tagBDSMPhoto Snapper Ch. 01

Photo Snapper Ch. 01


"I've bin asked to ask yer if you're interested in a bit of extra work on the side?" a mate had asked at work whilst no one else was within ear shot.

It was a silly question really as every one knew how strapped for cash I was. He gave me an address and said that that the company was a small printing concern that produced run of the mill stuff. There was no real interview as such, the job was no more than a glorified errand boy but it was cash in the hand. I worked most Saturdays and the odd Sunday humping boxes, sweeping and clearing up and all those mundane tasks no one else wanted to do.

So here I was, I had been here at "Specialist Printworks" for nearly six months since then. I thought my time was up when I was called into the office for a friendly chat. The print shop manager was there with Joe one of the foremen; noticing my concern they made it clear I had nothing to worry about, saying they'd been watching me closely, all this was said in a friendly matey manner. Joe announced he believed I deserved a break, prattling on about my trustworthiness and ability to keep a secret until satisfied with my response. Immediately I thought I was going to be offered a full time job, I didn't need that and told them so, politely of course. The Manager who insisted I called him Alfie laughed saying that they knew I had a good job and wouldn't be interested even if there were a position going.

Now I was a little wary wondering what they had in mind, and asked why I was being given the old best mate treatment. It turned out to my surprise that they had a little private business going on of their own using the company's premises and equipment. Things had been going particularly well and they were recruiting. The work would be occasional but paid well due to the manner of business and the clandestine nature of it. Was I interested? Of course I was, especially when the Manager Alfie said it could possibly be triple what "Specialist Printworks" were paying me.

I had to admit their apparent generosity worried me after they explained I was to be their "Gopher", I wondered whether the job may be illegal, clearly it was being done without the company's knowledge and probably on their premises using their materials so it was somewhat suspect at least. That bothered me but the way Joe guardedly described the day and the pay tempered my conscience amazingly easily. I was helping out at some kind of photo shoot, helping develop the films and clearing up afterwards, for which I would get two hundred big ones to put towards my new guitar amplifier.

So there I was on the next Sunday wondering what the hell I was getting myself into, it was the bank holiday weekend and the works was shut. I waited at the gate at eight thirty as instructed; Joe turned up and let me in closing the gates behind us but not relocking them. We chatted as we walked up to the old abandoned storehouses at the back of the yard. Joe seemed very excited about what was happening and I listened intently as he revealed a little of what was scheduled for the day.

"You're gonna love this Trev me old mate," he chuckled winking wickedly, "I hopes you is a man of the world so as to speak!"

"Yeh, I think I'm pretty unshockable," I laughed cautiously wondering what the hell he meant.

"Have you any idea what's happening today?"

"It's a photo shoot isn't it?" I laughed trying to sound more certain than I actually was, "I'm being paid a shipload to be your run-around and cleanup boy."

"Fair enough but do you know what we're shootin today?" he continued as I shook my head in admittance of my ignorance, "exclusive stuff, nothing heavy though so don't fret about it mate!"

"Exclusive stuff?" I laughed to mask my ignorance and sudden unease, "What the fuck are you on about Joe?"

"You'll see Mate, you'll see," he laughed as he unlocked the door of the third storehouse.

These buildings were supposedly unused and were declared derelict by the company but as Joe flicked the light switch this one at least clearly wasn't anything of the sort. Inside totally contrasted the tatty exterior; the place was amazingly clean and tidy. Several dividing partitions sectioned the main part it off, between each partition were piled furniture, carpets and all sorts of paraphernalia. The two sections closest to the door held boxes and boxes of something stacked on pallets, I didn't want to be seen to be over inquisitive so kept a good distance from them. A small office sat to one side of the storehouse was clearly still in use. I nosed around the fringes of the building until Joe called me over as he disappeared around the other side of the partitions.

I followed him into what turned out to be a small rest area that was set up in the corner of one of the partitioned areas. There were a couple of old sofas a low table between them and a purloined canteen table and chairs. On old workshop benches at one side were a kettle, a microwave, milk, cups and all the necessaries to have a decent break, already spread carefully on the canteen table were two cameras and a pile of photographer's gadgets, which Joe was busily sorting out as we heard the main door open and someone enter.

"That'll be Alfie and the model," chirped Joe without turning, "give them a little while to get acquainted in there and we'll pop in to introduce you!"

"A model!" I laughed, I had been unsure about this from the start now I was totally confused and felt I had gotten into something well out of my depth, "What do you mean by that?"

"A model you knob," he turned pulling a sly lecherous face, "she's a new girl, we've never had her before, she's supposed to be quite a looker and guess what? Old Alfie there reckons she's real keen!"

"Keen, what do you mean?"

"Well up for it Trev, well up for it!" he smiled, "girl's got a sense of adventure, Alfie thinks she may be a natural but we'll take it nice and slow."

"You telling me you're doing porn shots here?" I blurted in disbelief.

"No Trev, well not exactly!" he chuckled turning to me and winking, "specialist material is more the terminology Alfie likes to use."

"Yeah okay," I laughed trying to mask my greenness and confusion as I wondered what the hell was going on, "shall I make us all a cup of tea?"

"Good idea there mate!" he laughed, "make the tea and join us in the office when you're done."

I have to admit my imagination was working overtime as I boiled the kettle and made four cups of tea, enough for everyone. Leaving the steaming cups on the bench I could hear the muffled conversation from the office as I approached to see who wanted sugar. As expected Alfie was doing most the talking with Joe backing up what he said occasionally. The other voice was soft and feminine and so quiet I couldn't make out what she said so I paused before entering to listen for a moment.

"Of course Mr Bassinbourne, I understand," an agreeable reply came in a lovely breathless sounding feminine whisper, "I'm keen to learn, just give me a chance to prove it to you!"

"That's good Stacy, but I hope your inexperience doesn't let you down," he mused.

"It wont sir I promise," whatever was planned she was keen at least.

Before entering the office I drew a deep breath to gather my composure and I hadn't even seen the girl yet. Why was I so nervous, it wasn't me going to get my kit off in front of the camera's for a couple of old pervs.

"Okay then, an easy shoot first, we'll see what you can do on the first set," he laughed heartily before continuing, "Break you in easily so to speak!"

"Thanks Mr Bassinbourne you won't regret it."

"Looking at you love I don't think I will either, but we shall see."

I turned into the office keen to see this girl that sounded too good for words and stood mouth agape in the doorway. Truly stunning would not be too adequate a description of the blonde vision that turned to face me as I entered. My whole being moaned in primal appreciation and my pulse jolted into feverous action as the most gorgeous big pair of expressive green eyes locked onto mine divulging her apparent pleasure at seeing me. The look she gave me melted me to the core, I felt overawed at the sight of her and smiled pathetically back at her enquiring eyes until Alfie distracted her attention away.

They talked, I probably should have listened but didn't instead I ogled at her, taking the chance to study the girl more closely. She was just absolutely perfect I thought, dressed in a fairly tight pale green silk blouse and a shortish cream linen skirt, what looked like old style nylons and deep green stilettos that emphasised her legs perfectly. About twenty, not too thin, her breasts pert and legs long and shapely, her thick blonde tresses hung to her shoulders framing that pale heart shaped gentle face. God I was pathetic, all but dribbling like a dog when faced with a juicy bone I watched the girl whisk past enveloping me in her sensuous perfume.

"Trevor! Oi, earth to sex fiend," Joe nudged me as he followed her out, "come on you arse! Alfie wants you to keep her company while we finalise things on the set you lucky dog!"

As I followed round the partition Joe was scooting off leaving me with her, shit I was so nervous I thought I might crap myself as she turned and smiled openly at me holding out her petite hand for me to shake. For an instant I just stood there stupidly gazing at her like the village idiot before I came to my senses and clumsily reached for her hand.

"Hi I'm Stacy," whispered the girl enticingly as I took her small hand in mine for an electrifying moment.

"Trev," came my reply in a squeak, I coughed clearing my throat before continuing in a more manly voice, "Trevor that is! Do you want tea, its fresh!"

"No thanks, but it was nice of you to offer!" she was so gorgeous I just stared numbly as she continued, "it's my first time, how about you?"

"Yeah me too," my mouth blurted without control, "I'm a bit unsure what exactly I'm supposed to be doing here to be honest Stacy!"

"Me either, Alfie reckons I should pick it up easily enough" she laughed, "we'll have to see, but I'm sure it'll be fun learning the ropes."

"We can learn together then!" I blurted, my gaze was transfixed on those full pouting lips as she began to reply.

"It wont be too bad, if you freeze I can help cos I've done a bit of modelling," the penny dropped, she thought I was a model too.

"Stacy I'm not.." I cringed with embarrassment while imagining what I could do to her given the chance, "I'm just the gopher!"

"Oh, never mind," she smiled sadly or was it pitifully, "that's a shame!"

Her eyes twinkled mischievously; I knew she could see straight through me as she winked at me knocking me for six. Jesus! I was so pathetic I just stood there about to babble out some crap and finish any chance I had of asking her out. By lucky chance though Alfie called us then stopping me making a complete arse of myself and I followed her heavenly perfume and tight little peach of a bum around to what could loosely described as the set. It consisted of one section of the partitioned area, within which there was a bed, an old bed with an ornate if tarnished brass headstand it was draped in deep red velvet. Matching drapes hung behind it to create a backdrop but there was little else in the way of ornamentation.

"Are you ready Stacy," enquired Alfie in such a detached manner showing no apparent interest in her charms, unlike myself.

"Uh huh I think so."

"Right, here's the scenario," he continued flatly whilst I watched her intrigued, "for this shoot you are on your own, if we are pleased with the result we may do another afterwards, okay?"

"Fine Mr Bassinbourne lets do it!" I couldn't believe the expression of enthusiasm on Stacy's face.

"As I said you are on your own for the shoot, but and it's a big but, you have to imagine that a powerful and forceful man is controlling you."

"Ooh! Sounds fascinating!" she laughed breathlessly.

"You must control yourself better than that when the filming starts!" he hissed showing a little annoyance at her show of excitement, "right here's the plot, you are completely submissive to this man, and he is your master. You will be tied up do you understand and more importantly, do you consent Stacy?"

"Tied up!" just two little words that snapped me from my pathetic state of adoration in an instant as I stared at Stacy. They were going to tie her up; I felt an unexplainable ball of excitement form in my gut. I had to admit the idea thrilled me but I couldn't imagine why she was so keen to do it? Was it money? How much had they offered her? Perhaps she wanted the exposure, maybe fancied herself as a porno model; she certainly had all the right qualities to suit the job. There again perhaps Stacy liked being tied up even!

"Yes Mr Bassinbourne, I understand!" she replied much more soberly.

"Right I think we'll start with some warm up shots before we truss you up young lady."

Watching from the sideline as Stacy struck pose after sexy pose for them I felt my sap rising, she was so alluring I wanted to have her for myself there and then. A semi hard on began to plague me, nagging for my attention. It was easy to tell Stacy loved the attention our eyes and the lens gave her, excitement and enthusiasm poured out of her in waves.

"Trevor!" barked Alfie breaking the trance I was in, "bring that cord from over there and those strips of cloth my boy!"

I picked up what I was instructed and went to give them to him; he took the strips of cloth but left the sash cord in my hand. I swallowed hard and stared first at him, then at the cord and finally at her. Her eyes glittered animatedly dancing repetitively between the cord I held and my face. It was plain to see the dirty cow was loving this. Slow as I was even I could perceive Stacy wanted me to tie her up that's what Joe must have meant by her being a natural!

"Come on Trev, tie the poor girls arms behind her back," laughed Joe, I glanced up at Stacy's face to see Alfie popping one of the strips of cloth which he had already rolled up into a ball into her open mouth.

"How?" I yelped confused by my natural instinct to think this was wrong and my basic desire to see just how far Stacy would allow this to go.

"Just put her wrists side by side above one another and tie them up," he laughed, "wrist to wrist, it's not rocket science. Not too tight though!"

Shaking with nerves I did as instructed; Stacy obligingly placed her arms in the proper position for me as with trembling hands I looped the rope round and round her slender wrists then twice around the coils drawing them together before finishing it with a lovely bow. Once I was finished and Alfie had gagged Stacy he moved her to the bed where he sat her down and I was dismissed. Stepping back a little to watch the proceedings with interest I thrust my hands into my pockets and adjusted myself into a more comfortable position. All the time Joe was firing off shots of the bound and gagged girl I watched her intently. In between her expressions of pain and discomfort for the camera her eyes burnt excitedly, she really was enjoying this. Eager for attention my cock was so hard now it hurt, what made it worse was she glanced my way quite often with those mischievous green eyes as if she was performing just for me, or so I liked to believe. A squeak escaped her as with a gentle shove Alfie toppled her back onto the bed without warning.

Without really thinking about it I moved a little closer I didn't want to miss a thing. Stacy lay there gently writhing; I loved how her spine arched a little over her bound arms accentuating her curves nicely. Stacy's legs dangled over the edge of the bed and her skirt had ridden up a little as she fell just showing the bands at the top of her stockings. Alfie crouched close to the bed and Joe moved about snapping away. As for me I just stared crazy with desire at the helpless girl laid out before me absorbing every detail. Her back arched further making her blouse stretch taut across her heaving tits showing her hard nipples to full effect through the pale green silk.

"That's it Stacy!" encouraged Alfie unexcitedly giving instruction, "arch your back more, give free reign to your darkest fantasies, feel the moment, good, good that's it!"

Writhing on the bed Stacy groaned and moaned staring at me on more than one occasion, I felt sure she wasn't acting; she really was getting off on this. Those excitable green eyes called out to me alone in my mind, I decided she wanted fucking so bad. I in turn wanted her so bad I thought my balls would explode with pent up excitement, but I was there purely as a spectator and Alfie made sure I knew that without speaking or indicating. The camera clicked furiously as he rested his hand upon her thigh and slowly pushed her skirt up past her stocking tops little by little. As he caressed up and down her thighs with his old calloused fingers Stacy moaned softly around her gag with unbridled passion squirming eagerly beneath his hand.

"You're so tempting, imagine this. You are my whore and I am your master," his voice showed no emotion as he spoke, "you want me, show me you want me!"

In response Stacy moaned louder squirming urgently in apparent arousal each time his hand neared the top of her creamy thigh, I watched those firm pale thighs spread wantonly as she tried to tempt him to touch her. "Jesus this girl was filthy!" I found myself thinking excitedly hoping against all odds that I could fuck her after the shoot was over. A scanty strip of pure white silk covered her mound, just enough to mask her most intimate flesh from our eyes. Perspiring under the searing spotlights myself I moved closer still to the action standing over Alfie as he tormented her my eyes stared at the silk covered pussy with its wisps of blonde curls escaping their prison. Stacy was whimpering as he began to unbutton her blouse and I watched each button pop religiously.

"You are cock hungry," he sneered coolly, "you struggle in your bonds eager to be fucked, you want me, you want me first, then you want me to let Joe stuff you full of thick dirty cock you whore!"

She shook her head, her wild excited eyes rolled then fell on me, I knew I was the one she wanted to fuck, that's what my imagination had me believe at least. Alfie ripped the final two buttons apart as he verbally abused her and I watched breathlessly as her breasts were freed in their lacy green half-cup bra. Her deep pink angry teats looked like hard granite pebbles crowning the paleness of her jiggling breasts atop of her swollen areolae. A thin sheen of perspiration covered her squirming body now as she was driven wild by his insults. Watching enthralled by the slutty vision I found it difficult to comprehend how a girl could find this so arousing not that I minded of course. Alfie had moved to kneel on the floor between her dangling legs he had leant forwards somewhat till his moustached face was close to her pussy. I wished it was me, God how I wished it was me I watched her cunt intently as he tormented her.

"Perfect my whore, you chose your panties well," he laughed betraying a glimmer of excitement as he described poor overwrought Stacy's underwear to her.

"So shiny they draw the eye, the silk cling to your wet swollen flesh betraying your need clinging to very moist fold and bulge of eager slut flesh!"

"Oh fuck!" I exclaimed almost on the point of coming myself as I watched his old hands stroke the eager pale skin all around the strip of silk.

Stacy's hips bucked as his hands rode up her thighs she shuddered with pleasure writhing demonically driving us all wild as she let herself go. For some time his hands skirted her pussy, roughly, gently, lightly and heavily his fingers roamed over her pale abdomen and thighs feeding her excitement and mine as well.

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