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Photographer Ch. 07

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Greg and Annie were amazed at the size of JFK airport. They had flown into LaGuardia when they came to NY on the Attorney Barker's private plane. The driver took them to a VIP entrance, so they did not have to stand in long lines. There was a customs official there who cleared them and directed to the first class passenger's lounge. The lounge had a complete buffet of food. They filled their plates and sat at a table overlooking the runway.

As the flight time approached a beautiful young Italian woman in a knee length dress and jacket walked toward their table. Both Annie and Greg were instantly struck with her beauty. Black velvet hair reached half way down her back. Her beautiful dark eyes complete with eyeliner and shadow seemed to reach across the room to them. As she reached their table she said, welcome to Alitalia Airlines. My name is Caterina and I will be your hostess for your flight." She told them they would board just before takeoff, after the other passengers were all in place.

As she left to check on the status of the flight, she turned and said, you are the only first class passengers tonight, so you will have my undivided attention. I hope to take care of your every need between here and Italy." She looked at Greg and licked her upper lip. Annie wasn't sure what that meant, but Greg had to wonder if Mrs. Blair had given her special instructions.

As she walked away, Annie watched Greg watching Caterina and said, "You seem to be very attentive to the sway of her ass. So what was that licking of the upper lip about?

"How would I know, maybe she had something on her lip."

"Or maybe she wanted something in her mouth, like that bulge in your pants that she kept looking at."

"Sisters always have such imaginations." They both laughed.

A few minutes later Caterina returned to escort them to the plane. As they entered the plane, Caterina introduced them to the co-pilot, Andino. He was as handsome as Caterina was beautiful. Now it was Greg's turn to watch Annie as she quickly checked out the handsome co-pilot. Andino personally escorted Annie to her seat and said, "I hope you enjoy the flight." When he looked back, before entering the cockpit, Annie licked her uppers lip. Andino smiled and continued into the cockpit.

"So, now look who's licking the lip?" Greg said. They both laughed again and buckled in for the long night's flight.

Once they were in the air, Caterina came to determine what they would like for dessert. Annie said "How about a date with the co-pilot?"

"That could probably be arranged," Caterina said. "He is married, but his wife is very flexible and willing to share." Annie was a little shocked with the answer, but excited about the possibilities.

After they had dessert, Annie moved across the aisle to stretch out for the night. Caterina brought her a pillow and covered her with a blanket. Greg decided to work on his computer for a while. Pretty soon, he could hear by Annie's breathing that she was sound asleep. Caterina sat down beside him and asked him what he was working on.

I am editing some pictures I took of a friend. Caterina looked at the screen and said "Wow, that is a great shot of Mrs. Blair." I get to see her every time she flies to Tuscany.

"Have you known her long?"

"Our families have known each other for many generations. Many of my family members work for companies she owns in Italy and also for some of the Blair companies. She is one of my favorite people. She has helped many people in this country get an education and has provided many the opportunity for good employment. I need to check on something. When I come back, could I see more of your photography?"

"Certainly, in fact, I have some you will really enjoy that I took several years ago."

When Caterina returned, Greg noticed she had removed her jacket and had a blanket around her shoulders. As she sat down, he saw the top of her breasts, since the dress she was wearing was topless and revealed a lot of cleavage. The lights had been turned off for the night flight, so most of the light was coming from his laptop. There was just enough light in the aisle to see shadows. He looked across the aisle and saw Annie snuggled in her blanket.

Fortunately, he had the pictures from Mrs. Blair's daughter's wedding and the portfolio pictures for one of her bridesmaids. He had many pictures he did not plan to show her. She was fascinated as she watched the pictures. In orders to position herself better to see the picture, she kicked off one shoe and put her leg under herself. In the process her skirt hiked itself (with what appeared to be a little intentional effort) high enough to reveal where here stockings met the garter. Greg slanted the screen a little bit more her way and the light from the screen lit up her leg, breast and face. She was leaning so close to Greg that their faces were almost touching. She put a hand on his thigh to study her. Her hand was less than an inch from his erection, which was totally expanded.

She couldn't believe the beautiful portfolio shots and asked, "Would you take those kind of pictures of me sometime?"

Greg looked into her eyes and told her how beautiful she was and how much he would love to photograph her.

"Do you have any pictures of women you have photographed in the nude?"

"Is that the way you would like to be photographed?" Greg asked as he mentally undressed the beautiful woman sitting beside him."

"It is something I have always wanted to do and I hear you are the best. Do you have some nude photos I could see?"

Greg decided to show her the pictures of Jane that he had taken form the penthouse in NY. When he got to the picture he had photoshopped that made it look like Jane was nude on the boat sailing up the East river, Caterina moved her hand to rest on Greg's Cock. He decided two could play that game and ran his right hand up her stocking covered thigh until he reached the bare flesh. Caterina started moving her hand up and down his cock while his hand moved higher. He was amazed not to find underpants blocking his way as he began to run his finger up and down her slit. As he slipped his finger inside, she began to moan and was moving against his hand. All of a sudden Caterina asked him to stop. He did as he was requested, but was confused why the signals suddenly changed.

Caterina said, "I didn't realize I would get this excited and I was very near an orgasm.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"It is in the plane. The problem is I am a screamer when I have an orgasm. If I let you take me to an orgasm, I will wake up every one in he plane. We will find another time to let you hear me scream.

"Maybe photography day will be about more than taking pictures." Greg responded.

"We still have plenty of flight time tonight." Caterina said as she unzipped Greg's slacks and released his cock. She started to stroke it before placing her lips over the head of Greg's cock.

She stroked harder and harder until Greg whispered "I am about to cum." She did not let off as Greg shot cum down her throat and she continued till she sucked him dry.

Annie had been watching the shadows for several minutes, although Greg thought she was asleep. Just as he exploded into Caterina's mouth, Greg looked toward Annie and she gave him a thumb's up. Uh Oh, Busted!

Caterina had brought the blanket with her to hide what was going on in the event that anyone came into the cabin. Holding it up in front of her, she said, "the zipper is on the back of my dress. If you were to pull it down, you could examine what else you will be photographing. She leaned forward to allow Greg access to the zipper. He then put his hand under the blanket to examine the merchandise.

They heard the cockpit door open, so they both quickly sat up. It was a good thing Caterina had the blanket, because she was nude to the waist. The co-pilot came in to inform them that they would be landing in about 30 minutes. He sat down beside Annie and asked her how her flight had been. He also gave him her card and said if there was anything she needed while she was in Tuscany, to give him a call.

"Does that include you?"

"That is why I gave you my card. I was hoping we could get to know each other." When he returned to the cockpit, Caterina asked Greg to zip up her dress and then she left the cabin.

Annie moved over beside Greg and felt his cock. "Did you save some of that for me?"

"There is always some for you and it looks like you might get some from the co-pilot."

They were really getting to enjoy flying.

Caterina came to get them to escort them to the valet parking. When they arrived there was a silver Lamborghini "She handed them the keys and said, "Your luggage is already in the trunk. Looking at Greg, she asked if he was an early morning person? When he acknowledged, he was, she said "I would love to be photographed at sunrise on a remote beach. I know just the spot."

Greg responded, "How about tomorrow morning?"

"That would be great." Turning to Annie, she said "I know the co-pilot has the day off tomorrow if you would like company for breakfast. The chef at the villa where you are staying happens to know his favorite foods." She kissed them both on the cheek and told Greg that she would pick him up at 5:45 a.m.

When they got in the car, a voice said, "What is the name of the driver?"

When he got over the shock, he said "Greg Johnson"

The voice asked, "Do you prefer to be called Greg or Mr. Johnson?"

"Mr. Johnson is my father, just call me Greg."

"You have a sense of humor. What is the name of the passenger?"

Annie responded with "Annie"

The voice said, "Please adjust the seats to your most comfortable position and Greg, would you please adjust the mirrors and the tilt of the steering wheel?" When they had completed the settings, the voice said, "I will automatically set them for you each time you drive the car. The first time you sit in the opposite seat, you will each need to adjust that seat. Annie, if you would like to lie back, just say 'Lie Back' and when you are ready to sit up, just say 'Sit Up' and I will bring you back to the sitting position. What is your destination?" Annie gave the voice the address of the villa. The trip will take a little over an hour depending on your speed. If at any point, you would like to rest or enjoy the scenery, just say "Take Over" and I will remotely drive you to your location. When you leave the parking lot, turn right and go to the end of the street."

Greg and Annie just looked at each other in amazement as they left the parking lot and continued down the street. The voice would advise them when they were within 100 feet of a turn in town or 1 kilometer on the open highway. As they drove along some winding highway, Greg could not believe how the smoothly the Lamborghini rounded corners. He also had never experienced a car with this much power. Just over an hour after they left the parking lot, the voice said, "Your villa is the next property on the right." They came up around the turn with Water on the left and a beautiful landscaped villa on the right. As they drove up the driveway, the garage door opened and they drove into a 3 bay garage. There were two motor scooters in one of the bays.

A butler came from the house to unload the bags and show them around the villa. He assured them that if they needed anything, they could simply call for any service or to have meals prepared.

As soon as he left, they both had the same idea. The best way to start their time in Tuscany was with a little sex. They raced to the master bedroom, tore off each other's clothes and got in bed under the covers. Their nude bodies came together and they ravaged one another for the next hour. Exhausted from the plane trip, jet lag and sex, they both fell asleep for several hours.

Since Annie had slept more than Greg, on the plane, she woke up first. She went to open the packages of clothing that had been sent from Saks. In addition she found a tennis outfit, tennis shoes and a new Becker racket. Mrs. Blair had planned everything perfectly and it appeared she had also done some advance match making for both of them

She called Andino and invited him for breakfast. He confirmed that he would love to come for breakfast and would like to spend the day with her as her private guide if she was available. She said that would be wonderful and as she remembered the way he had looked at her and the thought of being with him all day, she could feel the wetness in her pants. As she was talking to him, she had her hand under her gown and was massaging her tits. She did not realize that Greg was standing in the doorway nude watching her.

"I always loved eavesdropping on your conversations." He put one hand over her shoulder and started massaging the other tit. His other hand went beneath her robe and felt the moisture on her underpants. "He has you excited already, doesn't he?"

Grabbing his fully extended cock, she asked, "Did I cause this or were you thinking about your day tomorrow with Caterina?"

"Does it matter?"

"Not at all," she said as dropped to her knees and sucked him in. Actually she was thinking about the night that she had spent with Arlene and Frank. Frank's cock was almost identical in size to Greg. It curved up on the end, which created exciting feelings along the top of her mouth and as it, was traveling down the inner canal.

She had gone shopping with Arlene. Arlene wanted Greg and Annie, to meet her husband Frank, so she had invited them for dinner and the evening. Arlene had been upset to learn that Greg would not be joining them. So instead of being two couples, it would be a threesome. During dinner, Arlene openly told Frank about the sex that she had shared with Greg and Annie. Annie told him how Arlene had introduced her to sex with another woman and hoped that Frank would share Arlene with her that night.

"Is Arlene the only person here you are interested in having sex with tonight?"

Annie laughed and said, "I am open to a variety of possibilities as long as I don't have to sleep alone tonight in a strange bed."

Arlene went up to change into nightgowns while Frank finished cleaning up the kitchen. When they returned, he was sitting on the sofa in the den and they sat down beside him. Greg had given Arlene a copy of she and Annie making love at the penthouse. Arlene put it in the DVD and started it playing. Both women watched the expression on his face and the bulge that was growing in his pants. This was a whole new Arlene to Frank and Annie's body also excited him.

Without saying anything, Annie reached over and unbuckled Frank's slacks. He lifted his ass enough for her to pull his pants and jockey shorts below his knees. With the pants still around his ankles, she pushed his knees apart and took hold of his cock noticing the way the end hooked upward. She licked the pre-cum and thought how it tasted different than Greg's cum. She took his cock into her mouth like a lollypop and ran her tongues all around it. She closed her lips around the head and sucked until her face was turning red. Frank let out a sigh. He had never had a woman do that before, and a lot of women had sucked on his cock.

When Arlene and Frank were first married they were part of a key club. About 10 couples would get together for a night of eating, drinking and dancing. At the end of the night, the men all put their keys in the middle of the table. The women would then put on blindfolds and pick a set of keys and go home with the man who owned the keys. Each man would take the woman to her home the next day.

Annie them started to deep throat his cock, close her lips and pull back until the only thing in her mouth was the head. She then would take him all in again. She repeated that process several times until he could hold it no longer.

Annie was absolutely wild. She was sucking as she had never sucked before when she felt hot cum running down her throat. She started to say "Oh Frank" when she suddenly heard Greg say, "Wow, What set you off?" She told Greg, it must be Italy. She didn't want to tell him she was thinking about another man while she was sucking his cock.

Greg decided to return the favor and buried face between Annie's legs. He started by licking around her pussy. He then licks each lip lightly. It was like sticking little pins of anticipation into Annie. She took his head and tried to direct him into her pussy. But he would not be rushed. He continued to lick the top of her legs and the lips of her pussy. Then he started running his tongue from her ass, up the slit and pausing at her clit to press a little harder with the tongue. Greg was going slowly, because he was thinking about his date to photograph Caterina. He wondered what her pussy looked like. He knew from when she fingered her on the plane that she had a nice bush of hair and that her G spot was very sensitive. He was looking forward to hearing her yell when he brought her to the first of what he hoped would be many orgasms.

As he was taking his time, Annie was getting more agitated and began to gyrate her pussy around his mouth. He finally split the lips with his tongue and started pounding his tongue in and out like a jackhammer. He paused the hammering and closed his lips on her clit and gently stroked it with his tongue. This sent Annie into her first orgasm and Greg returned to his jackhammer technique. Annie knew who he was now. This was Greg's unique technique that he had developed. No one else who had ever eaten her pussy could even measure. Frank had alternated the tongue and his fingers, Arlene had been very gentle, but Greg was in a class all his own. She held his head and kept rising to meet him. When she thought she could take no more, he rose up and planted his cock deep inside her. For a kid with limited experiences just a couple of weeks ago, they had explored and learned to please each other quite well.

As Greg was pounding in and out of her, he looked at her beauty and continued to wonder about what tomorrow would be with Caterina, but for now he was fucking the one he loved.

It was early afternoon and Greg had to search out the stores that would have the surveillance equipment he needed. The equipment in New York would be sent back to his home via Attorney Barker's private plane. He knew it would never clear customs. Annie wanted to go with him to learn more about the equipment, so that they could work separate projects once the college year started. Before going to the store, they went to the Blair's villa to scope out what would be needed. They checked with Mrs. Blair to be sure that no one would be there. She had given them the code to open the garage door and pull the car directly into the garage to avoid suspicion.

Once inside the house, they were able to plan out where camera and recorders needed to be placed.

The store he found was light years ahead of anything he had found in N.Y. The camera and recorders could be placed almost anywhere without detection and had computer software that could get into phones and cell phones and record multiple conversations at one time. Each phone you wanted to monitor had its file in the computer and recording took place on all incoming and outgoing calls giving all callers identifications.

They returned to the villa and placed enough equipment inside to monitor every move. As Annie wandered around the villa, she said, "I could live here while I study art in Italy for a year. Of course I am going to have to be sure all this equipment is removed so that my little brother is not checking up on me."

"Would I do that?" Greg responded. She just looked at him as only sisters look at brothers.

"Are you ready to drive the Lamborghini?" Greg asked.

"You bet!" As soon as they got into the car, the voice said "Hello Annie. Please adjust the seat and mirrors. Greg, you can adjust the passenger side to the way you like it."

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