tagErotic CouplingsPhoto Studio Ch. 01

Photo Studio Ch. 01


Authors note: This is the first installment of a new series. It was also edited by a new editor I have helping me. Hope you all enjoy the series!

"It is stifling in here, isn't it?" I said to Miranda, my realtor, as she led me up the stairs to the second floor of the old farmhouse.

"Well. They said the furnace works fine; I guess they weren't kidding." She said as she led me up the creaking stairs. As she climbed in front of me, I couldn't help but notice how short her dress was under the winter coat.

I had been looking for an old house to refurbish as my photo studio and this place was starting to look like the ticket. There were several outbuildings to work with as well as the nearly hundred year old house. Given that it was well below freezing outside with several inches of snow it was a surprise to find it so warm in the vacant house. In fact it was so hot I had shed my winter coat on the first floor and was giving serious thought to tossing my pullover as we climbed the final steps.

"This is the master bedroom." She said leading me to a room that spanned nearly half the width of the house. Someone some time had obviously combined two rooms together to make the master bedroom. Large was more than accurate for the huge room. I followed her toward the next bedroom, her high heels clomping loudly on the hardwood floor.

"As you can see, it has two more smaller bedrooms, perfect for an office as well as a guest room." She said as she opened the door to a small room, its single small window overlooking the hundred acre field and woods behind the house.

"Yeah it is about perfect. Especially with all the space on the first floor." I answered as I backed out and started to look around the rest of the upstairs. I found the bathroom, which was definitely going to need some work, and another door that seemed stuck.

"Where does this go?" I asked as I tugged on the door again.

"I think it's a closet." She answered. "I haven't been able to get it open yet." She said as she slipped her winter coat off and hung it over her arm.

"Hmm." I grunted, pushing down on the door and giving it a yank. With a sudden "shtunk" the door swung open revealing a long narrow stairway going up.

"I'll be. I had no idea. It must go up to the attic." Miranda said, peering up the staircase with me. She slipped past me and started climbing the steep narrow stair, inadvertently giving me a really nice view up her short skirt as she climbed. I followed her up the stairs, which turned twice half way up before coming to another door. She turned the knob and pushed against the door.

"It won't open." She said from the top of the stairs in front of me.

"Want me to try?" I asked helpfully.

"Sure." She replied, leaning back against the wall to let me try and slip by. The stairway was extremely narrow, just barely wider than my shoulders. I turned sideways and tried to slip by her, her tits brushing against my chest and my thighs banging into hers as we jockeyed between each other. "Sorry." She said shyly.

"No problem. I wasn't about to complain." I answered with a chuckle as I turned the knob and pushed my shoulder against the door. Twice I banged against it before it suddenly sprung open, revealing a large attic space. I stepped into the room and walked around, the rough floor planking squeaking as I moved.

"Wow. It's roasting up here!" Miranda said, fanning her already sweating face as she followed me around the mostly open attic space, a tall A frame type space, that was open from end to end of the house except for the unusually shaped "room" that surrounded the steps and the brick chimney running up through it near the stairwell.

The room was open and empty except for a couple of trunks sitting in various places, a porch swing with an old quilt folded and draped over it, hanging from some hooks screwed into the rafters, and a few odds and ends boxes stacked against the far wall. I made my way to the only window in the attic, a small foot square frame that didn't look like it had been opened in its entire life. "Well. This is certainly interesting. Might even be nice hiding place if someone were after you." I said with a chuckle.

"Yeah. But I think when we get out I better call the listing realtor. There is definitely something wrong with the heat. It's hotter than a pistol up here."

"Yeah. I'm all for getting some place cooler." I told her.

"Me too." She said as she turned and headed around the small stick up walls that enclosed the staircase. She reached for the doorknob and pulled, pulling the ancient glass knob right off the steel shaft. "Shoot." She said as she automatically went to push it on again, pushing the steel shaft right through the other side of the lock mechanism and out of the door.

Klunk klunk klunk klunk... We heard as the other half of the doorknob bounced down the stairs.

"Shit!" She swore as she bent over to see if there was some way to open the door. She stuffed the knob into the hole and turned, without any result. We tried to pry the door back open, but couldn't find any way to grasp it. We spent the next five minutes trying to get the door open before we both gave up, sweat dripping from our faces. It had to be at least ninety degrees up in the attic and I had already had enough heat. I peeled my turtle neck sweater off and dropped it onto the floor while I went back to work on the door in my t-shirt.

"God I'm roasting." Miranda said, waving her hands at her face, her short black knit sweater dress getting obviously darker in a number of spots as it collected her perspiration.

"I don't think there's any way to get this open from this side." I said finally, as I looked over at Miranda, who had taken to walking around the attic aimlessly.

"I can't get any cell signal." She said, waving her phone around.

Must be the metal siding and roof." I said as I pulled my iphone out and checked it as well. The "no signal" message up in the corner was far from encouraging. "I can't either."

"Damn. Well, Debbie will come looking for me when we don't come back to the office, but that could be a while." Miranda said as she stood there defeated.

"How long?"

"Ohhhh A couple hours I suppose." She said with a huge sigh. "I don't know if I can stand a couple hours in this heat though." She said, walking to the window and banging on the frame to see if it would open. Much to my surprise she managed to squeeze it open a few inches before it jammed in place, allowing a trickle of the cool air to come in.

I walked over to the porch swing and sat down on it, stripping my t-shirt off and using it as a rag to wipe my face.

"Lucky." She said as she sat down, trying to fan herself.

"Here." I said, handing her the shirt. She used it to wipe her sweating face before handing it back to me.

"Thanks." She said as she sat looking around the dim attic. "Good place to hide huh?" She asked with a chuckle. "If we weren't going to roast to death in the middle of winter I'd think I was ironic."

"Yeah. Well what do you expect from a Friday the thirteenth?" I asked her.

"You're kidding. Today?" She asked in shock.

"All day."

"Figures." She said picking up the shirt and wiping her face again.

I'd known Miranda for quite a few years. While she was married to some investment banker and didn't need the money, she worked because she enjoyed getting out and interacting with people. I wouldn't call us close friends, but we crossed each other's paths more frequently than I would have expected, both of us working out at the same gym and even occasionally running into each other in the store. Guess that's all part of a smaller town environment. Hell one time we even shared a sauna at the gym. There was only one small private sauna booth left as we both walked out of our respective dressing rooms, nothing but towels wrapped around ourselves. But she quickly suggested that maybe we should share it, since we were both covered with towels anyway and she would have someone to chat with.

She made me close my eyes as she adjusted the towel so she could sit on the end of it and leave the rest covering her body. Once she was settled I sat down on the bench across from her and we sat for nearly an hour chatting. During the exchange she got a bit animated and her carefully placed towel slipped off one of her sexy looking breasts, leaving it exposed until it finally slipped off the second one. By that time my own towel had tented up by the hardon that had grown from watching her bare breast, a fact that she had not failed to notice herself. She made no attempt to cover her breast for several minutes before finally nonchalantly pulling the towel up as if nothing at all was wrong.

At the moment I was wishing I was back there...it might have been cooler.

"So Scott, what do you think of the place?" She asked, trying to get our minds off the heat.

"Well, it's about perfect." I told her. "There's plenty of living space on the first floor, as well as room for my main studio. There are lots of great outdoor spots for outdoor shoots. And then there's this. It'll be perfect for a private studio."

"Private studio? Why do you need a private studio?" Miranda asked me.

"Well, it all started a while back. I had a client ask me if I could do a glamor shoot with her wearing lingerie so she could send it to her husband for Valentine's Day. I agreed and did the shoot at the house because I couldn't very well do it at my studio downtown. Well, she told a friend and she told a friend and hell, now I'm doing half a dozen a month."

"You mean, taking pictures of women in lingerie?"

"Yeah." I said with a nod.

"Well, I'm not surprised. As good looking as you are." She said with a grin.

"What do you mean?"

"You're what, thirty? Heck, we've been working out at the same gym for over two years. I can tell you that when you're not looking the moms working out are checking you out big time."

"You're kidding! I'm nothing special to look at."

"Yeah. Right. Hell, remember that time we shared the sauna. That was a lot more than nothing poking up that towel. I kept hoping it would slide right off." She said with a laugh. "Uh Scott. Can I ask a favor?" She asked, her voice sounding a bit nervous.

"Sure anything you want." I replied.

"Would you be offended if I....well....um...took off my dress?" She finally got out. "I can't stand the heat in here anymore."

"Sure." I answered, doing my best not to stare as she got up from the swing and stood only a few feet away, wiggling herself to get the black dress up her sticky body. She got it about half way off over her head when she got stuck, her body wiggling and bouncing as she tried to get the material off over her sweaty body.

"Here." I said, getting up to help her. I grabbed the material under her arms and started to pull it up her arms while she tried to pull the turtle neck over her head. Finally the tight material came free and she pulled it off, sliding her arms out of it and leaving her standing in her four inch heels, black thigh high stockings, black satin panties that looked more like a string bikini than underwear, and a black lace bra that let the pink of her nipples and areola show through the tiny gaps in the lace.

"Much better." She said as she sat back down on "her" end of the swing.

I sat down next to her and tried in vain not to get a hardon as I looked out of the corner of my eye at her stocking covered legs and creamy white thighs and hips.

"Aren't you getting hot?" She asked as she rocked the swing ever so slightly.

"Actually, I'm roasting." I answered her.

"Well, you could get more comfortable." She said looking kind of sideways at me.

"Well, there isn't a hell of a lot more I can take off, besides my pants." I answered her.

"Yeah, I suppose that's true." She said, lifting one leg up and gently sliding one of her thigh high stockings down her leg, working it down ever so slowly. She pushed it down to her ankle and then slipped it and her shoe off her foot. She set her leg back on the floor and lifted her other leg up, hooking her fingers into the top of her stocking and slowly sliding it toward her knee. She pushed it slowly over her knee as she lifted her foot into the air, sticking her leg up toward the ceiling. She pushed the stocking toward her foot, pulling her knee toward her when she ran out of reach. She pushed the stocking to her foot and slipped the high heel off, letting it drop loudly to the floor, followed by the flutter of the stocking. "Much better. I think I already feel cooler." She said with a sly grin. "How about you?"

"If anything.... hotter." I answered.

"Well, you know what to do about that, don't you?" She asked sweetly.

"Miranda... can I be brutally honest here?"

"Sure." She said with a shrug.

"You're married, and I make it a habit to never mess with married women. Besides, as hard as you got me with that last little show there wouldn't be anything to hide."

"I see. And there isn't anything I can do to convince you otherwise?" She asked as she got up from the swing. She stepped in front of me and reached behind her back. I stared as she moved her hands to her shoulders and slipped the straps of her lacy bra off her shoulders. I watched transfixed as the cups of the bra dropped away, leaving her round full breasts bare and exposed. Her nipples were rock hard and poking straight out at me from the middle of her two oblong areola. They were the same tits I had seen in the sauna that day, but this time it was obvious that they were being offered.

"Wow." I said quietly as she moved her hands to her hips. She hooked her thumbs in the little strings of her black panties and wiggled her hips, inching them over her hips a little at a time until they slid down her firm toned legs. I stared at her completely shaved pussy as she stepped out of her panties, leaving her completely naked in front of me.

Before I could really respond she turned around and straddled my legs, backing herself up until the backs of her legs were bumping the swing. She slowly bent over, keeping her legs straight, her feet set about two or three feet apart, until she could rest her hands on the rough wood floor. I had watched her stretch at the gym for years and every time she stretched this way I wanted to just walk over and push her spandex pants down and play with her ass and outlined pussy. Now, here they were, bare and in front of me.

"You like?" She asked, looking around at me and wiggling her hips a little so that her pussy wiggled where it stuck out between her legs at me.

"Hell yes." I answered.

"You can touch it you know." She said as she looked back toward the floor and moved her hands to the low top hikers I was wearing and started untying them.

I reached out and gave her bare cheeks a gentle squeeze as my right thumb slowly stroked down to her pussy and slowly pressed between her already wet lips, stroking down the length of her pussy until my thumb found her hard clit.

"Ohhhhhh. I like that!" She cooed as she pulled first one shoe and then the other off, tossing them aside. She stayed bent over to allow me to stroke my fingers up and down her wet pussy several times before pulling away. "That's nice and all, but I really want to see what is always hidden in your shorts. I bet you didn't think I noticed how hard you get when you watch me stretch, did you?"

"No I didn't." I answered her as she straightened up and stepped away. She turned around and stepped toward me again, reaching for my belt.

"Bet you didn't know that I always tried to face you when I did that just to get you hard. I've wanted to do this since that day in the sauna." She said as she pulled the belt loose and unsnapped my pants.

I tried to hold the swing still and lift myself off the swing seat so she could pull my pants down. I watched her eyes grow wide as she slowly worked them over my hips; my cock, no longer able to be contained by the men's bikini briefs I wore, mostly exposed now.

"Damn." She whispered as she pulled my pants down my legs and let them crumple in a heap as she pushed them off my feet. She stepped back forward, straddling my legs and reaching for the exposed portion of my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and gently stroked up its length, her fingers not quite able to touch as she wrapped one hand around it. "I'm definitly not disappointed." She said quietly as she let go and quickly moved her hands to my underwear. I lifted myself off the swing again as she backed up, pulling the briefs down and off my feet.

"Happy now?" I asked her as she stepped back forward, bending at the waist and leaning her face down toward my fully exposed shaft, its nearly nine inches bouncing in time with my pounding heart.

"I will be soon." She cooed as she wrapped both hands around it and aimed it at her face. She slowly enveloped my head with her soft warm mouth, her tongue running circles around the head and teasing it as she tried to take as much of me into her mouth as she could . Up and down my shaft she stroked, her hands following her mouth, each of them twisting back and forth as her saliva lubricated me. I closed my eyes and groaned in appreciation as she worked me slowly up the hill of climax, my cock swelling even fatter.

It had been a while since I had the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures that only a woman can inflict on a cock, and I was enjoying the hell out of this, maybe too much. "Shit I'm going to cum!" I groaned as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft even harder, trying to coax me to cum into her mouth.

"AHHHHHHH!" I gasped as my body jerked, a huge gush of hot cum spurting up into her mouth. She gagged slightly and then went back to coaxing my cum from me, each shot she took in accompanied by an involuntary jerk of my hips that threatened to drive my cock deep into her throat. After what felt like an hour she let go of my softening cock and straightened up. "Damn that was good." I gasped, sweat running down my chest as it heaved to catch my breath.

"I'm glad you think so. Are you interested in returning the favor?" She asked, gently stroking her shaved pussy with her fingers.

"With pleasure." I replied, reaching out my hands for her. I coaxed her to climb onto the swing with me, her legs straddling mine and her sexy breasts aiming right at my face.

I started slow, gently kissing around the sides, top and bottom of her breasts, each the size of half a small coconut, standing firm and round even without any support. I briefly wondered if they were real and then decided that they were as I started squeezing and massaging them as my kisses worked closer and closer to her nipples.

"God you do love to tease, don't you?" She gasped as I finally closed my lips around one of her nipples, my tongue teasing circles around it while I suctioned as much of her into my mouth as I could.

I grinned to myself as I let my left hand release her breast and slide down the front of her until I could roll it over and slide it between her legs. She gave out a quick squeak as I slid my middle finger between her lips and then curled it up into her pussy, pressing my palm against her clit while I pressed deeper into her tight tunnel.

"Oh god...Yesssss!" She hissed as my finger found just the right spot inside her, making her suddenly hump her hips toward me. "Ohhhhhhhhh Yes. Right there." She cooed as I rubbed my palm across her clit each time I pushed my finger into her. I sat there for some time, working her pussy with my fingers and her tits with my mouth, driving her up the slope toward climax.

"Ohhhhh No no no." She gasped, pushing herself away from me. "Come on get up for me." She panted, pulling on my hands to get me off the swing. As soon as I was up she pulled the quilt off the swing and threw it on the ground. "Come on. Lay down." She insisted, sweat dripping off her face and running down her body. I lay down and she quickly stepped across me and lowered herself to her knees. "I've been fantasizing about this for months! Every time I see you at the gym I want to get you into one of those sauna booths again and ride on your cock. Now I'm going to do it for real!"

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