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"That guy is taking pictures of me!!!"

I was sitting in the park with my girlfriend. Sonya is an ex-stripper and part-time escort. At age 40, she still has her stripper body - petite figure with high and proud 36D boobs that even a blind man would slobber over. Sonia is always horny and has radar that can spot anyone attracted to her in a crowd.

I looked up over the paper I was reading and sure enough there was a perv with a long lens on his camera standing amongst the trees snapping photos of Sonia. Can't blame him, she was wearing a short white skirt (no panties) and a yellow tie-in-front halter top. Her nipples poked the thin fabric of her halter top and seemed to grow noticeably with the attention. "Why don't you give him a show" I said, "maybe you can have some fun."

"Fun...? I'm all for that." said Sonia.

Sonya moved a little bit away from me so that only she would be in the perv's viewfinder and proceeded to shift around on the bench so that he could capture her assets to the fullest. She adjusted her skirt so that he even had a peek at her shaved pussy. It probably wasn't the best shot for him as the sun was behind her but I could see that he was getting agitated just knowing that her pussy was showing.

After a bit she beckoned the perv over with a come hither wiggle of her finger. He pointed at himself and she nodded her head impatiently. He came over and she asked him his name.

"Joey," he said.

"Well Joey, do you like what you see?"

"Oh ya baby, you are the best" said Joey. I think so too and was enjoying the ease that she had this mark wrapped up around her little finger.

"Want to take more pictures of me?" Sonia asked in a husky voice. He nodded his head eagerly in agreement. "But it will cost you" she said. Joey pulled his wallet from his pocket and handed it to her. Sonya's eyes widened a bit when she was how full it was and a wicked grin crossed her face. She withdrew a $50 and said, "snap away."

Joey got his camera ready and Sonya, ever the exhibitionist, posed seductively for Joey. Arms back over her head, her long blond hair flying as she shook her head back and forth; 36D boobss thrust forward and side to side; hands cupping her breast as she looked down on them; Joey got the full show. She stood and placed one knee on the park bench, placed her hands on the back of the bench and played her sweet ass to the camera.

"Thank God for digital cameras", I though, "poor Joey would have run out of print film a long time ago."

Sonya sat on the bench again and turned her high beams towards Joey. "Want to see them naked?", she asked.

Joey nodded his head eagerly up and down and Sonya glanced over coyly at Joey's wallet lying open on the bench. He pulled another bill from his wallet and handed it over with a silly grin on his face.

Sonya untied the knot holding her halter top together and unleashed the puppies. Now, Sonya had her boobs done before we hooked up so I can't say what they looked like before the enhancement but her surgeon must have been Michelangelo - they are superb. Full without being over the top, nipples slightly above center and well placed in the middle, and from experience, I know these nips will really stand at attention with very little coaxing. Joey snapped away as Sonya played her boobs for him. She wet her thumb and index fingers and caressed he nips to the fullest; juggled her boobs up and down; and squeezed them seductively.

"You are using the video feature?", I asked Joey. His head bobbed up and down, never leaving the viewfinder.

Sonya soon bored of playing with her boobies and wanted more action. "Want to play with them?" she asked.

Joey reached for his wallet and pulled a couple of more bills out without hesitation and handed me his camera. I obliged and started to take pictures, concentrating on him and his facial reactions to Sonya's tits. He knelt before Sonya and immediately latched onto her left nipple sucking hungrily.

"Not so hard." she said, slapping him on the top of the head, "gentler."

Joey did as he was told and I could see that Sonya was starting to really enjoy her self. He cupped both boobs and alternately kissed and sucked each erect nipple. Sonya tilted her head back and purred. I wasn't the least jealous; this was Sonya the escort at her best. He put his face in the valley of heaven and I could hear him groaning with pleasure.

"Joey, my pussy is starting to get wet, you want pictures of that?" inquired Sonya.

Joey, his face still between the twin peaks, eager nodded yes and reached for his wallet, pulling more bills out for her. Sonya got up from the park bench and lead Joey by the hand over to a picnic table. I handed Joey his camera back while Sonya positioned herself on the table top, ass positioned in a couple feet. She lifted her legs up and placed the bottom of her feet on the top edge of the table. Her short skirt fell back revealing the most beautiful pussy that I have ever seen. Sonya keeps it well shaved with my help, the outer lips bulge with a pouty look but it is her inner pussy lips that get me - they protrude ever so slightly, are very thin and fun to play with. Joey looked to be in heaven and he shot away. Sonya helped make it special for Joey; rubbing her index finger up and down her inner pussy lips causing them to swell slightly, fingering fucking her pussy, first with one finger and then a couple. Her fingers disappeared to the second knuckle, slowly at first and them rapidly. I could see that Sonya had almost forgotten about Joey and was into pleasing herself.

"Oh Joey," moaned Sonya in a soft voice, "I need your tongue."

Wordlessly, I took Joey's camera while relieving his wallet of a couple of more bills.

Joey knelt between Sonya's legs, slowly, reverently. I don't think that the poor guy even was in a position such as this, but he sure had dreamed about it. He kissed Sonya's inner thighs from her knees slowly to her engorged pussy. I know from experience that this is one of Sonya's favorite moves. His tongue played slowly, softly up and down her inner pussy lips; with his tongue he played them out flat, they looked like lips. He kissed them gently before entering her pussy with his tongue. Sonya was laying flat on the bench top but raised herself a bit and took his hands in hers. She brought them to her pussy and released them; Joey took over and gently spread her pussy wide open and alternately licked her clit and plunged his tongue deep into her pussy. He then used his index finger, and with a come-hither motion, played her G-spot. For a guy who probably never been with a woman, he sure had done his homework watching porn - I could see that Sonya was getting really aroused. I had Joey's camera on the video feature; this was some action that he could stroke to for a long time to come. Sonya has a hair-trigger pussy, she orgasms on the drop of a dime (okay, at least a $50 when she is with a john, but I digress.) I could see that Sonya was close, even with this inexperienced guy; she just likes to come. Joey was working her G-spot intently, his eyes were almost glazed over, and he was in another world. Sonya was getting close to her orgasm and she is a squirter. She grabbed Joey by the ears and pulled him forward, and proceeded to squirt on his neck and chest - you should have seen the look on his face. Well you can if he shares; I got it all on video. Joey stood with a start, a confused look on his face. Was this grossest or the best thing that ever happened to him; I could see the mixed emotions crossing his face. But I noticed the bulge in the front of his pants - so did Sonya.

Sonya sat up on the edge of the picnic table and re-arranged her skirt, her halter-top was still open. "I can take care of that," said Sonya pointing to Joey's swollen member.

The wallet was offered silently, bills fished out and pocketed. Sonya seated Joey on the end of the picnic table and knelt between his legs. I positioned myself so the sun was behind the two of them. I had seen a series of photos of Jenna Jameson servicing a cowboy against a setting sun and was always taken by it. We had a similar situation here, except Joey isn't a cowboy and Sonya is much better looking than Jenna - but then I am biased. Sonya undid Joey's belt, unbuttoned his pants and unzipped Joey's fly slowly; I could tell that it was driving him nuts. She reached in and released his cock. Not that I am gay but it was a decent looking dick, about 6" long, not too thick and well cared for; his cock and balls were smooth-shaven. She caressed his balls gently before taking them in her hand and drawing his turgid cock towards her mouth. I was catching every second, frame by frame. Sonya opened her mouth and gripped the head of his cock with her teeth, lightly scraping them over the head of his cock. Joey had that deer caught in the headlights look in his eyes; indeed, this was a new experience for him. Sonya then opened her mouth slightly and skimmed her tongue around the rim of the head of Joey's penis. She them took him fully in the mouth, I could see his penis poking her cheek, poor aim on his part! She slowly and gently sucked him off, her lips moving up and down his shaft, slowly, quickly, mixing it up with lolli-pop licks up and down the back of his shaft. Joey's eyes were closed and I could see that a bomb could explode behind him and he wouldn't notice. Soon his was feverishly thrusting his hips into her face, trying to take control. But in reality he was loosing it, Sonya could tell by the tightening of his nut-sack that he was close to coming. She pulled his cock out of her mouth at the last possible moment and let his thick come splash off her right nipple and into that heavenly valley between her boobs. (All of which I caught with the camera) Sonya them grabbed him by the ears and plunged his head into her boobs smearing his come over his face and her boobs. I almost felt sorry for the poor guy; he looked completely dazed and spent. And the smell of his come mingled with the perfumed scent of her boobs had him overwhelmed. He just stood there, his cock still oozing a bit of come.

Sonya then took the last bill out of his wallet and used it to dry the wetness oozing from her pussy; obviously the experience was good for her too. Sonya then drew the bill across under Joey's nose, letting him breathe in her sweet nectar. She put the bill back into his wallet. I bet that's one fiver that will never be spent. I handed Joey back his camera, he was still in such a state that he gazed at it like it was from outer space. Sonya knelt before Joey, patted his penis on the head, kissed it, licked it of the last bit of come, placed it back into his pants and zipped him up. He tottered off, weaving down the path out of the park eyes glued to the playback screen on his camera.

Sonya tied her halter-top together after giving me a show of her come-slickened boobies, gathered up the sheath of bills, fanned her face with them and said to me, "Come on baby, I'll buy you an ice cream."

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