Photo Shoot

byHistory Nut©

I retired from the military more than twenty years ago, but I still maintain my membership in the NCO Club at the local air base, and go there two or three times a week to eat and to have a few drinks in the bar. The prices there are a lot better than at any place in town.

I'm also, if I say so myself, a pretty decent photographer.

Last Saturday I went to the NCO Club after spending the afternoon at the photo hobby shop printing pictures of a young exotic dancer I had met at one of the adult peep show theaters and had talked into posing for a few nude and semi-nude photos.

The shots of Tina were erotic, but far from being pornographic. They were the kind that were common in the early Playboy magazines. That is, while they showed her breasts, she was always turned in such a way that even when completely nude, her pubes were hidden. They were tasteful pictures that could be looked at by anyone except the most severe prudes.

A couple of the guys in the bar saw me looking at my pictures while sipping at a snifter of brandy and asked if they could see them. I'm egotistical enough that I said, "Sure. Pull up some chairs and look."

They did. They also asked questions about each pose, and of course about Tina. Sgt. Jackson said he did quite a bit of photography himself, and had always wanted to do some nude studies, but didn't know where to find a girl who would pose for him.

Sgt. Milford, a bit younger than Jackson, made a number of comments about how much he'd like to get Tina into bed, but expressed no interest in photography. I chose to ignore him after that, and he soon left.

SSgt. Konrad seemed particularly interested, but said little.

I talked to Sgt. Jackson for a while. I told him how I had seen Tina doing her dance at the peep show place, and had approached her when she took a break at the end of her set. I also advised him that if he were going to get girls to pose for him that, it was vital to get them to sign a model release. I also gave him the web address of a site that has sample model and property releases for use by photographers, and told him to download a couple and then modify them for his use.

SSgt Konrad stayed behind when Jackson left. "Mr. Hardon," he said, "I'm not sure how to ask this. I have a request that may seem a bit odd."

As he said this, he was blushing. You don't often see a grown man blush. That made me curious.

"Well, why don't you tell me, and let me decide whether what you want is odd or not."

"Can we go somewhere? I don't want any of these guys to hear what I'm going to ask you."

"Well, my home is only a couple of miles away. I live alone. We can talk there if you wish, and I can also show you some of my other pictures, if you're interested."

"Great. I'll follow you in my car."

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at my home. As we entered I asked Jerry (he had told me his first name while we were walking to our cars) if he would like anything to drink while we looked at pictures and talked. He asked for a beer.

I left him sitting in the living room and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of Grolsh pilsner for him, and to pour a snifter of Asbach Uralt for myself. I'm quite partial to that German Weinbrandt (brandy).

When I returned to the living room, Jerry was thumbing through a stack of prints I had left on the coffee table. Some were landscapes, some were similar to the ones he had seen at the club, and a few were what I consider soft porn. That is they showed nude women with their genitals fully exposed. In a couple, the models had their labia spread and were fingering their clits.

Jerry was blushing again. "Mr. Hardon," he said as he looked at one of the shots of a girl fingering herself, "I want you to take some pictures like this of my wife."

That set me back a little.

"Why do you want me to take them? Why don't you take them yourself?"

"Well, I could take them of Linda, but I also want you to take some of me, and some of Linda and me together."


"Yes. You see, I just got orders to go to Iraq. Linda and I have never been separated since we got married. We love one another, and we both love sex. I want you to take pictures for us to look at while I'm gone. Make two sets, one for her and one for me."

"Your request is a little odd, alright, but I see no problem. I will want both you and Linda to sign model releases for me. That's to protect me in case either of you later have second thoughts about posing nude and perhaps in positions that are – shall we say a bit risqué."

"I understand. But I really do want these pictures, and I'm sure Linda will too."

We talked a bit longer. I gave Jerry my phone number and said, "Go home. Tell Linda about our conversation and see if she feels like you do about posing for these pictures that you want. If she does, call me either tonight or tomorrow and we'll make an appointment for a shooting session."

Jerry called me at noon the next day.

"Mr. Hardon, I talked to Linda after I got home yesterday. She's not sure about posing."

"I understand, Jerry. I think most women would be a little reluctant to pose for such pictures."

"It's not that, Mr. Hardon. She wants the pictures as much as I do. But, she doesn't know you, and isn't sure about letting someone she doesn't know and trust take them."

I thought about what he said and then said, "Tell you what; why don't you and Linda meet me in the dining room at the club tonight. We can have dinner together and get to know one another.

"There's no need for her to make a decision tonight. We can just have a friendly visit. After dinner, if she wants, we can go back to my home and let her look at the pictures you looked at last night.

"Then you can call me again in a day or two and tell me what she wants to do."

"Hey, that sounds great. Let me call Linda to see if dinner tonight is okay with her. I'll call you right back."

Ten minutes later Jerry called and told me he and Linda would meet me at the club at seven o'clock that evening.

Linda is a gorgeous red head with beautiful, large jade green eyes. She is tall – five foot six, and weights about a hundred and twenty pounds. Her breasts are not huge: 34C, but they are firm hemispheres with no sag to them at all. Her waist is small and flares into a nicely shaped thirty-five inch butt. She could make a great living modeling hose. Her legs and feet are stunningly beautiful.

Dinner went well. I bought lobster thermador and a bottle of Piesporter spätelese for us. Neither Jerry nor Linda had eaten lobster thermador before, and were impressed by the delicate flavor. Linda also liked the wine. After the meal, I had the waiter bring us another bottle, but this time I ordered an Auslese. I don't normally drink Auslese, it's too sweet for my taste, but under the circumstance I felt it would be a good dessert drink.

With her first sip, Linda smiled and said, "My gosh, Lange. I had no idea that a wine could be so delicious."

We sat and visited until we had finished that bottle, and then drove to my home. There we looked through the pictures that Jerry had seen the night before. None of them seemed to shock Linda. In fact, she began to breathe heavily as she looked at a couple of them in which the model's vagina was wide open and glistening.

"Lange, these are beautiful pictures. You really know how to make your models look good."

"Thank you, Linda."

"Do you have any of male nudes?"

"Not many. I took a few when I took a course in figure photography at the university a couple of years ago, but there's little market for pictures of nude men except for sales to gay magazines."

"That's too bad. A lot of women I know would love to be able to get pictures of good looking nude men."

"I'll keep that in mind. If I run into any men who are willing to pose, I may try a session or two."

At that point, Jerry spoke up.

"Well, what do you think Linda? Shall we let Lange take pictures of us?"

Linda looked at Jerry, and then at me. She chewed her lower lip a moment and then said, "Let me sleep on that a while." Then she turned to me and said, "Lange, I like your pictures, and I like you. I think it would be fun to let you take the pictures Jerry wants, but I'm not sure I'm ready just yet."

"Linda, that's okay. You don't have to make a commitment tonight. Think about it for as long as you need to. Have Jerry call me when you make up your mind. I'd like to take the pictures, but I'll understand if you decide to not pose for them."

She leaned forward, kissed me on the cheek and said, "Thanks, Lange."

After saying goodbye, they left. It was a week later when Jerry called me and asked when we could get together for a photo shoot.

After talking for a short time, we agreed to meet at Jerry's and Linda's home at one o'clock the next Saturday afternoon.

When I arrived at the Konrad home I had a car full of equipment. A Haselblad with a sheet film adaptor, a Canon 35mm SLR, and a new Nikon digital that I had recently bought, but had not yet used. I also had several spot lights on tri-pod poles, some reflectors, and a switch box that allowed me to control all of the lights from one place.

Jerry helped me carry the equipment into the house. Before setting up, I had both Jerry and Linda sign their model releases. With that out of the way, I asked, "Where do you want to so this shoot? In the bedroom, or someplace else?"

Jerry said they probably ought to start in the bedroom, but might want a few shots in some of the other rooms.

While Jerry and I set the lights up in the bedroom, Linda went into the bathroom to change into a baby doll nighty for the first set of pictures.

When she came back into the bedroom, I got an instant erection. Her nighty was so transparent that I could see every detail of her body. Her pubic hair was the same shade of red as the hair on her head. Her breasts were even more beautiful than I imagined them. The areolas were not overly large, but they did protrude slightly from the body of each breast, and were crowned by already erect nipples that were nearly a half inch long, and a quarter inch in diameter.

Before beginning the shoot, I had a few technical matters to go over with them.

"Jerry," I asked, "Do you want hard copy prints, or would you prefer that I copy everything to a DVD for you so that you can view the pictures on your computer?"

Linda spoke first. "Which do you think would be best?"

"Well," I said, "If you both have access to a computer, there are some real advantages to having the pictures on a DVD. On the other hand, if one or the other of you doesn't have a computer on which to view them, then prints would be best."

Jerry then said, "We'll both have computers. I'm taking my laptop with me, and Linda will have the desktop computer here."

"Okay. In that case I suggest that you get the pictures on a DVD."

"Why," Linda asked.

"Well for one thing, a DVD will take less space in Jerry's things than a stack of photos would, and for a second thing; a DVD wouldn't be as accessible to other people as would hard copy prints."

"Oh, I like that last reason," Linda said.

"Yeah," Jerry added, "Other guys don't need to be gawking and pictures of Linda and me in the kind of pictures you're going to take today."

"Good. The I'll use my digital camera. That will save a lot of darkroom time, and make it real easy to get the pictures onto a couple of DVDs for you."

"Now, Linda, let's get some pictures of you in that baby doll outfit you're wearing."

"Where do you want me?"

For the next ten minutes, I took a series of pictures of Linda in various parts of the room, and in different poses. I then suggested that she either change into something else, or remove the nighty for some nude shots. She chose to change into a pair of black lace, crotch-less panties. God, she looked hot.

I shot a dozen pictures of her in those panties. She was on their bed in all of those shots. For some she was lying demurely, showing nothing bur her gorgeous tits and the rounded curves of her panty clad butt. In others she was spread eagled and showing the red hairs of her pussy between the black edges of the panties that were open just enough to suggest, but not really show the presence of her pussy. And, in still other, she spread herself open to clearly show her inner labia and the entrance to her vagina.

With her still in those crotch-less scanties, I shot several pictures of her masturbating with a fourteen inch purple vibrator.

As a transition to the next set of shots, I photographed her removing her panties, and then shot a masturbation series in which she used a very life-like twelve-inch dildo to fuck herself.

The entire time that Linda was getting herself off with the vibrator and dildo, I had a hard-on that threatened to rip a hole in my trousers.

After that, Jerry suggested that he'd like to have some pictures of Linda in the shower. That sounded good to me.

We carried two of the photofloods into the bathroom and set them up to get the best lighting of the tub and shower area. Linda stepped into the tub, turned on the shower, and I began shooting. I did not try to have her pose. I merely took pictures as she soaped herself, and rinsed the soap from her body.

I especially got some shots of her washing her tits and her pussy.

Then Jerry surprised me.

"Darling," he said, "Let Lange get a couple of shots of you pissing."

"Are you sure you want pics of that?" Linda asked.

"Damn right!" was Jerry's reply.

"Okay. Lange, are you ready for this?"

"Yeah," I answered. "I'm ready when you are."

Linda bent her knees a little, reached down and spread her labia, and cut loose.

I got ten shots before her stream slowed to a dribble. Five of those finally made it to the DVD I delivered to Jerry and Linda a couple of days later.

When Linda got out of the shower she said, "Lange, while I'm repairing my make up, why don't you go back to the bedroom and take some pictures of Jerry."

In the bedroom, I asked Jerry what he thought Linda wanted to see in the pictures of him. He answered that they had talked about that, and that she wanted some really good shots of him with an erection, and some of him jacking off. She especially wanted one of him coming.

I saw mo difficulty getting a set that would give Linda all she could hope for short of the real thing. I then said, "You know that with this digital camera I can get a twenty second movie clip. Since Linda wants a picture of you ejaculating, why don't we use the camera's movie mode to shoot than?"

"Oh yeah! Linda would really flip over that. She loves to watch me come."

"Okay, but you'll have to give me about a five second warning before you start ejaculating. I want to be sure I get the last couple of seconds of you stroking your cock and then the complete come shot."

I set up a black background for the orgasm movie and then had Jerry pose for a series of shots of him bare-chested and wearing a pair of jeans. I then posed him in just his jockey shorts, with and without an erection. Finally, I took a dozen of so shots of him with a naked hard-on. Then it was time for the jack-off and come movie sequence.

Linda came into the bedroom just as we were getting ready to start. Jerry told her what we were doing and she responded by clapping her hands like an excited little girl and saying, "Oh goody. I can't wait. Do it. Do it now."

Jerry stood in front of the black background and began to masturbate. While he did that, I adjusted the lighting so that there were no shadows visible in the viewfinder of my camera, just a good, sharp image of Jerry beating his meat.

It took Jerry about ten minutes before he said, "Get ready. I'm about to come."

"Let it rip," I said as I tripped the shutter on my Nikon.

Three seconds later (Yes, I counted them.) Jerry began to squirt. The lighting was perfect. For seventeen seconds, the camera captured every spurt of semen as it shot from the end of Jerry's penis.

When Jerry stopped coming, Linda clapped her hands and said, "Oh, Jerry, that was beautiful. I'm going to have such fun fingering myself while watching that."

We took a coffee break in the kitchen for the next forty-five minutes; mostly to give Jerry time to recover from his orgasm. The next set of pictures were to be of him and Linda together, and he needed to be hard for those.

"Let's do a little planning," I said between sips of coffee, "What do you two want to show in this next set?"

Jerry spoke up first.

"Linda is always hot when I've been gone on TDY for a few days. Why don't we re enact one of my homecomings."

"Ummm, that would be fun." Linda added.

"Okay. That sounds good to me. I take it we'll start at the front door and work our way back to the bedroom."

"Yeah. That's it," Jerry replied.

Jerry went to change into his fatigue uniform and to get his B-4 bag out of the closet. While he did that, Linda and I finished our coffee and talked a little more about what they usually did when Jerry returned from a TDY trip. By the time Jerry came back into the kitchen, the things Linda told me had my dick so stiff I thought it would break off when I had to stand up.

"You guys ready?" Jerry asked as he came into the kitchen carrying his B-4 bag.

"I am," Linda said with more than a little excitement in her voice.

"I am too," I said. "Let's get this done. I still have another appointment at six this evening."

Jerry and I went outside. I took a couple of shots of him walking to the front door and being greeted by Linda who opened the door just as he was about to use his key to unlock it.

I then went inside and shot a couple of pictures of Linda going to open the door, and kissing Jerry as he stepped inside.

Let me tell you, that was one hot kiss. I've seen my share of porn movies, but the professionals could take lessons from Linda and Jerry.

Those two began undressing one another there in the hallway. By the time we got back to their bedroom I had shot two dozen pictures, and they were down to under shorts and panties. Clothing was strewn from the front door to the bedroom door.

As they got to the bedroom door, Jerry picked Linda up in his arms and carried her to the bed. Their mouths were glued together in an open-mouthed kiss the entire time.

They fell onto the bed with Linda under Jerry. He broke their kiss and move immediately to he right tit. Her erect nipple disappeared between his lips, and then was drawn up and out as he sucked it and backed away stretching that ruby nub until suddenly if slipped from between his lips and retreated with an audible snap.

For several minutes, they mock wrestled, kissing, stroking one another's genitals and in general enjoying a spontaneous intimacy that had me envying their love for one another, and at the same time about to come in my pants.

Then they got down to business. The last of their clothing landed on the floor, and they moved into a sixty-nine position.

Those two obviously loved the taste of sex. They sucked, they licked, the chewed. They stimulated one another's genitals in every way possible with their lips and tongues.

Both instinctively knew when the other was about to come, and backed off just long enough to let the need to orgasm lessen. Then they resumed and again brought their lover to the brink. Finally Linda could take no more foreplay. "Fuck me Jerry. Do it now. I need you in me."

Jerry rolled over onto his back. The tip of his seven inch cock glistened with a coating of pre-come.

Linda straddled him, grabbed his cock and raised it up to meet her pussy. Its head disappeared between her red haired outer labia. She rubbed it back and forth in her slot a couple of time, then seated it in her opening and sank down on it.

She became a real cowgirl. She was in the saddle and bouncing as though at a full gallop.

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