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Photographic Memory


The late morning sun was beginning to intensify in its heat as he watched his wife glide through the blue waters of the pool. Lying by the poolside the heat was more than just therapeutic. It had also acted as an enhancement to their sex drives. This was day number ten in their two week holiday in which they had enjoyed each other tremendously. Except for two occasions of early morning excursions to local markets they had spent most of their time poolside in the mornings followed by walks and visits on the beach and nearby shopping markets.

It had been his idea to book a winter holiday in the Canary Islands with which she had eagerly agreed to. It had been quite some time since they had taken an excursion during the winter months. When reviewing the accommodation possibilities, he had suggested making reservations at a nudist resort. Although neither of them was prudish, except for the occasional sauna, they had not been subjected much in the way of public nudity situations before.

They had agreed upon a small resort that offered comfortable apartments and very private gardens and pool area. It was within walking distance of the beach and various shops and markets. While on the plane enroute to Gran Canaria, he had said, "Well Ann, here we are! Too late to say no and turn back now! Let's just enjoy the weather and water and pretend that we have been nudists for years. Are you excited?"

Her reply had been mixed with excitement and apprehension. "Yes! It will be good to get a way from our busy lives for a while. I'm not so sure about this nudist thing though. I'm thirty eight years old and I'm sure it's noticeable."

"Ann," he had replied, "you look great! No one would know or even think you are 38 by looking at you. You've kept yourself in very good shape."

She had too. In fact both of them, and he being 40, were very active in outdoor activities. They certainly didn't have the hard bodies of the workout experts, but they were not flabby or misfit either. For their age they looked trim, healthy and physically fit.

An employee of the resort who had been holding a signboard on which was printed ‘Mr. Carter' and the name of the resort had met them at the airport. "Hello sir, my name is Mark and I will take you to the resort," he had said with a pleasant gesture and smile.

We introduced ourselves as Ann and David while we waited for the luggage at the carousal. Mark had continued to give us our first briefing in regards to the small resort where we were to spend the next tow weeks. "One thing to remember please, that within the complex grounds it is not a clothes optional environment, it is a nudist environment. Many visitors sometimes are not aware of that and it does create difficulties for the management. Part of my job is to ensure that all new arrivals such as yourselves are briefed a bit as we travel the 30 minutes or so from the airport to the resort."

And indeed he had done that. In fact, he had been very instrumental in allaying some of the fears that Ann had earlier expressed. Questions in regards to etiquette within the resort area were all answered and towards the end of the journey both of us had assumed a more comfortable feeling as to what lay ahead in the ‘unknown' so to speak. In addition, he had extolled upon the many points of interest and activities in and about the local area and that he certainly could assist in setting up tours etc for us if we so desired. We judged Mark to be around 28 or so in age and later discovered that he had worked several years in the cruise ship business. He was fluent in English, Spanish, French and German. "One needs to know these languages here," he had said, "most of our visitors come from Europe. I've been here two and half years now and I certainly have enjoyed it!"

He felt the heat of the sun beginning to arouse and stimulate him and he adjusted his position in the lounge so as not to have it noticeable. It was not a large resort and at any given time there were only forty to fifty guests. A middle-aged couple strolled past and nodded at him. The woman was too skinny he thought to himself, the man obviously was a bit too flabby around the middle, but both were comfortable in their nakedness.

The first morning after their arrival they had made a pact with each other to remain in the nudist category even when at the beach. Today there were perhaps fifteen or so individuals around the pool perimeter. Ages ranged from teenagers to people in their sixties. Nudity was not a concern to anyone. Now, even Ann was completely uninhibited being nude. It took two or three days for both of them to get over the initial experience. At the resort it had been relatively easy to get adjusted that way. The beach had been something else though. You saw every sight imaginable there! Many people were ‘textiled', this being the local term for wearing clothes. However, just as many or more were totally nude – young and old. It had given each of them a feeling of excitement to strip naked on the crowded beach. Before doing so they had surveyed the scene and had decided to proceed to a spot where the majority of people were nude. There they had stripped, packed their brief articles of clothes in the backpack and waded in the water. The beach was long and invited one to stroll leisurely along its edge. After an hour or so, they had become quite accustomed to mingling with textiled and nude crowds. Although people obviously noticed each other, no one had taken any particular interest in them or any other person for that matter.

There had been no doubt though, the parading around nude in the sea breeze and lying nude on the beach with so many naked persons had certainly raised the level of sexual desire in each of them. It had become a bit of a dare between the both of them as to where to parade their bodies without being obvious in doing so. They would lie on the beach and make a contest as to what the other should do or what hey would do together. Walking naked from towel to the water and back between individuals who were clothed was one of Ann's common dares to David.

The day before, Ann had sent David into an immediate state of arousal by complying with his dare. One he thought she would refuse but didn't. The beach had been quite crowded and directly in front of them, not more than six feet away a textiled couple had parked themselves. The woman was thirty or so and a bit plump. The man perhaps, a bit older and squeamish looking. He kept glancing back at us where we were sitting, leaning back on our hands and watching the activities. The man's eyes were constantly roving and retreating from Ann's breasts. "Ann, uncross your legs," he had dared, "give the guy a real eyeful!" She had looked at him and smiled a cute little smile. "Got you, haven't I," he had teased her. "Finally a dare that you won't do!"

Without a hesitation, she had uncrossed her legs allowing herself to be exposed, and then with a cute little smile once more, she lay down on her back, spread her legs slightly and raised her knees, which had allowed the little fellow in front of her a complete unrestricted view of her cunt. The guy couldn't resist staring and when he finally caught my eye he immediately turned away in embarrassment. Ann just lay there and chuckled. I had grown almost rock hard and had to turn to my stomach to avoid being detected.

She had seen my stare and had posted her own dare. "David," she had said in a teasing voice, still lying on her back, "I dare you to turn over and lay on your back!" I didn't – she won. I lost.

Smiling as he remembered that particular scene, he watched as his wife climbed the steps out of the water at the far end of the pool. Her now tanned body naked glistened in the sunlight as the water dripped from her. She casually walked among the poolside patrons and made her way to the lounge next to him. "You are one beautiful woman my lady", he complimented her as she sat down.

"Thank you. You're quite a hunk yourself. Does that need some massaging?" she asked, pointing to my semi aroused cock.

"Not right here dear. Against resort rules you know! Would you like me to rub you with some sun lotion?"

"Sure, that'll feel good," she said lying on her back.

He took the lotion bottle and began painting a thin strip from her left shoulder to the hip, across her lower stomach to the other hip and up to her right shoulder. Then gently he started at the left shoulder and in circular motion slowly rubbed the lotion to cover all parts of her upper torso, taking care not to massage her breasts. Shortly her nipples started to become erect and he then pinched them gently for a moment. Wet and cooled with lotion he blew on each one until they were fully erect.

"Careful Sweetheart that could be against resort rules and for sure it might lead to something else!"

He just grinned at her in response. "Let's hope it does!"

Again, taking the bottle he placed a thin stream of lotion from one ankle up to the hip and down the other side to the other ankle taking care to be just above the nicely trimmed patch of pubic hair. Repeating the circular motion of application he began rubbing the lotion over the rest her body. Reaching the upper part of her left thigh he purposely began to stroke as tough it were in foreplay to sex. His middle finger with quick move darted to the area of her clit and pressed. She reacted instinctively by slightly parting her legs and pushing up. As he reaching her belly with the movement of his hand he allowed his little finger to curl in and momentarily press her clit once more. She pushed back with eagerness and said, "remember the rules Dear!"

He managed to touch her clit area a few more times before finishing the application. By this time he had become quite erect and to avoid being too obvious he turned away from her and to lie on his stomach. She was also in a state of arousal as was evidenced by her nipples and slightly parted legs.

"You need something Dear?' she questioned him. "Perhaps, we should go back to the room!"

"Later Honey. Let's have another relaxing day at the pool and a walk along the beach this afternoon."

On the other side across the pool Mark was busy taking requests for drinks and lunches from patrons. The resort's small restaurant provided all of the guests with extremely fine fare. A great variety of fruits and snacks were made available throughout the day. The breakfasts were always served between six and nine in the morning. Dinner, which was included in the price of the stay, was always excellent. A guest never needed to venture, except by choice, into the myriad of tourist facilities along the main shopping districts and beaches. It was one of the benefits of staying at a more reclusive venue.

The resort workers were required to be clothed only while handling food. The room housekeeping workers, who generally were only seen in the apartment complex, were usually attired in smart uniforms. They were never seen in the courtyards, pool or garden areas. The help in these areas generally was limited to one or two individuals at any one time. Mark and one young lady named Judy were the hosts that attended to the guest's needs. They were required to wear a small towel wrap around their wastes while serving customers. For the most part both of them strolled in the nude while doing other duties. Judy it seemed was always topless, choosing to exhibit with relish, her well sized but firm breasts

As Mark made his way towards them, David asked Ann if she wanted anything to drink or to eat. "A mineral water and a plate of fresh fruit would be nice," she replied.

"Would you like a beer also?"

"Sure," she said and closed her legs a bit as not to be too suggestive in her position lying on her back.

"Hi Ann, David," said Mark as he walked up to the end of their lounges and stood pen in hand to take their requests. "Can I get you something from the bar or the restaurant? The chef's produced a great assortment of sandwiches today. They come in a variety with each plate."

"Hello Mark," David said, "give us a run down on your fruit plates and sandwich combinations"

As Mark proceeded to explain the different combinations that were available, David noticed that the breeze was parting his towel wrap frequently. The parting was just enough to reveal his cock from time to time. He also noticed that Ann, in her prone position, was offered a much better view of his flashing as Mark was turned slightly from her while talking to David. She was gazing intently.

"OK, two beers along with the sandwich and fruit plates and a bottle of mineral water," stated Mark as he turned to leave, "we'll have that to you in 20minutes or so."

"He is a pleasant man isn't he?" Ann said.

"Yes. Very likeable. I noticed you were having a good look my dear. Were you getting ideas?"

"I have had ideas since you rubbed the lotion on me. What I was thinking really, was that it is amazing how we sit or lay here completely nude without any thought about how many strangers come and go by, but put one simple little towel on and provide peeks and it becomes erotic in nature!"

She was right. It had been stimulating in a sense and most likely more so for her.

"Honey, do you want me to suck your cock?"

He looked at her. She had a huge smile.

"I dare you," he challenged. He could feel the excitement starting to rise.

"Against resort rules out here," she laughed.

They both adjusted their lounges to more of a sitting position and waited for their lunch to be delivered. The noonday sun radiated its heat and warmed their bodies. A constant breeze tempered the heat as it blew across their naked bodies. Palm trees rustled and swayed gently and the sounds of water rippling in the pool made for an idyllic atmosphere.

"Now I believe that is against the rules," David said, looking across their end of the pool and up on the third floor balcony.

"What's that Honey?"

"On the third level there's a fellow taking a video of the pool and area."

"A photo album memory of his holiday," Ann said with a chuckle.

"Pretend you haven't noticed him, " David said, "let's give him a good shot!"

"What do you mean?"

"Do what I do," David said as he leaned back then set his feet on the patio stones, one leg on each side of the lounge allowing his cock to be completely exposed and prominent.

The man with the camera appeared to have observed the move as he shifted positions and pointed the camera in their direction.

"I don't know about being quite that obvious Dear. What if we meet him later?"

"So what. We're all naked anyway. Come on I dare you!" he added with a smile. "Don't look his way. Just spread your legs like me."

Ann looked at David and said, "so you dare me do you? Just like the guy at the beach the other day. Thought I couldn't do it did you? With that she slowly leaned back, put one foot on the ground followed by the other. Then she stretched her legs as far apart as possible and pushed her pelvis up at the same time. The lips of her cunt parted slightly showing the pink inner lips.

"Don't be obvious in looking Sweetheart, but I believe you may be captured on a zoom. That looks mighty good to me!" David had started to grow hard again.

"And that looks mighty good to me!" said Ann, acknowledging his changing condition. "Are you sure you don't want to go to the room?"

"Later Sweetie. Better change positions, here comes Mark with our order."

While they were eating their lunch and sipping their beer David said, the guy with the video camera reminded me of what was at one time a fantasy of mine.

"What's that?"

"You know. We discussed quite some years ago. In fact we even did it ourselves.

"You mean videoing our love making? Those were comical. You were always jumping up to get different shots. It was on again and off again. Not much in the way of love making as we ended up laughing too much. The results were sometimes hilarious, as I recall.

"That wasn't really my fantasy. My fantasy was to make love to you and have someone else do the videoing so that we could just concentrate on what we were doing."

"Do you mean you want that man to video us? No way baby, I won't go for that. Besides, I know you when it comes to these things. You're all talk."

David looked at her and grinned, "yeah maybe you're right, then again maybe you're not so right. Rather than that guy up there, maybe I'll ask Mark to video us!"

"Don't be ridiculous, he wouldn't entertain the idea."

"Maybe I should ask him and find out. Do you dare me?"

Ann thought for a second before replying, "yes, I dare you. I know you. You're all talk when it comes to these things so I feel pretty sure that I'll win this one!"

"We'll see. Finish your beer then let's head out for a walk on the beach."

They sat in silence for a while. The video man having left his position, their attention was now drawn to the activity at poolside.

"There's Mark now," David said, "wait here while I go over and ask him to video us."

"Don't be a silly donkey!"

"You dared me, so here goes!" David rose from the lounge and walked to the other end of the pool to meet Mark. Ann watched him as he walked away from her. For his age he was still in extremely good shape. She watched as several of the women turned to watch her husband. "He's mine ladies," she said quietly to herself. "Look, but don't touch." Although they had had sex a good deal the past ten days, she was extremely aroused at the moment and was thinking it would be a good idea to have him take her once more before heading to the beach. She moved her hand to her mound and gently rubbed, sliding her finger down she found her clit and moved her finger in a circular motion causing her to become wet and highly aroused.

She continued watching as David conferred with Mark. He pointed to various objects around the garden and pool and Mark appeared to be nodding in agreement. Finally David turned around and returned to her.

"All arranged Honey. He says he does this frequently for guests. Not as uncommon as one would imagine I suppose."

‘You're full of baloney aren't you? You talked about the garden and the pool. I saw you pointing to this and that over there!"

"Just you wait and see my dear! Just you wait and see! Now let's go for our walk on the beach."

"OK. Let's go to the room, but before we go anywhere, I want you!"

"You insatiable creature you. We made love last night. Can't you wait? We need to be ready to make a movie tonight," he laughed as he picked up his towel and belongings and started for the apartment. Ann followed behind quickly.

Inside their room, Ann pulled him against her to kiss him on the mouth, her hand reached to stroke his cock, creating an instant response.

After the passionate kiss, David said, "cool it some sweetie, let's save it for later in the day. I do have a suggestion though. Do you want to carry on with some extra daring with each other today? Let's call it a form of extended foreplay and see how steamed we can get. I said extra daring" he emphasized. "What do you say?"

"I'd rather have you in me right now," Ann said, still stroking his hard cock, " but alright, let's enjoy the afternoon outside first. With extra daring!" she shot back at him.

"Right, first thing I want you to do is wear only your new beach cover – nothing else!" Ann, the previous day had bought a new dress or cotton shift with a floral design that was suitable for wearing at the beach. It was light and airy and came to mid thigh and had an arrangement of straps that tied behind the neck to hold it up. The back was bare to mid length.

"If that's what you want me to wear, then I want you to wear your loose fitting shorts and no underwear! Put on a shirt with buttons, no T-shirt!"

They each filled their small backpacks with the essentials for the beach, and holding their beach mats under their arms, set out on the six blocks to the beachfront.

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