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I’m James and I’m an 18 – year old college student. I’m a little under 6 feet, with relatively defined muscles and brownish hair. Despite the fact that I do my fair share of exercise, I was born with a problematic back, which basically means that the only way for my back to feel good is to constantly work out and go to physical therapy pretty often.

I go to this really nice place for therapy. Practically everyone in town goes there and there are usually like 5 therapists around at any given time. I work with a guy named Mike. As a physical therapist, he’s in excellent shape. He’s a few inches taller than me with short black hair and a slight tan. He’s also an excellent therapist.

Today I got stuck at my terrible convenience store job for a couple extra hours cause my replacement had gotten in a car accident. I had called Mike to make sure that it would be okay if I came to my appointment around 6. He said that it would be fine, even though everyone was leaving early cause 5 was the last appointment that day. I thanked him – my back really needed work that day.

I showed up a little bit before 6, as other people were just about finishing up with their appointments. “How ya feeling,” Mike asked, as I walked into the main room past the desk. “I’m all right, I’m still feeling it in my abs from Monday.” “Alright,” he said, “Maybe we’ll just do some stretches today, save more abs for next time”. I told him that would be great and felt very relieved. He was wearing his typical dark khaki pants and white collared shirt, very professional. We’re supposed to wear shorts, so I wore my regular mesh lacrosse shorts and a plain tee shirt.

Typically, I start with hamstring stretches in the main room, which had everything from treadmills to exercise bikes to these interesting machines that seemed to work your arms and wrists. I got on the mat and Mike gave me a strap to pull my leg up while I lay on my back. I stretched my hamstrings for a while until the pulling of the strap was killing my arms, so I just stopped. Mike said to head off into room 3 and he’d be there just after he finished with this last patient.

The room was like all the others, a little doctor- type table with that butcher paper pulled across it. These all have holes in them though, so you can breathe while you get a massage. I sat on the edge of the table, looking at the posters on the wall that told me how to stay fit until I heard Mike say goodbye to the other patient.

“Sorry I had to come so late,” I told him as he walked into the room. “That’s fine, James. Don’t worry about it, I was gonna stay a little late anyways to finish up paper work. I just closed up so nobody comes in and tries to make appointments or something. And this way, all the equipment is at your disposal. “Sounds good,” I said, “what’s up for today?”

“First,” he started, “we’re gonna do a few stretches for your lower back area.” “All right,” I replied. He began to demonstrate the first exercise. “I want you to get up on the table like this.” He got on all fours on the table with his head facing the ground. “And just tilt your pelvis up and flatten your back,” he continued, “like this.”

“Doesn’t look too hard,” I responded, climbing up onto the table after him. I began to perform the exercise. It felt pretty good on my back. Then I felt Mike’s hand on my inner thigh. “That’s good, but just spread your legs out a little wider, to shoulder width.” I obliged and squirmed my legs outwards, leaning on my arms. Just then I felt a slight twinge in between my legs and I was sure that Mike had grazed his fingers along my balls through my shorts.

My cock grew with the sensation. I’d never even looked at another man in any sort of sexual way before, but that felt incredible and it was just a slight touch. My thoughts wandered to how I would like more touching from Mike, but I was interrupted by Mike’s command, “all right, off the table and face that wall over there.” I unwillingly obliged, knowing that he would now be able to see my semi- erect cock easily with these shorts.

I turned quickly towards the wall and was told to slowly bend down towards my toes as far as I could go. After one trip down and back up, Mike put his hands on my back and guided me down and up. The next time up, Mike lifted my shirt clean off, saying that it’d be easier if he could see what was actually going on. “Fine by me,” I replied.

After a few more of these stretches, I was made to get back on the table, face down and poke a hole through the paper for a massage. Mike started out just pressing lightly around my back, checking to see how everything was and where I was hurting.

He then rested his elbow on my upper back and stretched his arm towards my butt in some attempt to mobilize my spine I guess. The sensation that this produced in my ass was amazing and I heard my cock twitch against the paper as he increased the pressure on my back.

Then, keeping his elbow still, he started moving his hand around my lower back, towards my side, even near my stomach, as far as he could go. I felt him slide his fingers under my boxers. That sensation under my stomach has always given me an instant hard-on and this was no exception.

Keeping his fingers under the boxers, he moved his fingers around my side and towards my ass again. He moved further down my spine this time, and continued down. His finger was slowly circling my anus and I groaned lightly, exhaling heavily.

That must have been his queue, because the next thing I know, he brought his head over towards mine and softly stated, “It’d be a lot easier for this massage if I could move your shorts down a little.”

This was everything that I had hoped for and I agreed, but was a little surprised for some reason when he pulled both my shorts and my boxers down almost to my knees. He then brought out a little massage oil and rubbed it into my back. That continued normally for a couple of minutes, and I was completely relaxed, feeling amazing.

The massage continued down to my lower back, and he started kneading my ass with his powerful hands. It felt unbelievable, and I involuntarily picked my hips off the table while he was doing this. Then I felt his hands move towards the center and one finger slowly slid into my anus.

The first inch hurt a bit, but the rest was no problem as his finger went all the way in till I felt his knuckles pressing right against my hole. I let out a soft moan and moved my hips a little to allow my dick sideways movement on the table. I was now fully erect.

I was a bit saddened when he pulled his finger out and continued down my body, massaging my upper and lower thighs. Then my shorts came clean off, as Mike explained that he needed to get my lower legs too. My legs weren’t hurting, but who was I to complain?

He had gotten all the way down to my ankles, and I was pleading to myself that this wasn’t the end, when I heard him call out “All right, just flip over and we’ll do the rest of your legs.” I was both excited and embarrassed that now my raging hard- on would be on full display. I was a good 7 inches at full attention. “I guess that did something for you too, eh?” Said Mike as I settled onto my back. I blushed bright red at this comment, but said nothing.

Mike continued kneading my legs, and my cock was still at full height, remembering the feeling that his finger had done. When he got towards my upper thighs he pulled my knees up and had a full view of my ass. He then took one finger and softly slid it from the end of my spine, across my anus, all along my balls and up to the tip.

Then he brought it down across the head and down near my belly button. This was almost enough to make me explode, and I blushed again as a small drop of precum rolled down the head.

Mike picked it up with his forefinger and licked it off. I was in complete amazement. He then took his hand and wrapped it entirely around my cock.

“How does that feel?” He asked, sliding his hand up and down softly.

“Incredible,” I replied, though I could barely speak.

He then bent down and kissed the tip of my cock, picking up another drop of precum that was leaking out.

Repeating the earlier process with his tongue, he moved along the base of my shaft, down to my balls. He slowly circled each of my balls with his tongue, picking up a bit of skin and sucking it lightly, then taking a whole nut in his mouth and sucking on it for a couple seconds.

His tongue had explored every bit of my groin and it was covered in saliva as he moved down under my balls, cupping them with one hand and pulling them up to allow room for his head. Then he took my legs and pushed them back, holding them up with his other free arm. He traced his tongue down to my hole and circled it slowly, so slowly that I could scarcely take it.

He then moved his tongue in, plunging it into my ass. “Ohhh my god” was all I could muster as he got his whole tongue in my ass. He let go of my balls with his one hand, allowing them to dangle on his face while he continued to explore. With his now free hand, he proceeded to pump my cock, all the way from the base to the head with careful precision, slowly and softly, paying attention to the head and underside.

His head then popped out from below and I groaned in disappointment. “Maybe more later,” he said. And my disappointment quickly faded as he bent down to kiss my cock again. This time, his kiss continued and his mouth parted as he forced himself down the length of my shaft, keeping his mouth tight the whole time. He groaned into me, a sensation I had never felt before. He took me all in without hesitation the first time down. Coming back up, he looked at me and said, “That tastes so good, James.”

He continued to suck on my cock like a fucking pro, occasionally just tracing the head and underside with his tongue, then picking up speed and pumping with his hand, twisting it as he went up and down, groaning into my cock and sending shivers down from the head to my balls. Then he moved his hand towards the oil again and a few seconds later, I felt two fingers plunge up my ass as far as they could go.

“Holy shit,” I cried out. It hurt like hell at first, but the next time down, I realized that it was the singly most amazing feeling ever. I’m not gay, but it was just too damn good to stop. Nothing had ever been up my hole before, and I was now wondering why that was. I was just about to cum after a few seconds of this penetration.

He was pumping hard, sucking the cum out of my balls and fucking my ass with his powerful fingers when he pulled his mouth of my dick and just kept pumping. There was more than enough saliva and precum to lubricate me for a while. Then he pulled his fingers out of my ass.

“Don’t stop,” I cried.

“Why should I keep going,” demanded Mike, in a commanding tone.

“Cause I fucking love your fingers in my ass and you on my cock.”

With that, he penetrated my ass again, this time with three fingers and he continued pumping my cock faster than ever. I was tensing up. I moaned to warn him of my cum, and he lunged his fingers up my ass one last time, pushing against my prostate. I exploded ropes of cum straight up, across my chest, up near my neck, all along my belly and finally onto Mike’s hand.

He was still gripping my cock as he withdrew from my ass. I looked up at him as he pulled his hand away from my cock and brought it up to his mouth. “mmmmm” he said as he slowly inserted finger after finger into his mouth and licked off my cum. Cum was still leaking from my tip as I laid back and closed my eyes, having just had the most incredible orgasm of my life.

I quickly opened my eyes with a start when I heard rustling on the paper to either side of my head. To my surprise, I found myself mere inches from Mike’s crotch. His pants were still on, but there was a noticeable bulge in his pants, straining to get out.

“Don’t think we’re through yet, babe,” Mike said, unclasping his belt. I hesitated, thinking briefly about my supposed heterosexuality, then thinking more about the warm cum that was still leaking down my chest and the biggest load I’d ever shot.

I stared into Mike’s eyes and brought my arm between his legs, making a slow motion from his ass to his bulge and putting pressure on his solid cock. I then licked my lips, and unzipped his fly. I then reached into the fly and felt around for the hole in his boxers. After that, I slowly traced my hand down his shaft to the head.

Mike shuddered as my hand wrapped around his cock and I pulled it free. All 9 inches stared me straight in the face. Gulping and forgetting my inhibitions, I softly kissed the tip of his cock. I parted his hole with my tongue, fishing for that drop of precum.

As it rolled down my tongue, I found myself hesitant at first to swallow, but when I finally brought myself to do so, I was quite surprised. His juice was soft and creamy, with a distinctly pleasant taste. I knew I wanted more now, so, after encircling his head briefly with my tongue, I plunged down.

I only got about halfway down his shaft when his cock was almost at the back of my throat. I stopped and came back off, gagging a little bit. I looked up at Mike and he said in a loud voice, “what the hell was that, slut?”

“You’re too big,” I replied, looking back down at his cock.

“Then we’ll just have to find somewhere else for it, won’t we, slut”

“No, please,” I pleaded. This was a great experience, don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t want his massive prick all the way in my ass any time soon. Right now I just wanted his hot cum down my throat. “I’ll try again.”

“Damn right you will, bitch,” he replied.

I relaxed my throat and plunged down his shaft again, this time getting almost 7 inches of him in me before I could handle no more.

“All the way you little slut,” he shouted, as he grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards his groin. “I want you to smell my balls.” My face was buried in a mound of pubic hair and my dick was rock solid at this point. I coughed a little, but then relaxed more as he held me there, making sure I couldn’t come back up. I looked up at his eyes. as I bobbed my head slowly up and down the base of his member. I moaned softly into him as I pulled back off, lingering along his length with my tongue.

I then moved my head to the side, getting at him from a different angle. I moved my mouth down the side of his cock, wetting it from top to bottom. I took a deep breath at the bottom, taking in the full essence of his manhood. Wanting more, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled them and the boxers down to his knees. I then leaned back and rested my head on the table. I reached my hands around his butt and pulled him down towards me.

He moved forwards and put his cock in my face. I didn’t take him in, I just held him there by his ass, applying pressure, allowing my fingers to explore near his hole. He moved his cock across my face. It was an incredible sensation to have a warm cock pressing against my face.

I pulled him further, past my face, and brought his balls down to my mouth. I circled each one slowly and traced down to his ass. I licked the outskirts of his anus slowly. “Quit dicking around and eat my ass, whore,” Mike commanded as he lowered his weight and sat on my face. I willingly obliged, lapping up his ass juice with my tongue.

“Finish off my cock, now. I want to cum in your fucking mouth and give you your first taste of man juice,” he demanded.

“I want to fucking taste you too” I said, sliding further up the table. I picked my head up off the table, but he thrust me back down, shoving his entire cock down my throat, pinning my against the table. I lay there for a minute while he fucked my face with his massive cock. I played with his balls with my free hands for a little while, then grabbed his ass cheeks and held him down on top of me.

I sucked him like an ice pop, trying to drain the cum from his balls while he moaned. His hips were writhing in anticipation and I knew he would cum any second. I didn’t let up. “That’s right, bitch, suck the fucking cum right out of my fucking cock.” The next thing I knew, I huge stream of cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed slowly, wanting to savor his cum forever.

I wasn’t prepared for the next burst, which filled up my entire mouth. I had to pull him off me before I choked on him. The cum was dribbling out my mouth and down my cheeks as I desperately tried to catch it all. The next rope hit me across the face, and I stuck my tongue out to catch more. “Eat my fucking cum,” Mike shouted, as it continued to pour across me. When it was all over, my chest was a mixture of our cum and my face was speckled all over with his.

“There’s still clean up,” Mike pointed out as I licked my lips, searching for more cum.

I took my hand and wiped it across my chest, bringing my fingers to my mouth to taste the remnants.

“Not there, slut,” he said as he motioned to his semi- erect cock.

“Sorry” I said as I sat back up.

“Sorry what?” he said, pushing me back down.

“Sorry sir,” I replied, correcting myself.

“That’s right, and don’t forget it. What are you?”

“I’m your fucking cumslut bitch.” I said, knowing the truth of my words. All I wanted now was to get the rest of his cum and feel his cock in my mouth again.

“Now eat it,” he said, allowing me to sit up. I wasted no time going right back down on him, milking his cock and licking down the shaft for all remnants of him.

When he was satisfied, he pulled his dick out of my mouth. “You’ll get more next time,” he said, pulling his pants back up and tucking himself in. I felt a tingle just thinking about a next time.

I went to grab a towel to wipe the cum off my face. “What the fuck are you doing, slut,” demanded Mike as he pulled his shirt over his head.

“Cleaning up,” I replied.

“No way bitch, the cum stays on. I want everyone to know what a little cumslut you are.”

“But, Mike, I’m not gay. I don’t want everyone to think that.”

“The hell you aren’t. You’re my queer cumslut bitch, and you’re gonna leave that cum on your face.” I couldn’t believe myself when I put the towel back down and got dressed, leaving the cum on my face.

I headed for the door when Mike called out to me, “James, two things.”

“What?” I replied.

“Same time tomorrow.”

I grinned, “fine with me, I can’t wait.”

“And I want you clean shaven. Tomorrow I’m gonna make you my little ass slut.”

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