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Photo Finish



“Ewww… I think my eyes were closed on that one!” I complain, as I recover from the flash.

“Ok, lets try it again,” you answer. “Ready?”


This was just too strange. I always take my own photos. I’m not used to having someone else with me during pictures, and having no control over the camera was really making things feel awkward to me.

“You’re not relaxed enough… we need to find a way to get you more into this,” you comment.

“Yeah, right,” I mutter under my breath. “Like that’s going to happen.”

“Oh… I have my ways,” you smirk, as you walk toward me.

Oops… I didn’t mean for you to hear that! Now what’s going to happen, I wonder? I watch, a bit nervously, as you approach, and shiver a little as you run your hand down my bare back. A finger slides down between my legs and lightly strokes my inner thighs, and without conscious thought about what I’m doing, I press toward you.

“See,” you chuckle, “I told you I could get you into this.”

“Well, this is NOT relaxing me,” I complain, still pressing toward the finger that is teasing me mercilessly.

“Ok… Let’s see if you’re ready.” You quickly walk to the camera, not giving me time to recover, and I whimper at the sudden absence of the finger I was complaining about just seconds before.


“Oooh, that’s a good one. I think we just need to work on your mood a little more!” You step back over to me and replace the finger again, this time stroking a little higher. Just when it brushes lightly over my clit, I feel a sudden twinge of pain as you simultaneously pinch my left nipple.

“Ouch,” I squeal, not really meaning it. You know I love that, but I can’t give you the satisfaction of verbalizing it. The contact is gone as quickly as it appeared.


And it returns. I close my eyes as a mouth brushes my neck and lingers on that sensitive spot at its base. The finger returns to my thighs, brushes lightly, and then… pinch.

Another squeal, and then…. again nothing. The touches are gone. I keep my eyes closed, waiting…


The finger returns, brushing higher up my thighs, searching its ways between the folds of skin. It dips into my wetness, lightly flutters over my clit, and then brings a taste of myself to my lips. I run my tongue around the fingertip, tasting the sweet liquid on it. I suck it clean, working it with my tongue. Suddenly you remove it again. I lick my lips, wondering where it will appear next.


Without warning, I feel it push into my pussy. Five slow strokes, then five fast ones. It’s gone again, and I moan in frustration at the sudden emptiness.


“Ok,” you whisper softly in my ear, “I think you are into this now. Your turn now… pinch.”

I pinch one nipple with each hand, rolling the nipples between my fingertips. I hear someone moan lightly, and as my breathing quickens, I realize it is me.


“Pull,” you order.

I pull. Hard. I pull the nipples out, away from my body. Then I pull them together until they almost touch each other. I press my hands into my boobs, smashing them up, into my chest, as I pull them toward each other.


“See how wet you’re getting?”

I reach a finger down to check. I moan as my finger makes contact.

“Put it in,” you continue. “Two fingers, and count ten quick strokes.”

I insert the fingers as you asked…


… and count quickly. “One-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine-ten.” I pause, unsure what comes next.

“Take them out.”

I moan in frustration as I remove my fingers. Then I feel your tongue licking them off and your fingers replacing them. A tongue makes its way gently up my inner thigh and flicks lightly over my clit. It parts the skin, and presses more firmly. Teeth graze my clit as I moan again. Then they are gone.


“Get on your hands and knees,” you order, “head down, butt in the air.” I roll over. The tongue returns, this time moving lightly over my cheeks and a finger enters me again.


“One-two-three-four-five,” I gasp, as the strokes continue, almost too quickly for me to count them. At ten, they stop again.

Smack! My butt stings, as I jump. I whimper quietly as it continues. Smack! Smack! I lose count in my mind. I wait for the next one, but it doesn’t come.


Smack! I notice you are smacking slightly different places each time. My entire ass feels warm now, and I feel the smacks approaching my pussy.

Smack! As your knuckles smack my clit, I whimper again. The smacks are lighter and faster now, your knuckle making contact directly on my clit each time. Smack!

I moan as the sensations build, then I feel you pause.


You grasp my hair and tug up my head upward, and I feel something pressing on my face. I open my mouth as you push to enter it. I briefly wonder when you removed your clothing, but that’s not really something I’m in any condition to worry about for long.

I savor your hard cock in my mouth… swirling my tongue over it… sucking… licking… tasting your excitement. You pump it into my mouth a few more strokes, then pull it out again. I feel empty.


Then I feel you behind me, pressing again.

“Count,” you order, as you enter me in one hard stroke.

“One. Two. Three. Four. Five.” I continue to count, as you pump long, slow, deep strokes into me. You pull out, and I moan in frustration.


I feel you enter me again, and your strokes increase in speed. I push back against each stroke as you pound into me. I feel your fingers twined in my hair.

“Fuck, I’m getting close,” you groan. A few more strokes, and you pull out again.

The pause is longer this time, so I glance over and watch you stroke yourself as you reset the camera. I see the timer light go on, and then you move behind me and plunge back into my waiting pussy, pounding me as fast as you can.

You moan again as your body begins to tremble, and hearing you pushes me over the edge. As my body shudders with my orgasm, you pull out one last time. I feel the first shot of your hot cum land on my lower back and drip down over my pussy.


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