tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPhilippines Vacation Pt. 03

Philippines Vacation Pt. 03


We finally arrived at our resort.

The boat pulled up to the dock and we disembarked. I was still wobbly after having my sweet, tight, little pussy so mercilessly finger banged. Lol.

We walked up the pier, it was low tide and the smell was, unappealing to say the least. We looked down into the water and saw sea grass and seaweed waving back at us. From where we were the whole view in front of us was less than scenic.

The island itself was not that big. The Philippines is made up of a bazillion, don't quote me, islands. You could walk around this one in probably 30 to 45 minutes. Although, half of it was blocked off to the tourists or at least the ones that heeded the 'Do Not Go Past This Point" sign. It was quite genius really that someone thought to put these resorts on them.Lots of beach. Secluded. Spa and water stuff a-plenty.

The personnel met us and usher us to a table. They offered us, I want to say fresh, fruit juice and had us sign in.We received our room key and were walked to our bungalow. It was a two unit building, we were on the top.

The room itself was nice. It had 2 double beds, double doors that opened out onto the balcony, a walk in shower, a small fridge, that was about it. The austerity of it struck us at first. There was no tv, no radio, it did have an air conditioner tho. I have to admit we were grumpy and tired from the long trip so we were full of NYEAH!...lol..We opened the double doors and our view was of palm trees and the water.It was a nice large balcony with a wooden bench. You could have put a bed out on it and slept out there. We were impressed despite ourselves.

We had arrived mid-afternoon, so we showered and just collapsed. We woke up a few hours later and got ready and walked down to have supper. Supper was served in a large outdoor setting. The majority of the workers all seems to be in their 20's. Supper was ok. We were still tired. We made our way back to our room and collapsed again.

I woke up to a hand rubbing my back and kisses on my shoulders. I rolled over to find my husband smiling at me. The clock said it was only around 11pm.

He leaned down to kiss me. Mmmmm...I love his kisses. We made out while his hands rubbed and stroked me. I reached down and felt for his cock. He was hard, HARD. Poor baby. I gave it a stroke and a squeeze, then found myself being unceremoniously rolled onto my back and my legs pushed back. The tip of his cock knew where home was...lol.

I looked up at him, then down between his legs. His cock was standing straight out, red and ready. I could see it throbbing. He rubbed the tip along my slit until we could both hear how wet I was, then he aimed the head at my opening and started to push.

He put all of his weight into it and my pussy just gave it. He stretched me so fucking good and I just moaned for it. Oh fuck I love his dick inside me. I love the way he fucks me and makes me cum for me. That dick was so fucking hard for me. All the way in until I felt his balls on my asshole. He started sliding in and out of me slowly. Oh fuck pllleeeaasseee.

With as hard as he was I knew this wasn't going to be a marathon, but he fucked the shit out of me. Deep and hard. His weight on top of me. I love this feeling. He fucked my tight little pussy, made me beg and scream for him, until I felt his balls drain inside of me and he collapsed.

Heh heh heh. I love it when he collapses for me.

He was just laying next to me breathing hard and grinning his biggest, dumbest, happiest, grin...lol. I leaned over and kissed him then got up to go take a shower. The bed sheets were soaked with sweat and cum. Luckily we have two beds. Ha!

I was in showering off when he shuffled in. We scrubbed each other clean enjoying the water and the feel of each other doting on the other. These types of showers make sure every crack and crevice is squeaky clean before its over. We toweled each other off the started foraging for snacks. There was no mini-bar in the room. The fridge only had a few drinks they charged you for. You can't drink the water out of the faucets either. Seemed like kind of a racket, but...

We found the snacks we had packed for the trip. Luckily we hadn't touched them. We opened the double doors to the balcony and stood there in our towels just looking out over everything. The sky was just clear, full of stars. The moon was out and shining its light down on everything. Just...wow. The bungalow was on the sand, so...right there..sand..more beautiful. There was a warm breeze and the only sounds you could hear were the trees rustling and the water lapping.

We sat on the bench and just enjoyed the evening. We kissed and chatted, then went back inside to mess up the other bed. Ha! He got hard for me again quick. He always does. We fucked like crazy for what seemed like hours.

Missionary, doggy, cowgirl. Hard and like animals. We went at it like we hadn't be able to do back home for a while. We were like teenagers again. We fucked until we were both sore and collapsed. Thank God we had those snacks or we would have died after all that fucking.

Another shower and some time to catch our second wind and he was hard again. He likes to tell me the rule is if I get him hard he has to fuck me until we both cum. Each time he cums it takes him a bit longer to cum the next time. I'm perfectly fine with this rule.

I know it sounds like we are oversexed and we probably are, but we love to fuck. We are both just ridiculously naughty and just take what opportunities we can to be close. Sometimes life gets in the way and you gotta enjoy the time when it's available. Otherwise we just sound like complete porn stars.

He does revel in how hard he gets for me and loves to fuck me with it. Look ma, no Viagara!..lol..

Well, we lay there for a bit talking and stroking and he got hard again. He rolled me over and licked me for a bit, which felt soooo good, but I had to admit I was just sore.He licked me a little while longer. I moaned a bit. His tongue felt sooo good on my poor tired pussy, it was so relaxing. He popped up between my legs and pushed them back, then laid his cock along my slit.and looked down at me with his eager look. I smiled back at him weakly.I saw it. It started in the back of his mind and crept around to his face. He started to grin at me.


"Heh heh heh." He chuckled.

"Whhhaatt?" I just looked at him and knew something was coming. ell obviously something was going to be cumming, but...

"Come on...."

He stood up and took me by the hand and led me out the double doors on to the balcony. I was a little hesitant at first, us both being naked, but it was so late and the night just felt so good I went with it. He led me over to the bench and sat down in front of me. He squeezed me, he loves squeezing me, and stroked my body all over. I love his hands on me. He kissed me and turned me around slowly kissing my tummy and my sides then my back and my butt.He grabbed my ass and pulled it apart then licked my crack slowly up and down.His hands pulled me down onto his lap and we sat for a few moments, his arms around me squeezing. The night breeze against our naked skin, we sat and looked at the stars and listened to the water. I could still feel how hard he was under me.

I listened to him sign the felt him stand up. He turned me around and leaned me back against the railing, wrapping his arms around me and kissing me slowly and gently. My tits pressed against his chest, his hands ran up my arms and down my back. I squeezed his arms and ran my fingernails across his back. I aimed for this particular ticklish spot that makes him jerk and shake a bit. I hit it, he jerked. I smiled. HIs hands traveled down my back to my ass and he grabbed it in both hands and squeezed hard. I did the same to him.

His cock was hard and pressed between us. I reached down and grabbed it and squeezed. He moaned for me.

I slid down to my knees and took it in both hands. I looked up at him as i stroked it. He was smiling back at me. I pulled him forward a bit and smiled, then leaned forward and kissed the tip of it. The head of his cock as warm and soft against my lips despite the rest of it being like a steel bar. I slid my mouth over it, he tasted like us. My lips wrapped around it and i slide my tongue along the bottom as I took it all into my mouth. It hit the back of my throat before I came back up. I sucked him hard and heard him moan for me.

"Oh fuck pleeasseee. That feels so fucking gooooddd..."

Yep I was in control now.

I slid my mouth around his cock again, one hand squeezing and stroking, my other hand went down to his balls. I looked up at him andsmacked m lips.

"This is my dick."and smiled.

"Yesss. It's yours baby."

His hands moved to my hair and grabbed a handful and he pushed his hips forward.

"All fucking yours."

I did all the things he loves. Rubbed his stomach, grabbed his chest, squeezed his ass, and fingered his asshole. I worked that dick like a fucking combination lock. Lick, suck, tease squeeze. His legs were shaking for me. He was so fucking close and I was getting ready to feel it explode down my throat.


He stopped me and grabbed me by my shoulders and brought me to my feet. He spun me around and grabbed me by the hips and bent me over the railing. I spread my legs and arched my back and waited for him.

I felt the tip of his cock pres against my pussy and then he was inside me again. Oh he pushed the fucking thing in deep. I felt my breath rush out of me as he started to pump me. His hands were on my hips, fingers digging into them. He was in me, balls against my pussy, then I felt him sliding out. My pussy was getting wetter with each stroke. I moaned a bit. That fucking cock always makes me moan.

He fucked me for a few minutes then pulled out. I was suddenly feeling momentarily disappointed....lol..until I felt his thumb stroking my asshole. Ah, now I know what the plan is. The pad of his thumb was stroking and pressing. My asshole gave in and he was knuckle deep inside of me moving slowly. Mmmmmm...I love ass play. Once upon a time I wasn't a fan, but then he taught me to love it. Some of my best orgasms are when I'm getting my asshole reamed out. There's just something, then there's this spot and.. I will jump on the bed put my as in the air and BEG him to fuck my ass now.

Look you know what I'm talking about if you know what I'm talking about.If you don't then more for me...lol...

Anyway, he was knuckle deep in my ass and I felt him go to his knees behind me. He slide out of me slowly, then grabbed my ass and spread it. He started licking me from my clit up to my asshole and back again. I rested my elbows on the railing and pushed my ass back against his face. I could feel the breeze and his tongue. My pussy was starting ti drip when he came up and around running his tongue around my sweet little asshole before he stuck it in me. Mmmmm. He can eat the fuck out of my ass like no one and he was tongue fucking the shit out of it now.

I stood there and closed my eyes and let it happen. I moaned and begged him not to stop. I felt my body start to twitch and I got goosebumps.

His tongue slid out of my ass and he stood up behind me. His hand was on my hip, thumb pulling open my ass, which meant the other hand was on his cock. This wasn't my first time to this rodeo, I knew the drill. There it was, the tip of his cock at my ass. My arms stiffened and i gripped the railing as I tried to relax my hips. He was pushing his hips forward, easing his cock inside me. I was slowly pushing back.

I've been asked and yes it does it or can hurt. But, if you've taken the time to warm up it's more like the AHHH..OHHH! kind of pain. Once it's in you and stroking, at least for me, it is something else. But then I've got a guy who took the time to turn me into his little asswhore, so...

And he was balls deep in my ass.

Ohhhh. Fuck. Yessss.

It starts out slow. It goes to deep. Then slow and deep. Yes. Then a bit faster. Yes. Deep.

I can feel his balls bouncing off my clit and pussy.

Fuck yes.

It builds. It builds when that spot starts getting hit.

Yes. There. Uhhhhh.

Take it. Yes. Take it.

My man is taking my ass.

He's taking it deep. He's taking it hard.

Oh fuck it.

He's fucking the shit out of it.

Harder and harder. He's so fucking hard and deep in my asshole.

Oh my God.

I hear my voice hissing at him. I'm trying so fucking hard not to scream.

"Yessssss. Fuck it. Fuck it for me. Pleeassseee. Oh jeeezus. Take that asshole. It;s your's baby, Fuck it good. Rape the shit out of it."

Forgive me I don't use that word lightly,but in the moment you go with what comes out. You understand.

His hands were grabbing my hips hard. I knew I'd have bruises in the morning, but he was riding the shit out of me and I loved every minute of it. I listened to him breathing hard for me. I knew he was working back there for me. He started moaning deep and felt his cock get harder.

Here it cums.

He started to shake. His moan stuttered. It was that restrained moan where he wanted to roar for me, but couldn't. And I felt him explode.

His cock exploded. I felt his balls drain everything they had inside my ass. I closed my eye and felt it fill me up.

He went so fucking rigid, then started to come down and I felt him shake. I felt every bit of energy drain out of him and he collapsed onto the bench behind us.

I stood there with my legs braced, holding myself up with my elbows. My pussy was dripping. I had cum so fucking hard. I'm telling you there's no orgasm like it. I stood there catching my breath and just feeling the breeze caress my sweat soaked skin. I opened my eyes and everything was blurry. As things slowly came back into focus from my cum induced temporary blindness I happened to glance down at the beach.

There was a girl walking away from us. A girl who a couple of minutes ago would have been directly in front of us.

In front of us whilst I was getting my ass fucked.

It took a minute before my brain was alert enough to process it.

But, it was dark outside and we were on the second floor annnnndd we were being quiet.



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