Photographic Memory


The boutique was empty of customers, and like all of the small stores it was crammed full of merchandise to the point of making it difficult to even walk between the racks of dresses and other articles of women's clothing. David disliked these kinds of boutiques, but the women it seemed, and Ann was no exception, thrived on sorting through all of the various over stuffed racks. He resigned himself to the next half-hour or so. He glanced at his watch. It was now four fifteen. They needed to hurry if his plan was going to unfold.

As they entered, the middle-aged woman who attended the shop was busy reading what looked like some sort of entertainment magazine. She greeted them and asked if she could help. It was an automatically programmed greeting, as she made no effort to lift herself from her stool behind the cash counter or to put down her magazine.

""We're just looking for now," Ann said pleasantly, "I'll call for help if I need it. Is that the fitting room there?" she queried the woman, pointing to the far end of the little shop where a curtained cubicle was located.

"Yes," the cashier answered, "if you need to try something on go ahead." She turned back to her magazine and continued to read.

"Thank you. I will." Replied Ann, as she made her way to the back of the store. Standing behind a dress rack Ann surveyed the store. The curtained cubicle was immediately behind her. The cashier was six or seven meters away with several racks of clothes between them. The storefront window was immediately to her left with another rack of dresses, which partially obstructed the view to street. She thought to herself, "this is bad what I'm going to do, but he wanted to play the extra dare game today. I'm going to win another one if I can!"

Pretending to be interested in looking through the clothes on the rack she called, "David come here for a moment please." David made his way to her side. "I don't really want to buy anything here," she stated.

Somewhat surprised, David replied, "well let's head back then."

"I don't want to buy anything," Ann emphasized the word ‘buy', but I do want something!"

"What's that?"

"It's my turn for a dare! Right? Well then, I want you take your shorts down right now! I want your cock!" He looked at her in disbelief. He was genuinely surprised at her directness.

Ann regarded him with contained mirth. She didn't really expect him to comply and she would rub it in good when he refused to. In fact she would be relentless in her attack at his refusal, knowing that it would make for a great love making session later in the day.

David made a quick survey of the situation in the store. Still no customers. The cashier was engrossed in her story. Pedestrians on the street, if stopping to look inside, if they concentrated on their particular location, would likely meet with quite a shock.

Regaining his thoughts, he looked at her, still not knowing if she was serious or not. "One way to find out, I suppose," he said to himself, I couldn't let her win another round. After one more cautious look about, he unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts and let them fall to his ankles. "It's all yours," he whispered to her.

Ann's belly was turning in a knot from pent up excitement. It felt as though it was tight then loose and tight again. The sensation made her shiver. She had half contemplated taking her dare to a full engaging of the sex act, but she knew that that would be taking things too far. Seeing David's cock, now semi hard, fully exposed in front of her here in a public place had caused an immediate desire in her. She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth stroking his shaft with her hands and rolling her tongue over the head. David hardened instantly. Ann was good at oral sex and enjoyed it immensely. Today she was especially excited by the act and she licked, sucked and deep throated him with excellent skill driving both her and David into reckless abandon.

Ann was not aware of when David had untied her straps, but when he asked her to stand up after several minutes on her knees, her shift fell to the floor and she stood naked. The cashier, if not engrossed in her magazine, would have seen Ann's taut breasts and shoulders exposed for the world to see.

Ann bent to retrieve her shift, but David held her from doing so. "Hold the edge of the rack Sweetheart." She understood what he was about to do and she shivered in a mixture of excitement and apprehension. This was a bit too daring! David stepped behind her as she leaned slightly over holding the dress rack. With one hand David began massaging and kneading her breasts, with the other he guided his cock to the entrance of Ann's wet cunt and rubbed it up and down the opening of her lips. She involuntarily moaned quietly and as David pushed himself deep into her steaming body, she thought her legs might give way due to the sensation. Instinctively she pushed back, moving her hips and wanting him still deeper inside of her.

David gave her several long deep strokes pulling her hips tight against his thrusts, followed by several rapid strokes. Then he pulled out of her and quickly gathered his shorts up.

Ann said, "don't be mean. I need more!"

"Sweetheart, I know you need more, but that's enough for now. If we don't stop, the old girl over there will probably call the police." Ann stooped to pull her shift back onto her body. It was four twenty five. Only ten minutes had passed since they had entered the store.

They thanked the cashier as they left. She appeared to be as interested in them now as she was when they entered. "The owner of this place wouldn't have been very happy with his hired help today," David commented as they turned up beach Drive.

As they came towards the coffee bar once more, David glanced at his watch. Time was passing quickly and he wanted to get back to their apartment. "Let's have a small iced cap to go. What do you think? We can sip it while we walk."

"That's OK with me," Ann said as they entered the coffee bar.

"My turn Baby Doll," I want you sit and wait for me on that stool over there." He pointed to a vacant stool near the paying counter. A young couple sat at one end of the high table and there were two extra stools.

"OK," she answered and turned to go.

"Just a minute!" he said, "I told you it was my turn. I want you to climb up on the stool and face me over at the counter. When I nod at you, rest your feet on either side of the stool. When I nod again you spread your legs. If you don't give me a good enough view I'll keep nodding. By the way. I am daring you! We'll see how far you get with this one sweetie."

"We're not on the beach David. I don't want to be obscene. There is a limit you know."

"You say what? After what you pulled on me at the dress shop! Come on. Don't back out of the game now!" David walked to the counter as Ann positioned herself on the designated stool and turned to face the counter.

"He might get me on this one," she thought to herself. She was still extremely aroused and remembering the feel of his cock inside her just a few minutes earlier. The thought was lowering her resistance. Although there were no customers at the counter, there were several tables beyond where four or five individuals were sitting. If they looked her way, she would offer a full frontal. No problem at the beach, but in here it was a bit daring. Well that was their game wasn't it? She looked at David who had not yet ordered and was now looking her way. He nodded. She moved her one leg slowly to the side of the stool and rested her foot on the rung. Her dress, mid thigh length when standing, had shifted higher in the sitting position. She knew that just moving her one leg had already exposed her. Again she felt what was becoming a regular occurrence today, that familiar knot of excitement in her stomach that made her feel almost too weak to move. "What the heck," she said to herself, "on the beach everyone looks at everyone else. A little flash here shouldn't hurt their feelings. She slowly moved her other leg to rest her foot on the stool rung. She adjusted her position to make it look natural by leaning back and resting her elbows on the tabletop. She was now fully exposed to David and at least the counter attendant that was serving him. If David were to move some, the far tables would also have a completely unobstructed view of her. Ann was again beginning to have the uncontrollable urge to have David's cock in her. "We need to hurry back to the apartment," she was thinking.

David looked her way once the attendant left to prepare the drinks. "She's beautiful," he caught himself just before he sated his thought out loud. "And daring. I wonder how far she will go. I'd better not push her beyond a decent limit." He nodded, and Ann parted her legs just a tiny bit. "Is she playing coy, or is she resisting?" he asked himself.

"OK, my love," she said to herself, "if you so desire, I will strip naked, but I will not lose! You stop nodding when it's far enough.

David nodded once more and she responded. Again a nod and again her response was the same. Her still swollen lips were slightly parted. She could sense how wet she was.

David walked to the end of the counter closest to her, where the young attendant, his back to both of them, was just putting the lids on the drinks. Ann offered an unobstructed view of herself to the persons across the room. She was completely turned on once more. " I enjoy this," she said to herself. Perhaps, if she had not been so stimulated from all of the day's activities, she might not be so bold. They had played at this activity on many occasions, but never had they been as bold as they had today. A warm sensation flooded through her as she remembered laying in the sun on the beach and pushing down on David's fingers in her. She had wanted to bring herself to orgasm and was close when he had stopped caressing her. She could still feel the thrust of David's cock in her just minutes ago. "I've got it bad. I need him soon," she was thinking as he walked towards her carrying the drinks.

Behind David, she noticed that the young attendant had gotten a good look at her as he was struggling to position himself for another look past David' frame.

"Nice view Sweetheart," David said, "You can close up now if you like or I'll have to start charging the patrons!"

"You want this lover?" she asked quietly, keeping her legs spread. "It's yours for the taking!"

"Let's go then. We can't accomplish much here except giving folks a good look at what you have to offer." She swung down from the stool and they walked to the exit. Outside she said to him, "David, why did you want me to expose myself to the others in there? It's different at the beach where everyone is nude anyway. But inside the coffee shop is different."

"It's part of the game dear. You do remember that we were to be extra daring today. Besides, when I was standing at the counter I was watching the people at the tables on the other side of the room. There were five people there and all five were observing you. Even the two women. None of them were objecting. In fact," he continued, " you probably made their day. I'm sure that the sight of you will stay with them all for some time. And one more thing," he added as they turned the corner to walk the residential area back to the resort, "it made me horny knowing that those three guys and maybe the young sales guy too, were probably imagining the feeling of being inside you. Even the women seemed to be enjoying what you were doing! And another thin," he was on a roll now, " I'll bet you enjoyed it as well! You're probably wet and ready to make love right here if I was to suggest it."

She was silent pondering what he had said. She was not a prude by any stretch of the imagination. They had done lots of different items of daring playing their little games, but she was marveling at her boldness today. From late morning when she had spread her legs for the man with the video camera until now she had been in a perpetual state of readiness for lovemaking. It felt good. Very, very good.

"I need to tell you something David."

"What's that Sweetheart?"

"I've been ready for sex all day since we left the pool at lunch time."

"You don't have to tell me that! I certainly can see that!"

"It's not only that Honey. I've enjoyed doing what we did. I enjoyed watching you parade yourself in front of others. I enjoyed challenging you with certain situations. But what I find surprising right now and maybe it's got something to do with being on holidays or whatever, but I enjoyed exposing myself just now. In fact, I would have done anything more that you would have asked me to. I don't think I would just do it at any time, but on days like today I feel quite free and sexy.

"Ann you are a sexy lady! You've got a body that any woman 15 years younger would long for. Everywhere you go you radiate a sexuality. Men are always looking at you. They're not just saying "oh what an attractive lady". No their saying "man look at her – pure sex she is. Wouldn't it be great to have her!" Women for that matter too! I'm one fortunate guy to have you. Believe me!"

"Thanks David. You're my best fan for sure! I'm going to give you a wild ride in just a few moments.

"What would you say if I dared you to do it right now behind that tree up there? He pointed at a large tree just to their left.

"I'd say if you insist I will, but our room is only half a block away. The bed is more comfy I'm sure." She stopped to wait for his answer.

The twilight of the day was darkening quickly. The daylight would end by five thirty. David glanced at his watch. It was four fifty. "The bed sounds good to me."

"Come with me," Ann said, walking behind the tree. David followed. "Take your shirt off," she commanded. He unbuttoned it and let it open. "I said take it off," she repeated her command. She was going to make him squirm a little before they arrived at the resort. David removed his shirt.

"Careful Sweetheart, we're quite exposed here and you never know who might come along."

Ann reached to the zipper on his shorts and undid it. With one hand she began rubbing David's chest and nipples. With the other she extracted his cock and began to stroke it. Slowly at first and more rapidly as it grew in size.

"Give me five minutes by and I'll make you come," she murmured as she kissed his chest. She reached behind her neck and released the bow in her ties. Her dress dropped to her ankles. She kissed David hard on the mouth and pushed her breasts and pelvis hard against his body. "Hmmm! Your cock feels good baby. Do you want to fuck me?" she murmured.

"You bet I do, but not here and not just yet," he was resisting.

"I'm not finished with you yet!" Ann dropped to hr knees and took David's swollen cock into her mouth and sucked it deep into her mouth, slowly rolling her tongue on the head. David let out an involuntary moan. Ann thought to herself, "I'm crazy! What am I doing? I'm so hot and careless right now, but I love every minute of this. She unbuttoned David's shorts and let them fall to the ground. Ann stood up and stepped back from him. "OK dear let's get back to the room," she said, pulling her dress up and tying it about her waist leaving her top uncovered. Her breasts were taut from the cooler late afternoon breeze and her nipples were swollen and protruded in her state of arousal.

David stooped to retrieve his shorts.

"Un uh," Ann commanded, "you tie your shirt around your waist. That's all you get! If you want, I'll make that a dare!" She smiled provocatively at him. David was extremely aroused at this point, but a bit conscious of their open surroundings.

It's not yet dark Sweetheart and we have a half block left to go. Are you sure?"

In reply to his question, Ann swung her backpack over a shoulder, picked up her beach mat and said, "follow me!" David finished wrapping his shirt around his waist, grabbed his shorts, mat and pack and fell into step behind her."

"You sure are dealing a few surprises Sweetheart. What's got into you?"

"You were the only thing in me today," she said coyly. "I told you, that what we've done today publicly has stoked my fires almost out of control!" Ann knew that they were being risky as far as being considered indecent by respectful standards, but she was exploring her newfound passion. She knew that she had to be careful to put some limits in place or they may face consequences later. But what the heck! There was total nudity at the beach and most likely illicit sex too. We're staying at a nudist resort. All we're doing is showing a bit of skin at the moment. The neighbors, if any were watching them walk the remaining meters to the entrance gate to the resort, would surely not be shocked.

They passed through the resort's entrance gate and started up the drive towards the reception area. A sidewalk on one side and a cycle path on the other bordered the drive. A variety of trees, shrubs and large colorful clay pots hosting flowering plants added to the semi-tropical nature of the entrance facilities.

Ann was wondering what more she could do shock David - and herself for that matter. She freely admitted that she was being quite reckless at the moment. Still, she was enjoying he experience. She halted just short of the lobby entrance and turned. "Here David, do you mind carrying this for me?" she asked, passing him her beach mat to take.

"Sure," David slipped it under his arm along with his own.

Ann removed her shift from around her waist and stiffed it into a side pocket of her pack. "This is a nudist resort isn't it?" she flung the comment at him with a glint in her eye.

"It is indeed my dear. And you are the most beautiful of all the guests," he pronounced with genuine appreciation as he gazed at his lovely wife. "You are a gorgeous doll, just made for pleasure! But we are getting a slight bit frisky are we not?" making reference to her current nakedness.

The reception desk was normally manned by one of the couple that owned the resort. They were a middle aged attractive couple that obviously had been in the nudist culture for many years. Tonight the husband was at the desk checking in a couple that appeared to be a bit nervous with the proceedings. Undoubtedly Mark would have given them his usual indoctrination while enroute from the airport, but like themselves eight days previously, the check in and the sheet of rules and ‘the proper conduct' being explained to them in graphic detail, was causing them some anxious moments.

As Ann strolled through the lobby, David a step behind her, the newcomers gawked visibly. Ann left the lobby and walked the open air corridor, which led to the pool and garden area passing first the small restaurant, restroom facilities and the exercising and weight room. Reaching the pool they found it empty of guests. Judy could be seen at the far end straightening the last of the poolside lounges and gathering empty glasses.

"You don't need that anymore," Ann said removing David's shirt from around his waist. She took hold of his cock and gave it a few tender caresses. He began to harden again. "Honey," she teased, "it's against the rules to be sexually promiscuous inside the resort. Don't you remember?" she said as she walked towards their apartment.

"Hi Mrs. Carter," Judy offered a cheery hello as they approached. "Hi Mr. Carter. Did you have a good day outside?" That was the term they had become acquainted with as referring to when one was ‘outside' the walls of the resort's privacy.

"We had a great day Judy!' exclaimed Ann. "Didn't we David?"

"Fantastic!" echoed David enthusiastically. "By the way Judy," he offered while enjoying the sight of Judy's charms, "we've told you before ‘Ann' and ‘David' and fine with us. No need to be so formal."

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