Phone Fun


After months and months of hot and steamy cyber sessions with you, I finally gathered enough courage to give you my number.. So I can hear you telling me how bad you want me. I was feeling really nervous, and very excited as I waited for the phone to ring. Then.. It rang and I answer with a shy but sexy hello. Mmmm, I always had a feeling that you had a sexy voice, and I was right.. We talked for a bit about our days at work and about how the weather has been warming up. But I knew deep down what you really wanted to tell me.. And I was anxiously waiting.

It first began with you telling me how sexy my voice was, and how it was so obvious that I was nervous.. You told me to just relax and to allow your lips to gently kiss my neck.. Mmmm honey, you know that gets me so wet.. I slide my hand down my body, along my flat stomach til it reaches my aching, wet pussy. You then tell me your lips begin to move down my neck to one of my erect nipples.. Oooh, your warm tongue starts to massage it causing me to moan over the phone.. And you tell me how you love when I moan for you. I slide a finger between my swollen pussy lips, feeling how so wet you have made me.. Mmm, then you tell me that you take my other nipple into your warm mouth and slowly begin to suck on it.. Oh, causing my body to quiver.. I'm moaning more for you baby, I can really feel your lips on me.. You tell me then how hard you are, that your stiff cock is standing straight up.. Oh, how I wish I could feel it slide between my lips.

* * * * *

Click Here to listen. (2.5 min/mp3)

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by Anonymous

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by michelangelo10005/11/17

Mmmmm... Once again hearing that marvelous voice.... What I love about it is it is so real.... Nothing fake about it... Nothing worse than people straining to put on sexy voices... Yours is so real....more...

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