Photographic Memory


"OK. Just a habit with me I suppose. I've been in this business for ten years or so and we're always taught to be polite." Judy had observed David's semi hard cock and it was noticeable that she had taken a longer second look. She did not appear to be bashful at all.

Entering their apartment, David checked the time. It was now ten after five. He needed to finish his preparations. "Hey before we pop into bed, lets freshen up a bit. A quick shower is in order. I'll take the first one."

"OK, but don't make it too cold."

"I'll be quick. You get out the vibrator and lubricant." I'll work you over good tonight."

"Hmmm sounds good to me," she purred. Over the years they had experimented with a lot of the sex toys on the market vibrators being the most effective for them. Ann enjoyed being stimulated with them. When their lovemaking included them she would orgasm almost each time. Without them, although their sex was always enjoyable, it was sometimes not so easy for her to come. This afternoon though she knew she didn't need a vibrator, she had been on the verge of orgasm for hours it seemed. It had started when David fingered her cunt on the beach. She smiled as she reviewed in her mind the days activities, remembering trying to make herself come without him knowing so that he wouldn't stop caressing her. She couldn't prevent herself from her hip movements that had alerted him to her level of excitement. It was then he had stopped. If they had spent another five minutes in the dress shop, engaged as they had been, she was sure she would have come there as well. The rest of the afternoon with the flashing and walking nude on the street had brought her to her present heated condition.

She turned the vibrator on and began an up and down movement on her clit. It was swollen and sensitive. She shivered at the pleasurable vibrations and lay back on the bed. The shower had stopped. David would be here any moment. He liked to watch her masturbate. She'd do it for him.

When David opened the bathroom door he saw Ann on her back with her vibrator rhythmically moving between her legs. He stood above her and met her eyes with his. She then spread wide for his view and slowly pushed the vibrator until it's full length was inside her.

"Pretty darn hot aren't you?" he stated. Her eyes had gone a smoky color. Have a quick shower, but don't make it too cool." He took the vibrator from her and gave her a few deep thrusts that made her moan slightly and push up for more.

"Don't stop, " she pleaded with him.

"Make it a quick one," he said, "and hurry back!" He still had some preparations to do.

As soon as the water could be heard running, David found the video camera and set it on the dresser. The extra battery he set in the charger, which he plugged into the wall outlet. Next, because they were in a ground floor unit he pulled the drapes closed before he turned both bedside lamps on low setting. The room was filled with a soft light. "Should be more light," he said out loud to himself. He found the switch for the desk lamp and turned that on as well. He draped their bathrobes over the back of the chair adjacent to the bed. "There. That's it I think," again talking to himself. He looked at his watch. It was almost five twenty.

He opened the bathroom door as Ann stepped dripping from the shower. "Come here," he directed her, and began drying her off taking extra care to massage her breasts an press on her pubic mound. She pressed back and responded by kissing his shoulder. He directed her to the bed and laid her down on her. "I'm going to make you beg for my cock," he said.

"Go for it she," she responded.

He pinched her nipples and kissed her breasts. He began rubbing her hips and the inside of her thighs while kissing her stomach and.

Ann was steaming inside. She felt like crying out for David to just fuck her as hard as he could. She felt his kisses teasing her – moving closer and closer to her little patch of silky hair. She spread her legs anticipating even more intimate kisses. She was almost impatient now wanting his tongue in her.

David kneeled on the floor beside the bed and pulled her nearer the edge. Ann spread her legs wide, lifting her feet to the edge of the mattress. David kissed her full on her cunt, their lips now parted. He darted his tongue inside her. Ann moaned with pleasure and raised her hips and pushed hard against his mouth. David was relentless in his attack. He sucked and licked her clit with rapid motion. Ann's body was moving in rhythm to David's mouth and tongue. She was contracting with jolts of pleasure each time David returned to her clit. She knew she was building towards climax quickly and said between clenched teeth she said, "I'm close to it baby. Oh that's good. Oh baby, I need you to fuck me. Fuck me baby. I need you now!"

There was a knock at the door. He gave her one more flick of his tongue on her cunt. "Don't answer it honey. Forget it!" she said.

He grinned at her, lying there close to orgasm. "Remember this morning dear? The dare about asking Mark to video us? Well, I did ask and he's right on time. I said be here at five thirty and he is." He watched the look on her face go from wonder, to disbelief and then to comprehending that indeed I was telling her the truth.

"No! You didn't?"

"Oh yes I did," he said standing up and pitting on his robe. He handed the other robe to her. "Put this on – for now," he grinned at her wickedly then went to answer the door. Mark stood there clean cut and handsome, dressed in a casual shirt and short pants.

"Hi Mark! Come on in. I wasn't sure if you'd actually be here or not tonight."

"Hi David. Ann." He nodded her way just as she finished tiring her robe. "Well, David, I've been here at this resort for a couple of years and you might not believe this, but your request is certainly not new to me or to Judy, for that matter. We often get propositioned for sex, which, of course, is taboo if we want to keep our jobs. On the other hand, several times a year I am asked to video couples while they make love and there's nothing in the rules about that. So you see, you didn't shock me this morning at all. I might add also that you certainly are one of the most attractive couples to visit us this year. Both Judy and I compare notes every day!" he smiled.

Ann's stomach had contracted with a mixture of apprehension, butterflies and stimulation. Her cunt was burning. "How could you do this?" she thought the question. A bit of public flashing is one thing, but full-fledged love making in from of a camera? This might be taking it a bit too far. Her and David should maybe discuss this before much more time went by.


"Yes dear?

"Should we talk about this?

"We did. This morning as I recall. You dared me. Remember?"

"Yes, but I didn't think we were serious about it at that time."

David walked to where she was sitting on the edge of the bed. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Are you hot? Do you want to get fucked?" She looked into his eyes and saw the intensity in them.

"Yes. Yes and more yes for sure. I just don't know about having someone video us."

He whispered into her ear once more. "Relax, We'll concentrate only on us."

She felt the butterflies once more. She wanted to be reckless and it was happening to her for sure.

"Mark, the camera is there. I'm sure you know how to use it. There's an extra battery in the charger over there," he said, pointing to the wall outlet.

Mark turned the camera on and adjusted the hand strap for fit. "You two just ignore me. I'll get you the results you need. One thing though, it is always a better result if neither one of you looks at the camera or me. Just concentrate on each other. Like they do in the movies," he added.

Ann still sat at the edge of the bed struggling with her conflicting senses of modesty and wantonness. David walked to her. "Ready?" he asked with a wide grin.

Before, she could answer, David had untied his robe and let it slip to the floor. "Suck my cock Sweetheart. I dare you," he challenged. "No stopping you this time. I promise. David wasn't sure if this would go much further. It was and had been a long time fantasy of his to do something like this. He was excited, but at the same time a bit nervous. This was taking their lovemaking to a different extreme.

Ann's stomach was churning with butterflies and she felt weak. She couldn't have stood if she needed to. David's cock was inches from her and she could feel her passion quickening. After all, she had been on the verge of orgasm only minutes before. Her cunt was still throbbing. "Forget it!" she told herself, "forget the camera and the extra person. Just go for it. You've wanted this since the beach. Enjoy myself."

Ann reached out to David's semi erect cock and stroked it. She was aware of Mark changing his position and coming for a close-up. She ignored him as instructed and closed her mouth over David. He sprang to life immediately. Ann worked his shaft expertly her with mouth and hands. In minutes she could sense David was building towards a climax. "You want to come already?" she asked, as she fondled and licked him.

"Not just yet baby, but you sure do me good! Stand up beside me."

She stood up as directed. Drawing her close to him, crushing her breasts on his chest, David kissed her passionately on the mouth, tasting himself on her lips. Turning her to face Mark, he stood behind her and reached around to feel her body, rubbing her breasts and cunt through the material of the robe. He kissed her on her neck and ran his lips along the nape of her neck. Whispering to her he said, "remember don't' look at the camera!" She only listened. Her response was only to his caressing hands. Ann, with her eyes closed and concentrating on his touch, sensed him working free the knot on her robe tie. Again she experienced a wave of butterflies that made her legs tingle and then bend from weakness. The sensation was stronger, much stronger than the one she had experienced earlier in the coffee bar.

David loosed the tie and allowed her robe to open. Slowly he moved his hands up her body to her fully exposed breasts. He gently rubbed and fingered each erect nipple causing ripples of pleasure to travel and intensify in power as they reached between her legs. David, squeezing Ann's breast with one hand, moved his other down to her wet cunt and inserted his finger rubbing and pressuring her clit. Ann moaned with pleasure and spread her legs. She watched Mark come close with the camera to catch the action. She spread further to give him a full view. "OK", she thought to herself, "no hesitation. I'm ready to give it all tonight!" David's finger had started her excitement racing once more.

Still standing in a frontal view, ann. moved her shoulders forcing the robe to fall to the floor. She pushed the cheeks of her backside firmly against David's cock. He thrust himself against her. She was becoming weak with the sensation of desire.

David gently positioned her onto the bed. "Spread your legs wide Sweetheart," he coaxed. She was swimming in her need for him now. Anything he wanted she would do. She was sure of that! She spread her legs wide and on cue Mark came in for a shot. David was sucking her nipples now. She raised herself towards the camera.

She was ready to cry out for him to relive her of her need. She wanted him inside her. "Fuck me David! Please fuck me now! I need you in me. Please." She reached for his cock, but he avoided her grasp and moved between her legs. She raised her cunt to meet his mouth and cried out as he immediately sucked and tongued her clit.

Mark was trying to get all of the action as close as possible and he frequently moved in close and then away at a distance to capture on video the two bodies working together. Ann was kneading her breasts and working her nipples feverishly. Once again, she started her body moving in rhythm to David' mouth and tongue.

"David, turn around on me," she pleaded I want to suck you. I need your cock in my mouth!"

David inserted two fingers into her and curled them upwards working the spongy little spot that sometimes drove her over the edge. Her thrusts became more forceful as he worked his fingers." He's going to make me come doing that," Ann thought. "I need him in me."

David watched her as he fucked his fingers, "what a beautiful lover she is. Pure sex and passion –especially right now. He was aching to drive his cock into her, but it was fun keeping her on the edge. He knew she was there, he could feel it in the way she moved and responded to each little change of movement in his fingers.

"David, I need your cock!" Ann exclaimed through clenched teeth.

With an impulsive thought, David wondered if she would suck on Mark. The thought was an immediate turn on. Without thinking, David said to Mark, "do you want to take off your shorts?"

There was no asking twice. Mark understood quite well what David was suggesting, although Ann had not heard what he had said. Mark slipped out of his shorts and underwear and stood filming the activity as before. His cock was not large, bur it was standing full and erect while he filmed.

Ann's eyes widened when she turned her head in Mark's direction and noticed what he had done. She looked at David and caught his eyes. David rubbed her clit with his thumb and she moved even harder against his hand. Still with locked eye contact, he motioned with a nod towards Mark's cock.

Ann couldn't believe this was happening to her. She felt as though she were in a porn movie. She and David had seen enough of them to know the kinds of things that went on with group sex situations, but neither of them had expressed any desire to get involved in a situation like that. She knew what David was offering and she knew that it was going to happen she just couldn't believe it was real. Her body ached for a cock. Her arm reached for Mark and she began stroking him as she moved in time with David's fingers inside her.

"Put the camera down Mark. Let Ann have what she wants. Mark set the camera on the night table and propped the pillows behind Ann, allowing her to be in more of a sitting position. Ann without a hesitation eagerly took him in her mouth and worked his shaft with all of the skill of a professional. David was mildly surprised to see his wife perform so willingly. David began to tongue Ann's clit once more and this time he didn't let up. He knew she was ready to explode by the way she moved against his mouth. Ann's orgasm built quickly and when she exploded she arched her back up against him as she cried out in pleasure.

Ann was quick to recover and proceeded to mouth Mark's cock hard and furious, stroking it now with both hands." I'm ready to come," he said, trying to pull out of her mouth. Ann wanted him to come in her mouth and she held him with both hands as he spurted a creamy liquid stream into her. She swallowed every drop and continued licking him dry.

David had watched in wonder as his wife worked her skills. Mark had reached orgasm within five minutes!

"You're a good lover Sweetheart! Something special I'd say. What do you think Mark?"

"Ann, you are absolutely beautiful! It's pleasure to know you!" he said with genuine feeling. "I hope you will not think badly of me, but I just couldn't refuse. I didn't really want to take advantage of you unless you were willing."

"I was willing, couldn't you notice?"

"I most certainly did."

"Now, the question my dear is, are you willing to do me in like manner?" David quizzed her.

"Try me lover!" said Ann reaching for her husbands swollen cock.

David caught Mark's eye and nodded towards his wife's cunt. Mark understood the message.

Ann took David's large cock into her mouth and began to work on it. She felt mark's hands on her thighs, gently forcing them apart. She helped him willingly and eagerly thrust herself against his mouth and tongue. She couldn't remember ever being so completely uninhibited and excited at the same time. Mark was extremely skillful at oral lovemaking. She had never experienced it quite so good with David. She knew she was fast approaching another climax and she worked feverishly with her hands and mouth on David. The day's activities had primed David and he climaxed quickly. Ann sucked and swallowed every drop from him. David gently pushed her onto her back and began kissing and sucking her breasts and nipples.

Ann concentrated on being in rhythm with Marks sucking and probing. She felt her climax building deep within her and she came with convulsions of pleasure racking her body as Mark expertly brought her to the peak.

All three of them were on the bed. David smiled at his wife lying there looking flushed satisfied. "You are a special woman," he said to her, "I told you were made for pleasure!"

"Hmm, that was good!"

"I have some more plans involving you."

"And what would that be, if I may ask?" she replied a bit cheekily.

He bent down and kissed her hard on the mouth. " You've asked me several times today if I wanted to fuck you. Well, the answer is yes, you bet I do! But first I need to get it up again!"

"I can probably help with that!"

"No doubt you could Sweetheart!"

Mark sitting on the bed had been quietly watching and listening asked, "Would you want me to start filming again?"

David noticed that Mark's cock was one again fully erect. He pondered the thought of asking Ann if she wanted to take on the two them. Perhaps, that would be pushing things past the limit. After all, he had not expected that Ann would have blown the both of them like she had.

Ann noticed David looking at Mark's stiff cock and instinctively she knew what he was thinking. He's going to ask me to have sex with him! Her mind was racing, remembering all of the times in their past when she had wondered what it would be like to make love to another accomplished lover. She had had several encounters sexually prior to meeting David. All had been hurried and less than memorable encounters with young inexperienced partners. But since they married she had never fucked another man. Not that she hadn't had numerous offers to do so. Most of the offers had come from David's office buddies over the years. She admitted to herself that sometimes she had wanted to, but she had always held back. Once she had come close to actually going the distance with another man. It had happened very spontaneously and her memory of the occasion surfaced from time to time since the incident.

They had been away from home at the wedding for a daughter of a friend of David and Ann. The wedding ceremony had taken place later in the afternoon and the reception was being held at the hotel facilities where they had booked rooms. Late in the evening, feeling light headed and a bit sleepy from too much wine, Ann had went for a walk in the hotels inner gardens and pool area to clear her head. The gardens had appeared empty of persons at this hour and she was startled when a man's voice said, "too loud and smoky in there isn't it?"

Catching herself from the unexpected question, she turned and saw a very handsome man that she had noticed earlier in the evening. He was an out of town guest at the wedding and she thought that he had been introduced as a cousin or some other close relation to their friends.

"Oh! Yes – on both accounts I suppose," she had answered.

"I've noticed you all evening," he volunteered, keeping the conversation going, "I find you very attractive and your dress is quite perfect for you. It accentuates your lovely figure." He had exuded a charm and confidence that instantly had removed any resistance from her in continuing with a discussion. Each time she recounted the experience to herself, she marveled how in only seconds she had succumbed to his seductive presence. Perhaps, it had been the effect of the wine, or maybe it was just his appealing looks and charm and how he had offered compliments to her, but she remembered having felt a total surrendering of herself to this stranger. In effect it had been an almost hypnotic state she had been in.

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