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Photo Shoot


This takes place a few days after the 'Party' story.


After Jules special entertainment at our last party we were discussing what other fantasies to play out, suddenly Jules said, "How about a photo shoot?"

I was up for that and told her to think of some poses while I fetched the camera hoping for a few sexy shots of her naked in the bedroom.

When I got back she had logged on the pc browsing an amateur posting site, it was obvious she had logged on here before, intrigued I watched as she scrolled through the pages of naked and semi naked pictures.

"Imagine all the guys looking at this site and getting off on seeing these ladies."

Standing up she draped her arms around my neck.

"When our friends saw me naked it got me so wet"

She glanced back at the screen.

"I know you like me to be adventurous but just how naughty do you want me to be?"

Pulling her into me, kissing her hard on the lips and grinding my semi hard cock into her leg I said, "As bad as you want to get."

She pulled away and trailed her fingers gently over my erection.

"Shall we put a picture on here?"

Glancing at the screen I was shocked and excited, my heart was racing.

First my wife puts on a sexy exhibitionist show for our friends and now she was suggesting that we post naked photos of her on this site.

I turned to Jules.

"Well we only have the pictures I took of you sunbathing topless and bare assed on the beach so lets take one or two in poses similar to what they have posted here." "What is it you have in mind and how far do want to go?" I asked her.

"How about a taking a few shot of me wearing my favourite panties to start with?"

Was her first suggestion, "Then maybe some naked if I feel ok with it?"

She told me to sit down sort the camera out while she got ready.

Jules came back wearing one of my white shirts and a pair of heels. I sat watching though the camera firing off shots as she slowly unbuttoned the shirt, letting it slide down over her shoulders exposing her cleavage, it was obvious she'd removed the black lacy bra she'd had on earlier.

She stood for a second or two then, face flushed with excitement as she dropped the shirt.

Standing there wearing nothing but panties and heels she looked sexier than ever.

She held her arms in front of her partially hiding her breasts, the nipples just visible and rock hard, both hands were clasped together covering the front of her transparent lacy French knickers, not wanting to show too much too soon.

Asking her to turn around, showing her panty-clad bottom I told her how sexy she looked, my cock was rock hard and I had trouble keeping my hands steady as I brought the camera up.

Standing facing the wall, legs slightly apart, the smooth cheeks of her bottom visible under the legs of her panties she asked.

"Is this sexy enough? Do you think guys will get hard when they see my pictures?"

In answer I pressed the shutter and looked down at the screen, the picture was perfect.

Jules had turned very slightly as she spoke so one tit was just poking out in a very sexy way.

"If any guy sees these and doesn't get a hard on he's either dead or bent."

Jules laughed and turned to her right leaning forward over a chair giving another tantalising shot of her breasts, she was warming up to this now getting a little aroused. As I took more shots I reflected on how lucky I was to have a wife who wanted to explore our fantasies, who was excited at the thought of showing herself off to complete strangers, although she was still a little shy and unsure of how much she should give in to her desires.

"Maybe we could email Brendan, Terry and Jake a shot as a memento of our fun night." She said.

"I don't think they need any encouragement do you?"

I laughed.

Clicking the shutter a few more times I took some close up shots of her beautiful breasts and stiff nipples, she knelt down and coyly covered her boobs up with her arms.

"Do you think I should dress like this for our next party?" She said.

"If you do those panties aren't going to stay on for long."

She smiled, "Maybe I won't wear any next time."

She winked seductively and dropped forwards on her hands I got one or two more pictures of her crawling toward the camera, breasts swaying too and fro.

She put her arms around my neck pulling herself into me crushing her lips against mine in a breathless hot kiss; I could feel her hard nipples pressing against my chest through the thin material of my t-shirt as her tongue explored my mouth, she broke away looking me in the eye.

"We really are going to do this?" She said.

"Only if you still want to, if not we can keep the pictures for ourselves," I replied.

She shook her head, "One more shot then we do it, let's post them."

Her face was flushed with excitement as she turned and dropped onto all fours, this time with her beautiful ass facing me, she wiggled her backside suggestively her knickers ridding up so the smooth mound of her pussy could be seen either side of the thin strip of material. There was a damp spot on the crotch of her panties as she stretched out, pushing her ass cheeks back, full, rounded and soft.

We were both aroused; as I took the final few pictures my cock was pulsing in my pants, so hard it was painful, the sight of her barely covered pussy almost made me cum in my pants, without a word I put the camera down, reached out and slipped her panties over the curve of her buttocks and down her thighs. She spread her legs wide, pushing her ass out exposing her glistening wet pussy.

"Do you think the guys would like a picture of this?"

With that I ripped open my jeans and reached out running my fingers over her damp lips spreading them apart feeling the silky texture of her wet labia.

I slipped first one, then two fingers deep into her wetness, she moaned and wiggled back onto my fingers, we were both too far gone to waste time with foreplay.

Her body convulsed as I moved between her legs, spread her cheeks and pushed my cock past the swollen lips of her pussy, she was so wet I had no trouble sinking all the way in, pounding Jules with hard, fast, urgent strokes, making her ass cheeks jiggle as I slapped into her she pushed back with her hips trying to match my strokes.

Panting and sweating neither of us lasted long.

Jules let out a cry and collapsed forwards, feeling her pussy beginning to spasm on my cock as her orgasm ripping through her brought me to a shattering climax, I gripped her hips and held her close as my cock twitched and spurted its load deep inside her vagina.

After we'd caught our breath and cleaned up we retrieved the camera and made our way to the computer, in minutes the pictures were stored in a new file.

Jules excitedly moved from one shot to the next deciding which of the naked pictures of herself to post. Apart from the party where our friends had seen her naked a quick flash when we were out was all she would usually risk, so this was something special.

Jules asked me what I thought of the selection; she had picked photos that were all sexy but nothing really pornographic mainly topless with the nice close up of her ass. Although the thought of being seen naked turned her on she was obviously still a little nervous, these feelings being a little new to her.

Jules must have sensed I was a little disappointed.

"Lets send these pictures and see how I feel when they are on the site then I might do some harder shots like this," She lounged back opening her legs.

"Right now I'm feeling so horny there's a good chance we will be posting more."

With that she hit send.

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by yarnspinnerr12/07/18

Would love to see what happens next

Did she get a good response? Duh, of course she did! Did she post more? I want to hear all about it! And see more of her of course! ;->

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