Authors Note: Many thanks to MissGeorgiaUSA for taking the time to edit this silly little story. I also posted on Lush under Deviant1.


Matt was celebrating his Twenty-first birthday alone. There was no cake or ice-cream, nor even the standard bachelor bash with kegs and naked girls. Matt lived alone in the big city and decided to head down to the local pool hall in hopes of striking up a game or two with some locals who frequented it.

He stood in front of the mirror and ran a comb through his thick black hair. His blue eyes and facial stubble gave him that "just rolled out of bed and don't have time to shave" look.

A light drizzle fell as he made his way down the crowded streets. Beggars and panhandlers were working the crowds; sirens blared in the distance, and cars blew their horns incessantly before he spotted the familiar sign of the bar in the near distance.

The bar tender greeted him and Matt plucked down a bill for a cold beer. He surveyed the sparse crowd for any familiar faces, finding none, he ventured over to the wall and readied his favorite cue for a game of billiards.

Before beginning he removed his billfold from his rear pocket as he always did and secured it in the pocket of his jacket, then draped the jacket over the edge of the pool table as he chalked his cue. He racked the balls and sent two into the side pocket on the first break. It was deep into the second game when an unfamiliar voice broke his concentration.

"You're pretty good. You must enjoy playing with your balls," Said a sassy, female voice teasingly.

Matt turned to see a tall, raven haired girl standing there. His attention was immediately drawn to a see-through shirt that revealed a luscious pair of breasts sans bra. Her pert nips were pressing against the fabric in an erotic display and he could feel his cock twitch in his jeans.

"I've had a lot of practice playing with my balls," Matt teased back. "You're welcome to play with them too if you like," he continued.

"Don't mind if I do. I'm Megan," she replied

with slight grin before leaving to get her a pool stick and join the game. "I will hang your jacket up while I am at it," she relayed.

Like built-in radar, his eyes locked on her shapely ass as he watched her walk towards the equipment wall.

"You have a name...or are you just going to stare at my tits and ass all night?" she mused as she returned and began chalking her stick.

"Err...yea, I'm Matt," he replied softly, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Well Matt. I hope you are ready to get your ass beat by a girl," Megan remarked.

Matt was quickly amazed by her ability as they played one game after the other before taking a break to drink a few beers and have some small talk. He was silently congratulating himself for stumbling upon this beauty, and in hopes of taking her home and fucking her brains out before the night was over.

Before beginning another game, Matt excused himself and headed for the men's room to relieve some of the beer he had consumed. As he approached the table, he noticed that Megan was gone. He looked around the bar but found no sight of her and figured she had gone to the restroom as well so he sat back down and decided to wait a few minutes.

After waiting some time, he ventured over to the bar and asked the bartender if he had seen her, only to be told that she had left.

He walked briskly over to get his jacket and threw it on in hopes of catching up with her. It was then that he discovered that his wallet was missing from the jacket pocket. He then remembered Megan taking his jacket to hang it up.

Rage came over him as he screamed, "That fucking bitch lifted my wallet!!"

He flew out of the building looking both ways for any sign of Megan.

"Dammit to hell," he thundered out loud as he paced the sidewalk nervously. His entire pay check was in his wallet, and he felt stupid for allowing himself to be played like this. He thought about calling the police, but even if he did the chances of them catching her were pretty slim; having no last name or address for her, so he began a slow walk back to his apartment.

As he strode along he felt the vibrating of the cell phone in the pocket of his jeans and reached for it. The screen showed a private number and he put it to his ear.

"Yea," he snorted into the phone, his voice reflecting the anger he was feeling.

A moment of silence followed and he nearly hung up before a female voice spoke. It was her! "You should be more careful about leaving your cell phone number in your wallet. Some thief might steal it." Megan taunted.

"You bitch. If I knew where you were I would kick your ass from one end of town to the other," Matt fumed.

"Calm down stud. You will get it back, if you follow my directions and do exactly as I say," Megan instructed; a twisted laugh escaping from her throat. "Go to Canal Street and make a left." "On the corner in front of the railroad tracks there is a phone booth. Get inside and wait for me," she instructed.

"What kind of a twisted game is this? I have your number you stupid bitch, all I have to do is call the police," Matt replied.

"Do you now? Better look again. My number is encrypted, but nice try. Now, get your ass moving," Megan remarked before ending the call abruptly.

Matt knew the place she spoke of and made his way there. All he wanted was to get his billfold back and forget this night ever happened. Approaching the old phone booth, he looked around carefully but saw no one. He opened the door and stepped inside.

The neon lights overhead buzzed and flickered occasionally. Cigarette butts lined the floor and half the wires to the phone had been cut or vandalized. This was a side of town with a nasty reputation. Over the years, this part of town had fallen prey to drug dealers, roaming gangs, pimps and prostitutes. The fact that even the police did not patrol the area regularly only added to Matt's anxiety as he waited.

Out of the corner of his eye the movement of two figures could be seen approaching. As they got closer he could see that they were wearing dark clothing and ski masks. Taking no chances, he flung open the door and tried to make a run for it, but was quickly overtaken. The two masked assailants shoved him back against the phone booth and held him there.

"Give us your wallet man," one of them growled.

Matt's heart was racing wildly as he thought about the irony of the situation. Matt nervously explained that it had been stolen earlier.

Failing to believe him, the two masked men shoved him against the phone booth and frisked him roughly. He heard them whispering among themselves before speaking to him again.

"We need to make sure you don't run off and call the police. Take off all of your clothes," the two thugs demanded.

Matt tried to assure the two that he would not call anyone, if they would just let him go.

"Stop stalling and get naked," one growled. "There is a dumpster two blocks over, you can pick your clothes up there...that will give us enough time to be gone," the other informed.

Matt was trembling with fear and anger as he slowly began undressing. The whole ordeal was that bitch, Megan's, fault and he could not wait to meet her again to give her a piece of his mind.

Once Matt had removed his underwear, the two grabbed his clothes and fled, laughing maniacally as they faded into the darkness.

Shivering and humiliated, Matt retreated back into the safety of the phone booth as he tried to gather his thoughts. Walking two blocks bare ass naked on this side of town was unthinkable, but he couldn't stay here either. It was only a matter of time before someone walked by and discovered him like this.

His mind was frantically racing for a solution when someone approaching from across the darkened street again caught his attention.

He looked on in a mixture of rage and embarrassment at the image of Megan sauntering towards him. As she approached the phone booth, he backed into the far corner as best as he could, hoping the small area of darkness would hide his nudity.

"Well, well. I told you to wait for me here, and here you are butt naked. Care to explain?" she taunted him as she slowly opened the phone booth door. Her eyes roamed his naked body, clearly enjoying his masculine form.

His body was lean and firm. His athletic legs sported just enough hair to make him sexy. His scent was rugged, yet comforting as she closed the phone booth door behind her and came closer to him.

Matt instinctively cupped his cock and balls with his hand, and blushed red while trying to think of what to say. As he began explaining, Megan reached down and began to pry his hand away from his privates.

"Let's see what you are hiding here," She mused as his dangling cock and thick balls came into view.

To his utter astonishment, Megan began running her hand along his flaccid cock, slowly bringing it to life. Fully aware of his surroundings, his main thought was to get out of the phone booth, find his clothes and run for home, but, his ever hardening cock contradicted his reasoning.

He sank back against the window of the phone booth surrendering to the pleasure of the moment. Feeling the growing wetness between her legs as she jerked his thick cock meat, Megan crouched to her knees and took it into her warm mouth, snaking her tongue over the slit of his sensitive head as he responded with a low, lust filled moan. With a free hand she began rubbing his balls, using all of her skills to maximize his pleasure. Lost in lustful abandon, Matt began fucking her hot mouth feverishly.

Loving the feeling of his cock in her mouth, she grabbed his ass firmly with both hands and forced him closer to allow her to deep-throat his engorged manhood.

He felt the cum boiling in his balls as his closed his eyes to savor the erotic act being performed on him. For a brief moment he forgot his predicament and gave himself totally to the sensation until he was on the verge of release. He felt her mouth slip off his cock and then using both hands, she began stroking him vigorously.

"Cum for me baby," She cooed in a sexy voice as she worked his throbbing cock all the more fervently. She jacked him off until he spewed thick beads of cum onto the floor of the phone booth. Spent and breathless, he blinked his eyes while slowly recovering.

The sight of movement outside caught his eye and he looked to see the same two masked men approaching once more. Instinctively, he pulled Megan to him to shield her as they flung open the doors.

He watched in awe as they quickly pulled their masks off, revealing that it was Dave and Ted, two of the guys he played billiards with regularly.

"Happy birthday dude," one remarked laughingly. "You have no idea how hard it was for us to disguise our voices, they went on to say.

"You fucking bastards," Matt screamed, as they handed him back his clothes in the midst of their riotous laughter.

Matt wasted no time in getting dressed, still fuming at the elaborate prank even though Megan had returned his wallet. His real question about Megan was answered as the four walked back towards a local diner to grab something to eat. They explained that she was a good friend who enjoyed living on the edge. They had set up the entire plan over the course of the last week and it played out flawlessly.

"It was actually her idea to give you the blow job in the phone booth," one explained as they all sat in the diner.

"Is that right?" Matt asked as he looked at her.

"Yep, and now that I know you a little better, who knows, I might swallow the next time," she teased.

After some casual conversation the two buddies left Megan and Matt to themselves and they found their way to Matt's apartment. Once inside, Matt locked the door and pulled Megan close to him and the two exchanged a heated kiss.

Matt's hand traced the form of Megan's body as the passion between them grew hotter and more intense. He slipped his hands down the back of her jeans and cupped the mounds of her ass flesh, pulling her closer to him. His semi-erect cock was pressing against his jeans as the two rubbed their bodies together in heated passion.

In one quick move, he pulled her jeans and panties down and she emitted a soft moan in response. Removing her shirt, he wasted no time in kissing her succulent 36-C breasts. Quickly stripping himself, he lay Megan on his bed and lowered his body atop hers. His throbbing cock rubbed against her moist opening as he slipped inside.

He was soon pounding her with deep thrusts as they fucked wildly. Just as he was ready to cum, she urged him to pull out and she flooded him and the bed beneath with a heavy shot of female cum. He followed suit by shooting one thick glob of cum after the other onto Megan's stomach. They talked for a bit before she drifted to sleep in his arms.

He lay there for a bit watching her sleep and thinking what an incredible birthday this turned out to be after all.

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