Photo Studio Ch. 02


She slowly allowed the dress to spread in front, more and more of her creamy breasts showing through the red lace coming into view as the dress slid further and further down her arms. I continued to shoot as she let it spread completely and fall to her waist, her hard nipples and the pink of her puckered areola showing through the lace.

"Very sexy." I told her as I continued to shoot several more shots.

"What next?" She asked as I pause.

"Tell you what. Why don't you hold your dress around your waist and stand up. Now me your back. That's it." I said as I start clicking away again. "Now let it slide down more...more...That's good." I said as a tiny string across the top of her round ass came into view. I took several more shots as she let it fall farther and farther, her creamy bare ass now completely visible and naked except for the tiny string around her waist and disappearing between the creamy globes.

"Wow." I said as she let the dress slowly slide down, stepping one foot out of it and onto the chair, leaning herself forward so more of her bare ass and her red satin covered pussy showed.

"Damn!" I breathed as she leaned even farther, pushing her ass out at me, a dark spot growing on the red satin as she stood there, allowing me to photograph her curves from many angles.

"Ok...turn around and sit again...One hand on your knee, the other on your chin with your elbow on your knee. Lean toward, me....that's right. Now spread your legs." I coaxed, gently pressing her stocking covered legs apart.

"Like this?" She asked huskily as she splayed them apart, exposing her only partially covered mound, the tiny red thong panty leaving a good part of her blond curls exposed.

"Yeah. Like that." I answered, my cock getting harder in my pants as I took shot after shot, framing her fully and then working in slowly, getting just her creamy breasts and panties into the shot and finally working down to just her panty covered pussy, the dark stain of her wetness obvious in the viewfinder.

As I clicked away, she moved one hand, reaching behind her back and deftly flicking the clasps that held her bra tightly to her body.

"Damn." I muttered to myself as she moved her hands to hold the cups to her breasts, wiggling her arms to let the straps slide down to her elbows and then one at a time, slid her arms out of the narrow loops. I could see her hard nipples poking the lace out between her fingers as her hands remained the only thing holding the bra cups in place. I continued to snap away as she stood up, crossing her legs to close off the view of her pussy. Slinging one arm across her breasts she eased the cups from between her breast and arm until she could hold it out with her fingers.

"Hold it there." I told her, as the lacy bra dangled from her fingers. I took several shots, focusing on the bra with her fuzzy in the background and then slowly transferring the focus to her mostly bare body. "Ok." I said when I was ready for her to drop it. I got several rapid shots of it falling to the ground with her in the background, before focusing back on her bare arm covering her breasts.

"So what do you think?" She asked as she stood, still not naked but very temptingly so.

"I think you are an extremely sexy woman who knows exactly how to tease a man."

"Ohhhh I like that. So do you want me to go farther? Want to see my bare tits? That bulge in your pants sure says you do."

"Um....Personally, yes." I answered, blushing a bit at the thought of how much my hard on had to be showing through the khakis I was wearing.

"Well... In that case." She said as she slowly slipped her arm down her body, exposing her completely bare breasts, her silver dollar sized areola puckered and scrunched with arousal around her dime sized rock hard nipples. She let me take several shots before slowly sliding her hands up her sides to cup both breasts, tenderly caressing and teasing them with her fingers. "Does that turn you on?" She asked in a low sultry voice. "Do you want to see more of me? Would you like to see me completely naked?" She teased in that sexy voice, before leaning forward to blow a kiss at the camera.

I continued to snap away as she straightened up and then slid her hands down her sides, over her hips and down her legs until she was bent over at the waist, her fingers nearly touching her high heels. She slowly lifted back up, tilting her head to look at the camera as her body slowly straightened, pausing when her back was level to the ground, her tits in profile. She uncrossed her legs, stepping apart and sliding her hands to her hips allowing me to shoot a profile of her breasts framing the tiny red triangle of underwear.

"You like this view?" She asked me quietly.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't."

"Ooooo. It's nice to know I have an appreciative audience." She said as she straightened up.

"Have you had many, audiences I mean?"

"Actually, you're the first." She said as she stepped in front of the chair and sat down in it. "But I can see why women want to model like this. It's an incredible turn on. Part of me wants to just keep going and show everything off to you and the other part is nervous and shy and says only bad girls do this kind of thing. Right now I like feeling like a bad girl."

"Well, I won't force you to go any farther than you want, but then again, I'm hoping you keep going." I said as she leaned back and crossed her legs.

"Well....maybe I should then, huh?" She asked, as she lifted one foot up and undid the tiny strap holding the red high heel on. She slipped it off and hooked it on the end of her foot, letting me take a picture of her holding it out before flicking it off her foot toward me. She repeated the process with her other foot, leaving her in nothing but the stockings and the tiny red thong.

I was so turned on that I was having trouble remembering to frame and shoot the pictures as she slowly slid her hand up one leg, held high in the air. She traced her fingers back down her leg until it reached her creamy thigh and then slid back up her leg again, hooking the end of the stocking and pushing it along her leg, the tan material bunching up against her fingers as she slowly pushed the stocking up toward her ankle. She leaned forward enough to push it all the way off her ankle and then slowly lowered her leg as she stretched the stocking out again.

She pulled the silky material toward her chest, stretched between her two hands and allowed it to pull tight across her breasts, pulling it back and forth across her hard nipples. She closed her eyes for a moment and moaned softly at the stimulation she was producing for herself. After several long seconds she stretched one hand out toward me and snapped the stocking off her hand, shooting it like a rubber band toward me with a grin. I watched her lift her other leg and reach for her ankle, tracing her fingers down her leg as she had done with the other one, finally hooking the stocking and slowly pushing it up until it was free of her foot. Once again she stretched it across her breasts, teasing her nipples as she pulled it back and forth across them.

"Ohhhhh that feels so good. You can't imagine how turned on I am right now."

"I can tell." I answered quietly, her arousal obvious in her voice and motions.

She looked back at me and then slowly stood up. "Did you know that no guy has seen me completely naked except for my father when I was a baby and my doctor?" She asked, leaning toward me and pursing her lips as if to kiss my camera.

"Really? Not even a boyfriend?"

"Uh uh. Not even a boyfriend. Do you want to be the first?"

"I'd very much like to be." I answered, snapping away as she stood straight, crossing her legs and turning around to face away from me. She slid her hands up her legs and hooked her thumbs in the tiny string of the thong and then slowly pulled it down, spreading her legs slightly as she did. I snapped away with the camera while the string rolled down over her creamy smooth ass and then slipped down below the curve of her cute ass. I watched the red string and the obviously wet material peel away from her pussy, exposing a pair of soft feathery lips that were glistening with her juices.

"Damn." I whispered as she slowly slid them down her legs and then stepped out of them, her legs spreading as she did, giving me an incredible view from where I was on my knees behind her.

She slowly turned around and allowed me to take pictures of her completely naked, turning this way and that for several minutes.

She stepped toward me and reached for the camera. "You know. I think you should experience what it feels like on the other side of the lens." She said as she gently pulled the camera from my grasp.

"I don't do that side of the camera." I protested quietly.

She stepped up and put her arms around my neck and pressed her chest to mine, my restrained cock pressing against her belly. She lifted herself on her toes to reach my lips and then pressed them against mine, kissing me wetly. "Trust me....I'll make it well worth your while." She whispered before sucking my lower lip into her mouth and tugging it gently.

"You know....I've never tried to do anything like this before." I said to her.

"Trust me....Just keep looking at my body and trying to make me hornier and it will be great. That's what I did, just tried to do things I thought might turn you on."

"You were very successful." I answered.

"Good. Now it's your turn." She said, releasing her hold on me and stepping back. She slowly stepped around me, putting me between herself and the chair. "Any time! I want to see you tease me with that big cock I felt." She said huskily.

I nervously stepped back and pulled my polo shirt slowly out of my pants and worked it up my body, tugging it over my head and tossing it playfully toward her. I could tell the light was starting to go and the pictures would soon be junk, but she had me seriously turned on so I played along. I undid my day hikers and stepped out of them before sitting in the chair. I tugged first one and then the other of my socks off, tossing them over my shoulder as they came off.

I stood up and undid the belt on my pants and then slowly pulled down the zipper, trying to stretch it out for her. I undid the button and then slowly spread them apart, giving her a view of my blue underwear before turning slowly away from her. I bent over and let my pants slide down my legs and stepped out of them. My rock hard cock was sticking up out of my underwear and I tucked it in as best I could before turning back to let her see the huge bulge.

"Fuck." She whispered, taking picture after picture of me as I teasingly tugged on the waist of my briefs. I finally started to pull them down, allowing it to drag my cock downward, more and more of it becoming exposed until my mushroom head suddenly slipped from where it was caught and my whole cock popped up, sticking toward her at an angle.

"Oh god what a cock." She mumbled from behind the camera as I pushed my underwear down and then stepped out of it, leaving me as naked as she was.

She slowly set the camera aside and stood up.

"You know. I read all these stories about women getting eaten out or sucking on big cocks before having sex with them, but what I want more than anything right now is to have that inside me. Would you mind if I just sat down on it right now?"

"I wouldn't mind at all." I answered as I backed up to the chair and sat down. She inched herself over me, straddling my lap as I aimed my cock up at her pussy. She lowered herself slightly and I rubbed my cock between her lips several times to spread her juices around on it before she started to settle herself down. I felt my head engage into her tunnel opening and then felt more and more weight settle onto me until I suddenly popped inside and she dropped two inches or so.

"OHHHHH MY GOD THAT FEELS GOOD!" She cried loudly, starting to bounce up and down slightly, working more and more of me into her with each bounce. Before long she was running her tight pussy up and down the length of my shaft, driving both of us crazy. I could hear both of our moans echoing off the bare walls of the house as she bounced, her ass slapping against my thighs with each stroke.

"OH fuck I'm going to cum!" She squeaked.

"Uh Me too!" I grunted, trying to hold back as long as I could.

"OH FUCK YES!!!!" She screamed as her whole body convulsed and shook. I felt her pussy clamp around me as I tried to bounce her up and down with my hands a few more times.

"OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!" She screamed with each bounce, my engorged cock nearly bursting inside her.

"AHHHHHHHGGGGG!" I gasped as my body convulsed, surging a huge shot of hot cum up into her pussy. Time and again my body jerked, adding more cream to the copious amount with which I had already filled her.

"Oh damn." She moaned as she sagged against me, her tits in front of my mouth. I couldn't resist cupping both of them and gently kissing each nipple softly before sucking them into my mouth one at a time. "Ohhhhhh damn. You keep that up and I may cum again." She panted.

"Good." I answered as I moved from one nipple to the other making her squirm on my still semi-hard cock. I moved one hand from her firm round ass, around between her legs, to let my fingers stroke across the top of her slit and her exposed clit.

"Oh shit!" She squeaked when my fingers found their mark. I licked circles around her nipples with my tongue as I sucked the whole front of her tit into my mouth, my fingers stroking continuously back and forth across her hard nub. Her hips wiggled and bounced as my attentions drove her recently receding climax back up again. I could feel my somewhat softened cock responding again as her pussy continued to massage and squeeze it with her continuous movements. "Oh god!" She moaned. "Are you trying to make me climax again?"

"Uh huh." I answered, letting go of the nipple I was working with my mouth for only a moment.

"Well...It's gonna work!" She squealed as her whole body went rigid for a moment. A shudder started in her legs and began to travel up the length of her body until she was shaking like a leaf in a strong breeze, her pussy clenching and releasing around my cock as she climaxed.

I continued my attentions until I felt her body start to relax, and then slowly eased my licking and sucking of her nipples to soft gentle kisses slowly traveling over her entire chest. My fingers ceased their stroking of her clit and I used both hands to gently stroke my fingertips up and down her thighs, ass and back, gently caressing what I could reach of her sexy little body.

"Goodness." She panted. "I didn't know that someone could make me climax that hard or that quickly."

"Glad you enjoyed it." I whispered as I continued my kisses.

She moved her hands to my face and tipped it upward, lowering her face to mine and gently, slowly, almost lovingly, pressed her soft wet lips to mine. "Thank you very much. I did enjoy it. I hope you did too." She whispered, her lips practically brushing mine.

"Every second." I whispered back.

"You're still hard. I can feel it." She whispered, wiggling around slightly. "Would you like to cum again?"

"Of course, but I'm not going to push if you don't want it." I answered.

"That's sweet. Most men just take what they want and leave us wanting more. Why is it that you're so different?" She asked in a husky whisper. "And why the hell hasn't some woman snapped you up and made you her own?"

"I don't know. I guess the right woman just hasn't found me yet."

"Hmmmm. Well, if everything you do is as sweet and hot as this was, we'll just have to see if I'm the right woman."

"That sounds like you're asking to date me."

"I guess I sort of am." She answered with a giggle. "Now what should we do about this big hot cock stuffed inside me?"

"We can do whatever you want."

"You know...I feel completely naughty right now. I have just the thing." She said as she slowly lifted herself off of me, a flood of our cum oozing down her thigh as she stepped back and reached for my hands. She pulled me up and led me to the big bay window in the front room that overlooked the long valley before us, the setting sun still shining on the eastern slopes and the western slopes in its stark shadows. "It's way too chilly to want to screw outside, but how about this?" She asked as she bent over in front of the window, pushing her ass and pussy out at me.

"I think that it looks even more beautiful with your naked body in the picture." I answered as I stepped behind her. I aimed my cock at her pussy and slowly pushed into her, holding her firm ass as a handle.

"OOOOOOooooooo god that feels nice." She cooed as I sunk into her until my head hit the end of her soft tunnel. "Now fuck me until you cum."

"Yes maam." I answered with a smile, starting to slide my cock in and out of her.

"Uh god yes." She squeaked as I started plunging in and out of her. "Uh yeah... uh...yeah... oh god... uh yeah." She softly squeaked as I slapped my hips against her bare ass, each stroke making her whole body shake. I could see her tits wiggling in the reflection in the window, pushing me closer and closer to climax.

"Oh shit!" I grunted as I felt my orgasm approach the point of no return.

"That's it. Cum for me! Fill me up. Oh god you're so big. Shit! You're going to make me cum again too!" She squealed, her legs starting to tremble again as I pounded a few more strokes into her, my cock expanding even more as it got ready to unload in her.

"AHHHHH!" I Cried as my body jerked, ramming my cock into her so hard she almost fell over. My cock swelled inside her and shot a gush of hot cum deep inside her already spasming pussy. Time and again my body jerked and spasmed, emptying more of my cream into her until finally there was no more to add and I started to soften inside her.

"God that was good. I can't believe you made me climax again." She panted, trying to stand upright enough to reach behind her head with her hands for mine. My shrinking cock slipped from her, unleashing a gush of cum that dripped on the floor and ran down her legs as she turned to face me. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight, pressing her bare tits into my chest as I wrapped my arms around her back and held her.

"You must think I've never had sex the way I'm acting." She said after standing with me for long minutes.

"Well, I wondered." I answered honestly.

"I have. The only guy that I felt like I wanted to take me that way was a boyfriend I had a couple years ago. He was a really nice guy, but when it came to sex it was always half dressed in the back seat of a car. It wasn't the most enjoyable sex and he wasn't nearly as large as you are."

"I see. Would you be offended if I asked how old you are?"

"Sweetie, after what you just made me feel you can ask anything you want any time you want...for that matter you can ask for this anytime you want too. I'm twenty four."

"Ahhh. Ok." I answered.

"I'm not too young am I?" she asked, pulling her head away to look up into my face.

"Well, not too young no. But I am ten years older than you are."

"Does it matter?" She asked, her voice suddenly tinged with concern.

"Not to me." I answered, pulling her snugly to me again.

"Good." She whispered into my chest as we stood watching the last of the sun's rays disappearing, leaving us in near darkness.

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