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Photographer Ch. 08

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As Annie watched Andino walk to his car, she wished they had set a definite date to get together again before she and Greg had to go back to the states to finalize the documentation Attorney Barker needs to make Mrs. Blair's divorce go through without a hitch. Actually, there might not be a reason for her to have to go back immediately. Greg was the one with all the evidence. Today had been one of the best days of her life and she didn't want it to end. Andino waved to her as he got in his car to leave. She turned and went in to find out if Greg was home yet.

Greg was busy printing a copy of the pictures he had taken of Caterina. Annie walked up and looked at the pictures that were laid on the table. "Wow! She is really beautiful." The nude pictures really looked like total works of art with the positioning, body language and background created by the beach rocks.

"I'm putting together a DVD to take with us tonight. I hope her husband is up to seeing his wife's pictures taken by another man. So what did the you mean about being 5000 ft above the ground?"

"Andino is giving me flying lessons. I had my first lesson today. How would you feel about me staying here for a few weeks instead of going back home right a way? I would love to get a few lessons before school starts. You wouldn't believe how easy it is to take off. Landing is going to take a little longer."

"Is it just the flying lessons you want to stay for?"

"Swimming in the nude with a handsome pilot is not bad either."

"Photographing a nude flight hostess wasn't bad either. She and her husband have a great cabana on a secluded beach. Would you stay by yourself in this condo or have you been offered room and board."

"I assume I will stay here. His wife might not mind sharing him for a day or two, but may not be ready for a live in mistress"

"I talked with attorney Barker and outlined what we have in mind for Thursday night to cinch the deal to get Mrs. Blair her divorce. I am planning to fly home on Saturday with Mrs. Barker. It is really convenient their plane has a couple bedrooms. We can get plenty of rest."

"Yea, right! Speaking of Mrs. Barker, Is she still planning to arrive tomorrow?"

Greg responded, "Yes, in fact she is looking forward to watching us in action as we complete the surveillance on Mr. Blair. She said attorney Barker has the papers drawn up and has a court date for the end of next week. He has arranged a meeting with Mr. Blair for next Tuesday. I get to watch the meeting on a TV in the next room. I will make a copy for you, so you can watch him squirm."

Annie handed Greg the memory card from the plane's camera. "Wow! Greg said as he looked at the pictures of the condos. This is great resolution. He made the pictures into a slide show that was fantastic. He also printed a 16 X 20 of the Blair's Villa.

It was soon time to get ready to go to Caterina's for dinner. Caterina had said to dress casually for the evening. Greg was driving this time, so the seats automatically adjusted for he and Annie. They told the voice the address and the voice started giving them the turn-by-turn directions. The voice's final instruction was to turn in between the stone gateposts. The driveway wound through a vineyard and came to stop in front of a large stone building. Caterina came through a large heavy wood door in the front of the building. As they wound their way up the driveway, Annie realized they had taken a picture of vineyard from the air.

"Welcome to our home." She hugged them each and said, "Come meet my husband." They climbed two flights of stairs and stepped into a beautiful open floor plan with high ceiling, lots of windows and beautiful wood floors. They heard footsteps coming toward them and turned to see Andino. Caterina and Andino watched Greg and Annie's reaction. It went from shock to joy.

Annie said "You two are....."

"Yes we are," they both said as they stood with arms around each other."

"Why didn't you tell us that on the plane?" Greg asked.

"Would you have been as willing to satisfy me and let me satisfy you if you knew my husband was on the other side of the door?"

"Probably not." Greg responded.

Greg said, "This is a fascinating building. What is it?"

Andino said, "It was my great grandfather's winery. We still have a great wine cellar. When they went to more modern ways of processing the grapes, the building stood empty for many years. My father decided it would make a great home. He had his offices on the second floor. We use it now as space for our hobbies. I build model airplanes and fly them in competition and Caterina has an art studio there. The first floor is a miniature museum of our family's history in the wine business.

As they were talking Giuseppe came into the room, greeted Annie, Andino and Caterina. "You must be Greg," he said extending his hand in greeting. "I just came to let you know that the appetizers are ready on the balcony."

Caterina kissed Giuseppe on the cheek and said, "You are the best."

When they arrived at the balcony, they found a huge bowl of black and green olives with red Chile peppers in olive oil. Other meats and cheeses surrounded a platter of prosciutto & melon. The loaf of bed had obviously just come out of the oven. A bottle of Brunello wine was opened with four glasses.

Andino and Annie talked about setting up a 6 hour flying lesson for the next day. Caterina and Greg looked at all the pictures he had taken, during the day. Andino was impressed with the pictures of his wife.

The dinner was without a question, the very best spaghetti they had ever eaten. The meal was topped of with a Ricotta and Chocolate Cake and espresso.

Following dinner they watched the two videos of Caterina and the pictures taken from the airplane.

Andino and Annie when into his study to talk about the flight-training schedule and for him to give her the books she would need for ground study. They spent almost an hour mapping out a plan based around his flight schedule and how long she would be in Italy.

Caterina invited Greg to go for an evening stroll through the vineyard. They walked for over an hour and only covered a small portion of the vineyard. She described the process of pruning and harvesting the grapes. She said, "These grapes make some of the finest and most expensive wines in the world. The current wine in our wine cellar is worth hundreds of thousand Euros. We supply the heads of states and other government officials with wine directly from our cellar when they entertain foreign dignitaries, such as your president or the Queen of England. The Pope only drinks wine from this vineyard."

They came to what looked like a small cottage. "Let me show you our guesthouse." It looked like just a cottage from the outside, but inside it looked like an expensive hotel suite complete with a Jacuzzi for two. "Would you like to relax your muscles?" Caterina asked as she started the water running in the Jacuzzi.

Greg watched her strip and get into the tub before he started to undress. Once she was settled in, she watched Greg remove his clothing, He got in the Jacuzzi beside her and they both just relaxed and let the jets do the work.

Greg put his arm over Caterina's shoulder and began to massage her breast. She moved over closer to him and wrapped her hand around his cock. She started to pump her hand and before long brought him to a climax. His cum shot out into the water and swirled around and was mixed in by the jets. They both laughed as they watched the little whirlpools. He turned to her and ran his hand up her leg until he reached his goal. He wasted no time getting his finger into her body. He used first one finger and then two pumping in and out as his thumb did its job on her clit. She began to moan and then as her orgasm built she began to scream. The harder her body shook, the more she screamed. She collapsed back against the tub and they just lay there as the jets swirled the water around them.

Meanwhile back at the house, Annie and Andino were flying without a plane as he plunged in and out of her body. They came together and collapsed together and fell asleep in each other's arms.

When Greg and Caterina returned to the house, they found Andino and Annie asleep in each other's arm.

"How about if I go home with you, since my bed is occupied?" He didn't give her any argument and when they reached his villa, she asked, "I want you to fuck me until I scream."

As soon as they stepped inside, he picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. He placed her on the bed and began undressing her, kissing bare skin as clothing was removed. He took off his clothing and began by burying his face in her pussy. When she started to scream, he moved up on her body and drove his cock into her awaiting pussy. There was a lot of screaming before they fell asleep in each other's arms. They slept like babies until after sunrise.

When they woke up, they smelled bacon cooking and assumed Giuseppe was in the kitchen. When they walked down the steps, they discovered it was Annie at the frying pan and Andino was having a cup of coffee.

Following breakfast, Annie and Andino left for the airport. The plan was to have 3 two-hour lessons with about an hour between each lesson. Caterina was scheduled for an overnight flight later in the day. As Greg was cleaning up the kitchen, Caterina came up behind him and reached around under his robe.

"This thing is always ready for action, isn't it? She asked as she wrapped her hand around his cock. He turned around and she got down on her knees in front of him and said, "This is really what I wanted to do on the plane." She proceeded to give him a fine blowjob. She swallowed his cum, as fast as it flowed from him. When she finished, he picked her up and carried her to the dining room table. Placing her on the table, he pulled up a chair and pulled her forward for his own dessert. As she began to yell, he just hammered harder with his tongue. Before she left, they showered together.

As Greg was making final preparations for the surveillance of Mr. Blair's Villa that evening, the doorbell rang. When he opened the door, Mrs. Barker was standing there in a beautiful business suit. They greeted each other with a passionate kiss.

"Can I watch the action as you take Dave Blair down tonight?" Mrs. Barker asked.

Greg took her into the room where he had all the equipment set up. He turned on the monitors for the interior and exterior screens. They watched the maid cleaning the rooms and getting them all set up for the evening. The gardener was trimming bushes, watering the flowers and mowing the lawn. Shortly after the help left, a limo pulled up with Mr. Blair and his two customers.

The prostitutes were scheduled to arrive at 8:00. However, Greg had paid them double not to show up. He explained to Mrs. Barker that he had removed all record of the three prostitutes from Mrs. Darling's cell phone and the database on her computer. At 8:30, Mr. Blair called Mrs. Darling demanding to know why the prostitutes had not arrived. When she tried to call them, she realized she could not find any record of the women. She called three other women and promised them triple the regular fee to get to the Blair villa immediately. She didn't want to lose Mr. Blair's business. Greg showed Mrs. Barker the total amount of money Mr. Blair had spent with Mrs. Darling during the year.

As soon as the prostitutes arrived, they began by putting on a striptease act. Each woman tried to outdo the one who had preceded her. Once they were all nude, they started doing lap dances for the three men.

Greg had tapped Mrs. Darling's phone calls and knew the name and address of each of the prostitutes. He checked the background of each of the women and found that 2 of the women had outstanding warrants for their arrest. One was a murder charge and the other was a bank robbery. He used his untraceable phone to alert the police to the location of the orgy. Within minutes, the outdoor cameras showed police cars surrounding the property. Once the police were in place surrounding the house, they used a battering ram to break in the front door. The women tried to escape through the back door but ran right into the police behind the house.

The men were all trying to get their cocks back into their pants as the police grabbed them and handcuffed them and led them out to the waiting police cars. The female officers in their new high heels, waited with the women while they got dressed. One of the prostitutes looked at a very attractive policewoman and said she had the body to make a lot of money as a prostitute. One of the other policewomen laughed and said "You should see her in the shower." They handcuffed the women and led them to the police cars.

Greg said, "I bet the police would love to have these tapes."

"You are amazing!" Mrs. Barker said as she started to remove her business suit.

As Greg looked at her standing there he said, "You are pretty amazing too!" Her body looked as good a twenty some year old woman. She was wearing matching panties and bra. He reached for his camera and she struck a variety of poses. Then he massaged her tits until the nipples pushed against the bra. Stepping back, he to more pictures. Then he put down the camera and removed his own clothing. Mrs. Barker pushed him back onto the sofa and knelt before him. She ran her fingernails up and down his legs before reaching out for his cock. Once she had a hold of it, she started to use her teeth to gently bite the head of his cock. She used the other hand to massage his bag and occasionally dig a nail slightly into the sack, just enough to make him squirm. She then laughed and said, "I love being in control."

"So you think you are in control huh?" Greg reached out and grabbed her spinning her around so that she was lying on the sofa. He held her hands with one hand while he removed her underpants with the other hand. He put her legs over his shoulders and burying his face into pussy, he began to suck her clit into his mouth. "Do you want me to bite this?" he asked.

"Can I have another chance to suck your cock?" They traded places and she began to lick his cock on all sides. When she put it in her mouth, she deep throated it almost immediately. Massaging his balls made him come quicker than he expected, especially since he had already dumped two loads into Caterina earlier in the day.

From where he was sitting, Greg could see the monitors. Most of the police cars had left, but the cars with Mr. Blair and the two customers were still in the driveway. Then they noticed that all the male police officers had left. The three remaining female officers brought the men back into the house still in handcuffs. The made them sit in the same chairs where the prostitutes were giving them lap dances.

They used the same CD that the prostitutes had used to do a strip tease in front of the men. These officers all had great bodies. They took off everything except the garter belts, black stockings and the stiletto shoes.

"Now it is time to deal!" the one who was obviously the leader said. We can take you downtown and book you for a variety of charges or you can each come up with U.S. dollars in the amount of $10,000 each. Mr. Blair immediately said he would pay the full amount for all three of them. He could not afford to lose these customers.

Once the financial transactions were completed the leader said, "You just paid for 3 of the best hookers in all of Italy. They removed the handcuffs and led each of the men to a different bedroom for a night they would not forget. Greg had cameras on all three of the bedrooms. He called Mrs. Blair and had her hook into a live feed from the bedroom with her husband. He also called Amy from Attorney Barker's office to let her know about the full range of activity for the evening. Everything from all the interior and exterior cameras had been captured. Once all the men had gone to sleep, the policewomen dressed in their uniforms and left in the last three police cars. All the men were stretched out nude on the beds.

This concluded the package of information for Attorney Barker to present to Mr. Blair. The divorce should be a slam-dunk at this point.

Now it was time to turn his attention back to Mrs. Barker, who was more than ready to spend a night of lovemaking with this young hunk. The nice thing is that it is with the full blessing of her husband, since he would be incapacitated for the next few months and wanted his wife to be happy. The screwed until they were both exhausted and then fell asleep in each other's arms.

Annie and Andino had spent over 6 hours in the air during the day. Andino said Annie was the quickest learner of any pilot he had ever taught to fly. During their hour between each two-hour lesson, they reviewed all the procedures she had learned during the lesson and prepped for the next lesson. At the end of the day, they were both exhausted fell into bed together. Since Caterina was on an overnight, they had the winery house to themselves. About midnight they both woke up revived and ready for a sex marathon.

Andino had a 6:00 a.m. flight, so Annie went back to the villa and found Greg reviewing the recordings of Mr. Blair's activity. As she walked through the living room she saw a woman's clothing.

"So, who goes with the clothing, little bro?"

"Those would be my clothes," Mrs. Barker said, as she walked into the room dressed in a robe. Annie ran over and embraced her, telling her how glad she was to see her.

"Your brother has done remarkable work. My husband said he had never seen the creativity that Greg has used to document this case."

"How do the two of you like Tuscany?" Mrs. Barker asked.

Annie answered first by telling Mrs. Barker about her flying lessons. She told her how much they loved the restaurants, shopping opportunities and the beaches. She also told her she had decided to stay for a few weeks and get her pilot's license as soon as possible.

Mrs. Barker asked, "Would you like to stay in my villa until Mrs. Blair's villa is available. Mrs. Blair told me that you would be staying there during your year of study at the local university."

"That would be great!" Annie replied.

"Why don't we move your things over today, since Greg and I will be flying back tomorrow? That will also give us a chance to get to know each other. Greg, I will send the driver back to take all of your equipment to the plane."

After the women left, Greg checked out what was going on at the Blair residence. The two customers were furious that Mr. Blair had almost gotten them arrested, but agreed that the policewomen "out of uniform" made it all worthwhile. After the customers left, Mr. Blair called Mrs. Darling and raised hell with her. She tried to explain that she did not know what happened to the first three prostitutes, but promised to continue to provide him with quality escorts wherever he was. She also provided a corporate jet to take him back home from Italy with two of her best escorts at no costs to him. Greg looked up the details of the plane and was able to get to the airport and pay the pilot $2500 to rig the plane with two video cameras. Greg would have to wait till he got the recordings to see the action. His equipment was not strong enough to capture the equipment he had at 30,000 ft. The Barker's plane was scheduled to land 2 hours before the chartered jet, so he would be there to meet the pilot. He also would film Mr. Blair, as he exit's the plane.

Mrs. Blair was staying with the Barker's and would not be at home when Mr. Blair arrived. The following day he would meet her attorney and receive the shock of his life.

When Mrs. Barker and Annie arrived at the Barker's villa, Mrs. Barker showed her around the huge property. Like many other villas it was nestled in wine country with a lovely view of the water. They strolled down to their private beach and Annie just stood there imagining what it would be like to live there all the time.

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