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Kelly pressed a button on the remote control. The carousel slide projector clicked and whirred as it spun around, dropping the next slide into position. Her modestly furnished lounge was lit solely by the projector, particles of dust floating in the air illuminated in the light's path.

Evie squeezed her hand gently as she took in the sight of another of her creations. The photo showed two women. One had brown eyes and brown hair, and was dressed in an elegant dress. The other woman was slightly smaller, and had curly hair. She was wearing a sheer body stocking, over the top of which she was wearing a steel chastity belt with attached thigh cuffs keeping her legs close together. Her breasts were similarly encased in a gleaming metal bra, two shining hemispheres clinging to her chest and reflecting the room around her. A metal collar was locked around her neck, with various symmetrical chains running down her body between the devices.

"I wish I looked that attractive," whispered Evie.

Kelly turned to face her guest, studying her long, curly hair, her beauty spots and most of all those deep brown eyes she had found herself getting lost in when they'd met at a munch the previous weekend. Her cute, feminine appearance gave no hint that she was even a lesbian, let alone a submissive bondage fanatic. Kelly knew all too well that looks could be deceiving, but Evie's naive facade was enticing.

"You're kidding me, right?" No matter how many exquisite young women Kelly slept with, their innocence still amazed her, if innocence was the right word for it. Sure, most were like Evie in that they practically begged her to practice her art on them, tying them up and then teasing them into a frenzy. An unsettling amount of them had a certain naivete about them, though, like they thought everyone else was better than them. Like they couldn't measure up to some consensually agreed upon standards that the world had. Kelly shook her head playfully in disbelief. It was just a lack of experience, was all, and _that's_ what she could help them with, one beautiful young woman at a time.

"Don't pretend you can even _compare_ me to her," insisted Evie.

"Oh, I can and I will," disagreed Kelly. "So will you, in time. But first, do you want to have some fun?" She slid open the chest of drawers beside her couch and pulled out a muzzle gag. Evie's eyes lit up at the sight of the restraint dangling from Kelly's hand in front of her. "Here, put this on," she suggested, handing it to her.

"Right now?" asked Evie, her voice uncertain.

"Right now." Kelly smiled at her reassuringly as she knelt in front of the chest of drawers, rummaging through its other contents. "Oh, and you'll need to strip, too. You're a size eight, right?"

Evie nodded as she turned the gag around in her hands, working out which way up it was and where everything went. She fumbled with it excitedly, letting the familiar slippery texture of tasteless rubber fill her mouth once more as she fastened all its buckles around her head, making the straps cling tightly to her soft skin.

Kelly smiled at her for a second, savouring the sight of her prominent cheekbones and bright eyes. Something about those deep brown eyes seemed to be begging her, hinting at a deep, unfulfilled longing. She pictured the luscious, full lips now hidden beneath the smooth layer of thick fabric, prised apart by the rubber invading her mouth.

Evie unzipped her calf tie wedge boots and placed them on the soft carpeted floor next to the sofa before unzipping her mini dress. She slid it off and folded it up next to her boots. She took off her tights, cursing herself for not having the confidence to wear stockings, and placed them neatly on the pile, followed by her plain black bra and knickers.

"Here, try this on," suggested Kelly as she threw a black spandex leotard at her. It landed softly on her head, filling her nostrils with the aroma of potpourri. She obediently slid it on and started to zip it up, struggling to fasten the zip all the way up her back.

"Let me help," said Kelly as she walked behind Evie. She carefully straightened the fabric at the back of the leotard before zipping it fully shut, then walked in front of Evie, stepping back to admire the result. For a second she paused to take in the breathtaking sight of Evie wearing nothing but a smooth muzzle gag and skintight clothing. The leotard gripped her body, accentuating the beautiful curves of her waist while emphasising her smooth thighs and ample cleavage with its revealing shape. She grinned at her guest. "Perfect."

Kelly grabbed a leash and a handful of padlocks. She locked the muzzle gag in place first, then locked the D-ring sticking out of Evie's gag to the leash, letting the handle fall to the floor with a thud. Lastly, she took out something Evie hadn't seen before. It consisted of two metal bars welded together in a rigid X shape, with a locking cuff at each of its four corners. Kelly quickly locked it into place around Evie's wrists and ankles, forcing her to lie down on her side, her back arched slightly.

"Comfortable?" Kelly grinned down at her captive audience. Evie nodded enthusiastically, looking up at her with those big brown eyes. "Good." Taking Evie's leash in one hand, and holding the remote control in the other, Kelly continued with her slideshow.

The next photo showed the dominant woman sitting down on Kelly's sofa, still fully dressed, while the submissive woman went down on her. The domme seemed completely unphased by the other woman eating her out, as if she was carrying on a conversation as she held her head in place.

"They were great fun," reminisced Kelly wistfully. "Megan, the one in the dress, made her slave eat her out while I used up two whole rolls of film capturing the act. Annie or Amy or something, I think her name was. Then she made her eat me out after that, though I don't have any photos of that. The weird thing is that we got into a conversation about going down on women, and she told me matter-of-factly that she was straight. Apparently having a pet slavegirl and making her lick you out every other night doesn't count as lesbianism for some women." Kelly shook her head again. "Still, her slave was pretty good at what she did. I guess she got a lot of practice."

Kelly looked down at her latest beautiful conquest. "Aroused yet?" Evie nodded, gazing up into her with longing eyes. "Do you want my permission to have an orgasm?" Another enthusiastic nod.

"Don't go anywhere," teased Kelly as she rolled the projector's screen back into the ceiling. She turned the lights back on, letting Evie squint in the brightness, unable to shield her eyes. She fetched her camera and tripod and started to casually set them up.

Evie let out a half-hearted protest, a small whine that was easily muffled by her muzzle gag as she squirmed around on the carpet.

"Don't worry, you'll get your orgasm soon enough." Kelly fastened the camera to the tripod and set up the studio flash kit - a large, reflective umbrella. "I'm sure you won't mind me taking a few photos of you having it, of course, for posterity."

Evie's squirming became more frantic as she struggled to break free from the X-bar, but it was futile. The rattling of her leash only served to remind her of her place, as Kelly's worthless fuck toy. She moaned again, a more convincing protest, but Kelly ignored her.

"There," said Kelly at last. "All set up."

Evie looked up at Kelly with large, pleading eyes as she let out a stream of muffled protests. It was no use. Everything she did, every contortion and every grunt, only aroused Kelly even more. She wasn't going to let her go until she'd completed another photoshoot. Grinning down at her helpless captive, she grabbed her camera's remote control and started taking pictures.

"That's perfect," encouraged Kelly. "Your eyes are beautiful, you look so helpless and frustrated." Evie continued to grunt loudly as she writhed around on the carpet, her leash rattling along the floor beside her. "Would you like me to stop taking pictures of you now and just give you that orgasm I promised you?"

Evie nodded again, moaning loudly.

"Well tough." Kelly walked up to her. "You have to earn it first. Once I've taken a few more pictures, then I might give you what you want so much." She knelt down and gently brushed her hand along Evie's smooth cheek, savouring the power she had over her captive.

After taking several more photos of her guest squirming around, still genuinely trying to free herself from her restraints as far as she could tell, Kelly finally decided she'd earned her reward. She sat down on the couch and took her shoes and socks off, leaving them next to Evie's clothes.

Kelly walked back up to Evie and gripped her leash once more, leading her into the position she wanted her in. "Come on, my little bondage slut," she cooed. "I'll give you your reward right now if you just get in shot properly behind me."

Evie looked up at the camera hesitantly.

"It's up to you if you want it or not," said Kelly as if she didn't mind one way or the other. After only a brief pause, Evie obediently wriggled into position. "Good girl, come on," encouraged Kelly as she tugged on her leash.

Once she was sure the camera had a clear shot over her shoulder, looking down at her helpless captive, Kelly made good on her promise. She stuck her foot out.

Evie just stared up at her, her pleading eyes showing her confusion.

"Go on, then," said Kelly sternly. "I'm not going to hold this position forever." She gently lowered her foot onto Evie's groin, laughing as her naive young guest's facial expression turned from confusion to disgust. Evidently, she felt insulted that she would only be allowed to achieve her orgasm via dry humping Kelly's foot - as if a cheap fuck toy deserved any better. The look on her face as she realised what was happening was priceless. Kelly took a few more photos to capture the beauty of the moment.

If it wasn't for Evie's otherwise innocent appearance, Kelly would have sworn that the quick, muffled exclamation she shouted next was a blunt insult.

"Fine, don't get a reward, then," said Kelly indifferently. She put her foot back down on the soft carpet, dropped the leash with a gentle chink and a thud, and walked back towards the camera, adjusting its position slightly.

The next few moans seemed much more co-operative. She was pleading again.

"Do you want your treat or not?" asked Kelly, running out of patience.

Very meekly, Evie nodded.

"Good girl," soothed Kelly as she walked back over to Evie and picked her leash back up. She pressed her foot against Evie's groin again, this time rubbing it slowly but firmly.

Evie gasped, closing her eyes, then moaned appreciatively as she pushed her crotch as hard against Kelly's foot as she could manage.

"That's it," continued Kelly in her patronising, smooth tone of voice. "Good girl." She took a few more photos, brief flashes of light filling the room. "Keep going," she added as she lifted her foot up a few centimetres.

With Kelly's foot hovering motionlessly above her groin, Evie worked hard to shuffle down towards her and lift her crotch as high as she could, only barely reaching it. She struggled to try and build the steady rhythm back up, but it was no use. She couldn't lift her groin up for long enough and trying to rub herself against Kelly's foot was starting to wear her out.

"Aww, you look frustrated," observed Kelly.

Evie let out a loud noise that almost turned into sobbing.

"Would you like a hand?" suggested Kelly. Evie nodded vigorously. "Wait right here," said Kelly as she put down the leash again and went back to the chest of drawers.

Evie could make out the clanging of various restraints and devices being shuffled back and forth, pressed against each other. After what seemed like minutes, Kelly finally closed the drawer again and made her way back into view. Evie's eyes widened in fear when she saw the paddle in her hand.

"Don't worry," reassured Kelly, hitting the palm of her own hand with the paddle for emphasis. She took another picture before picking Evie's leash back up, grinning. "I'll be gentle."

Holding Evie's leash taut, Kelly knelt down in front of her and started to very gently tap Evie's groin with the paddle, hitting the soft fabric stretched tightly over her labia and mons venus. Enough of the taps were directly above Evie's clit for her to close her eyes again and moan in approval, and Kelly took the opportunity to take a few more photos.

Taking great care not to actually hurt her, Kelly started to hit Evie slightly harder with the paddle, administering stroke after stroke as she savoured her look of total pleasure. Evie seemed to be oblivious to the camera at last, her inhibitions finally taking a back seat to her base desires. She was starting to forget her pride and simply enjoy herself, becoming the mindless fuck toy Kelly wanted her to be. Her moans grew more and more intense until suddenly she writhed around, thrusting her hips uncontrollably. As Kelly put down the paddle, Evie sighed in satisfaction, lying down on the carpet, relaxed and worn out.

"Better?" asked Kelly. Evie moaned contentedly, her eyes closed and her body limp. Kelly knelt over her, caressing her cheek once more as she gazed down at her captured beauty. Reluctantly, she fetched the keys to the padlocks.

Next Friday evening, Kelly looked out of her front door's peephole to see Evie standing there, right on time. "Step back a bit, please," she commanded through the door. Evie looked around nervously before stepping away from Kelly's door, giving her a better view of herself. She was wearing another mini dress, this one pleated.

Kelly put the latch on and opened the door ajar. "Are you wearing stockings this time?" she asked her returning guest.

Evie glanced around again. As she stared down at the floor, her reply was barely more than a whisper. "Yes."

"Show me," demanded Kelly.

Evie briefly paused as she weighed up her options, then glanced down the otherwise empty corridor again. She lifted up the bottom of her pleated mini dress to give Kelly a glimpse of her garter belt and matching lace briefs.

"OK." Kelly closed the door. After a brief pause, she opened it again, a smile creeping across her face as she ushered her new toy back inside her flat. It seemed almost a shame to inevitably discard her one day like the other women she'd played with - she appeared to be so nervous and innocent, not that those traits stopped her from obeying even Kelly's most humiliating orders.

"I know what you came back for," said Kelly. "Take your boots off and get down on your knees."

Evie didn't waste any time hesitating. She unzipped her boots, placed them out of the way, and dropped to her knees, making an effort to keep her back straight and look as self-respecting as was possible under the circumstances.

Kelly rummaged around in the familiar chest of drawers, bringing out two wrist-to-ankle cuffs which she quickly locked in place, forcing Evie to keep her arms behind her.

The other item to emerge from Kelly's stash was a simple roll of household duct tape. Evie swallowed hard as she wondered how painful it would be if it were peeled off her skin. To her surprise, however, Kelly didn't peel off any tape. She just left the reel lying next to her boots on the floor.

Kelly pulled the familiar screen back down, turned off the lights, and fired up the projector. "Let's see what else I can show you."

Evie took in the breathtaking sight of one beautiful submissive woman after another, each one bound and proudly displaying herself for Kelly in her lounge, often right where she was kneeling.

Suddenly Evie felt a tugging at her groin. She looked down to see Kelly's hands creeping out from under her dress, stretching her briefs taut. "What are you doing?" she asked, giggling.

"Face the screen," demanded Kelly sternly, ignoring her question.

Evie obediently looked back up at the looming image of the spandex clad woman on the screen. The tugging continued, then there were two metallic snipping sounds and her briefs stopped pulling at her. She fought the urge to look down again, instead trying to focus on the helpless woman in the photo.

Kelly walked in front of Evie, then squatted down in front of her. With one swift motion, she lifted up her dress again and pulled off her briefs, turning them inside out and wrapping them up into a little ball. She placed them under her nose, inhaling deeply as she closed her eyes for a second. "My, you _are_ a wet little bondage slut," she declared, a big grin on her face. "Open," she ordered.

It took a second for Evie to understand the request. She opened her mouth, and before she had time to raise an objection, Kelly stuffed her underwear inside her, quickly wrapping a generous measure of duct tape around her head to ensure it stayed in place. Kelly cut the tape with her teeth and rubbed the end of Evie's makeshift gag firmly against her mouth, making sure no part of it would even slightly begin to come loose. "There," she declared, "much better. Conversation never was your forte, dear." She patted Evie on the head.

Evie moaned in mock disapproval, getting into the role of the helpless victim of Kelly's desires.

Kelly walked back around, behind Evie again. This time, Evie could hear the click of a plastic tube followed by a squidgy noise like someone placing toothpaste on a brush. She tried to turn around, but she couldn't see what was Kelly was doing.

"Face the screen," demanded Kelly again. "And spread your legs further apart, like a good little slut."

Awkwardly, Evie swayed from side to side as she shuffled her legs apart. She looked back up at the image of one of the other submissive women and felt herself getting even more wet, knowing she'd let herself be used by Kelly in exactly the same way. Suddenly, she let out a surprised gasp. A well lubricated finger, then two, suddenly slid into her dripping wet pussy. She couldn't help herself as she tried to look back at Kelly.

"Turn around and look at the screen, or I'll unzip your cute little dress and put nipple clamps on you," insisted Kelly.

Evie turned around quickly, facing forwards and looking up again. She'd never been into the pain aspect of BDSM the way she enjoyed being tied, and the threat worked well on her.

"Just enjoy the show, my cheap little fuck toy," suggested Kelly. As the projector clicked and whirred again, the image was replaced with another one, this time depicting a woman covered head-to-toe in a spandex Zentai catsuit with an opening over her mouth, which was prised open with a ring gag. She wore a black denim straitjacket and knee-high lace-up black boots over the top of the catsuit.

"_She_ was fun," recalled Kelly. "I forget her name. Obedient little slut who brought her own clothes and restraints. There's nothing quite like the pleasure of having a gaping mouth waiting at your beck and call. I ended up using the same leash on her that I used on you, only with a collar. That way I led her around the place even though she couldn't see where she was going. Come to think of it, I could have invited Shannon around and made her service her. She's one of my domme friends. This pathetic creature probably wouldn't even have noticed it wasn't me." Kelly sighed wistfully. "Damn, I never thought of that until now."

Evie whimpered, the undignified fingerfucking she was receiving from behind almost sending her over the edge. She wasn't that experienced yet, and being treated like a pet animal rather than an equal lover was still enough to arouse her just as much as the physical sensation of being fingered.

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