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My wife Debbie and I had been married for over 20 years. During that time, my blonde haired, blue-eyed beauty had only become more beautiful. Debbie's long hair was now down to the small of her back. Her waist was still small and her butt was nice and full. Breasts were a perfect, firm handful of 34-C's. Yes, I know it's hard to believe that at 42 years old her tits were firm – but they were.

OK, blonde clichés, here they come. Debbie was a little airy between the ears. Some would consider her a bit (or a lot) naïve. I adored her nonetheless. She was a fantastic mom to our kids (PTA, community volunteer, etc.) and a gracious host to our friends. She was definitely a help to my career opportunities too. Don't kid yourselves, having a beauty for a wife tends to curry favor amongst the rich and famous (and horny).

To my knowledge, Debbie had only had one sexual partner before we were married. A boyfriend that she really liked, but who was too immature to know what he had. I met her when she was 19 and got married a couple of years later.

Here comes another cliché, we had great sex (at least I thought so) almost everyday for the first 10 years we were together. Great sex included oral sex (I like giving almost as much as receiving), multiple positions, facials, tit fucking and even anal (once-she hated it). She was into trying a lot of things to try and please me. What a gal! Then came the kids.

OK, I absolutely love my kids. But let's face it: they put a huge damper on the sexual part of the husband and wife relationship. Sex became almost non-existent for a while which led to or was caused by other relationship issues. We almost split. But after some counseling and a big effort on our parts, we managed to stay together, though sex became far less fun for me than before our troubles.

She no longer gave or wanted oral sex. She only allowed sex about 3 times a month and forget the tit fucking and facials. It just wasn't going to happen.

One of the things the counselor suggested was that we go back to being more open and explorative of each other's sexuality. My wife was pretty uncomfortable with that because she was having some bad "body image" feelings after having the kids. A little sag here, less tone there. No big deal for me, but significant for her.

I thought that if I got out my expensive digital photography equipment and took some pictures of her, she would see the beauty I see and get over her insecurity. I told her that we'd only take pictures that she was OK with.

She was a pretty conservative to start with. Pretty much stuck to church clothes. After she saw the first set of pictures, she had to acknowledge that she looked good. I was then able to coax her to start showing a little more of her beauty and focusing less on the clothing.

The next set had her in summer dresses, skirts & blouses. The pictures looked good. It was quite a step forward for her and her body image, but she was still kind of nervous about them. However, I continued to gently encourage her to display a bit more of her body in the next set of pictures.

First, I had her leave her bra off while wearing the same summer outfits. That looked sexy, but not too revealing. Next came the shorter skirts. Next were thong panties instead of her regular type. She was starting to get into this.

It took me quite a while, but finally I got her to wear a bathing suit for a picture set. However, she chose a one piece while I was hoping for a bikini. Well, one step at a time.

I bought her another one-piece bathing suit that was getting more risqué. It was skin toned with a very narrow strip of fabric covering her pussy and was very high cut on the legs.

The suit's cut required Debbie to shave her blonde pussy hair everywhere except for where the narrow strip of fabric covered. Her pussy itself had to be completely shaved. The top of the suit had a very deep "v" down to her navel and the sides of her breasts were prominently displayed both in the cleavage area and on the sides. She looked HOT.

She suggested that we take some shots of the two of us together. We started with some embracing, kissing and cuddling shots. Each time I set up the self-timer and jumped into the picture. The resulting photos were not the greatest. Some were a little out of focus. Others were not centered particularly well. In general, they all looked "posed" and neither of us was too happy with them.

Debbie really wanted some "couples" shots though and she asked if I had a friend that could work the camera while we posed.

My dirty mind was disappointed because I thought that by doing all the camera work myself, Debbie would eventually agree to some nudes and possibly some "action" shots of the two of us. I really didn't think she'd even consider this if another person were in the room. So I told Debbie that I couldn't think of anyone.

However, she immediately said that John would probably be willing and able to help us out. She asked me to contact him about doing a shoot at our house on Saturday night since our kids were going to be at her folk's house all weekend.

John was one of my best friends. He and I played golf together regularly and generally got along in everything we do. John was not married but had a reputation as being quite a ladies' man. Debbie liked him and I thought that I could sense some chemistry between them when I'd see Debbie with him. A couple of years ago I mentioned the chemistry thing to her, but she said that she and John were just like brother and sister. Knowing John, I had my doubts that he viewed Debbie as a sister.

I let Debbie know that I'd contact John to see if he'd be able to join us this Saturday evening for some photography. When I told John what we were looking for and that Debbie would be in a bathing suit, he eagerly agreed to help us out.

Debbie seemed very pleased and said that she was looking forward to Saturday night.

Saturday rolled around and Debbie was out shopping for most of the day. When she got home she said that she had some surprises for me. She had bought a couple of bikinis and some very short and loose fitting sun dresses.

I asked her to model them for me, but she told me to wait until tonight.

John arrived at around 8:00 p.m. and checked-out the setting for the shoot. We had chosen our guest bedroom because it was large, had a king-size bed and plenty of room to move around.

John went out to get some additional photo equipment (lighting, etc.) and went to the room to set-up. Debbie and I waited for him in the living room and when he came down, we shared a few glasses of wine and some conversation before getting started with the shoot at around 9.

Debbie started with one of her older, but short sundresses. She wanted me in shorts and a loose summer shirt. Her sundress was not very revealing under normal circumstances, but she had to be careful when sitting to not give onlookers a beaver shot and when she bent over, the dress revealed a pretty good amount of her firm tits. However, because she considered John a brother, she didn't seem concerned by these things at all while John was taking pictures.

I wanted to get some good, revealing pictures while I had the chance. So when we started with the couple shots, I made sure that I "accidentally" pulled Debbie's dress up a bit to give a clear shot for John to get her thong and butt. In other poses, I tried to make sure that there were maximum breast shots showing.

After a handful of shots, Debbie wanted to change into another of her outfits and I went to upload the images to my computer. Unfortunately, John had barely got any of the revealed panties or tits into the pictures.

Debbie came back into the room wearing an eye-popping bikini. It was like tiny strips of material covering her tits, ass-crack and pussy. The swelling in my shorts had to be noticeable. Of course, this also made the mind below my belt take over all thinking for me. I wanted the accidental oops in the pictures to be even hotter.

I brought more wine into the room and we relaxed and talked over several more glasses.

While doing the cuddling and embracing poses, it was real easy to have her tits pop into plain view and I was hoping that John would get the shots. Unfortunately, I think John's focal lens was below his belt too.

I checked his sweat pants and sure enough, his package had swelled. The resulting photos were pathetic and unrevealing. Barely a single nipple came into view.

Debbie acted embarrassed about showing John her tits and with the x-rated poses I was having her do. However, she was happy that none of the pictures were too revealing (I was not showing her any of the hot pictures.)

I wanted to see more in the pictures though. I decided that good pictures were only going to happen if I took them.

Debbie asked if I meant to have her and John be a couple in the pictures.

My dick did my talking for me and told John to give me the camera and get into the picture. I told Debbie that it would just be like being a model or actress and that she should really get into the role.

John took this as permission to get really bold with Debbie. He was constantly brushing her tits and crotch. He was nibbling on her neck and caressing high up her thighs. Her tits kept popping out of her suit, often into John's hands. And John's sweat pants were showing the very clear outline of a large, erect cock.

Initially, Debbie was resisting John's activities. She was constantly brushing his hands away and readjusting her bathing suit to cover herself. After about 10 minutes, her efforts become less and she was just going with the flow.

I was taking shot after shot of Debbie's tits in John's hands. What I didn't notice right away was Debbie's hand in John's pants and on his cock. When I saw this, I decided to take a chance and see if I could get some actual porn shots.

I told John to remove his pants. When his big cock popped-out, Debbie gasped. It was a couple of inches longer and a bit thicker than my cock – and hard as a rock.

I told Debbie to get on her knees in front of John.

She acted reluctant, but I told her that she would not actually be sucking John's cock; she was to just let him put his cock in but not close her lips around it.

Of course, it didn't work that way. John moved up to Debbie's face and was acting very clumsy about positioning his cock. He was rubbing his cock all over Debbie's face and lips. When he finally put it into her mouth, he was trying to find friction in her mouth any way he could get it.

First he was moving it back and forth over her tongue. Next he was pushing against the inside of her cheeks making them bulge out with the outline of his cock head. After a minute or so, Debbie's mouth became fatigued from staying open so long and her lips closed around John's cock.

Now my wife was sucking my friend's cock right before my eyes. I wasn't sure that this was what I wanted. It was very hot and my cock was hard as a rock, but she was my wife and it wasn't my cock between her lips.

John was now holding Debbie's head and pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. Debbie looked conflicted about it. She wasn't panicking or pulling back, but she didn't look completely comfortable with it either. I decided to intervene.

I told John to step back and that we were going to take a short break from the photo shoot.

Reluctantly, John pulled his cock out of my wife's mouth.

Debbie and I went to the kitchen to get some more wine. She was apologizing for closing her lips around John's cock, but said that her jaw was too tired to keep her mouth open and that John just kept pumping forward into her mouth.

I pulled her to me and gave her a deep French kiss. I could taste John's cock and pre-cum on her lips and tongue.

I told her that it was OK and that it looked really hot. I said that she was being a great model and actress.

She was grateful that I wasn't mad and wanted to be cooperative.

After sharing some more wine with John, we returned to the photo shoot.

Debbie and John began cuddling and caressing each other again until John returned to fully erect. John had also successfully pulled her tits out of her suit and was caressing her pussy under her suit. Debbie was becoming quite flush and was obviously horny.

John was able to pull the strings holding her bikini bottom and it slipped right off her. Debbie was now bottomless and her tits were hanging out of the sides of her top. The soft wisps of blonde pubic hair above her bare swollen pussy made for quite a hot photo. I had another hot idea.

I told Debbie and John that I wanted to have him put his cock just at the entrance of her pussy for a really sexy set of shots.

The combination of the wine, Debbie's horniness and her desire to please me had her being agreeable to this.

I had Debbie lie on her back and John get above her while straddling her right thigh. I positioned myself on Debbie's left side and was very close to her pussy. I wanted to get some good close-ups of John's cock at the entrance to my wife's pussy.

John leaned forward touching the tip of his cock to Debbie's pussy lips. I spread her lips apart so that the cock head could be right at the opening to her vagina.

The photos began. I had John move a little this way and a little that way. He was leaning over and holding himself up while keeping his cock at the entrance to my wife's pussy. Some of his cock head had slipped in, but most of his cock was still visible.

I was inches away from Debbie's pussy. I had never been so close to a man's cock before. It looked slick and hard.

Suddenly, the hand holding John up slipped and his big cock completely disappeared into Debbie's pussy.

Debbie let out a huge gasp and moaned. She had never had such a big cock in her before.

John began to apologize, but I said, "Well, since you're in there, let me get some pictures from behind." John was repositioning himself for the new camera angles but couldn't resist pumping my wife's pussy while moving.

Again, I was having second thoughts about this, but was also hard as a nail. I figured I'd get some more shots, and then stop this before it turned into a full-blown fucking.

I moved between their legs and tried to get as close as possible with the camera. My camera had a real short lens, so I could get right up to the action.

While John was gently pumping, his balls would brush against my forehead, but he didn't stop. I think he was starting to no longer care whether I wanted him to fuck my wife or not – he was too far-gone for that.

John kept pumping in and out of my wife while I was still taking pictures.

Debbie was moaning and humping him back. She was beyond caring and her animalistic feelings had taken over.

All of a sudden, John said that he was going to cum.

Debbie said "NO! Don't get me pregnant!"

His semen had already started to pump into her though. He pulled out and kept shooting his jism all over her bare pussy lips and blonde pussy hair. It all happened so fast that I wasn't able to move from my position between their legs with my face just inches from Debbie's pussy.

As John pulled back, his slimy, cum-covered cock dragged across my forehead and hair leaving trails of cum dripping down my face. Now I was facing my wife's cum covered pussy and I could see some cum between her pussy lips.

Debbie looked down at me and her pussy and she also saw the cum between her pussy lips -- and she panicked.

She said, "Oh my god, his cum is inside me! I'll get pregnant! Ken, quick. Suck the cum out of my pussy before it gets me pregnant!"

I said, "You want me to suck John's cum?"

She said that we had to deal with it immediately and I was the only one in position to do it.

Well, with a hard cock and a full bottle of wine in me, I still wasn't thinking too clearly. I just leaned forward and began to lick and suck on Debbie's pussy.

I had occasionally tasted traces of cum on my wife's lips and tongue after a blowjob years ago, but I had never had full mouthfuls of cum like now. And, it was another man's cum. A man who had just received a blowjob and who had just fucked my wife!

While I had my face in my wife's sloppy pussy, John climbed back onto Debbie and began kissing her. His legs were straddling her lower torso. As he slid down to kiss her, his crotch again was at my forehead.

When he felt my face against his balls, he sat up and turned around on Debbie's body. His cock was now laying about 1 inch from my mouth as I was slurping up his cum from my wife's pussy.

He said "Hey man, why don't you clean me up too?"

I was shocked. My friend, whose cum I was forced to lick up by my wife, now wanted me to lick his cock?!

I asked him why did he think I'd do something like that?

He said that I was already drinking his cum, and that a little more wouldn't hurt.

My wife then said, "Yeh honey. Go ahead. I'd like to see you do it. I've never seen a man with another man's cock in his mouth. I think it would be really sexy!"

I was still very reluctant.

John started pushing his cock against my face.

Debbie slid from underneath us and moved to the side to watch me suck John's cock. She grasped John's cock and began wiping it across my lips. She said, "Come on honey. Do it for me. Pleeease!"

So I opened up and the first cock ever slid into my mouth.

Just like he did with my wife, John held onto the side of my head and began pumping my face and using my mouth like it was a vagina.

Debbie was staring at me while John kept pumping my mouth. She said that my lips around his cock looked like pussy lips when a cock is in a pussy.

She said, "Ooh, it looks so sexy seeing you with your pussy lips around a cock! I can't wait to see him cum in your mouth!"

My eyes got wide, but I couldn't respond because John was still holding my head in place while fucking my face.

Debbie grabbed my hard cock and said, "Oh look, you really like sucking cock. You're hard as a rock!"

After what seemed like forever, John started saying that he was going to cum in my mouth.

Soon he made good on his promise. I felt his cock start to pulse and the hot salty cum was hitting the back of my mouth. He pulled back and spurted several more shots of cum onto my face then pushed his cock back into my mouth. I looked up to see Debbie taking pictures.

After this humiliating experience, I was still left with a hard-on. Debbie took sympathy and began to suck me off. As she was doing it, she started playing with my ass. After a few minutes, she started sliding a couple of fingers in my ass. Well, I went off like a cannon into Debbie's mouth.

After my cock deflated, Debbie slid up and kissed me passionately. More cum in my mouth. This was getting to be a habit.

Debbie said that if I liked the fingers in my ass that I might like a cock in there too. She asked John if he wanted to volunteer to "fill" that need.

I protested, but John said that perhaps another time he'd be "up" for the job.

I rolled my eyes and kissed Debbie again. As I again tasted the cum in her mouth and felt the slight burn in my throat from drinking John's cum, I was wondering what I had created with this photo opp.

I suppose I'll find out soon.

Look for more of the story later, but vote now! Thanks!

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