tagGroup SexPhileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 16

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 16

byParis Waterman©

But it was affection, not love that bound Mrs. Bentley and I together. We both came to realize it after a short time, but after her arrival I found myself venturing out once again, first to stroll along Saville Row, and then London of an evening.

Once again, this time at Mrs. Bentley's urging, I grew a beard; and eventually I took advantage of my club membership and soon entered into what one might say was a virtual ironclad routine of rising at the same time each morning and arriving at the Reform Club at exactly noon to spend the next twelve hours there before departing for my residence on Saville Row.

Mrs. Bentley's visits soon fell off to three times a week, during which times we fornicated like rabbits. I shall not bore the reader further with our dalliances, except to relate upon the one evening Mrs. Bentley arrived with Dolly in tow.

And what an unforgettable evening it was.

I was not expecting Dolly at all. They made it a surprise, and a grand surprise it was. I learned that Dolly had missed our randy play and it turned out that although she dearly loved her husband, he lacked shall we say, a certain adroitness generally required of a lover in the boudoir.

We did not waste much time in beginning to remove our clothing. I recall making Dolly gasp as I found her drawers under the layers of skirt and underskirt and petticoat. She stopped, her fingers paused in opening her bodice, and I smiled. She wore one of the pairs I had given to her during the time we spent together; little more than scraps of sheer lace held snug by a knotted cord.

She moaned and began to move against me as I cupped her cunt through the lace. I rubbed my fingers against her lips, feeling the heat of them, and the dampness.

"In for a penny, in for a pound," I murmured for some silly reason as I found the knot which held her drawers tight and slipped it loose.

Mrs. Bentley was in the process of removing a stocking as I slid one finger inside Dolly, and as I added a second, Mrs. Bentley stuck her tongue out at me in a school girlish manner and lewdly hissed, "You'll have more than enough to eat this night, me love."

I laughed at her and gave her what I hoped was a lascivious wink; and found myself totally enthralled by Dolly's most warm, wet quim. I kissed her throat and she rolled her hips against me then arched her back. I began to frig her and felt the buzz of her voice against my throat as she said, "I've really missed you so much."

My fingers were gliding in and out of her thoroughly saturated cunt when her hands dove into her skirts to play with mine. Then Mrs. Bentley knelt next to us having removed one stocking, but not the other and stroked Dolly's fluttering thighs and her shivering belly with one hand while the other freed Dolly's magnificent breasts from their confinement.

I removed my hand from her skirts and held my fingers up for Dolly to lick, which she did playfully relishing the taste of herself. She looked up at me with a satisfied, feline smile. "And what might we be contemplating next?" She asked coquettishly, as Mrs. Bentley surreptitiously brought my prick into view.

"Give it a nice suck, would you Mrs. Bentley?" I asked.

"Please, call me Eunice when we're having a fuck would you dearie?" she replied with a grin like a cat having swallowed a canary. Then of course, after spitting a long string of saliva upon my knob, she devoured me.

"Yes, of course, I replied when I'd recaptured my breath then gave myself up to the delightful sensations of her tongue as it rolled over my erection.

Dolly reached across her to rub my foot, then my calf. Eunice's hand darted down to stroke my thigh and I groaned contentedly.

I started to protest, wanting to get back to Dolly's quim, but both women shushed me. Moreover, Dolly's nimble fingers had located my testicles and begun tickling them as Eunice sucked laboriously upon my manhood.

I leaned back against Dolly, cradling my head against her shoulder, as she slipped a dainty finger inside my arse. Turning my head slightly, I found her lips and we kissed with open mouths until the naughty devil sent a second finger up me arse to join the first.

I groaned, and she shushed me again. We kissed some more then I lifted my body up to meet her probing fingers. My back arched like a bow, my head fell back away from her mouth, and she looked on smiling, her fingers doing devilish work as the candles flickered in her deep blue eyes.

And then there was this magnificent wave. It came over me all at once, that wave; my prick exploded, and I fell back onto the featherbed with a feeling of weightlessness and euphoria. A few minutes passed before I was sufficiently roused to renew my play with the two beauties. Dolly hissed in pleasure as I stroked her cunt again, velvety, and hot it was. She tangled her fingers in my hair and rolled her hips against my hand. I felt the muscles in her calves tighten under my caress and I urged my tongue into her quim as Eunice caught each of Dolly's nipples and worked them, twisting them one way and then the other and Dolly moaned with erotic pleasure each time Eunice changed direction.

I slid a hand down her flank to her buttocks, ducking beneath the hem of the chemise to caress her skin as I found her little nub; the little man in the boat tis called, and worried at it with my lips and teeth.

She cried out something wordless, and threw her arms back over her head. I worried the boatman some more then stopped to have a look at that lovely cunt of hers; a cunt that I had sorely missed. It gaped at me, wet it was for certain; the juices of her pleasure were smeared along her trembling thighs. And Eunice, whom I had been neglecting, had one hand pawing lewdly at Dolly's breast and was breathing in ragged, lusty pants. She, like Dolly appeared to be utterly beyond herself; and I had never seen either of them look more beautiful then they did at that moment.

I took a moment to tell them just that and they covered my face and neck with wet kisses, ending by kissing one another, using their tongues in superb fashion I might add and before they had finished their kissing I was in possession of a roaring erection and wondering where to stick it.

Mrs. Bentley won the honors. I took her arm and positioned her with her arse protruding off the end the bed. I knelt on a bench behind Mrs. Bentley and admired her fine arse, running my hands lightly over her rump at first, then getting rougher and squeezing those plump cheeks with both hands, causing her to moan with pleasure. Releasing her cheeks for the moment, I reached round her front and found her nipples. They were heavy with blood, and the touch thrilled us both.

"Oh!" she moaned, pushing her arse back against me, "Oh!"

Behind her, kneeling by the headboard, I could see Dolly looking down on the scene, chewing absently on a strand of her blonde hair.

I let go her teats and eased backward a bit, then leaned forward and began to gamahuch Eunice for her arse had the strongest appeal to me at that very moment. Using long, lascivious swipes of my tongue from the star of her puckered arsehole to her now unhidden boatman I caused Eunice to cry out: "No, No, with your prick!"

Eunice didn't wait for me to act, but reached back and, taking it firmly in hand, guided it to her cunt. She paused for a second, her palm along my shaft, her fingertips against my balls; my knob at the wet entrance of her labia; then she drew in her breath and thrust back at me and it seemed my prick was sucked into her rather than me pushing it into her.

It disappeared into her so easily; so rapidly that it was much akin to a knife cutting through butter.

"OHHHHH YES!" She sighed, as the entirety of my member entered her.

Her mouth fluttered open. Her belly rippled thrice and she grimaced in pleasure. I began to fuck her, using slow, drawn out strokes that had her hips squirming and writhing in pleasure while she moaned thickly with undisguised pleasure.

I caressed her back, my hands gliding up and down her smooth, pliant flesh; then reached under to fondle her breasts.

A quick glance over at Dolly found her removing the remainder of her clothing while pressing first one hand, then the other into her quim depending on which was needed to remove her garments.

Eunice hissed softly as I squeezed her swollen mounds in my hands; then pinched her rigid nipples. In return, she cupped and then lightly squeezed my balls.

"Oh fuck, that feels so good, Mr. Fogg," she murmured and turned her face to mine.

We changed to a more comfortable position and I whispered in her ear, "Please, call me Phileas," bringing the two of us to a first name basis at last. Then we enjoyed a deep kiss while I caressed her cock filled cunt and we moaned into each other's mouth.

Slowly, Eunice straightened. Her hips began to move, gyrating in tight, erotic circles on my lap. She groaned and her back arched slowly. Her hips swirled slowly; her buttocks constantly flexing and squeezing my prick.

She hissed softly and her hips rose, still circling and undulating; then suddenly she spiraled down slowly. Her mouth fluttered open and she leaned forward, her shoulders hunched and deep hollows appeared in them. Then with her hands on my knees, Eunice began to rock up and down on my cock, sliding her cunt up and down the length of my shaft. Her belly rippled inward and she arched her back and hissed in pleasure as her cunt ground down deep on my manhood.

Suddenly she paused with my prick half in and half out of her and clapped her buttocks rapidly together, squeezing my cock with her cunt. I gasped under her and arched my hips as my member reared into her and she moaned in delight.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh god yes!" she cried. "Ugh! Now, quickly! Fuck Dolly!" And she rolled away from me.

Waving her arm, she urged Dolly to take her place, and groaned, "You've satisfied me... or the moment, Phileas!"

"Come on! Come on, whore!" She yelled at her friend, "Hump the man!"

I waited impatiently for Dolly's warm loins to settle down upon my shaft and as soon as she did, we began to fuck like two dogs in heat. Whimpering and moaning her pleasure, Dolly began rocking up and down on my engorged penis. Her breasts jumped and bounced with her motions and I tried without success to catch a nipple in my mouth. Gasping and crying out, she moved faster and faster. Her arse caromed off my thighs; her thighs mashed my balls in excitement.

The palm of her hand, fingers spread, lay flat on her belly as she suddenly ground her hips round in tight, jerky circles. Hissing her pleasure, she slowly drew her right hand up her body; then mashed her breasts savagely and thence up to her grimacing face wherein she covered her eyes.

"God, yes! She moaned. "Oh fuck . . . I can't tell yer how much I love your cock in me slit!"

I swiveled my hips as I thrust and sent my prick careening along what must have been fresh territory as she wailed, "OHHH, YES!"

We were so covered with sweat if was difficult to maintain any purchase on her waist. It took some doing, but I finally managed it and was able to move her up and down on my shaft again reveling in the soft feel of her cunt as it slithered along the length of my shaft.

Dolly hunched forward and held both breasts in her hands; mouth open in a wide "O" as she rocked back and forth, seeming lost in her own world.

The savage in me took charge and I began to yank her up and down on my lance, growling "ferociously" as Eunice reminded me later; and in the process forcing a series of choking cries from poor Dolly.

As I came to my senses . . . this savagery did not, in fact, last very long. Dolly's head was lolling listlessly as she had spent several times during my assault and then fainted.

I paused, not certain as to what action if any I was required to take.

Eunice resolved the problem having witnessed more that I did as a participant and eased Dolly to one side, then spying my still rampant erection, Eunice straddled my thighs and quickly moved my prick into her slippery cunt as I watched numbly.

"Mmmm, she groaned as she rocked slowly back and forth on her knees.

"Time to satisfy me again, Mr. Phileas Fogg," she hissed through clenched teeth.

"Can you feel it?" She said still hissing like a cobra. "Can you feel it squeezing your great big prick?"

"YES! It's so lovely. Nice and tight! I spat out. "Nice and hot and juicy too!"

"So . . . does it feel good? Honestly?"

"It's bloody marvelous!"

Dolly had revived and began to tickle my testicles and I told her I loved her and what she was doing.

Both women cackled lewdly.

I sent my hands in search of Eunice's breasts and finding them, fondled them lovingly.

Dolly abandoned my balls and moved up to take one of Eunice's breasts from me and suckled it, eliciting a whimper of joy from Eunice.

I seemed to be taking an extraordinary amount of time before coming and wondered at it, but did not complain as Eunice whimpered again, this time as a result of my writhing hips sending my prick thrusting into her.

She smiled down at me, then bent over and kissed me deeply. Dolly had relinquished the breast permitting her to do it. Dolly had some devilment in her and on leaving the supple breast; she pressed a finger into Eunice's arse.

Our kiss ended abruptly at this as Eunice shrieked with pleasure and surprise.

I thumbed Eunice's clitoris and she moaned all the louder. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking straight at me; yet there was no hint of recognition in them as her climax crashed down on her and I held her tightly to me as I too spent inside her.

We lay there, gasping for breath for some time before we both heard Dolly's plaintive call.

"Eunice," croaked Dolly; her voice weighted with thwarted desire and need.

I kissed Eunice's neck, and she turned her head to look at me, and I kissed her mouth, savoring the taste of her, delighting in the enthusiasm of her tongue as it licked at my lips, my teeth, my own tongue.

"Now, now," I murmured, shifting myself so that my groin pressed against the small of her back, and her lips brushed my cheek as I felt for her hand, and she tried to kiss me again. "You've had yours," I said. "It's Dolly's turn now."

And Eunice turned from me to look at Dolly through the red film St. Jane leaves over one's eyes.

"Oh, my lovely Dolly. Have I neglected you?"

"Well..." and Dolly decided to say no more.

"Why don't you kiss Dolly, Eunice?" I suggested. She did and with surprising ardor too.

I had no idea the women had a history of mutual gratification with one another, and I cannot relate the voluptuous excitement the libidinous fantasies racing through my brain caused, save that I nearly spent from them.

"You're so hot," said Eunice, her voice filled with wonder," So soft."

She leaned forward and kissed her Dolly again, Dolly's eyes were closed, and she did not move, but trembled slightly.

"Now," I said, and cupped my hand under Eunice's, fitting my fingers to her and curling them up in mine. "Follow my finger." I extended my index finger, slightly curled, and felt her smaller finger crook against it.

"Gently," I whispered as our entwined fingers probed forward, unseen, between Dolly's wide splayed thighs. I felt, as did Eunice, the slick, wet lips of Dolly's cunt.

Both women laughed and writhed about on the bed, until with a hungry moan, Eunice knelt between Dolly's legs and began to lick her juicy quim. I stood to one side gazing at Eunice's thickly furred cunt from behind, as her handsome rump rose up in order that her face could better reach Dolly's Quim.

Dolly shuddered with anticipation. "Please," she groaned.

"Like this," I said, touching Eunice on the shoulder, thinking to show her something she knew little of; only to have Eunice tell me in no uncertain terms,

"I know well how to finger and gamahuch a lady, Phileas. Please do leave us to have at one another and when we're finished you may choose which of us you want to empty your seed into."

"No," said Dolly, opening her eyes, "No!"

"What tis it?" Eunice asked gently.

"The both of you may do me . . . if you please?"

And so it was that both our fingers moved slowly in and out of Dolly. She leaned forward, pressing a kiss to Eunice's mouth, then mine. Our tongues touched, and she breathed sharply as Eunice's thumb glided over the lips of Dolly's sex and up to find her little boatman.

"Oh," Eunice gasped happily, "He's standing up for me already!"

I looked and saw it, small but quite hard and swollen, perched atop her engorged labia.

Eunice caressed it lightly and Dolly moaned in delight.

As Eunice toyed with the tiny nub I licked her lips just below and occasionally our tongues touched and we left off Dolly to enjoy a short spell of French kisses before returning to the business at hand.

Soon Dolly squeezed her eyes shut and breathing quickly, began to utter a strange but obvious moan of pleasure. "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" But both Eunice and I knew well it was not her wish that we cease our tender ministrations to her cunny. With a tremendous shudder, Dolly came as the warmth of St. Jane coursed through her, Dolly came hard against our fingers, and then fell back against the cushions, hips still jerking spasmodically, as Eunice fell atop her, kissing her belly, her breasts, her throat.

"Oh," said Dolly. "Oh, Eunice . . . Don't."

"Eunice," I said. She looked up at me, and I beckoned her to me, and she fell into my arms as Dolly sat up, still panting, still trembling.

I pulled her to me, and opened my other arm to embrace Eunice, then held both women close, stroking their hair, as Eunice's hand played with my stirring prick and Dolly rested her head against my shoulder.

That was wonderful," Dolly sighed contentedly. "Thank you both."

We lay on the bed for a time before Dolly began to lick and then suck my penis, slowly running her teeth up and down the length of my hardened shaft.

I saw her eyes glitter with lust as she dragged her tongue up the glistening shaft, her lips wide, her cheeks and breasts flecked with our commingled love juices.

"Aaah, keep sucking, Dolly, I've sorely missed that talented mouth of yours."

Then realizing I might have offended Eunice, said, "Tis true, you know that each woman's mouth is different that the next. And yours is as sweet as there is. In fact, while slightly different you both posses the most artful means of fellating one."

"Methinks Mr. Fogg has a bit of the Irish in him, so full of the Blarney is he," Eunice said and then rolled over with laughter.

"Dolly loves to give suck. I like it too, but no where as much as she. Have ya always loved sucking a man's cock Dolly, me girl?" Eunice said teasingly.

Dolly popped me from her mouth to reply.

"I have and the bigger the better. And I love swallowing their spunk too. You do too Eunice, I've seen ya many a time."

That said, Dolly bent her head and returned to fellating me, drawing my member deep into her throat; sucking it slowly and heavily; laving it with her tongue.

"What might I do to please you, Phileas?" Eunice asked.

I made no reply.

"Please, tell me what you'd like." Eunice turned on her side to face me.

"Shall I frig for you?"

"Have you a . . . what is it called . . . a dildo?"

"If you like," she said and jumped from the bed and left the room only to return a moment later waving an ivory phallus.

"Is that a dildo?" I asked, as I was not certain, but it surely resembled a prick and a rather large one at that. Perhaps it was some 10 inches in length and of a sizable thickness, much larger than mine.

Eunice squatted directly in front of me and while Dolly giggled as she gulped away at me, Eunice, holding the dildo with both hands, shoved it up and into the deepest part of her quim.

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