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Photographer Ch. 13

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As this chapter of the Photographer story begins Greg is escorting Ellie Maxwell to New York to meet with the rest of Mrs. Blair's restructuring team. Ellie's husband who was the director of one of Mrs. Blair's companies is headed to prison for most of his life. Attorney Barker is expediting the divorce proceedings so that she will be free of him and his controlling ways forever. It had given her great pleasure to be the one to put the cuffs on him and read him his Miranda Rights.

It had been a long day and both Ellie and Greg drifted off to sleep. When Ellie woke up, she looked at Greg sleeping with his head against the plane's window and thought what a wonderful young man he was and how lucky some woman would be some day to be his wife. She couldn't believe that earlier today she had been an unemployed woman trying to get a divorce and now she was an accountant for a huge corporation and a deputy for the FBI with a combined income of $250,000 plus profit sharing and the best fringe benefits she had ever heard of anybody receiving.

Mrs. Blair had instructed her to relax for the weekend at the Barker's condo in New York City. Starting next week they were planning to visit companies in Europe, South America, Mexico. However, she had suggested she just take an overnight bag to New York.

When she had asked Greg why she was only taking an overnight bag, he asked, "Do you like to shop?"

"Well, of course, doesn't every woman like to shop?"

"Mrs. Blair wants her staff dressed in the best clothes money can buy. Tomorrow morning I will introduce to shopping Mrs. Blair style."

A limousine driver had driven them to the airport. She had been issued a special FBI roll-on bag. It was internally coded in some way that it automatically passed through all detection systems. When they had arrived at the airport there were over 500 passengers waiting to clear security. Greg had an identical roll-on in addition to his shoulder bag with camera equipment.

Ellie said, "This is the part I hate!" She got her purse out and started to take out her driver's license.

"You won't need that, just have your FBI badge ready." Greg led her past all the people waiting in line. They showed their ID badges to a security guard who opened a gate and nodded approval without saying a word.

As they were walking to the gate Ellie said, "I could get to like this. I didn't even have to take my shoes off."

She looked again at Greg and wondered what the weekend would hold when she felt a tap on the shoulder. She looked up into the beautiful eyes of Andino, the pilot.

"Hello Captain."

Andino said, "I just talked to Annie and she told me you are a student pilot. I am the person who gave her flight lessons in Tuscany." Ellie suddenly realized this was the flight instructor with a big cock and an open marriage.

"Yes, some day I will be flying a Lear Jet."

"Would you like to see the cockpit of this plane?"

"I sure would," she said as she got up and followed her into the cockpit.

Andino introduced her to Joanna, the co-pilot and told Joanna that Ellie was a student pilot.

Joanna said, "Why don't you sit here. I am due for a break." She left Ellie and Andino alone in the cockpit and went to the rear of the plane.

Ellie moved into the co-pilots seat and felt like a kid in a candy store. Andino went through all the instruments and controls telling her what each one does.

Ellie said, "Annie tells me you are a great flight instructor."

"She is a wonderful student. She would take lesson for 6 hours a day and learn more than the average student pilot learns in 3 weeks. What else did she tell you about me?"

"She said you have an open marriage and a great cock."

"I hope some day, I will be able to prove that to you, but they do not allow that activity when flying a commercial airline." The both laughed and each knew they were in for some great sex in the future.

As soon as Caterina saw Ellie leave her seat, she took a blanket to cover Greg. It was dark in the first class cabin except for the aisle lights. She made a final check to be sure everyone in first class was asleep and then sat down beside Greg, reached under the blanket, unzipped his pants, reached under his shorts and found what she was looking for.

As soon as she touched her cock, Greg woke up and initially thought Ellie was more aggressive than he thought. As he turned his head Caterina, said "Hi Greg." He was immediately erect.

"Where is Ellie?"

"She is in the cockpit meeting her flight instructor." As she was talking, her hand was bringing him to a quicker than normal climax. Caterina managed to catch it all in the blanket, lowered her head for the final cleanup and then said, "Thanks, I needed that."

"So did I," Greg whispered.

"I can't wait to hear all about this latest adventure," Caterina said. "Ellie is a beautiful woman. I talked with Annie earlier and she gave me a brief description of what happened. I also want you to know that starting in September, I will be flying a route that has a two-day layover in Santa Monica once a month. Greg was instantly erect again. "I was hoping that would be your response." Rolling the blanket up, she said, "I need to get back to work. We will be landing in about 20 minutes. Don't forget to put that thing away. I don't want you shocking my passengers."

Right after Caterina left, the co-pilot walked past on her way back to the cockpit. "She asked Ellie if she wanted to ride the jump seat for the landing and Ellie said she would love to. The co-pilot came out and sat down beside Greg and told him that Ellie would be in the cockpit for landing. Then she went back to her co-pilot's seat and started the pre-landing procedures.

Ellie was in absolute awe as the landing lights at JFK airport came into view. She thought, "Some day I will land Mrs. Blair's Lear Jet here." The touchdown was as smooth as she had ever experienced. As they were taxiing to the gate, Andino told Ellie he was looking forward to seeing her in Tuscany and that this would be a good time to return to her seat, so she didn't get run over with exiting passengers. She thanked him for the adventure and returned to her seat.

"I am sorry I abandoned you, but I had never had the opportunity to be in the cockpit of a commercial airplane. Andino is really great. He said if I have some free time when we are Tuscany, he would give me some flight lessons."

Andy thought that Andino would probably give her more than flight lessons, but he kept that to himself. "Did he tell you that Caterina is his wife?" She was amazed.

Greg said, "They don't fly as husband and wife. No one ever knows."

James, the chauffeur was waiting for them as they exited the airport. As they left the airport Greg asked Ellie what she would like for dinner.

Joking, she said, "Surf and Turf with a nice filet and Lazy Man's Lobster."

Greg called the penthouse chef and put in the order for two Surf and Turf dinners to be served on the balcony. It was a beautiful night and the balcony officered great views of he city.

"I was just joking, I didn't expect to get more than a hamburger as late as it is."

"There is no such thing as late in New York City."

James asked if they would need him anymore tonight. "Not tonight, but we have some shopping to do in the morning. Can you pick us up at 10:00?"

"I will be here Mr. Greg. It was nice meeting you Ms. Ellie."

Greg put in the code for the penthouse elevator and it whisked them to the penthouse. When they stepped into the living room, Ellie couldn't believe the view. Greg said, "I will put your things in the master bedroom and I will take the room next to it. You probably would like to freshen up before dinner.

As Ellie stepped into the shower she wondered what it would take to get Greg to share her bed. She put on he terry robe with nothing under it. When she got back to the living room, Greg was waiting for her in a terry cloth robe. While she was taking her shower Greg had arranged to have the hot tub prepared.

They walked out and sat down at the balcony table just as the chef appeared with their dinner. Ellie ate like she had not seen food in a week. The chef had selected he perfect wine for the dinner. After dinner, the chef brought them a flaming dessert.

"Would you enjoy sitting in a hot tub under the stars before you go to bed?

"I didn't bring a bathing suit."

"That doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you. I'm a photographer, I see women in the nude all the time."

Ellie didn't say anything right away; she just studied the way he was looking at her. It appeared she didn't have to worry about sleeping alone.

"So where is this hot tub?" Greg took her hand and led her to the roof top elevator.

Without hesitation, Ellie dropped her robe and stepped into the hot tub. She turned around and asked, "Are you going to join me?"

When Greg dropped his robe Ellie let out a gasp when she saw the size of his cock. Greg sat down across the tub from Ellie and asked, "How would you like a foot massage after a long day?" Ellie lifted her foot and for the next 30 minutes her feet received the best treatment they had ever received.

Greg got out of the tub and held a towel for Ellie. He dried her body and then held the robe for her to put it on. She returned the favor by drying his body and holding his robe for him. He took her hand and led her to the elevator and then to her bedroom. When they reached the master bedroom Greg pulled the covers back and then removed Ellie's robe. She removed his robe and they got into bed together. Neither of them were in a hurry, however, as they kissed, their body's were touching each other and before long his cock was deep within her. She remembered what Annie had said about the muscles in her leg. Wrapping her legs around Greg, she pulled him tight against her. As he rolled over after they had both cum together she pulled up the sheets and cuddled in against him. The slept until the sunrise brought light into the bedroom.

They took a shower together and then got ready to go shopping. James was waiting for them as promised at 10:00.

"So, mystery man, where are you taking me?"

"Just a couple little shops downtown that Mrs. Blair likes. Greg's phone rang and he saw it was Mrs. Blair. He put the phone on speaker.

"Good morning Ellie, did you have a good evening?"

"Probably just the best evening of my life. You certainly have good tastes in escorts. I feel like I am living in a dream world and I am afraid I might wake up."

"Trust me it is real. I feel so lucky to have you on my staff and am looking forward to getting to know you better over the next 3 weeks. I apologize that the schedule is going to be so busy, but I want to get to all my companies as soon as possible. As far as this weekend goes, do you like Opera?"

"I love Opera. The great operas of the century occupy most of my DVD collection."

"Greg, would you be willing to escort Ellie to the new show opening at the Met tonight?"

"I think I can work that into my schedule."

"Ok, I have taken enough of your time and Greg, you won't have to take your camera this time. I love you both. Have a good day and enjoy the show tonight."

"I am going to wet my pants. This show is sold out for six months. I tried to get tickets. How did Mrs. Blair get tickets?" Greg just smiled and didn't answer her question. As James pulled up in front of Lord and Taylor's and a doorman appeared at the side of he Limo, Ellie said, "This is your idea of a little shop downtown." Greg continued to smile knowing the special treatment she was about to receive.

Greg took her immediately to the elevator and pushed the button for the sixth floor. Jane was waiting for them at the elevator. "It is so good to see you again Mr. Johnson and this must be the brilliant Ms. Maxwell that Mrs. Blair has been raving about. Welcome dear, my name is Jane and this is Lucille. We will assist you today."

"It is so nice to meet both of you," Ellie responded.

Turning to Greg, Jane said, "Arlene was in yesterday to select her business wear for the Mexico and South American trip." Turning to Ellie she said, "I have also set aside some items I think you would look great in for that trip. But first, we need to find you a half dozen business suits and some eveningwear. Mr. Johnson, will you be staying to see Ms. Maxwell in her outfits."

"I would love to," Greg said as they led him to the lounge. As soon as they left a waitress appeared to take Greg food order. "Just juice and some pastries would be fine. The waitress returned with a full picture of freshly squeezed orange juice and a tray of pastries. She also brought him the Wall Street Journal and New York Post.

After coming out in the six business suits, Ellie suddenly appeared in a bikini and high heel shoes. He was drinking some orange juice and almost choked. Jane came into the room behind her and said, "Ms. Maxwell just wanted to be sure you were paying attention." Turning to Ellie she said, "I think you got his attention."

The "South of the Border" outfits were very different.

Jane said, "I understand we have an opera to attend tonight."

Ellie looked at her in surprise and just shook her head.

Ellie decided not to model the Gown for the Opera. She wanted Greg to see her in that as they were preparing to go to the opera. She also picked out some casual clothes that she did not take time to model. Jane told her that most of the clothes would be delivered to the penthouse, but the South of the Border items would be sent to Mrs. Blair timeshare in Caracas since they would be flying there directly from Europe.

When Ellie came out she said to Greg, "It seems weird to go shopping for an hour and not have any packages to carry home. I also cannot imagine what that shopping hour cost. There were no prices on any of the items. When I started to pull out my American Express card, Jane said that it was all being put on Mrs. Blair's account by her request.

"Are you ready for my special gourmet New York lunch?"

"I guess so."

As they walked down the Avenue, Greg stopped at a hotdog vendor directly across from Saks of 5th Ave. "Nothing like a cream soda and a hotdog."

Ellie said, "I will go for the hotdog, but do you think I might have a coke."

"This is your day. You can have anything you want." Ellie grabbed him and laid a kiss on him while the vendor was fixing their hotdogs." When they finished their lunch Greg called Annie and told her that they were ready for the second stop and wanted her to give Ellie the appropriate advice. Ellie looked at Greg with a puzzled look on her face, because she thought she was finished shopping.

"Hi Ellie, how was your trip to Lord and Taylor's?"

"Like a whirlwind. I am used to shopping for bargains at closeout sales."

"Look across the street and tell me what you see."

"Saks of 5th Ave. why do you ask?"

"Because that is your second stop."

"What else could I possibly need?"

"Mrs. Blair prefers their selection of European clothing. You will meet Antonio who will ask you to take off all your clothes. Don't worry about him. He is gay. He wants to assure you have the correct underwear for every outfit and the correct amount of hair removed for very skimpy bikinis."

As they entered the store, Antonio was waiting for them at the front door. "Oh Mr. Greg, you have brought me another Goddess. I will make her even more beautiful. You run along and we will find just the clothes for your lady." Taking her hand Antonio said, "Come darling to my magic room." Ellie was glad that Annie had warned her. He spent the most time selecting the right bras for each outfit. They picked out several outfits for Europe that would be sent directly to Mrs. Blair's Villa in Tuscany.

When Ellie came out she was wearing platform shoes, tight slacks and a blouse with a scarf around her neck. She had a bag containing the clothes she wore in.

"Wow, you look wonderful."

"I hope this is the last stop. My breast couldn't stand anymore bra fittings. Are we sure he is gay?"

"Annie and Arlene wondered the same thing. Either way, he does a hell of a job. You will be the hit of Tuscany. I wish I was going to be there to see the bikini he chose for you."

"When do you have to leave to go back home?" I will be flying home on Monday, and will leave on Wednesday to begin college in Malibu. Until Monday, I plan to enjoy our time together."

"Where were you when I married that jerk 15 years ago?" Greg just put his arm around her and hugged her. He didn't think it would be appropriate to say he was in pre-school.

"I cannot imagine why anyone would give you up." Just as she tucked her arm in his, James showed up to take them back to the penthouse.

When they got back to the penthouse, Ellie excused herself and took the bag into the bedroom. Greg was checking his email when she came out of the bedroom in bare feet wearing a terrycloth robe. She told him to close his eyes. She dropped the robe and told him to open his eyes.

She was wearing a white string bikini. It left very little to the imagination.

"That really is going to drive the men in Europe wild. Of course over there, you will just wear the bottom. None of the women wear bikini tops in Europe. And on some beaches the don't even wear bottoms."

"I am not sure I will be brave enough to wear it in public."

"Just remember not to get it wet."


"Come with me." The walked into the kitchen and he dripped a drop of water on he nipple. The bathing suit became as clear as cellophane. The nipple was in plain view."

"I am glad you warned me. That could have been most embarrassing."

"Just ask Annie. Antonio sold Annie a white bathing suit and she dove in the pool in front of her friends. When she came up, it was as if she had nothing on. I still think she knew and just pretended to be embarrassed.

Greg dripped a little water on the other breast and that nipple came into full view.

"Are you sure you didn't tell Antonio to sell me this bathing suit?"

"I plead the fifth." Just as he said that his phone rang. He saw it was Annie, so he put the phone on speaker and motioned for Ellie to say hello.

"Hi Annie, your brother is becoming quite a jokester."

"You must be wearing a white bikini."

"I think we should buy him a white Speedo, "Ellie said."

"So how did you like Antonio?"

"Are you sure that man is gay?" They heard Annie laugh.

"Let me guess. Did he play with your nipples a lot to be sure each bra had the right nipple effect and rub your vulva to see just how smaller bikini you could get away with?"

"Yes, to all the above. I was expecting to feel penetration at any moment, but I guess I will have to depend on your brother for that."

Greg said, "Goodbye sis, I have something to take care of.

"I love you both," Annie said. "Have fun and don't do anything I wouldn't do."

After hanging up the phone, Greg said, "I think you have too many clothes on."

Reaching behind her back, Ellie pulled the string for her top and the strings holding the bottom. She watched Greg's eyes. "Is this better?"

"Much better," Greg said as he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

As he placed her on the bed, she said, "Now you are the one with too many clothes on." That was quickly remedied. Annie slid out of bed. Kneeling in front of him, she began to study his cock. "I never knew they came this big. At least on white men."

"Is that spoken from experience?"

"I had a black roommate who had a very attractive brother," she said as she engulfed his cock into her mouth.

Ellie's husband had never liked oral sex, so as she was enjoying this moment she remembered the weekend she had gone home with a classmate from Alabama while she was in college. Natasha, was dating a white boy on campus, but told Ellie that his cock was just too small. She told Ellie that all the boys back home were really hung. She also told Ellie that her brother wanted to get it on with a white girl. Ellie agreed to go home with Natasha for the Winter break.

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