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Sally and I had been walking along the mall of our main shopping center just looking in the shops and laughingly talking about what we would buy if we had the money! Sally and I were pals from way back when we went to school together. My name is Amy and we are both 22 years old. We both believe we are good looking and at times we could be taken for twins! We are both the same height and weight, we have trim figures with large but shapely breasts and our waists and hips seem to be just the right size for our height. We go everywhere together and never seem to be far apart. We both work in the same dress shop boutique and are now on our holidays a long way from home. This is our first holiday together when we have taken it upon ourselves to travel across the continent and stay at a resort. Nothing terribly exciting has happened to us so far but this is only our 3rd day of 21.

Because the weather is so warm here we have dressed in very casual clothes. We are both wearing short mini-skirts and halter tops. We haven't been wearing bras since we left home and we are both wearing very small thong panties which don't seem to be hiding much. Our halters too are very small and only just cover our breasts. We think we make a cute couple of girls.

After strolling along the malls for about 1/2 an hour we decided to buy a cup of coffee. While we were seated and enjoying the best coffee we had tasted yet, we noticed a middle aged couple sitting at a table near ours. They smiled over at us a couple of times and we just smiled back - we guessed the locals are friendly.

Before we had finished our coffees the woman, who was about 35 - 40, stood up and then came over to our table. She introduced herself as Sally and before she could say anything more we both burst out laughing! She wondered what had happened but we quickly told her about our Sally and she joined in. She told us she was a talent scout for a photographic modeling agency and had noticed us sitting at the table. She asked us if we would be interested in photographic modeling as we seemed to have the fresh young look about us they were looking for! We giggled between ourselves and then told her we would like to hear what she had to say. She called her husband, John, over and he joined us at the table. They ordered fresh coffee all round and we settled in for a conversation about models and modeling.

Sally told us the agency was looking out for girls just like us to pose for photographs which would depict the young fashion look which they were trying to promote. She said all costs of makeup and the clothes would be supplied free and we would be paid appropriate fees for the photographs. She and John asked a lot of questions about us and where we had come from. They seemed quite excited when we told them we were from the other side of the country and were enjoying our holiday here. They told us the photographic studio was in another part of this huge shopping complex and they would be happy to show us around and we could decide if we would be interested in modeling. We jumped at the offer as we had nothing planned for today anyway and at least these two people seemed to be very friendly.

After finishing our coffee we walked together for quite some distance through the various malls until we came to an impressive shop which proclaimed across the front, "Fantasy Photography" and they took us inside. There were a number of people in this large studio and the premises were much larger than they seemed from the front. In fact, the shop extended into 4 quite reasonably sized studios - each quite separate from the others. There were several very pretty girls being made up and dressed while we were inspecting the premises and the staff seemed to be willing to stop and talk to us.

We began to feel important, particularly when one of the photographers stopped what he was doing to move over to us and, by holding our chins in his hands, he moved our faces around until he was satisfied with the pose. He then told us we had just the qualities he was looking for! Sal and John (we will call her Sal to avoid confusion with our Sally) then took us into an office and explained what was entailed in the photographic contract we would be required to sign and how much we would be paid for our services. We were both very surprised when we learned we could earn enough in one week of modeling to pay for our entire holiday here. We read the contracts by skimming over the 6 pages quickly and then signed the papers.

Sal told us we could start working straight away if we wanted to - she would go and talk to the main photographer and see if he could fit us in right away. It was early in the day, around 10am, and we were already going to be earning money for just a few photographs. When Sal returned she told us the photographer would be available in about 1/2 an hour and we should go into the makeup room where we would be prepared for the photo shoot. Sally and I grinned to ourselves and followed John to a room right at the back of the building where two women were standing by with their makeup kits spread out on tables. The two women motioned us to the chairs nearby and told John they would take us to the photographer as soon as we were ready.

The women began by applying makeup to our faces and adding coloring to our cheeks and bright lipsticks to our lips and soon we were able to see ourselves in the mirrors and couldn't believe just how much the makeup had improved the appearance of our faces. The women then began to apply makeup down our necks and on our bare shoulders working around our halters. They then moved behind us and undid the halters which dropped into our laps. The women just grinned at our surprise and told us the coloring had to be complete down over our breasts so that when the clothes we would be wearing are in place, no changes in skin color would be showing.

We accepted this and the women continued to make up our breasts right down to the nipples! I protested and asked how could the photographs be showing our nipples, but the makeup lady simply told us not to worry and all would be revealed soon. She continued to make up my entire breasts right down to the bottom! When they were finished with our upper bodies, they began on our legs! They applied a special sort of makeup on our legs beginning at our ankles and feet and working up until they had to lift our mini-skirts so they could apply the makeup to our thighs. I told her that was high enough and to stop there! She smiled and said O.K.

Sally had been made up exactly the same as myself and, although she had not protested, she seemed glad when the women making her up stopped! We were wearing only our mini-skirts and thong panties when we were taken into the next room which was full of clothing of every description. Here a prancing little man who seemed to be very effeminate began selecting clothing for us to wear! He chose very thin blouses of many colors and styles and also a couple of mini-skirts which were very much shorter than those we were wearing. He proceeded to dress us up and although we weren't too thrilled at being handled by this strange man, he didn't do anything offensive and soon we were dressed to his satisfaction. When I looked at Sally I could see her breasts clearly through the very thin blouse and, although we had kept our thong panties on, they could easily be seen if we bent over even slightly. Before we could protest the clothes were too revealing we were taken into the large studio and introduced properly to the photographer. His name was George and he seemed to be really confident in what he was doing and saying.

George moved us over to the pretty couch which was in front of hanging rolls of colored cloths which were obviously the backdrops for the photographs. He posed us side by side and facing towards the camera. At first he took photographs only of our faces and kept telling us we were just what he was looking for as models. After several more photographs close up, he moved his equipment back and rearranged the lighting and then took photographs which were from the waist up. Although we knew our breasts would be visible through the blouses we didn't object and he took more photographs.

George then rearranged us on the couch and at the same time undid most of the buttons on our blouses and pulled the edges apart. This exposed much of the areas between our breasts although not too much was exposed. He took more photographs and then got us to lean towards each other. We were comfortable with these poses but at the last minute George came over and undid a couple more buttons and pulled our blouses apart further until one complete breast was exposed on each of us. Before we could stop him he moved back to his camera and began taking more shots of us.

Sally and I looked at each other and suddenly felt perhaps we shouldn't have allowed these shots to be taken but George quickly allayed our protests by telling us this was just what he wanted and we would continue before the mood was broken. He then pulled our blouses out of our waistbands and pulled them wide open so that our entire breasts were visible and quickly took more photographs. Again we thought we should have protested but just as quickly as before, George moved over to us again and removed our blouses altogether! We were naked from the waist up and just sitting there on the couch. George called for the makeup ladies to come in and they quickly began to make up the exposed skin between our mini-skirts and where they had finished the makeup before - just under our breasts. Somehow we allowed this to happen and as soon as they were finished, George took more photographs.

We were then asked to stand and place one leg each on the couch. George then moved over and pulled our minis up and arranged them so that they showed our panties between our legs. For some reason we just accepted this and George quickly took more photographs.

Next we saw Sal and John move over near us and, when George gave the word, they quickly stepped up to us and removed our minis altogether. We were left standing there with one leg each on the couch but just wearing our thong panties and nothing else except the high heeled shoes which we had been given to wear earlier. George quickly took more photographs before we fully realized what was happening. I looked at Sally's crotch and saw that the thong panties were so small that some of the hairs on her pussy had sneaked around the edges of the panties. Both Sally and I have very black pubic hair and we both have quite bushy areas. Quickly I looked down at my own front only to see I too had hairs sticking out of my panties. Sal and John saw what we were looking at and came over and they began tucking the stray hairs into our panties. I got a very strange feeling as John was pulling out my thong and brushing the hairs back behind the very small band of cloth. When he thought he was finished I glanced over at Sally to see Sal was doing the same for her. George quickly took more photographs before once again complimenting us on how we looked. He kept telling us we were just what he was looking for.

The next incident happened so quickly neither Sally nor myself had time to react. Almost with split second timing, John and Sal moved over to us, slipped their thumbs in the tops of our thong panties, and pulled down our panties until they were at our feet! Within seconds the makeup ladies had moved in and made up our bodies between where the tops of our minis had been and where they had stopped at the tops of our legs. Suddenly we were totally naked in front of everyone, made up and ready to have pictures taken before we even had a chance to protest. George quickly took more photographs and it was over! In stunned amazement we still had one leg each on the couch and this had exposed not only our pubic hair but also the lips of our cunts below. Before we could grab any clothes to cover ourselves, Sal and John moved in and sat us down on the couch, spread our legs widely so that my right leg was draped over Sally's left leg and we were totally exposed once again for the camera. George took more photographs.

Alarmed at what was happening I stood up and told John we wouldn't do any more of his rude posing and that was that. John calmly told us we had signed our contracts which required us to have as many naked photographs taken of us as they wanted. We felt trapped and realized we had been tricked into signing the contracts.

Naturally we wanted to know what they intended doing with us now that they had us naked and had taken pictures of us too. George just grinned and said it would be up to John and Sal to tell us what to do next. We turned to them and raised our eyebrows and in reply John said, "We take lots of photographs of pretty young girls like yourselves which we sell to magazines which are published in other countries. You needn't worry at all - you will never find any of your pictures in this country because it would be too dangerous for us!" Sal then told us she had been doing this sort of thing for years and had never had any complaints. She went on to tell us lots of girls make plenty of money doing this sort of thing. She was sure we would be very happy when we saw what they wanted us to do and then see how much money we could earn in just a very short time.

We wanted to know more about what type of photographs would be taken and Sal told us it would be mostly nude shots with our cunts wide open. She also told us we could move into the hardcore section if we wanted, particularly when we saw what we could earn doing that sort of work, however that choice would be ours. We felt rather silly sitting on their couch completely naked except for our shoes!

George was patiently standing around waiting for the preliminaries to be completed and then he would take more photographs of us! We looked at each other and simply grinned and said we were ready. Sal congratulated us on accepting so readily and then shook both of our hands. She said they were ready and the first shoot would take about 1/2 an hour and then we could make some decisions after that!

At first it seemed terrible for us to be sitting on the couch with our legs spread so widely that they almost hurt and for George to be moving in very close so he could photograph all the details of our bodies. Strangely enough, after a couple of minutes we became more comfortable and didn't mind it when George handled our bodies getting us in to position. We could see ourselves in several very large mirrors which we hanging on the walls and we were rather pleased at the way we looked. The makeup ladies came in several times and dusted our bodies or added a little bit of coloring when asked by George and we loved the attention. We were both surprised when the ladies grasped our nipples and squeezed them hard. They then proceeded to paint our nipples with some red color which really made them stand out against our bodies. We both were blessed with large elongated nipples which resembled bright red cigarette butts - that was the shape they were! We were both very proud of our nipples and they had always been the center of attention when we were at home.

Lots more poses were set up so that we were caressing each others breasts and after a while we had shots taken of us sucking the others nipples. This was a great turn on and we were interested to see that we couldn't suck off any of the color on our nipples. It certainly must be an indelible coloring! Later still we were asked to finger each others cunts and, although we were very used to doing this, it was a bit embarrassing for us to do it in front of other people. Nevertheless we did it as asked and found we were enjoying having our photographs taken.

George called for a rest break and we all relaxed. It was at this stage that John came over to us and thanked us for working so well with George and the rest of the team and then asked if we would like to proceed to the next level. We asked what this was and so John began, "The first question I have to ask you is - Are you still virgins?" We both burst our laughing and told him that was a long time ago. Both Sally and I have had lots and lots of sex. Many times we would be in the same room and would be fucked by two men and, after cumming, we would sometimes swap over and fuck the other man! No, we certainly weren't virgins! He then continued, "The next level consists of having photographs taken with you and some men! This level doesn't include any actual sexual intercourse but you would be required to handle men's cocks! How would you feel about that?" We were still a bit unsure so we asked if we could see some pictures of what we would be required to do! George produced a handful of photographs which showed pretty girls holding men's cocks, some showed the men holding their breasts and sucking their nipples and others showed men playing with the girl's cunts and the last showed a girl sucking a man's cock! We weren't too sure about the last photograph but George suggested to John and Sal that they should take us to studio 2 where some photographs were being taken right now! Wow, we were actually going to watch other girls being photographed with men!

When we entered the studio we found 4 girls, all naked, posing in various positions with one or two men standing or lying alongside them and each of the girls was holding or playing with the men's cocks. It was a great turn on and I became very excited and wet. I was sure Sally was exactly the same! The photographers were snapping pictures of each of the girls and men and they shifted their poses often making sure the picture looked sexy before it was shot. We watched for about 1/4 hour and were very hot by this time. We were about to leave that studio when one of the girls began sucking her man's cock deeply into her mouth. It was very strange watching the system of taking the pictures - it was almost a stop-go sort of thing - as the girl had to suck the cock then stop while the photo was taken and then resume sucking until another photo was ready to be taken.

The girl sucked for quite a while on this man's cock and lots of photos were taken. The man then began to groan and the two photographers moved in quickly and began taking shots very rapidly. This was because the man was about to cum in the girl's mouth! The first shot of cum went straight into her mouth and she kept her mouth open so that as each ejection of cum entered her mouth it could be seen by the camera lens! When the man had finished the girl had lots of photos taken of her swallowing the cum and licking her lips. It was a very erotic sight and both Sally and I were turned on! The photographing continued once the cum scene was finished and John and Sal suggested we move to a different studio to see more of what was happening.

This new studio was much raunchier because here we saw several girls being fucked by big men and one of the men was a huge black man with an enormous cock which stuck out from his body obscenely! The photographs were all still photos - no video films although John explained those were done in another studio away from this site. We asked John and Sal if we could have a moment to discuss all of this privately and so they left us alone. We felt quite relaxed even though we were still both completely naked except for our shoes. There were lots of other girls walking around completely naked too so we didn't feel so out of place. It didn't take us long to decide we would be happy to continue with the tame shots. We would also like to try out for the scenes with the men but at this stage we wouldn't like to participate with the sex acts although we would like to keep our options open.

When we told John and Sal they were delighted and suggested we start straight away because we already had our body makeup on and that would save having to do it again at the next session. We moved back into studio 3 and our first series of photographs would now be taken! Phil was the photographer and he had a couple of assistants who were constantly moving our bodies about when instructed by Phil - he certainly seemed to know what he was doing! Some of the shots taken were really pornographic because we would be moved so that our legs would be spread widely and then Phil would move in and snap our open pussies. Sometimes he would ask us to place our fingers in our cunts and play with ourselves and later with each other and we enjoyed doing this. After 1/2 an hour we broke for a spell and this allowed Phil's assistants to reload his cameras and change the scene. Basically the scenes were simply naked girls in different poses showing as much tit and pussy as possible and generally providing erotic photographs which would stimulate the viewer in a magazine somewhere in the world.

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