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Photo Shoot


For a few years now, I have been begging my wife to pose for some risqué photos that would keep me company on my long business trips. She had always resisted until we were engaged in foreplay the night before my last birthday. Out of the blue she said that on my birthday I could take some sexy photos of her. The love making after that comment got really intense.

The night of my birthday, she came into the living room barely dressed in a red, sheer demi-bra that barely held her big breasts. I could clearly see her nipples through the material. A matching g-string barely concealed her trimmed pussy. Thigh-hi's and red satin gloves just served to heighten the sexual tension, as did a red pair of stiletto high heels. A single, long strand of white pearls completed the outfit to perfection.

Blushing, my shy but very sexy wife asked, "You like?"

"Yes," I sighed. I could only gape, as she stood there attired in her tiny red lingerie for the entire world to see. One hand on her hips and tits thrust forward, her sultry pose exuded sexy confidence that I had not expected.

"Well, let's get started," she announced as I began positioning my camera.

"How about a video too?" she asked.

"Sure, I would love one," I replied quickly as she gave me one of her best smiles. I was beginning to wonder what was motivating my normally reserved wife.

After a glass of wine she began to relax as I began to snap some pictures. I directed her over to the piano and started taking pictures. I was anticipating that she would be somewhat reserved but before I knew it, she was on top of the piano in here little bra and g-string, giving me some very provocative poses.

Lying on her back, she was the picture of desire. Her round full breasts pressing against the sheer bra. He flat stomach sloping down to her pussy barely covered by her tiny silk g-string. Her sexy legs encased in sheer red thigh-hi's. Simply amazing to look at.

I had to admit to being very surprised when I saw just how hot my shy wife had become. With her legs extended up to the ceiling, she turned her head towards the camera as I clicked on. She was actually enjoying exposing her body for the camera.

"Hey sweetie, how about really spicing this up?" I ventured. "Take your hands and cup your tits."

"You mean like this?" she relied as she cupped her tits and pressed them inward.

"Oh yeah, great!" I replied. Her hands continued to squeeze her melon shaped breasts for the camera. Her fingers even pinched and tweaked a nipple causing it to grow and extend itself beneath the flimsy material of her see through bra.

After a couple more hot shots like these, I wanted to push her further as I pressed on by saying, "OK, great. Now try touching yourself."

She now became shy real quick. "I'm not sure what you mean?"

"Oh, you know, caress yourself down there. Show me how sexy you can really be." I was beginning to push my wife and I found myself wandering how she might react.

"I don't know," she relied. The ball was in my court and the hot look in her eyes told me that if I wanted to her to, she would do just about anything.

I found myself replying with a gentle shrug and a smile and she smiled back as she turned to the camera with a very sexy smile.

It seemed as if I held my breath as her hand slowly began to glide down her smooth abdomen to the top of her tiny g-string. Her finger began to track slowly down across the silky material, pressing the silk against her pussy.

"Oh yeah…that's it." It seemed that I now had total control as I continually coached her and clicked my camera. Her hand began to press harder on her g-string, forcing the silk into her pussy while her other hand continued to play with her nipples. Before I knew it, her hand had undone the front clasp of her bra, exposing her breasts and pink nipples to even closer stimulation by her hand.

Then as I watched, one hand reached down and pulled one side of her g-string aside, exposing her very wet pussy for the camera. She gave the camera a very delicious smile as she said, "Watch this," as she inserted one solitary digit into her pussy.

"Amazing" was all I could say as she started to finger her pussy with interest. Soon a second finger was almost immediately covered with her love juices. Her hips squeaked on the slick surface of the piano as she moved them in rhythm with her hard working fingers.

As I watched her finger herself I became overwhelmed in the scene being played out before me. Her eyes were closed and her lips slightly parted. She was obviously very lost in her own desires.

She slid her tiny g-string off and now lay totally nude on top of the piano fingering herself. I grabbed the video camera and began recording.

With one hand still fingering herself, she reached up and pulled the string of pearls from around her neck. Grasping the pearls now with both hands, she began to run them up and down between her pussy lips. They became lustrous from the fluid as they rode up and down her.

"Ahhhhh….Ohhhhh…Myyyy…." she groaned as a gigantic orgasm ripped through her body. Her entire ass lifted off the piano.

She looked at me and said, "Hey, why don't you get involved. By the looks of the bulge in your pants, you could sure use some help."

I set the video camera down and aimed it at her. I ran to the piano, unzipping my pants and releasing my straining cock. As I approached, she turned her head to the side and looked straight at my cock.

Smiling, she reached out and pulled my cock towards her mouth. I sighed as her lush lips encased my throbbing dick. She began to gently pull on my cock, cupping my balls as she sucked and licked my penis.

I began to pull my cock out of her mouth but she rewrapped her hands around my cock and began to suck even harder.

"Baby….here I cum!" I yelled as I stood on my toes and tried to pull out of her mouth one more time. But she wouldn't let go and sucked me harder and faster. It was more than I could take as I felt my cock swell up and erupt, emptying my wad of cum down her throat. She gobbled it up greedily, all while moaning and groaning with her own orgasm.

She lay spread out on the piano, chest heaving, lips parted as she panted for breath. My now limp cock slipped from her lips.

Finally her eyes opened and sought me out. She smiled dreamily and gently said, "How was that for a birthday gift?"

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