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Jarred Stone by age 23 had been a veteran of the gay porn industry. Having just signed a very lucrative contract with Titan media studio for five additional movies he would receive residuals that could make him a rich man. He had modeled nude.

Physically he was quite gifted. Blue eyes, ash blond medium long hairstyle with long side bangs combed behind his ears, full lips, a straight nose, and an angular face made him very cute. He had a solidly built, muscular five foot ten frame. His ass filled a pair of briefs beautifully. He could boast an eight inch by 1.7 inch diameter penis when fully erect.

There had been a time not too long ago when he was just another pretty boy who wanted to make a name for himself. Photo sessions and making low budget porn movies seemed to him the right path. I would help to start him on his way.

I had made all the arrangements for a photo shoot to take place. It would be on a Monday morning outdoors set against the backdrop of hilly pine forest. At ten in the morning of the photo shoot he had arrived there in his Hummer.

He came walking toward me from his vehicle dressed in tight jeans and a T shirt that accentuated the muscles in his upper body. Even at a good distance I could see the outline of well developed pectoral and deltoid muscles.

"I'm glad that you could come. I've been looking forward to this opportunity."

"I'm happy to be here."

Conditions for the photo shoot were perfect. The sky was blue and almost cloudless. The sun warned the air.

"With or without your clothes you're very photogenic."

"Thanks," he replied.

"Okay," I said, "Let's start modestly with just your shirt off and we'll progress from there."

My first few photo shots allowed him to be modest. Standing against his Hummer on the driver's side Jarred pulled off the blue T shirt and placed it on the roof. Folding his arms across his six pack abs, he also flexed his pectoral muscles. I shot the first picture.

He is so hot! I'll do a few more of him dressed. I want him naked.

The next pose was a bicep flex. My Nikon recorded the baseball sized muscles.

"I hope some day to make gay porno movies."

His last comment struck a nice chord. I'm going to enjoy shooting these pictures.

"I work for a gay web sight, five years now."

By this time we were both ready for the real photo session. I'm through letting him be modest.

Jarred rephrased my thoughts. "Let's do it!"

We began with partial nudity. For his first pose he pulled his jeans just inches. I zoomed the lens to capture his mid section. The lens zoomed a little closer, this time capturing the tent pole while he stood in just blue briefs.

"This time lose the briefs."

My lens captured his huge sex pointing up toward his face. Instinctively he closed his hand around it at the base leaving inches showing above the top. I shot this picture then another. He slid that hand down between his legs and the camera captured this shot as well. He held his cock straight out for another shot.

By now I wanted to photo different poses. Jarred climbed onto the hood of his Hummer and raised his legs to show the lens just a little bit of ass crack.

"I've got a sex toy with me."

"Perfect," I said.

His dildo was eight inches long, flesh toned and with a suction cup at the base. It was realistic in every detail including the feel of it.

Holding it in his hand, he inserted it slowly into the orifice moaning softly as it entered. His hole took five inches of the toy. He slid it slowly back and forth while I shot one picture then another.

By the time I had shot a dozen pictures we were both ready for a brief break and chat.

"I was in high school when I knew that I'm gay."

"Same here," I answered.

"I'd love to see all the pictures after we're done today."

"Sure," I replied. "Give me your e-mail address."

By now I wanted to be naked with him right then and there because I missed the sex. It had been a few months since the breakup with Paul. The funny thing is that I don't remember my X being this gorgeous.

At that time he had not been out of high school very long, maybe a couple of years. Given his build, he was probably a jock. Football, I guessed.

"Did you play sports at all?"

"Nope, Just weightlifting and hi protein shakes," he answered.

He began posing again. This time the suction cup held the dildo firm to the hood of his car. Riding the toy up and down slowly, he jerked himself. I shot the picture then another picture.

"These will be great on the sight, but I need some cock."

Laying down the camera in it's leather bag, I removed my own clothing. He gazed at my lean frame then gestured with his finger for me to approach him. My own cock was hard by now.

While he lay on the hood of the car I went atop him pressing my body against his. My throbbing cock pushed against his large balls. My lips pressed against his lips.

Our mouths opened allowing our tongues inside to lick.

Jarred and I (he was not Jarred then but just Tommy) hopped off the hood into the soft bed of grass for some real action. He lay back, throwing his feet over his head. My cock pushed slowly into his waiting hole and slid back and forth in a slow, steady rhythm.

"There's about a dozen photos in the camera. They'll all be published to the web sight."

"Thanks," he replied.

"Good luck with your career," I said.

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