tagFirst TimePhileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 13

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 13

byParis Waterman©

When Abigail left me, I decided to proceed with my seduction of Nicole even though it filled me with guilt and a certain dread of what would surely follow.

A few minutes before ten, Nicole knocked on my door and inquired if I wanted some tea. Opening the door I found the scamp had it there with her on a tray. She smiled and then giggled, then said with a humorous sagacity far beyond her years, "Tis for our walk, Mr. Fogg."

"Fuel?" I inquired innocently, knowing she meant to fill my bladder in hopes of seeing my prick as it emptied itself of the 'tea.'

"I expect so, Mr. Fogg. Oh, and Mother says she'll be gone all the day gathering provisions for tomorrow's dinner. We can take as long as we like . . . on our little walk. Isn't that lovely?"

Her smile was nothing but wicked innocence, growing wider as I poured a second cup of tea and drank heartily.

Shortly thereafter we began our walk, and in short order Nicole, nymphet that she was, availed herself of certain new intimacies with me as indicated by the entwining of my arm with hers; and followed that by moving closer to me than was called for under the best of circumstances hugging my arm to her so that on occasion her breast brushed lightly against me.

Thusly encouraged, when we were fully out of sight of the house, I turned and embraced her; and she pressed closely to my chest, pushing her delightful budding breasts into me as I leaned down to bestow a sweet kiss upon her waiting lips. I held her to me for a full minute, savoring the feel of her young lips on mine. There was no doubt but that Nicole noted the display of my assuredly less than paternal interest in her through the silent display of my rod pressing its urgency against her.

Thereafter I arranged it so that on several occasions Nicole witnessed the prominence of my loins, which her close presence and flirty conduct had inflamed to the point where my tumescence was highly visible.

A wry smile crossed her face and Nicole chirped merrily, "Shall I be your lookout again, Mr. Fogg? You drank so much tea I fear that you must need to relieve yourself by now; do you not?"

How could I refuse? Only this time, I unleashed a full-sized erection that caused Nicole to gasp in surprise and remove herself to some distance away from me. And while I stood before a multi-trunk birch tree I heard her going, "Oh, Oh, Oh." on viewing the size of my erection.

After a short while, I was able to relax, managing to spurt a long, thick stream of piss against the birch tree that brought Nicole round to better view my performance and on witnessing the powerful stream I was splattering the poor birch with, she shrieked with delight. "Mr. Fogg," she tittered as I shook my member free of the last drops, "I have a linen hanky in my pocket, would you like me to wipe off any... residue?"

"You certainly may," I said as a euphoric feeling swept over me.

But Nicole merely giggled and tossed the wadded up linen at me and ran back up the trail laughing. We resumed our walk, with Nicole breaking into giggles every ten or so steps. Suddenly she was back at my side, knocking her hips into mine as we walked. I made no further overture toward her seduction, preferring to let nature take its course. I was convinced that I had all the time in the world to complete my treachery.

Nicole and to some extent, her younger sister Rhonda, hovered around me the rest of the day and I had to wonder if Nicole had confided in her as sisters are wont to do. If so, I thought, then perhaps I might succeed in seducing the pair of them and satisfying Sir Baring's unstated request.


Once Nicole was sure everyone had gone to bed for the evening, she lightly rapped on my bedroom door, which I opened a crack, for I knew not if it were she or my beloved Abigail. On seeing it was Nicole, I quickly opened the door and she ran up to me in her nightgown and hugged me. I hugged her in return, feeling her supple, young body pressed against mine. When I glanced down at her I saw that her eyes were closed and her head tilted back. I knew enough about girls to decode that signal, and so I kissed her until my tumescence was obvious and rubbing against her loins.

I told her we had to stop or we'd get caught. Knowing it was true; Nicole hugged me one last time and scampered off, giggling happily.


An hour later, I made my way to Abigail's room and we made love most of the night, but my mind was on Nicole the whole time; or almost the entire time, as I planned her seduction while fucking her mother in each orifice before returning to my own bed around three in the morning.


There was no piano playing the following morning, for Abigail once again had to leave the house --- this time to meet with her society friends that would see them caring for the poor and destitute and visiting the local hospital.

I surprised Nicole by bringing a picnic basket along on our daily walk. As she had the day before, she stayed very close to me; and after we had gone about a mile she took my hand and almost pulled me into the brush. We kissed several times in succession and eventually I brought our tongues together. Then with my arm around her waist, I drew her closer, and we sat for a time under a Chestnut tree, whilst I murmured sweet nothings into her ear. I waited for her to sigh before proceeding further then I began kissing my way down her arm. Beginning at the point where I had nibbled at her, I worked my way in a bit of a zigzag towards her elbow. Kissing first to the right, then to the left and finally in the center before once again giving a gentle nibble, clenching her flesh lightly between my teeth and pulling softly away until the flesh slipped free.

Nicole laughed delightedly and in a childish manner pretended to scold me for being so presumptuous. I rubbed the skin along her neck in small circles and asked, "Would you have me stop right now?"

"OH?" she replied as though just coming awake, "No, no, do proceed, it is... very invigorating, Mr. Fogg, very invigorating."

I concluded my travels by moving down her arm and caressing the inside of her wrist. We kissed again, softly, with no perceived urgency on either of our part and it lasted quite a while. But for all that time, I maintained my casual stroking of her wrist, raising her ardor higher and higher. As soon as our lips separated, I was moved to kiss her wrist, using my tongue to tickle the flesh there on her pulse point and I felt it pick up and begin to race.

I sensed that I almost had her and transferred my lips to the back of her hand, kissing it firmly as I shifted position upward. I held her lightly by the back of the neck and turned her face to mine. Nicole acquiesced with nary the faintest protest. When she turned it happened that her breast came into contact with my hand and before she could move away I was kissing her on the lips and she melted into my arms, unheeding of my hand upon her pear-sized bust.

These touches and our kisses had aroused the lithe nymphet to the point where I imagined that I could see the heat rising from her loins like steam from a boiling kettle. I kissed her with more passion than ever, sent my tongue into her mouth and sucked on her tongue until Nicole was moaning and mashing her tender breasts against me. Thinking it time to advance my amorous intentions upon her, I left my hand rest squarely on her belly, only inches from her center. A voluptuous shiver ran through her and she moaned all the louder, signaling me that she would be all too receptive to further explorations.

Still, I was very much aware that Nicole as youthful as she was might panic at any moment; but as her moans intensified I decided to risk pressing on, but at the slowest of tempos. Gradually Nicole relaxed in my arms; increased the ardor of her kisses; and tightened her arms about my neck. And then after ending a prolonged kiss with a huge sigh, Nichole begged me to leave her there and go back to the house. But I knew she was wrestling with a bigger problem than my stiff prick already staining my trousers with its over- heated wetness.

My hand seemed to possess a mind of its own, furrowing under her dress and burrowing under her petticoat, to caress one of her delicate calves. Nicole made a muted protest at this. But I knew enough about women to ignore her; sending my hand higher, to mid-thigh, which evoked a violent reaction from her, in that she shoved the hand away and told me in no uncertain terms to, "Stop!"

I lifted my hand, returning it to her calves and this she permitted, for she was thoroughly confused. On the one hand she was overwhelmed with lustful sensations, and on the other, her sense of right and wrong was being thoroughly tested. My fingers continued to torment her, edging their way to that sweet spot behind the knee.

Nicole laughed at the initial touches; then moaned mournfully as they continued in their seductive ways; and then a scant minute later she reached a decision and uttered a wanton, "OH!" as the sexual arousal from my discreet caresses took control of her senses. "Mr. Fogg! What are you doing to me?"

"Am I misbehaving?" I ask.

"You are indeed!"

"Give me another of your sweet kisses," I begged.

This was quickly granted, for Nicole had grown to love our kissing. As our mouths devoured one another I held her tight and tighter still. Nicole moaned long and loud and I wondered if a servant or worse had heard.

"Please, Nicole, do try to be quiet, you will soon have everyone running after us and we shall be found out." She quieted down and a moment later asked, "What's happening to us . . . to me?" There was a lovely innocence to her question.

"Shall I stop kissing you?" I asked, knowing full well the response she would make.

"Yes!" She quickly replied, and then, "No! No! Don't listen to me; I love all your kisses!"

"Good, then give me another."

"I shall, but . . . no tricks."

We began another prolonged kiss; but this time I drew her lower lip between mine and licked it ever so lightly with my tongue. I felt the fire of lust surging through her as she shuddered in my arms.

I noticed two things during that soft, close mouthed kiss of passion. The first was the feeling of her nipple beneath the back of my hand, rigid and erect; and the feeling of my prick as it was forced flat against my stomach by our joined hips. I hadn't even noticed my cock rising again, let alone felt the pressure of my clothing as it came fully rigid. My thoughts had been solely of Nicole and her responses to my seduction. But now I found myself wondering at Nicole's thoughts as my fully engorged prick pressed into the side of her hip and upper thigh.

I worked my hands to her sides, until I was sliding them up and down the sides of her body, from the tops of her hips to the sides of her ribs. Of course, we continued our kissing, and Nicole began to moan a little when my thumbs touched the bottoms of her breasts and pushed them up towards the top of her bodice.

It took some time, but my efforts were rewarded as her small breasts escaped their confinement sufficiently so that Nicole's swollen bumps were revealed to my eyes all the way to the darkened flesh which surrounded her nipples. The nipples themselves, remained lodged in a crease of the fabric, which gallantly fought to retain her treasures as it rode up and down with the movement of her breasts.

I leaned down to kiss her again and this time her head came up to meet me, her hands going to the back of my neck and then my shoulders as our tongues became snakes in a battle for ascendancy.

I changed my moves then, sliding both hands straight up the middle in that barest of gaps we maintained between our bodies. Up to those glorious risen mounds on her chest and maneuvering them until they rose up and free of her corseted bodice for my eyes and hands to feast on. Her breasts were mere swells as one would expect of a young girl just beginning to mature, but her nipples... I was thunderstruck, for they were the longest I had ever seen. I could not restrain myself, but reached to each breast and took the distended nipples in my fingers as my lips returned to hers. Gently I squeezed at them, pressing with my thumbs to bend them over the sides of my fingers and see if they would lengthen further. Nicole growled in her throat, the first sound to escape her lips since her protest that I was taking advantage of the situation.

I slid my fingers together against her nipple, trapping it then using a gentle squeezing pressure; I began dragging my hand from her breast, the nipple first being pulled with it, then slipping along between my sweaty fingers. I would momentarily, slightly spread my fingers and then re-trap the nipple before again sliding my hand away and pulling at the trapped nipple again. I found myself amazed that her nipple was so large. It had grown to about half the thickness of my pinkie finger and its end actually showed above my fingers when I squeezed them together. As I again squeezed and pulled on it my kissing lips reached her ribs and the underside of the breast upon which my hand worked. I kissed and gently licked at the point where the mound of flesh grew from her chest. Nicole's body arched, her shoulder rising slightly and her head going back.

I moved my head my head to the side and took a nipple into my mouth, putting just a bit of the tip between my lips, and sucked on it, slowly increasing the suction until not only it, but the little cap of dark flesh beneath it slipped into my mouth. I moved my tongue then, probing and lapping at everything I had captured.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She gasped, her eyes suddenly vacant as if she were someplace else and I knew she was filled with that first pleasure derived in having one's teat neatly sucked.

I knew opportunity when it came round and with a nipple firmly clenched between my lips, I slowly rose to my knees beside her and began moving my slippery hand in tight circles against her inner thigh, moving it slowly towards the small leg opening in her pantaloons.

My hand advanced towards that opening in small motions, concentrating mostly on those sensations I might elicit. I slid my hand across a breast, spreading the fingers wide and allowing her nipple to slide into the gap created by my middle and ring fingers. When the nipple was at the base of the fingers I lightly squeezed the breast with my hand as I moved it around her chest. Her bodice was pushed as low on her chest as it could go and had become a twisted bunch of material from armpit to armpit.

Nicole's eyes had closed and her lips slightly parted. She was breathing rapidly through her mouth and at my touch the tip of her tongue appeared, coming into contact with her upper lip. I smiled, pleased with myself. Slowly a look of pleasured astonishment covered her face and her body fluttered and a quiet whimper escaped her lips.

Releasing her nipple from my mouth, I bent down and kissed her on the tummy, Nicole's back arched and her tummy rose up to press firmly against my mouth as I nibbled at her. My kisses returned to her breasts while my fingers were slid inside the leg of her pantaloons reaching the top of her thigh and then, I found the bottom of her young mound and allowed my fingers to explore the crease between her silky smooth pubes and her inner thigh, touching her as lightly as I could; and noting the scarcity of pubic hair along the smooth, smooth pathway.

The movement of my hand was more restricted now, but I found I was still able to twist it further and down until it slipped between her legs and completely covered her quim. My middle finger insinuated itself into the crack of her arse, coming to rest across her bum hole. She moaned continuously, but offered little in the way of resistance.

I tried moving my hand up and down on her cunt, pressing into her and rubbing its length. My intention was to drag my fingers up, into and through the slit itself, but her pantaloons interfered. My hand became twisted inside the leg opening and the pantaloons proved too restrictive for the move.

I released her completely and sat back. She moaned softly and we resumed our kisses, her mouth softer than ever and with an insatiable hunger for more. I stopped kissing her to explain Frenching to her and she seemed to have more than just a vague understanding of where it will lead. Several French kisses later my hand was well under her petticoats and rubbing over her quim. I doubt that she even realized what was going on, so enraptured was she with all the kissing and hugging.

But inwardly she knew I was rubbing her quim, of that I'm convinced, for she was humping back at my hand. I suspect Nicole was fearful that I might end the rubbing if she protested and she was too close to coming to want it to stop at this point. Then too, my hand felt not only her youthful heat, but a growing wetness signaling her state of high arousal.

Suddenly Nicole cried out, for my finger although still outside a layer of underclothing had begun to play with the interior of her labia. Suddenly wary of my intentions, Nicole tried to close her thighs. This is perfectly all right with me for she has only managed to trap my hand just where I want it, next to her clitoris.

Now nature has placed the woman's clitoris so that it cannot escape man's fingers. I don't know that this is fair, but it is said that "all's fair in love and war," and so although Nicole closed her thighs tightly, supposedly denying me access to her quim as well as her rear; it would appear the same action served to seal the arse as well, so that unless I acted with some violence toward her person, I could not succeed in opening her thighs to me.

But as I said nature works against a woman because her clitoris is almost always accessible to the man's middle finger -- as it will penetrate the tightest of clamped thighs to reach the upper part of the cunt where the devilish clittie lies, enabling me to incite my nubile maiden to submit to my every whim.

That same middle finger lightly brushed over her engorged clitoris.

"UNNNNGH!" She groaned and fell back as if in a faint. Being a gentleman, even if I am a cad and a bit of a scoundrel, I waited patiently for her to revive. When she did, Nicole drew herself up, looked me directly in the eye and demanded that I remove my hand from her privates.

She was surprised when I laughed at her demand and it took a moment for it to register upon her aroused senses that I had already done so. This perplexed the young maiden so much that there was no protest when my hand commenced to caressing her elongated tit buds.

"You have," I told her, "the longest nipples I have ever seen."

"Really?" She replied, pleased and surprised for as I later learned, Nicole had no one to compare herself with other than her sister, Rhonda who was almost a year younger than she.

And so while I amused myself playing with one nipple, Nicole explored her youthful sexuality by tantalizing the other. In no time at all her nips stood out proudly at least an inch and I had to wonder if someone had stretched them early on. Sir Baring came to mind, for he was certainly capable of such an act, but I quickly forgot about such matters and returned to the seduction at hand. I must add another word or two on those remarkable buds. Her nipples were thick and a dark pink in colour as well as stiff with arousal.

"You know, Nicole," I said, "one day when you've fully developed breasts, I shouldn't be surprised if you were able to suck them yourself."

"I couldn't," she protested and blushed from head to toe.

I laughed and said, "I'll wager you've already tried to do it."

"Mr. Fogg!" She cried out, scandalized.

"Tell me true, have you not?"

"I have never..." she finished, blushing even more.

"Try it right now," I said coaxing her.

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