Photographer Ch. 03

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After her trip to Lord and Taylor's she couldn't imagine what she would buy at Saks. When she arrived at Saks Fifth Avenue, Louise greeted her and introduced her to Antonio, an Italian clothes designer. Louise said "Mrs. Blair tells me you will be spending some time in Tuscany. The styles are much different in Italy, so Antonio will design special outfits just for you." Antonio who was clearly gay, asked her to remove all of her clothing so he could know exactly what features he wanted to bring out with the clothing. The bathing suit he chose for her was not much more than strings with little patches of cloth to cover the smallest areas possible. From shoes to hats, it was truly a different look from everything she had purchased at Lord and Taylor's. All of the clothing was shipped to a Villa in Tuscany that Mrs. Blair had arranged for Greg and Annie when they would travel to Tuscany to gather evidence against her husband.

During her shopping spree, Annie had also purchased some high quality wigs. She could now be blond, brunette or redhead. She would be able to go into a building three days in a row and never be recognized as the same person.

When she arrived home, she found Greg experimenting with his new equipment. FBI detectives would be envious of some of the equipment Greg had acquired. He could literally see through walls and around corners and photograph in any light level from bright sunshine to pitch black darkness. She wanted to try out the heat sensitive camera, so he asked Annie to go into the next room and take off her blouse and bra. He could capture every bit of it even down to the detail of seeing her nipples and profile of her face, as she would turn. She came back into the room topless and asked, "Can I see?"

"That is unbelievable!" she said as she watched the playback. "You can even see my nipples"

Turning around in his chair, Greg said, "I can see them from here too." He said as he pulled her to him and gently kissed each nipple. The licking turned into kissing as Greg pushed her slacks to the floor and knelt before her and focused his attention on her pussy. He turned the equipment back on and led her back to the room where she had undressed. He asked Annie to undress him and she was glad to accommodate. He held her against the wall and lifted her enough to for his erection to enter her. He pulled out and asked her to kneel on all fours and entered her from the back. He had not fucked his sister doggie style yet and they both got really turned on and vocally made the sounds of love. After they climaxed, she turned and cleaned his cock, licking a mixture of juices and then laid down on her back, so he could clean her love cavity. They got up and went to see how they looked. Greg removed the media chip and put took it into the home theatre room with the 72" screen.

They sat in amazements as they watched themselves on the big screen. Every detail and every sound had been captured. Annie said, " I want a copy of this to take back to college with me. When we are not together, I can play this and pretend that my dildo is really your cock."

"You have a dildo!" Greg said in amazement. "Let me see it."

"I didn't bring it with me silly. I have the real thing here!" she said as she took hold of his cock and led him to the shower. They soaped each other from head to toe and he impaled her against the wall with the water running over each of them. Once they dried off and got dressed, they decided to play tourists in New York City. They rode the subway, and had a carriage ride in Central Park in the early evening hours. As they cuddled in the carriage they both knew they had found their true love.

Sunday morning they attended church in St. Patrick's Cathedral, took the boat tour around Manhattan and did the totally New York thing of having lunch from the hotdog vendor on the sidewalk.

Jane had been excited to get a call from Annie and they squealed like teenagers when they saw each other for the first time in over a year. As Tom hugged Annie, his hand moved down her back and squeezed an ass cheek letting her know he had not forgotten his promise. As she turned back to Greg and Jane who were greeting each other, she put her hand behind her back and squeezed his cock to let him know she was a willing player.

Annie had not given Jane any details except to bring their bathing suits, so when they walked through the penthouse; she and Tom were in shock at the size and the views. When they asked how they happened to be in this penthouse, Annie simply said, "Greg and I are working on a photography shoot for a rather well to do client."

Greg got his digital camera and took several pictures of Jane and Tom from various angles with different views in the background and pictures of Annie and Jane. They were amazed that thirty minutes later he handed them an album with fifteen 5 X 7 photos that were better quality than they had ever seen come from a photo developing lab. Jane took Greg aside and asked him if he could take some nude shots of her. She was applying for an off Broadway show that required nudity scenes. Tom had taken some with a cheap camera, but they didn't make her look very appealing. Greg readily agreed and said he would set up the equipment in the master bedroom. Jane told Annie what they were going to do and Annie told her to use any of the negligees or underwear in her closet if she needed it.

Jane said, "Tom said that he was hoping to have some time alone with you to make good on a promise. Can you keep him occupied for an hour or so."?

Annie said, "I would be glad to keep him occupied and you might want to check out how well my brother is endowed after he finishes taking the picture. It is really good to see you. It is almost like the college days when we learned it was good to share what you have.

Annie went to find Greg and asked him if he could set up a video camera in the guest room. Greg set up 3 cameras to get views from different angles and none of them could be seen in the way he camouflaged them. He left a small remote on the night stand and instructed Annie to just touch the button and all three cameras would record until she touched it again.

Tom was standing looking at the Empire state building when Annie walked up and said, "Jane wants Greg to take a few pictures of her for audition purposes, so this would be a good time for you to keep good on your promise." He turned to her and their lips came together with no one coming down the hall to disturb them. His hands were all over her body and she said "I think we need to rent a room." She led him past the photo shoot to the guest room. She had already closed the curtains, lit some candles and started some romantic music. When they entered the room, she said, "We really never got to dance at the wedding," as she took his hand and led him to the middle of the room. The slow music had them grinding into each other in no time as she felt his erection against her. After a couple of dances she moved away from him and began removing her clothes in a very provocative manner. As he watched, he began undressing and when they were both nude she led him to the bed and she touched the remote as she got into bed and the music changed to fast music and the cameras began recording.

They began kissing again, exploring each other's bodies. After his finger had brought her close to an orgasm, she backed away and lowered her body to be able to take his cock in her mouth. He was so excited at that time, that he said he was about to come, so she pulled her mouth away and shot his cum all over her tits. Once he had finished shooting, she asked him to lick he tits clean, which he gladly did and sucked on the long after they were clean. Annie reached down and felt his limp cock that was nowhere near being ready to enter her, unlike the instant response she was becoming used to with Greg. She pushed his shoulders down and he moved to her slit and began with long slow licks, he then assaulted her pussy with his tongue bringing her to two had orgasms that she shot all over her face. He continued to drive his hammer of a tongue in and out and then found her clit and gently sucked on it. This sent her over the top and just when she thought her body could take no more, he moved up and drove a hard cock into her and starting pumping for all he was worth. He would stop occasionally and pulsate his cock and then begin the hammering again until he climaxed and filled her with his cum.

They were both totally exhausted as she touched the remote again and the cameras stopped and the music returned to soft romantic tunes. "That was certainly worth the wait," Tom said as they laid in each other's arms. Annie pulled the covers up and they both went sound asleep.

In the other room, the photo shoot had begun with several shots from many angles in negligee and then some bathing suit shots in a bikini that didn't leave much to the imagination. Then the nude shots began. In addition to the shots in the bedroom, they moved all over the penthouse with shots like striking a pose in front of the window that looked toward the Empire State Building. With zoom lens he could make it look like the ESB was right outside her the window and later her would Photoshop her standing on the observation deck in the nude. Similar pictures were taken with her profile and the East River in the background and he also was later able to Photoshop her onto a passing sailboat lying on the deck for the entire world to see. They found an apron and chef's hat in the kitchen and used those for some props. He really liked the side angle shot of her wearing nothing but an apron. He had taken well over 200 shots and they went in the home theatre to see them on the large screen. Every shot was perfect and she sat in amazement as she saw herself flash across the big screen. The close ups of her face showed her perfect complexion. She did say however she probably would not show the close-ups of her pussy to too many people. Greg told her he would print off a dozen of the best shots in 8 X 10 and that when he got back to his own office he would put together a couple of different portfolios for her and ship them to her next week.

Jane said, "No wonder, Annie always said you were the best brother a girl could have. And now I want to check out something else she told me about you," and led him back to the bedroom. She knelt before him and un-zipped his pants releasing the largest cock she had ever seen. Tom was as wide, but not as long. She took her time licking it from top to bottom and taking as much of it as she could get into her mouth. She undid his belt and slid his pants and shorts to his ankles. He stepped out of them as she was unbuttoning her shirt. "Lying back on the bed, she said, "Now, show me what you can do with that thing."

Twenty minutes later she had her answer as it had entered her from every direction and she had also introduced him to ass fucking.

The took a shower together and went to look for Tom and Annie. They opened the bedroom door and saw them both still sound asleep. The picked up all the clothes and took them into the living room. When Annie and Tom woke up, and found their clothes had been taken, they considered putting on robes, but decided against it. He picked her up nude and carried her into the living room were they found Tom and Jane looking at the finished 8 X 10 photos. They got dressed and called the chef to come to prepare a meal for the four of them. He showed up with a female assistant who took care of setting up the dining room and assist in the preparation of a surf and turf dinner.

It was a fantastic meal. The table had been set with roses and candles and light classical music was playing. They had decided to go for a walk while dinner was being prepared and when they returned the aromas alone were unbelievable. The meal began with Roasted Tomato Soup, Green Mango Salads and the appetizers included Salmon Mouse and Shrimp Cocktail, The filets were cooked exactly as each had ordered and the lobster had been remove from the shell with the meat from the claws sautéed and placed on top of the tail. The vegetables rounded off the presentation. The dessert was Flaming Pineapple Passion prepared at the table with very impressive flames.

None of them had ever had such a meal. It was served in courses over a two and a half hour period with time to get up and walk around between courses. They all thanked the chef and his assistant multiple times as the meal progressed and at the end. They had requested the hot tub to be prepared for use and went to relax while two other staff members came to clean up the kitchen.

They decided to forego the bathing suits and just go to the rooftop in robes. The robes they had used the first night had been removed and replaced with new fresh robes and a stack of plush towels. Jane and Tom had lived in New York City for over a year and had never seen anything like the view from the hot tub. After almost an hour of talking, enjoying the sights and looking at each other's bodies in the water, Greg turned the hot tub lights off and moved over next to Jane. Annie followed suit by moving over next to Tom and within minutes, cocks were going in and out of pussies. Around midnight, Tom said, "we really need to go because I have an early meeting tomorrow morning.

Jane called the next afternoon to let them know that she had taken the photos to the casting lot and had been hired for the lead after a short reading. Rehearsals were starting on Friday and the show would open in six weeks. It was a low budget production and low budget pay, but Jane said how important it is in New York just to get anything to get yourself seen on stage. Annie and Greg assured her they would be there for opening night and Jane promised them front row seats and an invitation to the cast party after opening night.

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