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As an architectural photographer I often find myself in empty, new buildings all by myself. Right before a project opens is typically when I'm hired to photograph the space; when everything is all set up but tenants haven't moved in yet. I've been photographing a lot of assisted living facilities the last few years for a great client. These buildings have been all over the Midwest and they're usually totally empty except for myself and occasionally an assistant who stages the shots. This time I was alone at a facility in Lincoln, Nebraska in early spring. And, as usual I was horny as hell and on the lookout for someone or something to fuck; plain and simple.

As I made my way through the two-day photo shoot, from space to space, I was getting increasingly horny and was fantasizing about seeing someone else in there; either female or male, it didn't really matter. As I was photographing one of the kitchens I saw a box of bagels to use as props. Nice, fresh, soft yet firm, smooth bagels. Hmmm.. my mind wandered. What if? What would that hole feel like? Hmm.. Could I fit in that hole?.. My cock started to grow just thinking about a possible sex "partner"; albeit one made out of flour and water. So, down the hall to the spa I went with my new partner.

As I locked the spa door I thought I heard something outside in the hallway, but since I was alone in the building it had to just be the mechanical system or something. All I could think about was my newfound little hole and working out some sexual frustration on that bagel! My sex life has been pretty non-existent lately. It's been months since I've been in a regular sexual relationship with anyone. I've had a few one-night stands, both with men and women; sometimes at the same time, but nothing steady. I was ready to fuck that little bagel asshole to get some of my pent-up tensions worked out. I was picturing two things as I unzipped my cargo shorts and let them fall to the brand new tile floor of that spa: I was thinking of fucking the tight asshole of some unknown woman, and I was thinking that it was my asshole being fucked by some unknown guy! I like them both equally and right then I didn't care which one was about to happen in my mind.

I slid my thong underwear down (yes, I wear thong underwear, I love bending over and having the thong material rub against my asshole) and held the bagel at the perfect fucking height on the rim of the spa tub with the lift over it, for lifting older folks into it. I started to stick my fully erect cock against that little opening. It felt good, just to stick my cock head against that smooth little hole. I started to press and press, trying to force my cock into that firm little hole but it wouldn't budge. I was trying to rape that bagel but I couldn't get my cock through the opening! I noticed some Vaseline on a shelf and reached for it and as I did the bagel slipped off the end of my cock. I bent over to pick it up and started to get the feeling that someone was watching me or someone was outside or something. By that point there could have a stadium full of people watching me, all I could think about was fucking that bagel asshole! I would pretend that it was Leslie's asshole. She was the interior designer at the firm that hired me and she was hot as hell. She's in her late-50s with short black hair, brown eyes and only stood about five feet tall and couldn't have weighed 100 pounds soaking wet. I'd love to see her soaking wet someday.

This wasn't helping my cock any to think of her, it just made me want to force my cock into that tight, puckered bagel hole even more now that it was Leslie's asshole! At least in my mind it was Leslie's asshole. She was married and was literally twice my age and she always wore sexy sandals. I wanted to lick her beautiful, sexy feet and toes every time we had a photo shoot together. I pictured holding her down on her stomach and taking off her sandals and sucking on her toes and licking her sexy little feet and then working my way up to her sexy little asshole. She always wore black stretch pants and I could just imagine her naked in that position on her stomach with her feet in my mouth and I'd work my way up her sexy little legs and finally to her little figure-skater-like ass cheeks and that prized tight little virgin asshole. Her husband was in his 70s and I couldn't imagine that they had much sex. She was always flirting and some of our e-mails ended up with some definite sexual innuendo relating to our photo shoots.

So, as I'm rubbing Vaseline on my cock and working it around and into that bagel hole, Leslie's sweet bagel hole, I hear the other door to the spa open! There I am, standing with my greased cock sticking straight out and a fresh bagel all ready to be fucked, when in walks some guy, about sixty years old or so! He's got a set of keys on his belt and some sort of a uniform on. OH NO, he's a janitor for the new building!

"Hey! What the hell's going on in here?!", he says.

"Um, I'm.. uh. I didn't know.. umm..", was all I could get out before he spoke again.

"What are you doing? You dirty bastard, what do you think you're going to do with that bagel? Stick your cock in that hole? You dirty bastard! I thought I've seen everything but this is something else, wait until word of this gets out."

"I, um.. I didn't know anyone else was here today, they said I had the building all to myself?"

"Well, you heard wrong. I was here cleaning today and saw your equipment outside in the kitchen, and now I know why. Because your other equipment is in here ready to fuck a bagel like it was someone's asshole or somethin'. I should teach you a lesson."

With that he grabbed me by the shoulders and spun me around so I was facing the spa tub again and he slapped my ass! Then he slapped my ass again, and laughed, "Ha ha ha, look at those little cheeks jiggle when I spank them. I bet dirty boys like you like that sort of thing. I wonder what else dirty boys like."

As I tried to get away from him he pushed me over the edge of the 4' high walk-in spa tub edge and my feet came off of the floor and I had to reach out and grab onto the bottom of the tub to keep from falling into it. What an awkward position to be in, physically, mentally, and professionally. He started mumbling something about teaching dirty boys a lesson and he started spanking my ass! He worked me over good for several minutes until he stopped and I felt his fingers probing at my asshole. He was rubbing Vaseline on my ass and asshole from that jar that I was just rubbing on my cock and the bagel. His fingers were sliding in and out of my asshole, two and three at a time. He was giggling and mumbling about dirty boy something when I heard a zipper! So much for my Leslie fantasy, I was about to be the subject of someone else's real fantasy; forcing his way up a stranger's tight asshole in an empty building!

His pants hit the floor with a ruffled, fabric sound and he grabbed my hips and circled his cock head on my poor little about-to-be-abused tender asshole. He worked his cock up and down, back and forth, in-between my greasy buttcheeks until he stopped and said, "Are you ready? I'm going to teach you a lesson that you'll never forget."

And with that warning he slid his entire, fat, long, sixty-year old greasy cock as far into my tiny asshole as it would go! "Mmmmmm", was all he said as he buried his sausage up my ass as far as it would go in one motion.

"Uhhhhh.. mmm.. you're going to.. mmmmm.. learn not to mess around in here.. uhhh uuuu.. naughty boys... need to be.. mmmmmm.. taught a lesson..uh uhhhh" He started slam-fucking into my ass as hard and fast as he could, punishing me for being a naughty boy in there with that bagel. His rough, calloused fingers were spreading my poor cheeks apart as far as he could pull them, almost like he was trying to pull me apart with his bare hands like he was ripping a phone book apart.

"OOOOW! Hey, what the? What are you doing to me? I wasn't doing anything.. Ohhhhh uhhh uhh oww.. in here.. Oww ohh, your cock is so big, uhhhhhhh ohh.. You're going too fast.."

He kept on pounding and slamming into my asshole as I was bent over the lip of that tub, just at the perfect height for his fat cock to enter my ass and really fuck it for all it's worth. It was really stretching me out. He'd pull all the way out and spit into my gaping shit hole and then laugh as he slammed back into it again all the way to his swinging balls that were slapping against my own balls as they hung over the back of the tub. He was spanking my cheeks, squeezing my balls, and stroking my cock when he got an idea. He pulled his cock out and spit in my gaping asshole again and then squeezed a big shot of hand lotion in there before my winking, raped, puckered shit hole closed. Then, he reached into the tub and picked up the greasy bagel, formerly my fantasy hole, and pulled me back from my bent over position and shuffled me to the message table. He pushed me over onto my side and then he raised the table so it was even with his cock and he just started pushing into my hole again!

He fucked into my poop chute for a few minutes and then he reached around and jammed that bagel onto my hard cock! "OHHH! What? Hey!" was all that came out of my mouth as he pumped that slippery bagel on and off my cock. That was too much to take. I started cumming and was clenching my asshole around his pistoning cock until he grabbed my waist and stabbed his dick as far up my sideways ass as it would go and unleashed a huge, sticky load of dirty, hot cum way up inside of me! Jet after hot jet of thick sperm shot deep up inside of my raped asshole as he slapped against my cheeks, spurting his last streams in me. I shot my cum through that bagel hole just as this dirty, old janitor was shooting his mess up inside of me. So much for my fantasy about fucking Leslie's little asshole, this dirty janitor just forced his fat cock up my tiny asshole and filled it with his hot cum like he was fulfilling his own fantasy.

Just as things were settling down and his cock was starting to soften up a little, he grabbed my hips again and started pissing in my asshole! He said, "Dirty boys like you deserve to be treated like a dirty urinal." And then he filled my already sticky, cum-filled colon with his hot piss, too. I was overflowing; his piss was squirting out as he finished and pulled his cock out and stepped back. He was breathing hard and really had a workout with me. I stayed on my side up on the massage table trying to recover, when the door opened again...

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