tagLoving WivesPhoto Session Ch. 02

Photo Session Ch. 02


I phoned Grant a month later to arrange another photo session, after our last session together I found I wasn’t pregnant which I was pleased about as this meant I could still see him. I was now protected so the fear of falling pregnant this time was now gone.

I arrived at his studio knowing as it was raining we couldn’t go off to the country worst luck, but still that didn’t matter I wanted more sexy photo’s for Paul and hopefully and good fuck from Grant. We went into the main studio where he had already set everything up, there was a big bed placed in the middle of the room with lights all round and three camera’s set up each placed round the bed. I asked him how he wanted me, he replied lets lose the dress for starters and have you laying on the bed in just your underwear. I did as he asked and slipped out my dress letting him see I had my tiny red panties on with matching stockings and suspenders I again left my bra off he looked at me saying nice very nice. I moved towards the bed slowly lowering myself onto it. Grant clicked away as I moved around posing in different positions my eyes closed just wondering to myself how long it would be until he joined me on the bed.

I closed my eyes, easing my panties to one side letting Grant take some shot’s of my pussy as I cupped a tit feeling my nipple getting harder. I slipped a finger deep into myself, dreaming of Grants cock that I had not so long ago still remembering how big it felt, I whispered come fuck me again please, I need to feel that cock in me. Grant replied not yet my sweet.

Grant then asked me to stand with my hands on the wall arching my back, I had hoped he would have been fucking me by now but I guess he was in no hurry. As Grant clacked away I felt two big hands run down my sides, I looked back but it was not Grant he smiled as I felt the stranger kiss my neck his hands cupped firmly round each tit. I could feel his cock getting harder as he pressed it against my arse, slowly his tongue run down my spin making me shiver with excitement and longing to feel another black cock inside my pink pussy. He continued licking down my spine until I felt him reach my tiny red panties, the juices were following from my pussy and I could feel my panties getting wetter by the second.

The black stranger turned me round parting my legs his tongue tracing my pussylips through the thin red material of my panties, his hand easing them to one side. His tongue again traced my pussylips finding my clit he sucked hard on holding it between his lips flicking his tongue hard over it. I held his head in my hands pulling him closer wanting him to probe his tongue inside my wet pussy, with his fingers he parted the lips to my pussy his tongue lapping my juices before pushing it deep inside. Grant clicked away every now and again I could hear him saying good very good keep going.

The black stranger gripped my arse tight pushing his tongue deeper into me, my juices flowing faster as my legs shook. Slowly the stranger stood kissing me full on the mouth, his tongue parting my lips and dancing over mine. His hands working down my sides his fingers slipping inside my panties easing them down over my thighs as I stood there kissing him my heart racing my body shaking with total excitement. Grant clicking away as the dark hair covering my pussy came into view again, only this time a black finger slipping to and from my pussy as we continued kissing. He lifted my leg placing his big hand on my arse his finger working wonders in my pussy probing it deeply then stroking my clit before inserting it once more. All the time I could feel his cock getting bigger thicker harder as it throbbed against me, he kissed my neck moving his lips down until he reached my nipple sucking each in turn making them very hard. I shook hard as a climax exploded inside my pussy sending me wild, the muscles in my pussy going tight as it let the juices leak from deep within me over his finger still buried deep inside me.

Still shaking from my climax the black stranger eased me towards the bed sitting me in front of him, I run my hands over his chest working them down until I run my hand over his hard thick cock still held tightly inside his pants. I kissed his stomach slowly easing his pants down over his waist they fell free from him his cock standing there full to attention only inches from my face. He was so much bigger then Grant as I took it into my small hand stroking it lowering my mouth slowly towards it. Grant moved in closer clicking his camera as my lips parted taking him gently into my mouth, I squeezed his hanging balls with my other hand. I flicked my tongue over his cock before taking it deeply into my mouth I moved my head slowly up and down wanting him to get as much excitement from me as he had just given me. He moved his hips gently pushing his cock deeper into my mouth, I could feel his cock touching the back of my throat some light juices leaking from the tip slowly dribbling down my throat, the taste a little salty but not to strong.

The black stranger placed his hands on my head running his fingers through my hair pulling me closer forcing his cock deeper as he rocked his hips slowly, I continued taking him deeper in my mouth. I could feel his balls getting tighter in my hand, my tongue licking the full length of his black cock as I stroked my clit feeling myself so wet so soft wanting to be fucked by this hard thick cock in my mouth.

Grant was clicking away like mad as I was laid back on the bed, the black stranger parting my legs running his black cock along my pussylips and over my clit. I moved my hips trying to get it inside me but he pulled back as his cock got near my entrance, he leant down looking into my eyes as slowly our lips came together again his thick cock teasing my pussy as we kissed deeply. Arching my back I felt him the tip of his cock part my pussylips I spread my legs wider still as he pushed forward, my pussy felt on fire as inch by inch he pushed all 10inches into me.

His cock was so big it felt like my pussy was being ripped open as he started to push harder into me, I screamed out as he hit home hard with long hard thrusts. He placed my hands over my head holding them there continuing to pound my pussy hard, yes I screamed out moving my hips to meet the monster cock ramming into me. Grant still clicking away moving around us getting the best shot’s he could of the strangers cock pounding into me. The black stranger had moved to his knees squeezing my tits with his big hands, his cock slamming into me harder still only this every time it hit home hard inside he’d stop for a moment before pulling back then slamming hard back into me.

The black stranger lifted my legs over his shoulders my arse sticking up his monster cock once more heading towards my open exposed pussy, his legs either side of mine as his cock pointing downwards again filling my pussy. Sweat dripped from him as he fucked me, Grant standing over us clicking away getting all this on film like I had asked him to do for Paul. The black stranger had so much power strength stamina that I wondered if I could take anymore of the fuck he was giving me, my pussy felt on fire hurting as he continued pounding it with his 10inch monster black cock.

He eased me over his black cock slowly being buried back into my pussy I gripped the sheet feeling him fucking me from behind, his balls slapping against my clit with every forward thrust. He held my suspender belt, pulling me back onto his thrusting cock I was being fucked like never before Paul had never fucked me so hard or for so long.

Grant picked up another camera after using all the film in the last one, the black stranger now laying back on top of me kissing me gently caressing my tits his cock finding my pussy with ease slipping back inside me. Grant standing at the end of the bed, clicking away as the black stranger’s arse rocked his cock slowly entering me. I opened my legs wide so he could really fill my pussy with every inch of his hard black cock, the pleasure of it overtaking the pain and soreness his cock was coursing.

I held him tight his cock slowing until it stopped moving, I laid there kissing him not knowing what was coming next. He eased his cock back before giving once almighty hard fast thrust, I felt him cum long and hard inside my pussy. Grant pictured us kissing long and hard as he continued cumin deep inside my pussy, slowly his cock went limp and slipped from me. I kept my legs apart as the black stranger moved off me letting Grant picture the black stranger’s cum slowly dribble from my pussy so Paul could have a picture of my pussy full of black man’s cum which he wanted.

After a shower and getting dressed feeling very sore from the fuck I had just I waited to collect my new set of photo’s from Grant, about an hour later Grant appeared and passed me the photo’s I flicked over them thinking what a slut I looked. I thanked Grant and left, once home I waited for Paul.

Paul looked at the photo’s looked at me saying not bad you fucking black man’s whore, I let Paul look at my pussy which was so red and sore from the new black cock that had fucked it only 2 hours earlier.

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