tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPhilippines Vacation Pt. 02

Philippines Vacation Pt. 02


Sooo, our first night together was uneventful...lol..

Our resort vacation wasn't for a few days, so we spent the next couple of days relaxing. We caught up with family and spent time with the kids. Shopping, eating out (yeah he ate me out every chance he got...shh!), reconnecting with the city. Lounging in bed, watching the sun come up, naps a-plenty.

Travel day came for us again. I packed light. It would only be for a few days, so I packed a few bikinis, some shorts, t-shirts, sandals. Pretty much the same for him, sans bikinis, we'd tried that, they don't fit him. Shhh! Hahaha!

The trip to the airport was ridiculously long considering the distance, and uneventful, ahem. The plane ride took about half an hour to reach the island. We waited at the airport for an hour for the resort shuttle to leave, as it had to wait for everyone with a reservation.

The weather was beautiful. This area was already more lush and green than what you;re used to in the city. The air was cool and crisp. It was hard not to want to fall asleep on the bench. We finally loaded up into the shuttle for another half an hour trip to this souvenir strip mall. They said we were running ahead of schedule, so had to burn some time. The reality was they probably had some deal with, or were related to, the owners, so stop and have people spend money.

That was another half an hour wait. We picked up some tshirts and trinkets as gifts. Then back in the van and another half an hour trip, this time to a mall. In hindsight I'm glad we stopped. We grabbed things we couldn't take on the plane. We did some window shopping. This safari was getting longer, we were getting tired, and bored.

I'd just worn a bikini under a pair of shorts and a tshirt. As we walked around we started getting friskier. He was squeezing me and kissing me, grabbing my ass when no one else was looking. It was almost time to go again and we made a quick bathroom stop. Before I went in he dared me to take off my bikini bottoms for the rest of the journey. Well, who am I to deny manifest destiny? lol...

I took them off while I was in the bathroom and slipped them in my purse. I walked out and he was waiting for me in the hall. He looked at me with raised eyebrows and I pulled my shorts to the side to show him my sweet shaved little pussy. He just grinned and leaned over to kiss me. His hand went down quickly to stroke me then we left to get back on the shuttle. He slid his hand to the inside of my thigh while we started driving. I wasn't sure what he had planned and started to get a little wet thinking about it, but his hand stayed where it was, other than the occasional squeeze or stroke.

Another half an hour, they must have this timed for efficiency or torture, I'm not sure which, but it was another half an hour, We were in what seemed to be a residential area in a two lane road. I have to say again everything was so green, it was just beautiful. The houses, if you want to call them that, were little more than almost shacks. Life out here was very simple.

We pulled over to the side of the road in front of a small building. This turned out to be the resort office, we went in and paid for everything. We were already close to the water. From between the building you could see the pontoon boats. There was one small one, it kind of freaked my husband out. He wanted to make sure we weren't taking that. He wasn't aware we were going to be taking a boat anywhere. I think I mentioned he doesn't travel well?

We piled back n to the shuttle anticipating our next 30 minutes, when we were pleasantly surprised to find it only took a minute for them to drive us to the end of the road where the boats were.

It was a concrete pier with about 10 or 15 boats lined along the shore. Long pontoon boats that would seat around 50 people each. Each boat, or two, was for a different resort island we found out. We unloaded our luggage and were shown to our boat. We walked across the gangplank and stowed our luggage up front. They handed us life jackets and we picked a seat. The seats were, more or less, those fairly study plastic patio benches. There were wood blocks nailed down around the feet to keep them from shuffling around.

It was about 20 minutes or so before everyone was boarded and seated and we were ready to get underway. That's when we learned it would be around an hour cruise until we got to the island. All the travelling had already made us tired, but that just made us say fuuuuuccckkk.

You don't realize how long an hour is until you're out in the middle of nowhere. Literally, the first part of our cruise took us by land forms and what not, but after about 20 or 30 minutes, I lost track of time, we were on open water. That can be a bit unnerving when you're in a boat and you can;t see land anymore. The horizon of the sky met the water, that's all there was. I was having "come to God" moments just praying nothing happened.

I remember having one epiphany tho. The water wasn't blue, it was the reflection of the blue sky in the water that made it blue.I was quite proud of myself for that realization of the moment. The clouds reflecting in the mostly still waters was hypnotic and really beautiful. Then it got monotonous.

How much longer? Jeezus. C'mon now..We had already been out for God knew how long and it just seemed to drag on...and on...and on...Enough beauty already let's get there!

I looked and could see the impatience on my husbands face as well. He had also had enough of the warm winds whipping past his face and the beautiful reflection f the clouds on the water. He noticed me looking at him and looked at me and smiled. He leaned down to kiss me. A bunch of the people around us had fallen asleep, which didn't sound like a bad idea. Tho the plastic benches aren't exactly conducive to sleep. Kudos to those that can apparently sleep anywhere.

My husband put his arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze. He kissed me on the side of my head then reached down and rubbed my tummy. His hand came to rest on my thigh. He was looking out over the water when I noticed the smallest of smirks on his face.

He patted my thigh again, then again. He rubbed my leg, then stroked it a bit, then a bit more. Mhmmm, I knew where this was leading. I looked around and people were either asleep, staring out over the water or otherwise occupied.

His hand moved up my thigh to the leg of my shorts. He played with the hem on the leg of my shorts for a moment before starting to stroke the crease of my leg. His finger forced its way into my crease and he stroked it for a moment. He faux violated the crease, finger fucking it and trying to keep himself from smiling too wide.

His fingers moved into my shorts to stork my freshly shaved area, they were so soft. I didn't fight it. My legs spread a bit wider for him and I slid my hips forward a bit.

His hand was completely inside my shorts now, i had this obscene bulge in my shorts to anyone who looked. He started stroking my slit, working my clit, spreading me apart and running his fingers down the smooth pink of my pussy.

I shifted my body a bit to face the side of the boat and leaned my head back against my chest. My legs spread a little wider and I let him work his magic. I started out over the water watching the waves and feeling the spray come up from the side of the boat.The clouds were rolling in the sky creating abstract images in the waves.

He stroked and stroked. I got wetter and wetter. He entered me first with one finger. he pushed it in deep and I clenched squeezing it tight inside of me. I felt myself fall back into him. He was working it in and out, fucking me slowly at first. His other fingers were pulling me open.

He was being methodical. Fucking me to the motion of the boat.The boat went up and he pulled out, the boat came back down...splash...and he went back in. Up, down, splash, in, out, splash.

One finger became two and I gasped a bit. My back arched and I started to shake a bit. My pussy was quivering.

I saw land start to appear on the horizon in front of us. People started to rouse from their sleep, but he wasn't letting up. He started getting more aggressive, fucking the shit out of my poor little pussy. He could have been less conspicuous if he had bent me over the side of the boat and just stuffed his cock in me.

Actually, that thought did cross my mind and I kind of liked it...lol...

Islands started getting closer. We could see boats on beaches and people walking across them. I started cumming. Oh fuck I started cumming. I was taking deep shallow breaths to keep myself from screaming. I felt the waves running through my body in time with the boat. My vision blurred and all I could hear was the splashing of the waves. Splash. Splash. Splash. Please God I want to scream, don't let me.

I grabbed his hand and pushed my hips up to grin into it a bit. I pushed back against him hard and held my breath until the orgasms subsided. My pussy was squeezing his fingers like a trap. I could feel my cum flowing. He held me tight until I felt myself go limp.

I felt myself start smiling. I was sweating and the warm air off the water felt sooo good.He shifted and slipped his fingers out of me. Part of me wanted to say "nooooo!" Hahaha.

He reached down in my bag and got out a bottle of water and I heard the top crack as he opened it. He handed it to me. I'd been starring out over the water, so weak. I turned to look at him and he was smirking at me. Fucker. Lol. He leaned forward and gave me a kiss and asked if I felt better.

Hahaha...oh yesss...

I laid my head back against his chest sipping my water and trying to recover. More island resorts appeared in front of us. Voices rose as people started waking up and discussing whatever. We were still another 20 minutes away from our destination.


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