tagBDSMPhone Calls Aren't Safe

Phone Calls Aren't Safe


Dedicated to QuotationPaws

There's plenty of times when you don't want to answer the phone. When you are on the toilet, talking to someone you like, in a movie or just don't want to talk to the people on the other end come to mind right off the bat.

I was currently on all fours, back arched and elbows diggings into the mattress as Ma'am pounded me with all her might when my phone rang. Delirious at the time, I continued to moan, humping backwards onto her strapon like a proper bitch as I desperately tried to meet her halfway. Ma'am loved it when I fucked myself. She fucked me harder if I met her thrusts. Through the sounds of my ass slapping against her hips and my moans intermingled with her sexy dirty talk to put me in my place, we both heard the phone ring.

She paused. Her hips flush to mine and the dildo buried completely inside me.

The change in pace made me whimper, but I held still. It wasn't the first time when she changed the pace or needed to answer a call. A few spankings had taught me not to attempt to control my fucking.

"It's your phone boy," She paused, then chuckled. "It's your boss."

She leaned back and slid her invader out of my needy hole. Taking away the fullness that I craved so much. I whimpered again and sat back on my heels. She handed me the phone and crawled a short distance away. Re positioning herself, her legs splayed and leaning back on her elbows. Her breasts and strap on standing up in proud relief. Her eyes were the killer, her dominance was clear in her eyes as she looked me like I was hers.

Which she was right.

"The phone boy," She chided. Her mouth smiling as she crooked her brow at me.

Swallowing, I knew my erection was standing up fiercely as I answered the phone.

"Hey boss..." I answered my eyes on her as I took the call.

My boss started talking, informing me of a problem at work. One of my coworkers had done this.

Then Ma'am gestured towards her lap.

I stopped paying attention and kinda tilted my head.

She got me. "Sit on my strapon boy," She ordered.

I nodded, "Can you repeat that, sorry got distracted." I asked my boss as I moved towards her.

"Cowgirl boy."

Turning away from her, I faced the wall and positioned myself above her dildo. Careful to cradle the phone.

I kinda murmured at my boss as her hands took my hips and pulled down.

I lost my balance and impaled myself. I gasped, pleasure hit me hard as I was completely full as I desperately craved. I was so full and my erection slapped against my belly as my breathing accelerated.

"Everything ok?" My boss asked over the phone.

"Yes, I'm fine," I hissed. Ma'am sat up, I could feel her breasts rubbing against my back. "Just stu-stubbed my toe," I gasped as she bit my neck. Her nails pinching my nipples as I sat there impaled by her.

He went on, but Ma'am was already moving. Her hips grinding into me and eliciting small gasps. Her hands pulled up on my thighs, a silent demand.

Surely she didn't.

She tugged again.

I obeyed, lifting myself partially off her strapon before plunging back down. I gasped again.

"Are you ok?"

Yeah, I'm super distracted sir," I gasped as I began to ride her. The pleasure singing through me as I fell down on her again and again. Impaling my hole on her. Her fingers pinched my nipples if I slowed down and her teeth claimed my neck. I had to concentrate, but to do that I would have to slow my pace. But if I picked up the pace as demanded. I would lose control.

Which she wanted.

Placated again my boss continued onto the problem with my coworker as my breathing slowly increased. Every thrust brought me closer to exploding. As soon as I picked up the pace enough, she took my cock in her hands and jacked me furiously. Caressing my balls and keeping pace with me riding her. Her teeth would leave marks from her bite as she slowly tongue around my sensitive ear. A clear demand.

I couldn't last.

Finally in what seemed like eternity, my boss seemed close to wrapping it up.

The pleasure of it all. Her clear demands were going beyond any control I had.

"Sir," I gasped, hoping he didn't hear the slap of my butt against her hips, "I ha-have got to g-go, we can finish this tomorrow-ow." She dug her nails into my cock, I desperately tried to withhold a moan.

I heard him assent and I hung up.

As I hung up. Ma'am pushed me forward. Pushing me back onto all fours with my ass up. Then she pounded me, using every inch of her might as she took me into the pillows.

"Cum for me boy," She whispered, her voice so excited.

I exploded in her hands. Her hands wrapped around my dick. Moaning as my body quivered, milking her dildo for all it was worth. At that moment, she could've told me to do anything and I would've.

Her hips didn't stop moving. In fact she picked up the pace as she grabbed my hips and let go of my cock. I heard her gasp and I thrust myself backwards. Pushing my hips against her thrusts. The strap on digging into her sensitive clit. She grabbed me, her breasts digging into my back as her hips went into overtime. The only sounds was our combined moans and our hips slapping.

She shuddered and I could feel her explode, her wetness soaking through the harness as she pinned me down.

"We will do that more often," She promised later.

I knew we would.

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