the ground and stared in silence, finally looking up at me with a strange, giggling smile.

"You can't pee?" she half-asked.

I shook my head. "My prick is too hard," I blurted without thinking.

"It's REALLY big," she giggled, surprising me in that she was not in the least offended. Moreover, Nicole did not move away.

"That's because it's hard," I sputtered, not knowing what else to say to this waif of a girl. Then too, I was proud of my prick. It's a handsome tool, a thick seven inches. It must have looked a foot long to this 18 year old virgin.

"Father's isn't that big when he pees," Nicole commented wryly. "You really have a long one." She said as she ventured closer and had another look.

"You've seen your . . . father's?" I asked having become a little uncomfortable.

"When I was little he would sometimes go in front of us. I was really small; perhaps three or four, but I still remember it. It didn't look at all like yours," she added.

"What do you think?" I laughed nervously and shook it as I had finally relaxed enough to allow the piss to flow freely.

"It's very nice," she giggled.

"When it's hard the piss won't come out," I told her.

"Why is it hard?"

"I guess because you're here," I answered, deciding at that moment to push the point. "You're really very pretty."

"Do you really think so?" she seemed surprised and pleased.

"Of course, I'd venture to say that you are remarkably beautiful, and in a few short years will have every young lad in Britain chasing after you."

Her hand went to her mouth to cover her cry of delight at my remark. Then Nicole quickly backed out into the clearing. I tucked my prick back in my trowsers and buttoned up. I had this huge bulge in my pants that would be noticeable to anyone happening by. Somewhat terrified at the prospect, I walked back out to face Nicole.

Someone is going to see that," she said and pointed at my bulge.

"That's why you're going to go ahead of me. Anyone happening upon us won't be able to take their eyes off your beauty. Besides, with you around it will never get soft."

Nicole loved this compliment, and bestowed a lovely smile on me.

Now go on," I said, shooing her, and she went giggling up the slope with me close behind.

On returning to the music room, Nicole appeared to be in an excited state, for after I sat down at the piano, she bounced onto my lap announcing that we would make fewer mistakes this way. Of course her lovely derriere squirmed around and caused my prick to engorge to its fullest.

"Nicole," I began, putting an end to any pretext of playing. "Please let me say something that needs to be said, but I fear might be taken the wrong way."

"Do go on, Mr. Fogg. I already hold you in the highest regard."

"All right then. I know you are but eighteen years now, but still I find you one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen."

"Oh, Mr. Fogg, you do say the nicest things to a girl. No one but my dear father has ever told me I'm beautiful, and he doesn't count. So for that lovely remark you get a reward."

She placed her soft, sweet lips on mine ever so briefly, but with intention.

"That was lovely, Nicole," I said. "Thank you. I shall treasure the memory of your sweet lips on mine forever. And I meant it.

Our so-called lesson ended shortly thereafter when Mrs. Baring, my lovely Abigail, invited us to tea. Shortly after, Nicole and Rhonda had a girl friend named Alice call and they all went off to watch one of the servants sail a model boat in their large pond. That left Abigail and me alone in the house, except for the occasional servant meandering through the house.

"Your bed or mine?" Abigail asked hotly as we finished our tea.

"Mine, I should think. As a guest I don't have or keep hours your staff is familiar with, so for our mutual benefit I think it suits our purpose that I develop the habit of taking two naps each day."

"And," Abigail said with a lewd smile, "You'll be taking one now, I presume?"

"Exactly, my dear. Please do drop in on me in . . . shall we say, ten minutes?"

"Ten minutes it is," she said confirming our rendezvous.

Timing is everything, someone once said. I firmly believe it true, for as soon as my beloved closed the bedroom door behind her I found that I was incapable of containing my pent up lust any longer. Not only did I desire this lovely woman with all my carnal heart and soul, but her very own flesh and blood had bestirred my lust for cunt --- any cunt would have done, but to have this gorgeous creature standing before me was too much for me to bear. My cock was fully engorged. It had been thus since Nicole had watched me take a leak in the woods and now it throbbed mercilessly in my trousers.

Abigail stared at my prominent bulge with wide-eyed wonder. Hastily I yanked off my trousers and pulled out my appendage. We were in my bed within seconds, with Abigail scooting over and then climbing on top of me. Her mouth was already attacking my neck with wet lascivious kisses and licks. I enfolded her in my arms and our mouths pressed tightly until I managed to pry mine open to permit her invading tongue entry. Intermittently we sucked one another's tongues while moaning contentedly.

As our kissing wound down I hauled her lithe form upward and ordered my hands to maul and knead her fantastic breasts. Their resilience remains with me to this very day and I must admit to having paused in my writing to masturbate while thinking about them, lovely as they were.

Abigail's breathing grew more rapid. She grunted, then shifted her body in order to straddle mine, granting me even better access to her breasts. I felt her cunt juices being spread over my thighs and stomach as she ground her cunt into my body with my fully engorged prick tightly wedged between us. But that wasn't for very long as Abigail reached her dainty fingers between our bodies and found it, eased her rump back a few inches, raised her haunches slightly and guided my shaft into her with her free hand.

As soon as she was fully impaled upon my tool she rocked her hips and spread even more juice over my lower body.

"My darling," I moaned, "you feel so warm, so wonderfully nice. I don't ever want to leave your lovely cunny."

"Phileas, I feel the same. Perhaps we'll stay this way, it tis so blissful. Might we remain thus until we slowly starve to death?"

"I must confess that as much as I love thee, my stomach would not permit it."

Abigail's tinkled laughter filled the room, but all the same she gave me a mighty swat of her hand on my shoulder.

"PIG!" She groaned, for in retaliation to her blow I had jabbed my prick into her and may have glanced off of her cervix.


"Oh, you rather liked that did you?"

"Indeed I did. Can you keep doing that, I mean not constantly, but every so often?"

"It would please me no end, M'lady."

"Can you... for a really long time, Phileas?"

"I can but try, M'lady," and added several fast thrusts to emphasize my point.

"Oh, God . . . I'm about to swoon, Phileas!"

My prick slipped away from her cuntal clutches and flopped against my belly.

"Please don't," I said, frantically reaching for my shaft. "You'll miss some of the fun." However, I did not ram it back into her.

"Mmmmmm," she sighed and kissed me hard and passionately. As our tongues mingled I toyed with her nipples, which had grown long and hard. We continued the kiss and in the silence of the room I distinctly heard her breathing growing somewhat irregular.

My dearest began to grunt as she rubbed her cunt into my hip, no doubt titillating her clit, for as I bite her left nipple she went wild and started to spend.

"IN! PRAY PUT IT IN, QUICKLY!" Abigail cried out.

I did, quickly and expertly I found her slit and shoved my cock into her warmth once more. I was in heaven and evidently Abigail may have been someplace even better.


Her pussy clamped down on me and her whole body quivered. She pulled away from our kiss and arched her back with her fingers digging into my shoulders. She held that position for a good 45 seconds as her orgasm ripped through her.

As she came down some, I lazily stroked her teats and whispered, "I only wish I had been able to suck them when you were with child." I meant it as a compliment, an inane one at best, but still her reaction was extraordinary. For Abigail's eyes flew open and her mouth dropped and her cunt clamped me as if it were a vise. Abigail ground her sex into me as if she were possessed and being chased by demons.


I was suddenly aware that the sheets around us had become wet, but I was too involved with her humping movements to think about for a fleeting second or two and then my mind was off trying to record some of the horde of delicious sensations bombarding my senses.

Abigail's fingers dug deeply into my shoulders. She threw back her head and screamed. It began as a high pitched whine and turned into a loud scream and I was comforted by the fact that the family was not in the house and wondered about the servants rushing into the room to rescue someone in dire need.

Her whole body quivered for some minutes as the climax peaked and then wound down.

As she entered her recovery period, she brought her face close to mine and hoarsely moaned, "Phileas my love, I simply adore you. I adore you for bringing me to such ecstatic heights of pleasure. I simply cannot believe that each time I lay with you tis better than the previous time."

All I could think to say was, "You inspire me to do great things, my darling."

My words moved her hips into action again and I pulled her down for some more pleasant kissing. We moved our tongues from one mouth to the other and took turns swallowing each other's spittle. Abigail proving to be the nastier of us by hovering high above my mouth and letting a long string of saliva hang from her lip until Mr. Newton's recent law of gravity ordered it to snap and land in a heap on my waiting tongue.

That set the two of us to laughing so hard Abigail had to pull away to catch her breath and then laid her head on my chest.

Then she grew serious and said, "What you said a moment ago, Phileas, do you recall?"

"Yes, of course I do. It had to do with your inspiring me to do great things."

"No, I meant before that."

I must have had a puzzled expression on my face, for she smiled lewdly and licked my lips in turn, the top first and the bottom second.

"Oh, you dear, dear man; what you said caused me to have a magnificent spend. Your very words were and I quote, "I wish I had been able to suckle your teats when you were with child."

"Well it's true!"

"Here then," she husked, "suck to your heart's content," and holding a breast in her hand fed it to my mouth. I began to suck on her nipple and after a short time the strangest thing happened. Abigail's nipple began to secret a fluid. Twas not milk, at least I think twas not; but not being overly familiar with the ways of women, I did not know for certain.

Hearing me swallow, Abigail got this wonderful lost look upon her face and beamed down at me. I slurped another mouthful down my throat and she squeezed her teat, forcing a stream of warm fluid into my mouth.

After swallowing I removed her nipple and asked, "How the blazes do you manage that?"

She smiled knowingly back at me, but said nothing for a moment, then deigned it proper to respond and said, "I don't really understand what's happening myself, but ever since I birthed Rhonda I find I am able to secret something . . . I've tasted it and don't believe tis milk, mother's milk I mean. But it certainly comes out of me teat, so what else can it be but milk. Perhaps a watered down version of it, but milk it must be."

"Might I have some more?"

"Please do, for it pleases me very much, for as you draw on me I thrill in a thousand different places. I fear that if you sucked away long enough I would have yet another heavy spend."

"Then of course I shall," I told her and moved toward her strawberry tipped breast once more.

"Would you put it back inside me, please," Abigail asked, and of course I complied and was soon glad I had. For as my teeth clamped down on her stiffened bud her cunt muscles clamped down so hard I thought she might lop my prick off at the base.

"What!" I gasped and realized Abigail's entire body had gone as rigid as a five day old corpse. I gave her teat a squeeze and Abigail moaned, then shuddered as a mighty orgasm arrived and swept her away from me for several minutes. I contented myself with stoking her shoulders and back until she returned to some semblance of normalcy.

"My God," she gasped after opening her eyes and settling them on me. "I have never . . ."

"You told me moments ago that each time was better than the last, did you not?"

"I did. But I didn't think this love making would be the death of me. I fear I almost passed from this world to the next a minute ago." She lightly struck my chest with her fist. "You'd kill me with this . . . this . . ." she was struggling to describe my prick, and so I said, "Prick of mine?"

"Yes!" she cried and in doing so lost her breath and began coughing.

When she recovered, Abigail turned to me and in a serious tone asked, "Phileas, is it possible to fuck one's self to death?"

"I imagine so, although I know not of anyone actually doing so."

"What a wonderful way to die!" Abigail cried out and waved her arms in the air.

"Come, Phileas, give me another harrowing ride. Make it life and death, I pray you do it, do it, oh, do it!"

I grabbed her around the waist and whispered "hold on." We rolled and I slid into her sluicy quim. When I was on top, I whispered to her to put her legs around me and hold on and I moved us back to the center of the bed.

"Is this what you had in mind?"

"Just fuck me!"

I started out using a gentle rhythm and attempted to ensure that I would make contact with her clit as I bottomed out. Abigail began to moan on every down stroke and used her legs to grasp me for the necessary leverage to thrust up and meet my strokes. Soon we had a good rhythm going and her moans grew louder.

I brought our mouths together and started moving my tongue in and out of her mouth in the same rhythm as our fucking. Her eyes flew open and after about six slow thrusts Abigail renewed her orgasming. This time she remained in control of her person and sucked hard on my tongue as she used her muscular control to apply ample pressure around my manhood. Truth be told, she was holding my prick prisoner, for it could not go forward, nor backward, but remained in place as she gently squeezed it with the walls of her cunny.

From her shuddering I knew she had continued spending and when I could once again maneuver my prick within her she began to clamor for air. I stopped until she was breathing again, heavily for sure, but normal enough to alleviate my concerns for her well being.

As her orgasm slacked off, she hoarsely whispered, "I can't take much more of this."

"Well then let us have a frantic finish shall we?" Abigail nodded her head in agreement.

She started rocking her hips in a wild uncontrolled motion, almost throwing me off of her.

"Come in me, Phileas, my love," she panted, "I want to feel you squirting in me."

I was already close and her words spurred my seed's haste to depart my testicles.

"Are you really ready to feel my spend squirting on your cunny's walls?" I hissed through clenched teeth.


Pumping in and out of her like a man possessed, I growled into her ear, "I'm going to spend so much that it will be leaking down your leg all bloody day!"

"OH!" she gasped and started to spend.

"AHH!" I grunted even louder than she had and felt as her cunt grew wetter still, and vise-like --- tighter and tighter, until at last the pleasure we both sought was upon us driving each of us almost mad with its incredible intensity.

Abigail let go a low yawning, half-moan, half-sigh and spent --- clutching my hair spasmodically, and her thighs nipping.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Ah! Ah!" She cried.

I knew well enough what my dearest wanted and fully intended to give it to her. Several tantalizing slow thrusts later she was on the verge of an orgasm when I pulled out. She moaned in protest, but lay still, which surprised me in that a precious second ago she had been matching me thrust for thrust.

With a casual motion I dipped two fingers into her sexual cauldron and lifted them to my nose, inhaling her scent and making no secret of my obvious pleasure. Then I wiped my fingers under her nose, coating the area with her scent. Abigail's nostril's flared, but her eyes remained on my face as my fingers returned to her cunt, coated them with another dollop of her juices and put the fingers to my own lips, cleaning her fluids by avidly sucking them away. Her taste was amazing; dark and smoky, sweet and salty is the only way I can describe it. She had her tongue out to its fullest, licking the spot under her nose where I had deposited a sample of her juices.

I could see, the lust riding her body, pushing away all thought and leaving only sensation in its wake. Her eyes flashed with hungry excitement and I realized that in denying her the orgasm only excited Abigail all the more.

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