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Hi my name is Fred and I'm an artist, consequently I've had to do a zillion! different jobs to support myself over the years; a while back I saw an add in a college paper posted by a small medical college seeking men and women to be models for a physical exam class, it said that it would require an hour or two and pay a small fee, the college wasn't far away so I went up to respond to the add cause I needed the money (by the way this is a true! story so I won't mention the name of the college or actual names of individuals)

so I went into the office there and told the receptionist that I was interested in the physical exam class, she told me that, yes they still needed people for the classes and that I could do it if I wanted, I kind of sensed that there might be some women involved in the class; doing the exams (I noticed a lot of females in medical uniforms and few men) and I was a little concerned about that, so I asked and she said yes there are quite a few female interns in the program are you O.K. with that? I wasn't really sure if I was but I needed the money so I said sure; she said fine then, you do have to undergo a brief screening exam with one of our staff doctors prior to coming to the class; in order to participate you need to be in good health, it's really nothing she said, just takes about 15 minutes, I said o... k... she said that if I was willing to wait for a little bit she would see if there was a doc that could do the screening exam today, I said o... k... she left and came back in a few minutes saying yes Mr. Smith we can take you now, would you come this way please.

I followed her back through reception area and we walked down the long hospital looking hall of the medical college, we came to a door that said what else? "EXAM ROOM" she opened the door and said right in here please; it was a small room, just like a doctors office with all the ominous items that make you a little nervous, the exam table, medical supplies and such; she said go ahead and get undressed, you can leave your under shorts on for now and put the gown on open in the back, she referred to the exam gown sitting on the exam table, the doctor will be right in to do your exam, she left and closed the door, I got undressed, put the gown on as requested and sat on the exam table; there was nowhere else to sit, up until this point I just assumed it would probably be a male that would be doing the exam.

I don't know why? but I started thinking that it could be a woman and this thought made me quite nervous, not that I minded so much, but I had always had male doctors when I had check ups and such and even though I'm an adult now, the thought of a female doing the exam was really starting to make me nervous; just at that moment the door opened and in came the doc; sure enough! it was a woman; just my luck! ya right? she introduced herself as doctor 'such and such', asked me how I was doing today and told me that she would be doing my screening exam; I just sort of froze up but managed to eek out a little; I'm fine, O.K. meaning that I was O.K. with her doing the exam; I really wanted a male doc at that point but I knew there would be females in the physical exam class anyway, so I just let it be.

It was a medical college so there was no nurse to take the vitals, and she pulled a blood pressure cuff out of the drawer, came over and put it on my arm, she said; just relax noticing my nervousness and completed taking my blood pressure and stuck a digital thermometer in my mouth; she recorded some information on the clip board, removed the thermometer and recorded the temp.; she now came up close put her stethoscope on and said, now I'm going to listen to your heart, after listening to my heart she put the stethoscope on my back area and asked me to breath in and out several times; I quickly complied with her requests, I just wanted to get this exam over with.

She then told me to open my mouth, stick out my tongue and say ahhhh, she looked in my nose and ears with with the light scope, she shined a little light in my eye and told me to follow her finger as she moved it back and forth in my field of vision, she felt under my jaw line, checking my lymph nodes I assume, she then said; go ahead and lay back on the table, when I did she slowly, courteously pulled up my exam gown and began palpating my abdomen, she depressed different places all the way down to my groin area and felt my inguinal area through my boxer shorts; she then backed away from the table and said I could sit up; I felt a sigh of relief, I thought that was the end of the exam; unfortunately I was wrong!

As I sat there somewhat relaxed and thinking the exam was complete I saw her putting on some latex exam gloves, she also took a tube of KY jelly from a drawer and came back over in front of me, she set the tube of lubricant down on a little stand and said; now if you'll stand down please; having a pretty good idea of what was coming I felt like protesting and asking for a male doc; but I wasn't going to make a scene cause then I wouldn't be able to do the class and get the money.

She pulled a little stool with wheels directly in front of me and sat down on it; she said; now I'm afraid I'm going to need you to drop your underpants; she seemed matter of fact and indifferent to my obvious nervousness; I lifted up the gown, grabbed the waist band of my shorts and lowered them to my Knees, she lifted up my gown, and said now I need you to hold this up; I held the exam gown up feeling very embarrassed my masculinity hanging out in complete view of the female physician; without hesitation she picked up my penis and began to palpate it with her thumb and forefingers, going all the way from the base to the head, she then spread the opening of my urethra with her thumbs and examined my urinary meatus, she squeezed the end of my penis a little and told me she was checking for any discharge; she continued to hold my penis upward with one hand and began feeling my scrotum and testicals with the other; she then let my penis down and began examining my testicals with both hands first one side, then the next, she felt them all around and pushed so that the shape of the testical could be clearly seen through thin wall of the scrotum, she then lifted up the scrotum examining the underneath area; finally she withdrew her hands from my genitals, it was probably only a few minutes that she had been examining my genitals but it seemed like forever.

She then removed the latex gloves; and I thought good now it's over, but she put a new glove on and picked up the tube of lubricant, she opened the tube and put a small amount of the jelly on her finger, as she did she said; O.K. now I need you to turn around and lean over please and you'll probably need to go ahead and remove your shorts completely, I'm going to do a rectal exam and you'll need to separate your legs.

So I removed my shorts the rest of the way and did as she instructed; I leaned over the exam table and separated my legs, she said; a little farther please! and I complied having no other choice; she spread my cheeks with one hand and slowly inserted her finger into my rectum, she proceeded in all the way to the knuckle of her hand and then began turning her hand every which way, feeling all sides of my rectum; she said O.K. I need you to give me a little cough now, and I gave her a little cough; she said again please, I coughed again; and once more please? thank you! I coughed a third time, she then found my prostate gland with the tip of her finger and began examining and palpating it, this caused a little bit of arousal and as she continued I was afraid I might have a involuntary discharge of semen, but just as I thought I was going to, she withdrew her finger; she said O.K. you can stand up, I stood up and turned around as she was taking off the glove, she took off the glove and handed me a wipe and said I could wipe off the excess KY jelly from my rectal area.

Now I thought for sure that was it! we were done! but to my horror I saw her take yet another glove from the box; she said I'm sorry we're almost done, I just forgot to check you for hernia, this will just take a second, now I need you to lift up your gown and separate your legs a little for me, thank you! I lifted the gown and she crouched before me, she quickly put her gloved finger up into my scrotum on one side and said; cough please, I did, she said again... and one more time thank you! she then repeated the procedure on the other side and finally with drew her finger from my genitals.

As she was taking off the glove she said; everything looks fine; and you can participate in the physical exam class, oh and... you can go ahead and get dressed now, thank you! and went out the door.


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