tagGroup SexPhoto Shoot

Photo Shoot


The warm sunlight barely penetrated the thick leaves on the trees. Anna shivered as the cool air touched her bare skin.

Too much bare skin. At least for this state park, where anyone might walk by at any moment and see her exposed for Thomas's camera.

Stupid idea. Why did I ask him to take my picture? Then again, the location was his idea, not hers. She'd only asked that he take some sexy photos of her to help her push some boundaries. He'd chosen to take the pics in public to push her first boundary: unwillingness to show too much of her body in public.

She took a deep breath. This was what she'd asked for. And although she cringed at the thought of a stranger seeing her in her micro skirt and low-cut tank top, under which she wore nothing, part of her was excited at the prospect. Someone else might be equally excited at the sight of her, and that was a complete turn-on.

"Ready?" Thomas held up his high-end digital camera. No cheap phone cameras for him. He had the best of everything.

"I guess." Anna shivered again. "Can we make this quick? I'm cold."

"Oh, you're cold?" He walked over to her and smacked her hard on the ass. "Maybe a solid spanking will warm you up. Your ass, at least."

He raised his hand. Despite the arousal that rushed through her, Anna shook her head. "Not here. What if someone sees?"

"What if they do?" Again, he brought his hand down on her ass. "Are you ashamed of something?"

Voices from nearby stopped Anna from answering. Male voices, two of them if she heard correctly, and they were getting louder. She couldn't see them around the curve in the path, but they definitely weren't far away. Two men were walking toward them, and in a moment they would see her in this outfit. See her taking whatever Thomas chose to do.

She tensed, ready to duck behind a tree, unsure how to feel, though the moisture between her legs indicated how her libido was reacting to the men's approach. They would see her, and they would want her. That was why she was here. To be looked at and wanted.

Biting her lip, she glanced at Thomas. He gave her a slight nod and said, more loudly than necessary, "Strike a pose, babe. Let me take your picture."

"A photo shoot, huh?"

Startled, Anna turned. The men had rounded the curve and now stood only a few yards away. Both appeared young, maybe not even out of college yet. Both were the type of guy she would have crushed on from a distance in her own college days. One blond, one with black hair. Both built like athletes, with the black-haired one standing just a couple of inches taller than the blond. Too attractive for her to approach or ignore.

But now they were approaching her. Pushing away her trepidation, Anna stood straighter, pushing out her chest. Her nipples, unrestrained by a bra, pushed against the thin fabric of her top.

"Hi," she said, proud that her voice showed no signs of nervousness. "Sorry if we're in your way."

The black-haired one ran his tongue over his upper lip. "Not in the way at all. Looks like we're interrupting your pics."

"You're welcome to watch the shoot if you want," Thomas said.

The younger men looked at each other and shrugged. "Sure," the blond said. "We aren't in a hurry." He eyed Anna. "And this is definitely more interesting to look at than a bunch of trees. Where should we stand?"

"Right where you are is fine." Thomas raised his camera again. "Anna, didn't I tell you to pose?"

"How?" She put her hands on her hips. "There. I'm posing." The younger men chuckled, which pleased her. "You'll have to be more specific. I'm not a professional model."

"You could be," the black-haired man said.

Anna smiled. "Well, thank you. I guess we'll see how these pictures turn out."

"Not so well if you keep being a wiseass." Thomas grabbed her by her long brown hair.

She gasped, only because she hadn't expected him to treat her so roughly in front of strangers. But she loved it when took charge, and seeing the younger men's raised eyebrows and slight smiles excited her even more.

Thomas pulled her backward until she felt rough bark behind her. "Lean against this tree," he said. "Put one foot up on it. And stop being a brat."

"Ooh, someone's in trouble," the blond man said. "Maybe you should give her a spanking."

"She'd like that too much." Thomas stepped back and aimed his camera at Anna.

Her trembling now had nothing to do with the temperature. All three men stared at her intently, ramping up her desire to show off. As she bent her knee to place her foot where Thomas had ordered, cool air touched her wet pussy, and she moaned softly before she could stop herself.

"Sounds like someone's enjoying her photo shoot," Thomas said. The camera clicked. "One down. How many to go, Anna?"

Her eyes widened. "I wasn't ready."

"I think you were."

She looked at the younger men. "Did I look ready to you?"

"You look ready for something." The black-haired man grinned. "Need help posing? I'd be glad to lend a hand."

"Don't distract her." Thomas snapped another picture. "If you want these to turn out right, Anna, I suggest you get into position."

And what position would that be? She bit back the question and adjusted her stance. The men stayed quiet, but the air on her pussy distracted her far more than they would have.

Thomas took a few more pictures, then said, "All right. You're done there. Come over here." He nodded toward the large boulder behind him. "Sit up on this."

Anna lowered her leg and stretched. "You want me to sit on that when I don't have any panties on? It's dirty."

"You don't have any panties on?" Blond sounded intrigued.

"Here." Black-haired took off his T-shirt. "You can sit on this."

He tossed it to Anna, who caught it easily. She took a moment to admire his muscled chest before walking over to the boulder and spreading out the shirt. "I hope I don't get it too dirty."

"I hope you do," the man said.

Hiding another smile, Anna tried to perch on the boulder. Climbing onto the thing with such a short skirt proved more difficult than she'd anticipated, and the breeze on her cunt and ass told her she was revealing more than she'd intended.

And she didn't care. They could look all they wanted. Moments earlier, she'd felt vulnerable at the idea of being so exposed in front of the two strangers, but now she felt powerful. They were looking at her. Only at her. And unless she said otherwise, all they could do was look.

"Let me help you." Blond walked over to her and held out his hand.

"Let him," Thomas said.

Anna nodded and used Blond's hand to steady herself as she moved into a more comfortable position. Once she was seated, she quickly pressed her legs together. No need to show the men everything. At least not yet.

But Thomas obviously had other ideas. "Lean back on your hands, and spread your legs."

Anna stared at him. "Are you out of your mind?"

"We'll leave if you want," Black-haired said. "We don't want you to feel self-conscious. Don't worry about the shirt."

"No, stay." Thomas went to Anna and bent to whisper to her, "I want you to let this happen. Whatever 'this' is. We'll stop if you really want to, but I'm not so sure you want to."

He slipped his hand between her legs and rubbed her clit. Closing her eyes, Anna moaned. He was doing this in front of two men they'd never seen before—and that knowledge turned her on so much she could barely stand it.

"Dude." Blond made the word two syllables. "That's fucking hot. Are you okay with it, babe?"

"Are you?" Thomas asked, still whispering into Anna's ear. "Will you do what I say?"

She couldn't think clearly enough to make a decision, which was fine. It was time to let her body take the lead.

"Yes," she breathed.

"Good." Abruptly, Thomas thrust his finger inside her.

Her pussy tightened around it, and she cried out, barely aware of the appreciative sounds from the two younger men.

"Good girl." Thomas stepped back and raised his camera. "Now, do you remember what I told you to do?"

Anna nodded and leaned back on her hands. Glancing at the two strangers, she slowly spread her legs.

"Bend your knees." The camera clicked. "You're hot as fuck, Anna. But your pussy isn't showing quite as well as I'd like." He turned to Black-haired. "I think she needs to be wetter. What do you think?"

"Um, yeah." The younger man studied Anna. "Definitely."

"Then make her wet." Thomas grinned. "I think licking her should do the job, right?"

"Are you serious?" The man moved closer to Anna, nudging his friend out of the way. "And are you okay with this?"

"I'm okay with whatever you want." Stunned at her words, Anna closed her mouth. She'd just given two total strangers the go-ahead to do anything they chose to her.

But Thomas was there, too, and he wouldn't let anything go wrong. She could trust him, even if he was busting the hell out of her comfort zone right now.

"What about me?" Blond said as Black-haired bent between Anna's legs.

Black-haired touched his tongue to Anna's clit, and she couldn't hear Thomas's reply. She couldn't think about anything except how good Black-haired was with his mouth. How he built on the need Thomas had sparked, until her pussy clenched and pleasure erupted through her. She moaned loudly as her hips bucked, and still Black-haired kept going, licking along her slit, pushing his tongue inside her, and she came again immediately, the waves rolling over her so strongly she didn't know a damn thing except the pleasure.

As the second climax faded, she dimly heard Thomas say, "I'll have to send you these pics. They're pretty fucking hot."

He was taking pictures the whole time? Anna should have been upset. She hadn't agreed to a porn shoot! But knowing the encounter was captured on Thomas's camera only excited her again.

"What about me?" Blond asked again.

"She needs her shirt off," Thomas replied.

"Oh, I can handle that." Blond pulled Anna's shirt off over her head and set it beside her. "Your tits are gorgeous. Nice, hard nipples. Do you mind?"

He wanted her. They both wanted her, and everything they did was for her pleasure. The knowledge increased her sense of power. She wasn't the vulnerable one here. They could do whatever they wanted to her, but she was the one who would benefit.

"Go ahead," she said.

He fastened his lips around one of her nipples and tweaked the other between his thumb and forefinger. The touch sent a jolt straight through to her cunt.

She needed more. Craved it. "Make me come again," she murmured, not caring which of the men responded.

Blond moved his hand down to her pussy and started fucking her with his finger, then with two. Glancing past him, Anna saw that Black-haired had undone his jeans and was stroking his long, thick cock while he stared straight at her.

God, she wanted that cock inside her. Blond was as talented with his fingers as Black-haired was with his mouth, but she didn't want hands or lips. She wanted cock. Needed it.

"I think she needs a good fuck," Thomas said. "Is either of you interested?"

"Are you kidding? We'd be idiots not to be." Still playing with himself, Black-haired ran one hand up Anna's inner thigh. "What about it, babe? Do you want us to fuck you while he watches? Or maybe while he keeps taking pics?"

Before she could reply, she came again, suddenly, crying out words that made no sense. Euphoria ripped through her, and she no longer cared who did what to her. All she wanted was their touch. The pleasure they gave her. She might never see these men again, but it didn't matter. They were here now, and she wanted them. All three of them.

"Yes!" she moaned, barely aware of speaking.

"Bend her over the rock," Thomas said. "As soon as she can stand up, that is. And if you have condoms, get them ready."

Both of the younger men took out their wallets and pulled out condoms. Still coming down from her orgasm, Anna watched, scarcely believing this was happening, or that she wanted it. She was about to be fucked by two total strangers while her lover watched. And hopefully he would fuck her too, after the younger men had their turns.

This was not what she'd expected when Thomas suggested they go to the state park for the photo shoot. It was much, much better.

"Are you ready?" Blond asked after a few minutes. "Sorry to rush, but damn, I can't wait to be inside you."

"I'm ready." She smiled and reached out her hands. "Help me down. I think this will be easier if you bend me over, don't you?"

"Oh, hell yes." Black-haired took one of her hands and steadied her while Blond helped her off the rock.

"Who's first?" Thomas asked. "Anna, it's your choice."

It was too tough a choice to make, but she nodded toward Black-haired. At least she knew he had a nice cock. "You."

"I'm honored."

He grabbed her, spun her around, and bent her over the boulder. The roughness brought her desire to the boiling point. All it would take to make her come again was him thrusting his hard cock into her cunt.

And a second later, he did exactly that, and she came even harder than before as he started fucking her, slamming into her until she screamed, only realizing after she heard herself that others might hear as well.

"It's okay," he said. "I want to know how much you love this."

"We all do," Thomas said. "You're amazing right now, Anna."

She heard another click and realized he hadn't stopped taking pictures. And she didn't care. Let him photograph her being fucked by a man who wouldn't have given her a second glance fifteen years ago. She wanted it all available to look at later.

Black-haired fucked her a few minutes longer before he let out a long, low growl and gave one last, hard thrust. His hands tightened painfully on her hips, but it didn't bother her. It was just one more sign of how much power she had over him, that she'd made him lose control.

He withdrew, panting, and immediately Blond took his place. He squeezed her tits as he fucked her, and within seconds another wave of pleasure struck her, sending her over the edge. Again she screamed, and this time didn't care of anyone heard.

He pinched her nipples, and pain mingled with ecstasy, pushing her once again over the brink since her first orgasm hadn't faded. He fucked her harder than his friend had, almost painfully so, but it didn't hurt. It only excited her further, and she heard herself, as if from a distance, begging him to come.

And he did, moments later, crying out her name as he slammed into her a few last, hard times.

For several seconds, he rested against her back, breathing heavily. Finally he pulled out. "Holy shit. That was incredible."

"Your turn, man," Black-haired said.

"I guess it is." Thomas set his camera on the boulder and bent to kiss Anna's cheek. "If you want me, that is."

"Oh, god, yes. Please." She shouldn't have been ready for another fuck so soon, but knowing Thomas's cock was about to be inside her, she wanted nothing else.

Still sensitive from her previous climaxes, she came as soon as Thomas entered her. And again and again. The pleasure from Thomas's fucking was amplified by the knowledge that both of the younger men were watching, and probably wishing they could have another turn.

But she'd had her fill of strange cock for the day. When Thomas finally came, filling her since he used no condom, she was finished.

He pulled out and used Black-haired's shirt to gently wipe Anna's cunt. "Wouldn't want you leaking cum all over my car seat. Sorry, guy. We'll clean it."

"No worries," Black-haired said. "Keep it. A souvenir."

"We have the pictures for that." Thomas paused. "Though unfortunately, none of me fucking her. We'll have to take care of that another time, I suppose."

"We could go with you now and be the cameramen," Blond suggested.

Thomas chuckled. "No, thank you. I think she's had enough for the day. Thanks for joining in."

Slowly, Anna stood and faced the men. "Yes. Thank you for making this an excellent photo shoot. Maybe we'll run into you again sometime."

"We can only hope." Black-haired grinned. "Guess we'd better move along. Have a good afternoon, folks."

The two men continued down the path. Suddenly shy, Anna looked at Thomas. "Did you plan this?"

"No. I just hoped." He picked up her shirt. "Raise your arms."

She obeyed and stood still as he put the shirt back on her. Her entire body still trembled from the force of her climaxes and the knowledge of what she'd just done. Something others would have said she should be ashamed of, but she felt no shame at all. Only power, and excitement—and the wish to do it again. Very soon.

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