tagErotic CouplingsPhoto Studio Ch. 02

Photo Studio Ch. 02


Authors Note: This is part of a series and is built on characters and settings from previous chapters.

I was just finishing up the final touches on a photo CD for a wedding I had recently shot when I heard the jingle of the bell hanging on the front door. I got up and walked through the curtain to the main area of my downtown studio, the morning sun shining through the plate glass windows backlighting the customer standing just inside the door. The bright contrast between her shadowed face and the sunshine behind her prevented me from seeing much detail, but the outline was that of a woman, only slightly shorter than I was, with very sensual curves, even though her attire was clearly not intended to accentuate it. As I drew closer I could see the roughness of the jeans she wore and the bright orange of the t-shirt - a stark contrast to the light golden mane of blond hair cascading over one shoulder.

Closer still, I could now make out the black imprinting on the orange shirt that clearly, and appropriately, indicated "Sunny's Interiors".

"Hello. I'm looking for Scott?" She asked tentatively.

"You found him!" I replied, extending my hand.

"Hi. Miranda sent me over to see you. Said you might be interested in having some interior renovations done?" She asked.

"Yes. I do." I answered as she looked around at the studio.

"I don't usually do commercial spaces, but I'll be happy to look at what you're interested in." She answered.

"Oh. I'm sorry. I guess Miranda didn't tell you. I just closed on a farm house out in the country, and I want to renovate it for both living space and my professional studio." I told her.

"Ahhhh. No she didn't tell me that, just that this was a job I didn't want to pass up." Sunny responded.

"Well, I guess we should go out and look at the place then." I said, as I headed back into the office for my coat. I came back a moment later and followed her out into the chilly morning air. "Do you want to just ride with me or drive yourself?" I asked, looking at the big one ton pickup with her company name stenciled on the door.

"Well, you can drive if you want. I'll save the gas." She replied with a smile.

"Ok. This way." I said leading the way down the street to where my SUV was parked. I unlocked the door and climbed in while she walked around to the passenger side.


It was only a short drive out of town, but long enough to learn that she has been in business for several years and specialized in high end interior work. I outlined the project in words for her to give her some idea of the scope before we got there.

"Nice setting!" She said as we drove down the nearly quarter mile long gravel driveway.

"Thanks. I think it will be nice." I answered as I pulled up in front of the two story farm house. While the outside looked really nice, with a new steel roof and all new steel siding, the interior needed quite a bit of work. I led her into the first floor and described to her what I was looking for, a formal photo studio in the main room, with the rest partitioned off into a den and eat-in kitchen. I led her up to the second floor and showed her the master bedroom and the totally inadequate bathroom. Finally I took her up to the attic to show her the layout, the door still off its hinges and the quilt Miranda and I had used, still spread on the floor. It took a few minutes to describe what I wanted to do with the area, including replacing the tiny window with French door and an outside balcony. Since I wanted a balcony off the master bedroom on the second floor as well, she indicated that she didn't see any problems with the addition.

"There is one more thing. I work with a LOT of electrical and computer equipment and the sixty amp fuse box in the basement is not going to cut it." I said as we walked back down the stairs.

"Well, let's go take a look." She said as she followed me down. I led her down to the main floor and then down the rickety steps to the basement. "These steps need to go too." She said as the stairs wiggled under our combined weight. She pulled a small flashlight from her pocket and used it to examine the structure of the floor above as well as the wiring leading to the electrical box.


"You're not going to like this. The whole house is wired with old cloth and tar insulated wire. As soon as I touch it it's going to fall apart. The only way we can upgrade the wiring is to replace it all, and that means tearing every bit of plaster on the first floor down so we can get to the wires for the second floor."

"Well, if that's what you have to do." I answered.

"It's expensive." She said, looking back at me.

"How expensive?"

"Ohhh I'd estimate thirty to forty. Maybe a tad less because we are already going to be doing a bunch of remodeling on the first floor."

"Ok." I said with a shrug. "I figured we'd have to rewire the whole house, so having it confirmed isn't a surprise. I want a full two hundred amp service with extra outlets in both studios for the lighting."

"We can do that." She said flicking off the tiny light.

"When can you have some numbers for me?" I asked as I led her back up the stairs.

"Well. If you don't mind I'd like to get my designer involved. How about I have her come by and see you and let her work up some floor plans and then I'll get you an estimate."

"Works for me." I said. "Guess we're done here for now."

"For now." She said, taking one last look around before following me toward the door. I drove us into town in silence while she made notes on the clipboard she carried.

"Thanks for the ride. I'll have Amy come see you this afternoon if she's free." Sunny said with a smile as she got out of my SUV.

"Sounds like a plan." I answered as she walked around the car, holding her hand out.

"Going to be a pleasure to work with you." She said with a huge smile, giving me a surprisingly firm handshake at the same time.

I watched her drive off before heading off to look at some camera gear a friend had acquired in an estate sale.


"Hey Jack!" I called as I walked into my buddy's garage.

"Scott. Glad you could come by." He said as he tossed the sanding block onto the workbench near where the newly built cabinet stood.

"It's looking good!" I said inspecting the expert craftsmanship Jack had put into the unit. Jack and I had designed the new cabinet specifically to hold my camera gear and keep it organized. Jack enjoyed working and taking on something special for a friend was exactly the kind of thing he loved to do.

"Thanks. It's coming along pretty good. It'll probably be done for you in a few more days."

"Couldn't ask for more." I answered in appreciation.

"Come on in and have a beer. I'll show you what I came up with." He said as he headed for the kitchen door.

"Hey Scott! How's it going?" Felicia, Jack's wife, said from in front of the kitchen sink when I stepped in the door.

"Hey Liesh." I said, stepping over and giving her the hug she customarily requested.

"You staying for dinner tonight? I got a pot roast in the oven." She said, pressing her curvatious body against mine and giving me a friendly peck on the cheek. She had always been a bit of a "huggy" person, but for some reason she seemed to enjoy hugging me even more than most friends. I often wondered if it was because it made me uncomfortable or because she knew that pressing her tits against me always gave me a hard on.

"I'd love to, but I still have to get back to the shop and pack. I have a shoot in Columbia tomorrow."

"Awwww. I suppose that means fast food for you again? You really need to eat better." She said as she stepped back away from me as Jack walked back into the kitchen with a large cardboard box.

"Here you go. This stuff was buried in the bottom of a box of sandpaper and stuff. No idea how it got all mixed in with that stuff, but I don't really have any use for it."

"Yeah. He wouldn't know which end to point with." Felicia joked, giving her husband's arm a squeeze. "He can carve a picture better than he can take one."

"Well this is some really good gear here. Cannon EOS digital? Damn...this is high dollar stuff. Even the lenses are all still in the original boxes." I said as I dug through the box of gear. I pulled the camera out and flicked it on, surprised to see that the battery still had some charge in it. "Say cheese!" I called to Felicia as I focused on her and flicked the shutter. "Looks like it works." I said, showing him the preview of his wife on the small LCD on the back of the camera. "You sure you don't want to keep this stuff?"

"Naw. Liesh has it right. I don't know spit about taking pictures. Besides, I paid ten bucks for the whole box."

"Well, it was a hell of a deal. There's several grand worth of stuff here."

"Well if you can use it, how about a case of beer and a promise to come over for dinner soon."

"You drive a hard bargain." I laughed. "Ok. A case of beer and how about dinner this weekend?"

"Sure. Come on by Sunday. You and Jack can catch the game and maybe I'll invite a friend over that you should meet." Felicia said.

"You're not going to set me up again, are you?" I asked with a sigh.

"Ohhhh I wouldn't do that, would I?" She asked with a crooked little grin that told me that was exactly what she had in mind.

"Ok, ok. Sunday It is. I better get back to the shop though." I said picking up the box.

"Ok. See you Sunday!" Felicia said, holding the door open for me and giving me a quick peck on the cheek as I walked by.

I walked out of the garage shaking my head. It's a good thing that Jack is such a good friend or I might have to let his wife try and have her way with me.


It was late in the afternoon before I finished loading my camera gear and checking out the new camera and lenses I got from Jack. The new EOS was such a sweet camera I figured I might take it along on tomorrow's shoot and was just tucking it into the top of the bag when a woman entered the studio. She was somewhat shorter than I was, and very slight in build. Her unbuttoned coat revealed a short flowery dress that seemed to match her short cropped blond hair and almost gray-blue eyes. Her cheeks were blush red from the chilly wind, and her smile was instantaneously infectious.

"Hello. My name is Amy Stod. I'm with Sunny's interiors." She said as she strode across the open room to where I had my gear spread out on the table.

"Well...Hello! I'm Scott." I answered, trying not to stare at her, but finding her quite beautiful.

"I know. Sunny's description was quite accurate." She said, the smile never leaving her face. "Sunny said you had some work for her, and she wanted me to see if I could help out."

"Sure. If you don't mind waiting just a few minutes I can lock up and take you out." I answered, shifting my gaze back to my table full of camera equipment. I quickly loaded it all into the bags on the table and then went back to the office for my coat. I came back to see her wandering around the studio looking at some of the artwork I had framed.

"Did you take all these?" She asked as she looked.

"Yeah." I answered.

"I see weddings, portraits, combat photo's, landscapes - quite an eclectic collection. It's kind of hard to narrow down your personality from your photographs. Is there anything you won't shoot?" She asked, finally turning to look at me.

"No. Pretty much if it can be photographed and someone wants me to, I'll do it." I answered as I picked up my two bags of gear and headed for the front door. I held the door open for her and then locked it behind us. "Do you want to drive or ride with me?"

"I'll drive. That way you don't have to come back." She said with a smile. "I'll just follow you."

"Sounds good." I said as I headed for my Chevy Traverse, Amy stopping at a little compact sports car. I put my gear into the back and then climbed in and pulled away from the curb. She pulled out behind me and followed me out of town to the winding gravel drive to the farm house.

"This is absolutely beautiful!" She said as she got out of the car and looked out over the miles and miles of trees in the valley that the farm overlooked.

"Yeah, it's quite a view!" I agreed, pausing to look out at what she was seeing. "I'm guessing it will be a lot prettier when the leaves come out too." I added.

"I bet." She said as she reached back into the car for a sketch pad and a small bag. I waited for her to close the car door and then follow me to the house.

"So what do you have in mind?" She asked, stopping to peel her coat off and hang it on a hook screwed to the wall by the front door.

I explained my ideas the main studio while she looked around and made sketches. She pulled a small laser measure out of her pocket and took a few quick measurements, scribbling them down on her sketch as we went. After she was satisfied with the first floor I led her up to the second, where we repeated the process. We spent a long time discussing the bedroom and bathroom before she nodded with a grin on her face that seemed to indicate she had made up her mind on how to approach them.

"Is that it?" She asked, wandering around the last room that was to be a guest room.

"Not quite. I have one more space to do." I said, heading to the stairs leading up.

"Well, this is narrow." She said as she followed me up the stairs. We stepped into the space, the removed door still leaning against the wall. "So what is this going to be?"

"Well...I guess you could call it a more private studio. Sunny is going to put a French door and balcony in over there." I said, pointing to the tiny window. "And I want to kind of square up the roofline about half way up. Little walls between the floor and the sloped roof. Know what I mean?"

"Yeah. Not a problem." She said, sketching madly on her pad. "But you didn't answer why you need a second studio."

"Oh. Well...um...some of my customers want a bit more exposure than they would be comfortable with in the main studio." I answered.

"Ohhhh. You mean like nude photos?" She said with a crooked little grin.

"No no. I've had a growing clientele that want glamour shots, but they want them a bit more provocative than what we used to do. It's no longer about prom style dresses and big hair, its more sexy little dresses and teases and lingerie." I answered her.

"Ahhh. Yes I can see why a woman might not want to do a lingerie shoot in the main studio where anyone can walk in." She replied as she got out her laser tool and started measuring. We spent a few more minutes up in the attic, which she renamed "the loft", before heading back down to the main floor. "So Scott. When I'm doing a redecorate I like to really capture the customer. I like to know what makes them tick and how they like to work or play. If you have time, I'd love to see how you work when you do a shoot."

"Well, it's not really set up for it, but if you want we can take a few pictures. There's enough light in here that we might be able to make some interesting ones." I answered her. "Let me go grab a camera." I said as I headed for the door. I came back a few moments later with one camera bag full of gear to find Amy sitting in a high backed wooden chair that had been in the other room. I dug the new EOS out of the bag and put on the appropriate lens and mounted a flash.

"Now you do realize that these are not going to be to my usual standard. I don't have lighting set or anything in here." I said to her as the flash charged up.

"That's fine. Just do what feels right. I'm more interested in watching how you work than how good the shots turn out."

"OK. Why don't we move over here?" I asked, stepping toward where the late afternoon sun was slanting in through the window. I positioned her with the sun shining down onto her, back lighting her and giving her almost an angelic look as the sun lit her short blond hair. I took several shots at slightly different angles before moving her on the chair to turn her sideways, then stand with one knee on it, and finally one foot on it, her red high heel drawing a stark contrast to the blond wood of the seat.

"Looks really good!" I said as I photographed her standing there, her short skirt draped over her propped up leg. I crouched down and took a shot more upward toward her. "Look toward me....down more...a little more. That's it." I said as I took the shot. "Now smile more. Have fun. Be playful!" I coaxed as her face broke into a happy smile from the more serious look she had been giving me.

"Be playful huh?" She asked with a giggle, leaning forward and moving her hands to the hem of her dress, inching it along her leg ever so slightly. I continued to take shot after shot, coaxing her to lean or twist slightly, her hands pulling the hem of the skirt up and up until her hand was nearly at her hip, the top of the nude stocking fully exposed against the creamy white of her thigh.

"Very sexy." I said as I moved more around to her back, intentionally now working the camera where it would be looking at the bright red panties that I could see peeking from under the dress.

"Who's going to see these?" She asked quietly.

"Well, I have to transfer them off the camera, so I will obviously, but beyond that, I can put them on an SD card and give them to you. That's what I usually do with the women that want lingerie pictures done. Then it's up to them what they show to whom."

"I see. Well...in that case, why don't we get a little more daring with them."

"You sure? I mean I haven't done anything that can't be shown in public." I said pausing.

"I'm sure." She said with a little grin on her lips. "It feels kind of naughty and fun at the same time."

"Well, if you're sure, swap legs." I said.

She stepped off the chair and put her other foot up on it, her thigh horizontal. I stepped forward and turned her body slightly, gently coaxing her to lean forward and then adjusting the front of her dress so that the cute valley between her breasts showed tantalizingly while her fingers were holding her dress hem.

"Perfect." I said, taking two or three shots. "Now go ahead and pull your skirt again. It's up to you how far or how much." I say, dropping to one knee and shooting several pictures. "Look down at me. Give me a bedroom look. Let your face and eyes say come get me." I coaxed as I continued to snap away. She soon had her dress pulled back far enough to expose little peeks of her red panties, which I shot, having her turn her body slightly one way and then the other to get slightly different looks.

"Good. I think there are a lot of good one's here." I said standing up.

"That's it? I mean, these women that you do lingerie shots, how much do they take off?"

"As much as they want. It's all in their hands. I just coach them how to turn or move to give the best angles at what they are trying to show."

"Well, let's keep going then. This is kind of fun." She said, putting her foot back on the chair.

"Ok. If that's what you want. Why don't you sit on the chair. No... face me. That's it. Now knees apart, wider....that's good. Now undo the top button if you want...that's it...now pull it a bit apart. Good good...now the next. Yeah. Lean more toward me. Good. Excellent. Another button? Yeah. Perfect." I said as I took more pictures of her leaning toward me, the top edges of her red lacy bra showing, the lace lifting and pressing her C cup breasts into two full round creamy curves with a nice deep v between them. I continued to take pictures as she reached to her front and undid two more buttons, allowing the dress to pull apart more.

"That's it. Now slide your dress off your shoulders a little." I coax.

"Like this?" She asked, pushing the material to the tops of her shoulders.

"No....here." I said, sliding the dress over her shoulders and part way down her arms, her fingers holding the front closed in front of her breasts. "Perfect." I said as I took several more shots.

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