tagIncest/TabooPhotos in the Evening

Photos in the Evening


Patricia Cole was a strong woman. She was good at handling situations that arose – whatever they might be. She was bright, conscientious and unafraid. Still, it staggered her when her husband died unexpectedly at the age of 46, leaving her a 41 year old widow with a 16 year old son. Staggered her, but did not defeat her.

She'd worked as a paralegal years earlier, and although many of her friends doubted she'd be able to find work in that field after years away from it, she proved them wrong. Problem was, the job she found was in Seattle – way up the coast from her native San Diego. The only home she'd known. The only home her son Mike had known.

Nevertheless, they moved. There was little choice, really. Patricia made a good living and the two were able to buy a small house right away without any worries. That was the good news. The bad news was that the social adjustment was not nearly as easy. Mike was always on the shy side and this move was coming at one of the most difficult times in life for him – halfway through high school.

He managed to make a couple of friends, but Mike Cole never did manage to feel at home in Seattle. Patricia went through a similar experience. Virtually all of the women she worked with were much younger and involved in enjoying their twenties. Nearly every man she worked with was married. Those that weren't didn't appeal to her.

Additionally, both mother and son mourned their loss for a couple of years. It wasn't until Mike had turned eighteen and was within a few months of high school graduation that Patricia began to feel it was important for him to stay more active and try to meet more people. As she unpacked some old cartons an idea arose for the way she might get Mike more involved. Inside one of those cartons Patricia discovered her husband's old camera equipment. It was a top of the line Nikon from twenty years earlier. Still in great shape, begging to be used.

Knowing her son as she did, Patricia signed Mike up for a photography class at the local community center without telling him. It'd be easier to get him there if she made him think he had few options.

Surprisingly, Mike wasn't completely opposed to the idea. It took a little coaxing, but he apparently saw the virtue in learning photography. He was even enthusiastic about it as the first class approached.

The first few weeks were very basic. Mike was almost bored. Once the actual photography began, however, and he learned to develop his own prints, things took off. Patricia was thrilled with the results. That is, until she arrived home from work one evening, tired, clothes wrinkled and hair blown about from a long day running back and forth across town. The last thing in the world she had in mind was having a portrait taken by her son. Unfortunately, that was his latest assignment – portrait of a friend or family member.

"Mike, I'm not going to be photographed like this," Patricia said, once her son's plan had been explained to her.

"Why not, mom?"

"People in that class are going to see the pictures, right?"

"Well, yeah, but I won't use any pictures you don't like."

"My point is, I'm tired and I don't really look my best right now. I don't think I'd like any pictures that show me wearing a wrinkled outfit like this, my hair messy from the wind."


Mike's response held just enough frustration that Patricia felt guilty. After all, she was the one who encouraged her son to take the class. Still, she was not going to have photos of her looking the way she did.

"I'll tell you what," she said, using her best mother's compromise tone, "after we eat, I will take a shower and get some clean clothes on. You can take some photos of me then. If I like any of them, you can use them in class."

"Fair enough," Mike said with a smile.

Once they'd eaten, Patricia excused herself and got into the shower. She thought back to a year or so before Mike was born. The first time the old Nikon had been used – when her husband was still alive. He'd managed to coax her into posing for him, first in one of her summer dresses...and then into gradual states of undress. She was finally completely naked, posing for her love in a series of erotic positions. She slowly soaped herself as she recalled the experience and smiled a little when she thought of how different that photo session was from the one she was about to take part in.

She thought of how her body was different now. Her breasts were a little larger – A full D cup. They hung lower than they had all those years earlier. There was a little swell to her hips that hadn't been there when she was twenty-four and her bottom had gotten a little plumper. Still, she thought, for a woman of 43, she didn't have a bad build. Much better, in fact, than most at that age, she guessed. Initially, she was going to skip shaving her legs. Then, vanity got the best of her and she pulled out her razor to do the job. She'd planned to wear slacks and a blouse, but the notion of a dress began to appeal to her more. Perhaps another summer dress.

She thought about what shoes to wear as she shaved. Maybe she'd forego the shoes. She had pretty, pedicured feet. They'd look nice without shoes. She felt the stubble under her arms and decided to take care of that, too. Finally, a glance down at her pubic patch. She shrugged a little and quickly trimmed herself there. Not that it mattered for the pictures.

As she got out of the shower and began drying herself, she ran her hands over her bottom. Maybe it was in pretty good shape. She was actually beginning to feel good about the way she looked. Her new hairdo was a little more modern than what she had when they first arrived in Seattle – shorter, her dark hair framing her face in a softer way. She was feeling kind of sexy. It had been awhile since she'd done this kind of self evaluation – the results were surprisingly satisfying. Maybe there weren't as many attractive men that noticed, but that didn't mean she wasn't desirable.

It was difficult for Patricia to deny the slight arousal that she was feeling, and although she liked it, it wasn't the right frame of mind to go into the photo shoot with. As she started to blow dry her hair, she figured her libido would get back where it belonged and she could get on with things. Still, she decided she'd still wear a dress.

In her closet, Patricia spotted a summer dress – white, thin shoulder straps, soft linen. She pulled it off the hanger and stepped into it. It would go better without a bra. She didn't like the idea of bra straps competing with the dress straps for exposure. Force of habit caused Patricia to nearly pull out a pair of simple white cotton panties. She paused, however, and hooked her left index finger inside a red lace thong. She knew that wearing it would make her feel even sexier, but was it a good idea? She hadn't treated herself to a good session of self love in a couple of weeks. When the photo session was over and she went to bed, she'd end that drought.

After all, Patricia figured she'd pose and give Mike what he needed – a subject. In turn, she would get what she needed – a chance to feel sexy and get primed for her anticipated session of masturbation. The fact that Mike didn't know what she was getting out of this wasn't a problem. As she pulled the thong on and felt it snug around her body she smiled at the look of herself in the mirror. Running a couple of fingers over her pubic mound, she could feel the hair just underneath the delicate lace of the underwear. She was going to have some real fun after the pictures were all taken.

"Mom? Are you about ready?" Mike called.

"Almost. Try to be patient, honey."

Patricia started to head out of the bedroom, but decided on one last touch. She applied a quick touch of perfume – behind her ears and between her breasts. She loved to smell nice.

In the living room, Mike sat on the couch with his camera and lights all ready. He was afraid his mother might be trying to stall in an attempt to get out of her promise. He couldn't really understand her reluctance to pose – he thought she looked great. Yet, as wonderful as he thought she looked, he nearly fell off the couch as Patricia walked in the room.

Mike had never seen his mother in the white linen dress before. He also couldn't remember the last time he saw her wearing a dress without hose.

"Wow, mom. You look fantastic."

"Thank-you, sweetie. I haven't worn this dress in a long time. It's more flattering, I think. Something I don't mind being photographed in. Now...where do you want me?"

"Umm..." Mike looked around the room. He really didn't know where to start.

"How about if I start on the couch?" Patricia suggested.


Patricia took a place on the center of the couch and curled her legs underneath her. She felt as though she was glowing – and it was the first time in a very long while.

Mike lifted the camera and gazed through the viewfinder.

"Mom, can you kind of fold your hands in your lap?"

"Sure, honey."

Patricia smiled a confident, serene smile. It was one Mike couldn't recall seeing before. He wondered what caused this change in his mother. Going from being a very reluctant participant to somebody so willing and open. He snapped a few shots.

"How about this?" Patricia asked as she moved around, sitting on her legs and leaning forward, hands on her knees, another soft smile.

"That's great, mom."

As she ran through a variety of poses, Patricia was enjoying herself more and more. She loved being the focus of attention – more than she had ever expected she might.

"Could you do one sitting cross-legged?" Mike asked his mother?

"Okay. You're the boss."

The dress rode up as Patricia positioned herself. It bunched just above her knees and, unbeknownst to her, revealed a little of the red panties she was wearing. Mike, when he noticed it, froze for a second. He'd never noticed those doing the laundry before. Somehow, not thinking, he actually snapped a picture focused mainly on his mother's crotch area. As soon as he'd done it, he wanted to kick himself. He noted the need to not develop that particular shot. Not exactly what he needed his mom to see.

Mike had also noticed that his mother wasn't wearing a bra. All of this was completely new to him. His mother looked sexy and he wasn't accustomed to dealing with that. More alarming was the fact that he began to feel a stirring in his groin.

"How about this one?" Patricia asked as she swung her legs around and laid on her stomach, feet held aloft.

"Umm...great." Mike said.

"What's wrong?"

"Well, I don't know."

"You can tell me, honey."

"I guess I'm not used to seeing you like this," Mike said softly, looking away.

"Oh. I suppose that's true." It was at that moment that Patricia noticed the slight bulge in her son's pants. She was arousing him. She was actually turning a man on with her rather innocent posing. Forgetting for a minute that it was her son, she began to feel a warming between her legs. It was nice.

"I didn't mean to embarrass you," she said sincerely, "I just wanted to look nice for the pictures. We can stop if you want."

"No. I think we could go on...if you want."

"Whatever you think you need for the assignment, dear."

"Well, you didn't embarrass me. It's okay."

Deep down, Patricia found that she was relieved Mike didn't want it end...because neither did she. This was going to add some real verve to her masturbation session later in the evening. She would edit the part out that it was her son she was arousing. It would simply be a man...an anonymous man. She also wondered just how turned on she could make him. If that was a dangerous notion, she didn't mean for it to be. She was only having fun.

"What do you think of this pose?" Patricia asked as she stood, turned her back to Mike, placed on foot on the couch and looked back over her shoulder.

"That's great," he said, knowing full well that he'd have a full erection in no time.

Just as he snapped a few shots in the position, Patricia smiled mischievously to herself and dropped first one shoulder strap, then the other. It was innocent enough, she told herself. Nothing new was revealed. Mike, however, nearly melted. He began to wonder if his mother was going to actually take the dress off. Did she want some coaxing to do so? As strange as it was, he knew he wanted to see her undress very badly. He also knew that hiding his erection was no longer an option.

As Patricia turned around to face Mike again, she immediately noticed that the bulge in his pants had grown. She was tickled by this until she realized something. It was not the size she had expected to see (given the size of her deceased husband). He had always been a little small. From what she could see, Mike was considerably bigger. Or did it just look that way?

"Can you leave the straps down...and unbutton the top button on your dress?" Mike asked, his voice nearly cracking. He wondered what she'd say, half expecting his mother to refuse and put an end to the photo shoot.

"Umm..." Patricia was still considering the size of her son when she glanced down at the buttons on her dress. It looked like she could undo the top button and still not reveal anything. Was this going too far? Against her better judgment, she opened the top button and looked back at her son. He quickly clicked several photos, completely engrossed.

"Remember now, Mike, I have to approve any pictures you use. Right?"

"Yeah. Of course."

"Okay. Good. I think this pose will stay between us."

"That's fine."

A long silence fell between them. Patricia's pussy began to feel wet. Her longings were getting more and more intense. Her nipples stiffened and she glanced down to see that it was obvious through the material of her dress.

"What next?" Patricia managed to ask. She was dying for the session to end so she could get into her bedroom and begin some relief. She was also wanting it to go on.

"Could you, umm...sit on the couch...and..." Mike decided to go for broke, "put your feet up on the coffee table?"

"Sure, honey."

She carefully sat on the couch and lifted her feet, setting them side by side on the table.

"No. I mean, can you spread your feet apart?"

Patricia paused for a moment. She knew she shouldn't, but she was in such a mood to tease.

"Like this?" she said, setting her feet six or eight inches apart.


"This?" She moved them a couple of feet apart. Mike was able to see the red panties. But he wasn't satisfied.


"Is that a question...or a direction."

"Both," Mike said with a laugh.

Patricia smiled at him and slowly spread he legs so far apart that the dress rode up on her thighs – well above the knees. The wet spot on the front of her panties was clear to Mike. He swallowed hard and snapped more photos.

"This is an example of a picture you won't be taking in...okay?" Patricia asked, just to be clear.


"And so is this..." she said, unbuttoning first one, then two more buttons on the top of the dress. Her breasts fell forward, nearly completely exposed. Mike could only stand there, in admiration of his mother's body. It was true that she wasn't a twenty year old hardbody, but he couldn't imagine anyone looking sexier than she did at this moment.

Finally, Patricia shook her shoulders a little and the top of the dress fell away, revealing her full gorgeous breasts and hardened nipples.

"What do you think, honey?"

"Oh my God...it's incredible," Mike said, stunned.

Patricia looked at the bulge again. It was even bigger than before. Could he really be that well endowed? She decided she wanted to know.

"These, of course, are all pictures that will never be seen by anyone else."

"I know, mom, I know."

"Let me see the camera, Mike."


"Just let me see it."

Mike obediently carried the camera to his mother. He had an urge to reach out and touch one of her breasts, but he managed to suppress it.

"Go stand where you were," Patricia commanded. Mike did so. "Now take off your shirt. I'm going to do some picture taking." She knew exactly how wrong this was, but she hardly cared anymore.

As Mike peeled off his shirt, Patricia snapped a couple of pictures.

"Now," she said, since I won't ask you to anything I wouldn't do...and since I think you should take off your pants..." she slid the rest of her dress off and tossed it onto the floor.

"Your turn," she said.

Mike had to collect himself. His mother's gorgeous wide hips and creamy thighs framed the bright red thong that nearly made him cum from the sight of it. He slowly reached down, undid his pants and slipped them off, along with his shoes. Once his boxer briefs were visible, Patricia could see that there was no mistake. Mike was significantly better equipped than his father had been. She set the camera aside and stood.

Standing a mere foot from her son, she stared at his erection. Mike reached out and touched his mother's arm, but she took his hand.

"No. We can't do any touching. But we can look. And that's a lot of fun, too."


"I know. It's tough to stop at looking...but..." Patricia didn't admit that she wanted the touching at least as much as Mike did. "Okay, listen. Take off your briefs."

Mike did so. Patricia was in awe of the size and thickness of her son's cock. She had never seen one that thick and precious few that were as long. His balls hung heavily below and made her mouth water. She turned and backed her nearly naked ass right up to his cock, letting it wedge slightly between her cheeks.

"How's that?"

"Oh God...it's incredible."

Mike began to slowly hump, and a small stream of precum spilled out of his cock and onto the soft skin of his mother's full bottom. Wanting more, Mike reached around and began caressing his mother's tits.

"Mike, this isn't part of the deal. We can't..." her voice trailed off as he began kissing her neck. She'd let things get too out of hand. This was too good to stop, but she had to. She had to muster up every bit of strength within herself and stop. That was the last thought she had before turning, facing her son and melting into a soft, wet kiss that nearly caused him to fall over. His knees were jelly, never having been kissed remotely like that.

His mother's soft, full lips played over his and her tongue searched his mouth until it found his tongue. Her breasts were pressed hard against his chest and she could feel his thick, hot, hard tool wedged against her belly.

Patricia ran her hands down his lower back and onto the tightest young ass she'd felt since she was twenty years old. It was an amazing feeling that wanted to last and last.

Mike, for his part, wasn't finding it any easier to stay on his feet.

"Mom," he said, "...can we go to the couch?"

"Of course, baby." She walked toward the couch, leading him by the hand. As he sat, his mother lingered over him, taking in the sight of her grown son, fully aroused and loaded with seed. She dropped to her knees, leaned in, her face just inches from his monster cock and smiled up at him. Then, her lips parted and let the tip of his cock inside, running her tongue in circles around the engorged head.

Mike threw his head back, stunned at how good it felt. As his mother cupped his balls and rubbed them softly, he knew he wasn't going to last long. Once she began to slide more and more of his cock in her mouth, he felt his balls tingle and float like never before.

Patricia took things slowly on her end. She wanted every inch of that massive cock of her son's in her mouth. It wouldn't be easy. She was accustomed to much smaller meat. Still and all, she nearly had the entire enormous tool through her lips when Mike stiffened.

"I'm cumming....Oh God!!"

Patricia held on and pushed her head down to try and capture every drop of her son's load. She was out of practice, though, and streams of it ran down her chin and onto her tits. It was inconceivable to her that any two balls could hold this much sperm. She felt committed to learning how to manage all of it. No matter how much practice it took.

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