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This story is fictitious. It is totally a creation of my crazy mind. Therefore, any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, or fucktards is strictly coincidental. Although blackmail is used to 'convince' the ladies to engage in sexual activities, I chose not to put this tale in the 'NonConsent/Reluctance' category because none of them are all that reluctant. One of the victims isn't a wife but she will be someday. This story also includes anal sex and Incest so if those bother you please either move to another story or skip those parts.

To my many readers, I apologize for the delay since posting 'Tattoo'. I don't get sick often but I got knocked on my ass by something. Now recovered, family and household obligations took priority over writing more. This one was almost finished (as was Stacy Brown Got Two, Ch 02) before getting ill, just took a while to restart my creative juices.

Hope you think the wait was worth it. To make up for it I decided to post this as a one-off instead of in seven parts. Don't forget to vote!

Ch 01

"YOU BASTARD!" she screamed at me as her hand shot out and slapped my face...hard. I had expected it but still she surprised me with the ferocity of it. "GET OUT AND DON'T EVER COME BACK!"

"I don't think you realize what you are saying," I said as I spread the 8x10 photos on the table. "Personally I think I'm giving you a real good deal."

"No way," she said slightly calmer. "No way am I going to give you a blow job, you sick bastard! I don't even do that to my husband! It's nasty AND sinful!"

"I knew it! I was certain he was speaking to you during that sermon where he said god wanted us to enjoy everything that he created, including in the bedroom! And yes you WILL give me a blow job. Several in fact!" That made her gasp while her hand grabbed two of the photos and quickly tore them to shreds. "Pristine, that won't matter. I have them on my hard drive as well as copied onto several photo CDs and one or two memory sticks. But at least you didn't ruin the best one," I said as I picked up one and showed it to her.

"OH MY GOD NOOOOO! You can't show that to anybody, PLEASSSSSSSSSSEE!" she begged to me while her eyes locked onto the photo. Its crisp and clear image showing her gloriously naked body spread wide with the perky choir director's equally nude body between her legs as if just finished putting that look of lust in her eyes.

Hell I KNEW that hadn't happened. That's the trouble with still photos; they leave so much to the imagination about what led up to them, not to mention what happened later. I'm the sports photographer at the local college where I am a freshman. When I sold three of my better pics 6 months ago I splurged on a high end digital SLR and several lenses. I can take photos in the dark that look like there was bright light and my zoom lenses rival many telescopes. Couple that with super fast continuous shooting and my photos can be put together like a movie. But this is just one!

Instead of staying over night with some drinking buddies I headed home only to find my mom's meeting with several of the women from church had gotten a 'little' out of hand. Hell, there were seven drunk and naked women frolicking in our pool and hot tub in our unlit backyard. Nobody knew I was home while I made great use of my photography skills as I captured each of them in some really hot pictures. It had taken me some time to decide which of the photos to use as I blackmailed the preacher's wife, the first one of the party goers that I approached with my scheme.

"Come on, strip down and get to sucking," I demanded, sounding more certain than I really was.

"BASTARD!" she again screamed as SLAP went her hand on my face once more.

"I'm glad you did that," I said giving her pissed off face a look of surprise. "Thanks to that slap you are going to blow me and swallow my load, then I'm going to fuck you hard..."

"Oh god no!"

"...before you swallow that load as well!"

"NO, Russell, I won't...I've never...it would kill my husband if he ever found out! Please be reasonable."

"I AM being reasonable. I only expect you to do this to me twice a month for one year." Once more she gasped as she finally heard what I had told her before the first slap! "Originally I had only wanted the blow jobs but your second slap changed it by adding the fucks as well."

"Don't say that word!"

"Fucking hell woman, I've got your ass where I want it so don't fucking tell me what fucking words I can fucking say, you fuck! Now strip and get to sucking or I'll give a few of these to your husband! Come on, time's wasting."

Pastor Ron, her husband, was fresh out of the seminar when our church hired him last year as our assistant minister. He was actually a pretty good preacher, but I was super horny and needed some way to get more relief than the few dates I managed to get provided to me. When I mentioned him again she started crying as she looked from my face to the twenty or so photos and back several times.

Realizing her plight, she still tried to barter, "Russell, be reasonable. If I really have to I'll give you the blow job and if you must rape me then you'll do that too. But no way will this go on for a year! Only this one time!"

"Stop right there, Pristine," I interrupted her. "I do like your name though; it sounds so chaste and pure! First of all it WON'T be rape. You will be controlling the action unless you don't know how to do it. Second, if you insist on arguing more it will turn into TWO years. I kinda like that idea because you are really hot!"

"Oh god help me, I can't believe you are doing this to me," she said as her shaking fingers reached up and began unbuttoning her blouse. I really liked it when her entire body blushed as her blouse slipped off her shoulders. It took forever -- about two minutes -- for her to unhook her bra and then drop it to the floor.

"Holy shit, I didn't know how perfect your boobs are," I marveled making her blush deepen dramatically. I guessed them to be 34C, firm, natural and better than any of the teenager's that I had managed to get undressed. When she looked up finally her nipples grew and hardened in less than a second. Pristine gasped when I stepped to her and grasped both of her tits in my hands and massaged them thoroughly. She squirmed and gasped again when I pinched her rock hard nipples.

Another minute or more to get her skirt off leaving her in just her panties, plain and white just like her bra was. Slowly her fingers went to her waist and hooked inside the elastic band. "Wait, turn around and bend over a bit. I want to see your ass when you do this."

"Oh god..." she moaned as she turned her back to me and started easing her panties down over her delectable ass.

"No, slower and turn your face to look at me," I said. "Okay, that's much better. God you are SO hot! Please continue."

She managed to stifle a sob as her hands resumed slowly pulling her panties down, even while she managed to give me a little wiggle of her butt that I didn't think was needed to get her last garment off. "Stop right there," I said as she bent to push them down past her knees. I saw her eyes flit to my crotch as I gazed at her perfect ass. Shit, why didn't I include ass fucking in my demands? I motioned for her to continue and she dropped them to the floor and stepped out of them, still giving me a good look at her bent over derriere.

"Now do me," I said as her eyes opened in surprise. She obviously struggled inside as she straightened up and then slowly walked to me, her eyes locked on my untented crotch. I was glad I had jerked off just before driving to their house as I probably would have blown my load already. She is so fucking hot!

Her hands shook as she unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off of me. Then she knelt before me and angrily pulled my belt open before unsnapping my jeans and shoving them down my legs. She reached for my boxers but I stopped her with, "All the way off." She struggled getting my jeans off of my legs even after I kicked off my untied shoes. Her eyes locked onto my crotch as she pulled my boxers down to my thighs where they dropped on their own.

As I stepped out of them she looked up at me and said, "You aren't very hard, and my husband is bigger than that." I looked at my only quarter hard cock hanging at about 4 inches long and laughed.

"Come on Pristine, start sucking."

She sighed as her small hand lifted my soft shaft to her lips and she tentatively put it in her mouth. It was obvious she had never done this before so I said, "Watch your teeth. You don't want to get me pissed at you! Use more tongue, swirl it around my tip and shaft. Come on, take more into your mouth. Oh yeah, that's better."

After about half a minute of doing a much better job at blowing me she suddenly stopped and stared as my cock began to grow and harden. I motioned for her to continue even as I pulled her face tighter to me, forcing most of my cock inside her mouth. Fifteen seconds later she pushed off of me gasping for breath as she stared at my nearly rock hard 8 ½ inch cock that had grown right down her throat as I held her to me.

"I...oh gosh...it's so big! I mean...I thought you...oh my god..." and she simply took me back into her mouth and began working her tongue on me, managing to get it around most of my first three inches as she sucked onto me fairly hard. She really started moaning when I reached down and began massaging her right tit again. I nearly shit when she reached up with her left hand and held my hand tight against her even as she stepped up her efforts on my shaft.

After a few minutes I put my other hand on the back of her head and gave her a slight push. She didn't fight it until I pressed against the opening to her throat. "No, I can't. It's too big," she said around my shaft.

"You've already had it down your throat. Just relax and you can do it." Actually I hoped she could do it as the first time was when it slowly grew to full length within her oral cavity. I was certain that was not the same as taking my full size down her throat. No date had ever tried that.

Jesus her tongue was really working at my first three inches as she looked up at me with scared eyes. Finally her tongue stopped moving and she pushed forward. "Oh hell yes!" I gasped as I slid past the opening and ended up buried to the hilt within her. "OH my god that feels so good!" I managed to say as she slowly began pulling off of me nearly all the way before pushing back down until her nose was crushed against my abdomen.

Pristine's eyes searched mine as she moved on and off of me for five or six times before she finally sucked hard and pulled fully off of me with a resounding 'pop'. "My goodness, I actually did it!" she said before her face quickly moved forward and she swallowed me fully again. Her throat massaged my shaft while her tongue slurped at the shaft that was in her mouth. Hell, I couldn't even see her nose it was pressed so hard into my skin.

She was really having an affect on me and my knees were getting weak so I pulled her with me as I lay down on their couch. She moved beside me but I grabbed her leg and pulled it towards my face. Finally I had her in position with her legs on either side of my head, marveling at how she kept driving her face onto me taking me deep over and over again. Holy fuck could she suck cock!

"OH!" she gasped as her face lifted off of me the instant my tongue touched her clit. I swirled it around her little nub, enjoying how it grew quickly to about double its former size. "Oh god, what are you doing to me?!" she gasped as I really sucked hard. Her body shuddered as she looked back at me in shock before she devoured my cock, her tongue and lips trying to out do my own efforts.

I slipped a finger into her gash and she moaned even while she worked harder on my cock. In no time I had three fingers pumping into her even as I worked her clit to a fever pitch. No more than five minutes after our 69 had begun my tongue was flicking super fast on her clit, my fingers pressing hard against her g-spot, and Pristine ripped her face from me crying out "OH MY GOD ... I'M CUMMING!" She dove frantically back onto me sucking for all she was worth as I made her body shake and jerk violently above me. I had managed to do this twice to dates who loved the shit out of it so I just went for the gusto. Again her face lifted off of me in a hard yet silent scream while her body thrashed above me.

Her climax crested and I eased up on her, allowing her to recover from the best female orgasm I had ever seen. "How ... how did you ... do that ... to me?" she gasped as she struggled for air. "Holy Moses that was incredible! I've never felt anything like that!" She had managed to look back at my cum juice coated face and moaned, "Oh god Russell, cum for me! You HAVE to cum for me!"

Her face turned back to my cock and she attacked me as if it was the giver of life itself. Damn she really wanted my cock to fill her mouth with cream. In this position she was really slamming her face onto me driving every fraction of an inch into her horny mouth and that coupled with what her throat was doing pushed me to climax in about three more minutes. "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" I gasped and she went absolutely nuts as she desperately sought my seed.

"Ohhhhh shitttttttt," I moaned as my hips thrust up driving my cock fully down her throat as my balls exploded shooting my white hot lava into her stomach. After four powerful blasts went straight down her throat she pulled back until just my head remained within her lips as she sucked hard and worked her tongue like mad coaxing out another three smaller shots of cum.

I felt it each time she swallowed a mouthful of sperm. It was obvious that she didn't want to swallow the first load but by the last one she was eagerly seeking more of my hot cum. What happened to it being 'nasty and sinful'? My balls were definitely empty but her lips and tongue kept searching for more. Holy shit it felt good!

I had been starting to soften but with this hot preacher's wife working her oral magic on me I rapidly went full on hard as steel. Still she kept right on sucking me for all she was worth for several minutes. Damn I knew I wanted to experience a whole lot more of this. Finally I couldn't remain silent any more and I groaned out "Oh my god this feels so damned good!"

"You must be telling the truth because you were getting soft but now you are as hard as ever," she said as she pulled off of me and looked back at me. "Darn it I wish my husband would stay hard like this! He's only good for one love making session a night."

"Maybe if you blew him he'd stay hard too."

"Hmmmmmm," she said as she took me back into her mouth and then took me deep and worked her throat on me like she wanted me to cum.......right NOW! Pulling off of me again she looked at my hard saliva coated cock in her hand and softly said, "Well, maybe I'll just do that sometime. HEY! I thought you were going to fuck me too!"

"I am. Well actually, if you recall I said you were going to fuck me."

"Oh, I forgot that," she said then kissed my cock before swinging her leg over my head and getting to her feet. Why the fuck did she kiss my cock? "In that case let's go to my bedroom. I only fuck there."

She took my hand as I got up and then we walked together to their bedroom. "Nice." I said as we stepped through their door.

"Thank you, I decorated it myself." We stopped by her bed and she looked at me as I stood beside her. "Russell, if I'm going to be fucking you I think you need to be on the bottom."

"Right," I said as I wondered what happened to the woman who was terrified at the thought of cheating on her husband. After getting in the center of their king-sized bed I grinned and said, "Your chariot awaits."

"I never thought chariots looked like that," she said as she moved up beside me. Her right hand grasped my shaft and gave me two full strokes before she said, "I think you might need a recharge."

I didn't but no way would I complain about her wanting to suck me off. 'Wanting to suck me off', did I really think that? I believed this was going to be a battle but instead I find a sex starved red-hot mama. "Oh hell yeah that feels so good," I gasped as she quickly brought me back to the present. About five minutes later I tapped her on the shoulder and said, "You can do more of that later."

Even before I could start to tell her to get to fucking she gave me a quick grin and said, "Okay Russell," and quickly moved over me as her hand guided my tip to her turned on sex. I looked down at the ultimate target and nearly shit when I saw her dew drops glistening from her close cropped pubic hair. I gazed up at her beautiful body and angelic face as she stopped with my tip right at her opening. She looked down at our nearly mated sex and then stared right at me as she softly said, "Guess this isn't rape."

"Nope! Oooooh fuck yeahhhhhh," I gasped as she sank down about 4 inches. Pristine groaned loudly at my cock's intrusion.

She looked at my cock before lifting up about three inches and then pressed down about six as she pushed most of my shaft into her. "Oh ... my ... god!" she gasped haltingly. "I've NEVER felt anything like this! Good grief Russell, you are already in virgin territory and there's still quite a bit of you left to go. Oooooooooo," she moaned as her hips rose nearly all the way off of me before she looked right into my eyes and slammed her body down, fully impaling herself on my cock. "Oh my god! You are SO big! Oh my god!"

"Wow Pristine, you really feel good around me." I might have said more but she started rapidly moving her pussy off of me and then back down taking me fully within her each time. Shit, three times she pulled completely off of me and she slammed back down to recapture my cock super fast. My hands never stopped as they moved from her hips to her fantastic tits then back to her ass and around and around, never pausing for long at any spot.

This prim and proper lady had transformed into a cock hungry wench in just a few minutes and she made certain I knew it as she stepped up her pussy's pounding of my shaft. No more than five minutes after she took the top she leaned back with my cock buried deep within her and screamed "Oh my god I'm cumming!" Her stillness lasted only about ten seconds during which her pussy rippled wildly around me before she started shaking like wild as her hips rapidly moved nearly off of and then fully back onto my cock. Damn she was moving faster than any of the five girls I had fucked. Hell, she was ten times faster!

She had locked her lips shut for several moments before she erupted vocally with unintelligible sounds that easily conveyed her pleasure. As suddenly as her climax had started it stopped with Pristine flinging her body down onto mine where she kissed me hard and deep, her tongue nearly reaching my ass. Holy shit, NO girl had kissed me like that before!

"Damn Pristine, that was some kiss," I said when her tongue vacated my mouth.

"I had to! I NEVER cum from sex! I thought I was damned to a life of unfulfilling sex as I tried to make my husband happy!" She ground her pussy hard around my deeply buried shaft and then gasped out, "Oh god Russell, roll us over and fuck me! Fuck me and make me cum some more! Oh PLEASE fuck me!"

Shit I couldn't believe how easy this was to fuck her. But who's complaining? Sure as shit isn't me! My hips were pumping forcefully into her even before I was on top and then I stepped things up from there. About six minutes later she clamped her legs around my ass as she cried out as her third orgasm powered through her. Her eyes locked onto mine in shock as she spasmed beneath me.

My hips slowed up to allow her a chance to recover but about ten seconds into that she groaned, "Oh god don't stop! Please don't stop! I want it...I need it...I love it!" My hips sprung right back into action as I resumed pounding into her with hard and full length thrusts that shook her entire body with their force.

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